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Chiefs' Nine Game Winning Streak Ends With Loss To Denver Broncos

The Kansas City Chiefs’ nine game winning streak has officially ended.

The Chiefs entered Sunday Night’s football game at 9-0 and put up a great fight, but when all was said and done, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos were able to come away with the 27-17 win.

The loss puts Kansas City at 9-1 on the season, and it ends a magical run that saw a new Chiefs’ regime led by general manager John Dorsey, head coach Andy Reid and a slew new faces beat every opponent that was put in front of them on the schedule.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders, Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills have all lost to the Chiefs in 2013.

On the road under the bright lights of Sunday Night football, the Chiefs weren’t able to get it done against a very good Broncos team. We all knew it was going to be hard, but now the Chiefs know exactly how high the bar is set.

Despite the loss, Alex Smith had himself a pretty good offensive game—at least from a statistical standpoint. Smith completed 21-of-45 passes for 230 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran the ball five times for 52 yards.

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Dwayne Bowe led the Chiefs with 57 yards and a touchdown on four catches, and Anthony Fasano added four receptions of his own for 37 yards and the other passing touchdown.

Jamaal Charles only ran the ball 16 times for just 38 yards, and his receiving statistics were well below average. Charles caught two passes, and accumulated negative six yards.

The Broncos never trailed the game, despite playing one of the NFL’s best defenses.

Peyton Manning went 24-of-40 for 323 yards and a touchdown. Demaryius Thomas led the way through the air with 121 yards off five receptions.

Outside linebacker Justin Houston was Kansas City’s leading tackler with 10 solo tackles.

The Chiefs’ aggressive defense, which has been known for getting after the quarterback in 2013, wasn’t able to record a sack against Denver’s offensive line. That may be the most starting statistic from this game.

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The Chiefs move on to face San Diego next weekend at home, while the Broncos must travel to New England to take on Tom Brady and the Patriots. With both teams now at 9-1, they are tied on top of the AFC West.

The Broncos and Chiefs will meet again in two weeks at Arrowhead.

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  • BigGil

    On the plus side, OL actually looked pretty good for much longer than any other game this year. On the downside, Alex Smith threw some terrible passes, but I think the receivers dropped even more. smh

    • Nick Danger

      My takeaway from this game is that we are good enough to beat a team like Denver, the question is do we play the game we need to in the future to for a win against good teams. Offense has got to step up, defense IMO did well considering the offensive anemia and the lost field position battle. Coming back out one play after getting a turnover in scoring position hurt them. Also the offense not being able to do anything after 3 consecutive stops to start the second half was a killer.

  • Nick Danger

    It’s Paddy’s fault for going with Gates over Arthur Bryant’s sauce. Rookie mistake.

  • Jim Harper

    I strongly disagree with BigGil’s assessment that Alex threw some terrible passes. I considered this to be one of his better games accuracy wise. The one pass he neglected to throw was to Jamaal who was on the outside with single coverage against a LB. Don’t know why he did not see that one. Overall the team played very well and to only lose by 10 in Denver was a good showing. We did shut down their run game. I feel much better about how their next meeting @ Arrowhead will turn out. On top of that they have to go to New England next week before coming to our turf. I was disappointed we could not get to Manning but he gets rid of the ball so quickly that it is tough to do. Even Collingsworth had high praise for our Chiefs. The good news is we are still in 1st place with a 9-1 record. Pretty outstanding for a team that finished dead last only one year ago. We will be back!

    • Nick Danger

      It was nice to see KC surprised Collinsworth. I got the feeling he thought this was going to be a horrible game. One other thing, so we lost in Denver…what else is new? I think we beat them in KC. The team will learn from this.

      • Jim Harper


    • BigGil

      There were two incredibly too low that stuck out in my mind, and one incredibly too high. To me, that constitutes “some”. That being said, the first half was riddled with receivers dropping very catchable balls and it makes me sick to my stomach. Question: Kyle Williams is infamous for his muffed returns, but does he have a bad wrap for having a case of the dropsies on offense? If not, please get him up to speed quick, Reid/Peterson.

    • mattU

      Smith had a 47% completion rate: hardly a model of accuracy. Sure there’s some drops in there, but I saw a quite a few balls overthrown or in the dirt. Good QBs don’t miss a LB lined up outside against Jamaal Charles on a go route and throw the 5 yard slant to a well-covered McCluster…that’s a pre-snap read most high school QBs would exploit. Plain and simply, it showed a man flat-out scared to throw the ball farther than 20 yards outside the numbers…It’s getting to the point now where the deep 3rds outside the hashes are a part of the field opposing teams do not even have to worry about defending. And what the hell was that last drive? Down 10 with 50 seconds left, and he throws two check-down swing passes? I learned tonight that the Chiefs offense this year is no different than it was in 2010: get them down 2 touch-downs, and the game is over.

