November 25, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) is sacked by Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Justin Houston (50) in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Post Writer Calls Chiefs "a Fraud"

The game of football is extremely emotional. Fans love their teams. Sometimes that emotion gets in the way of good journalism. Sometimes journalists drink enough of their own Kool Aid and start thinking they’re a fan in the stands instead of a journalist trying to be somewhat even keeled. That happened this morning at the Denver Post.

Denver Broncos beat writer Mark Kiszla posted a scathing article, calling the Kansas City Chiefs a “fraud” and saying they don’t have what it takes to make it to the Superbowl, among other things. He tries to dismis the notion that the Chiefs defense is elite, saying they’re not even close to that famed 2000 Baltimore Ravens defensive unit. Here is my favorite quote from the piece:

Truth is: The last time the Chiefs were spotted in Denver, all those legend-in-the-making defenders — including Eric Berry, Justin Houston, Dontari Poe and Tamba Hali — walked off the field in defeat after being torched for 38 points during one of those wintry, 35-degree days that supposedly reduces Manning to a quivering, shivering shell of a quarterback.

We’ve talked about this numerous times here at Arrowhead Addict how people will try and use stats to paint their picture. That’s exactly what Kiszla is doing here. While, yes, the Chiefs did get “torched” for 38 points, Mr. Kiszla is quite obviously leaving out the other game the Chiefs played against Denver last season where a Brady Quinn led offense and the same “legend-in-the-making defenders” held the Manning led offense to only 17 points.

I highly recommend you all take a look at the article here. It’s definitely good for a laugh on a Red Friday morning. Especially when Kiszla starts quoting Jack Del Rio. Like anyone cares what an “interim” coach has to say.

Enjoy, Addicts.

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  • Joe Soriano

    For what it’s worth, a solid number of Broncos fans complain about Kiszla as well. He’s kind of like Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe for Patriots coverage. They cover all of the teams in their market and are paid to write controversial columns that seem like troll jobs. This piece is eerily reminiscent of a column done last year by Shaughnessy in which Shaughnessy stated that the Texans had “0% chance” of beating the Texans. Arian Foster used a clip of the article as his avatar on Twitter (or something like that), and a bunch of Texans and Patriots fans criticized “Shank” for that piece. Again, this piece by Kiszla seems quite similar, and it’s interesting that these columnists are usually very critical of the teams they cover, yet they write columns like this one about opponents.

    Don’t hate on Del Rio tho, haha.

    • Jason Seibel

      The comment about Del Rio was me trying to be funny.

      • Joe Soriano

        Haha, totally missed the boat on that one. Now that I get it, it is pretty funny.

    • Larry Devore

      Can you say “Hack”

    • berttheclock

      Don’t hate on Del Rio? Why don’t you ask Otis Taylor how he felt getting his face bloodied after being called a “scab and a lowlife” by the Pride of Fairfax High School in LA? Del Rio came to the Chiefs after being cut by the Saints and his time spent in KC was not very memorable on the field of play. But, he was “ever sooooo tough” pushing a 45 year old man to the ground in the parking lot, not realizing who he was wrestling and not realizing Otis Taylor was working as a scout for the Chiefs and bringing in recruits for the strike team. It was not Del Rio’s finest hour.

  • Josh Michaels

    Yeah, this guy is the Fraud. The post pays him to stick his neck out and look like the idiot to draw attention to their papers and website. For his sake tho, I hope the Chiefs crush them and this mofo has a follow up piece. Chiefs fans will nail this guy to the wall if we win.

  • Bigchief

    On his idiotic comment, pass the peanuts! Go chiefs!

  • Arrowhead Magic

    What drives me crazy about this the most is that other fans keep asking where were you Chiefs fans last year? Well in case you missed it we were historically bad on and off the field last year, so forgive us for cheering on our undefeated team after years of mediocrity. Go Chiefs!