      • Jim Harper

        What you fail to understand is some balls are deliberately thrown off target due to coverage and then to imply that most high school QB’s could exploit what Smith did not is just plain nonsense. Which brings be to the more important issue of are you wearing your ankle bracelet and do your parents know you are without it?

        • mattU

          Stop guzzling the kool-aid. You think the skinny post to Bowe in the 4th needed to be 8 feet in the air? What about the comeback to Bowe on 4th down? We needed a completion there…did he deliberately throw it in the dirt because of coverage? The receivers have there own blame to burden with drops and not getting open, but to act like Smith was lazing the ball exactly where he wanted is ludicrous.

          Also, there’s a big difference between recognizing a mismatch and completing the pass…Most high-school QBs would recognize the fastest player on the team matched up against a LB in man coverage and try to exploit it. If you think otherwise, you obviously have never played the position before.

          • Jim Harper

            For your information I played 4 years for the Univ of Calif as a running back. How many did you play?

      • stevekozak

        Alex is never flat out scared. Can you imagine how frustrating it is to play in an offense that does not throw it down the field that much, and when you do, your receivers drop the ball? The dropped balls has been a very consistent problem all year.

  • John

    Where was the vaunted Chiefs defense tonight, I sure did not see it

  • John

    How many sacks did the leading sack leaders have tonight? Oh ya, the big zero.

    • Auburn78

      Chiefs have what 1 sack in 4 games now. Think its time to stop considering them a vaunted pass rush. Still a good D overall can’t argue that, but I think its safe to say we can forget the scary pass rush argument

  • stevekozak

    I think the Chiefs win in KC. Should have/Could have won this one. Have to learn from mistakes and move on. One good thing is that Alex showed that he could put together some longer drives to rest the defense at critical times. I really do believe that this game was lost in the first quarter.

  • PunjabiPete

    Well…. puke. That was not a good game (well, offense wise. I think the defense proved it can play pretty well against a first string QB). This presents a conundrum though.

    Alex Smith has shown that with little to no (scoring) help from the defense, he’s good for 14 points or so. While I don’t put all the blame on him, I guess at the end of the day the responsibility for eking (holy crap that’s a word, what has this world come to) out a win would have fallen to him. While I still feel like we can go places with Alex Smith, if ever there was a game to take the diapers off, this one was it. While I am still a Kool-Aid drinking Homer, some of the flaws last night are getting to be noticeable enough that even I can see them, and that’s bad.

    At the end of the day, while Alex Smith can’t MAKE receivers catch the ball, a less than 50% pass completion rate is terrible. That’s it, it’s bad. I want to come up with something, ANYTHING to counter that with “but he did great with”, and while some of his throws were a little more gutsy than we’ve seen, it also looked like once you get outside of 15-20 yards Alex Smith’s accuracy falls off the proverbial cliff. I would still gladly cheer him on at the helm until the end of this year and give him next year to show he can be the man, and 10 years ago his performance would be good enough to win a Superbowl, but I’m afraid the year of the game manager is either over or coming quickly to a close. This doesn’t mean I’ve “fallen off the bandwagon”, far from it, and I think we bounce back against SD and pull off a win over Denver here in 2 weeks, but this is concerning nevertheless.

    Ugh, being wrong about Smith hurts more than when I was on here talking about Croyle as the second coming of Tom Brady. I should have seen it coming, but the Chiefs blinders are too thick!

  • Erik Hild

    I think the chiefs shot themselves in the foot last night. Too many penalties especially on offense. On a positive note our offensive line looks to have made some improvement. I also like how we threw the ball deep a couple times. Eric Fisher looked pretty solid against Von Miller all night too. Also Sherman’s fumble really hurt but I think this loss was good for the chiefs because there is not a target on their backs anymore. I still think the Chiefs end up winning the division. GO CHIEFS!!!

  • RepOurChiefs

    Disappointed to say the least. No excuses. Denver was the better team. Rd 2 in the red sea.

  • cd3382

    I can’t wait until the next showdown at Arrowhead, which I have no doubt we will get that win! WR’s please get extra reps with AS after practice and hit the jug machine after that! (that means you to Jamal Charles, your way too great to be dropping 2 consecutive passes like that) Sherman? hold on to that rock high and tight to the chest buddy, and defense!? what happen to sack city?? I expect to see Philip Rivers on the ground multiple times next Sunday.

  • DTVTechGuy

    I wonder if Bob Sutton accidentally dropped all but one of the blitzes out of the playbook before the game.

    I think I saw two.