    • Derrick McBroom

      Even though we were historically bad we had almost 68,000 fans average show up at home games. Don’t know why they say where were you last year…

      • RepOurChiefs

        I personally think its just to punch us in the gut. Its just a way to sneak “last year” into the pot. Smh

    • KCMikeG

      I get asked everyday “How long have you had that KC sweatshirt/jersey”? To which I proudly reply “I have been a loyal fan since I was 8 years old and the Chiefs won the Super Bowl!” It is fantastic seeing others proudly sporting the Red & Gold here in Iowa. People say “how ’bout those Chiefs” and the pride grows my friends. This year feels like 1969 – destiny. Nothing could stop us. Losing Dawson to injury for 9 games, his gambling scandal, the Legendary goal one stand vs the NYJ, beating the hated Faiders to go to the Super Bowl and dominating the heavily favored Vikes.
      The 1969 Chiefs scored 359 points (25.6/g), Allowed 177 points (12.6/g), 1st. Differential of 182 points (13.0/g), 1st. Look familiar?

      • berttheclock

        In Portland, Oregon, D’s Bar is a combo Hawkeye/Chiefs bar. Because of the crowds swelling for Iowa games, Dennis had to install more TVs. But, it has been brought up about the lack of fans of the Chiefs attending Chiefs games shown at the bar in 2012. Place has been packed this season. Hey, I had a reason as my wife worked on Sundays last year and I couldn’t get away. BTW, thanks for sharing those stats. What was not mentioned, but, implied, was the importance of having a backup QB such as Livingston, who stepped up in those missing nine games by Cool Lenny. It was a true team winning season.

  • malcolm66

    how long has Manning been in the NFL? According to some of these idiots Manning can’t be beat, yet he has only ONE Superbowl Ring and One loss in a Superbowl… the only fraud here is what happens to the Donkeys if they lose Manning… yeah then the REAL fraud comes to light!

  • sidibeke

    The talking heads are such copycats.

  • berttheclock

    Last year, Kizla dissed the Ravens after the Broncos beat them. That came back to haunt him and the fans in Denver, when, the Ravens came back to beat the “Super Bowl Champs to Be”.

  • berttheclock

    I have been having problems trying to find out the proper definition of the word “fraud”. Over at Urban Dictionary, the only thing written is “a Kiszla”. Anyone out there know what that really means?

  • RepOurChiefs

    Thanks for the laugh jason. Lol If by chance our boys handle denver. Could you please link his follow up article bro?

    • Dustin Matz

      Depending on the outcome I have this jackasses email for everyone to use hahaha he will be the first one published with an article throwing the entire Denver organization under the bus IF they lose. It’s customary here in denver

      • RepOurChiefs

        Awesome…I already have something planned for Mr Smug.

  • Roger Mihalko

    this writer obviously has missed the point, the boat, and is a yammering twit along with rest of the media. I can scream from the top of arrowhead stadium to the Denver fans and Denver and other media personalities…the following:

    “FOLKS…this is not the same team from last year….that team was 2-14…worst in the league. We have a new starting QB, a new GM, a new Head Coach, a new Defense and Offensive coordinator, and probably 80 percent of the remaining coaching staff changed 33 of 53 new players on the roster compared to last year and most of all a completely new scheme for offensive and defense.

    The chiefs didnt make the fraking schedule, the NFL management does. The Chiefs have played every game set before them for the full 60 minutes and are undefeated. NO ONE would have given you odds on them doing that… best hope was 500 the first year.

    the CHiefs as a team, players,and entity are not boasting or advertising anything other than one game at a time and try to win the division,

    All the fraud, not truly good, statistic crap is nothing but air….or smoke which ever you prefer. The chiefs are coming to denver and will play hard to best of there abiity for 60 minutes and try to come out with a win…..Thats it.”

    • RepOurChiefs

      Well said. Ive said over and over of how humble the Chiefs are. Three entities of tragedy and disappointment came into the fold in 2013. A team shattered by losing and im talking more than games.. (murder/suicide)..a qb thrown out and a coach’s loss of a son. A perfect trifecta of underdogs. How anyone cld hate this group of humble players is beyond me. Their character has pulled in new fans that have never really followed football. That speaks volumes to me.

  • tomflex

    How could anybody with a 9-0 record be considered a fraud….and why in the hell would they be hiding?
    What serious writer would choose a premise that contradicts itself in the opening line?

    • RepOurChiefs

      Its all that damn orange. Look at it too long and its like an acid trip.

    • Winston Collier

      Fraud is the wrong word. There are plenty of issues to raise, but fraud ain’t one of them. Kiszla is trolling.

  • Derrick McBroom

    Wait I’m confused. Chiefs are a fraud? How about them Broncos being a fraud? The only +500 team they played they lost to yet we are the ones that are a fraud? lol Can’t wait to see what he says after we beat them Sunday night if he says anything…BTW why is he comparing a 2-14 team to a 9-0 team? We also have new coaching staff which makes a ton of difference on the players.

    • KCMikeG

      Funny how they can have it both ways when it comes to our schedule being why we are a fraud yet they have lost to the only good team and had close games with sub .500 games and they are the real deal. Our defense hasn’t played anyone and their offense is one of the greatest ever – again only two different opponents. The next three weeks will resolve the matter for good.

      • RepOurChiefs


      • anon76returns

        What “close” game did the Broncos have with a sub .500 team? Unless you’re considering a 16-point spread to be close, in which case the Chiefs have 5 straight “close” wins against teams that have a collective winning percentage of .34.

        • KCMikeG

          Try looking at the schedule. Cowboys (3 points) and dolts (8 points). And they had a close 2 point lead LATE into the 3rd quarter vs the winless Jags before winning by 16 while giving up 19 points AT HOME.

  • Tim Henley

    I really dont care to be honest. This year, being 9-0 compared to last year…well, I just dont give a damn what people say. I’m pretty happy.

  • KCMikeG

    So after the donkeys lose that will mean they suck cosmically having lost to a fraud team in their own house – Right? Although their are some important parts on this team from last year any comparisons to last year’s team is just wrong. This is NOT that team anymore with 30 new players, one the best coaches in history and a band of brothers who will fight to win – to restore the honor of our franchise. This season will be a cornerstone of our dynasty.

  • DTVTechGuy

    I don’t know what’s worse… His article or the fact he has a job as a journalist.

    He’s a paid troll.

    No integrity, no talent to be honest, a lack of credibility.

    I truly hope that man hasn’t nor ever does breed.

    I feel sorry for his Mother.

    • RepOurChiefs

      Whatchusayboutmymomma? sorry..I just had to

  • Dustin Matz

    I actually tagged a bunch of Chief players on Instagram regarding this article and posted it to the “terrorhead returns” Facebook page today! Nice to see you guys spotted it too! I live in Denver and deal with this stuff on the daily basis! Usually in the Denver post it’s Woody Paige making wild articles but this guy is a joke…one Denver fan buddy of min even went as far as to apologize for this even getting published haha I have his email if you want it! This was an article that would be laughable if it wasn’t so outlandishly crude! Verbal diarrhea!!!

    • sidibeke

      Nice job getting it to the players. Can’t wait to see their response on the field. :)

    • Winston Collier

      Woody Paige is the only bigger troll than Kiszla (Hochman is a joke). Denver sports writing pretty much sucks except for Adrian Dater on Hockey, and Troy Renck’s Rockies coverage

  • sidibeke

    I had forgotten how much I can be annoyed by Den fans. Just so SMUG. Even after the Tebow years, even knowing they’re living on borrowed time (Manning has, what, 2 more seasons left). Ugh.

    • Winston Collier

      Tebow years were hard here in Denver for long term Broncos fans, You want a fraud team? That was the Broncos beating the Steelers in OT in the playoff game, then going to get demolished by the Pats.

      • sidibeke

        Trust me, KC fans know how you feel. That was KC getting rolled by Baltimore at home in their lone playoff game of the last near-decade.

  • Winston Collier

    He was trolling from a big newspaper. the Post is a rag, not worthy of being a newspaper. the old Rocky Mountain News was much better. I think the RMN Broncos reporter ended up at ESPN covering the Broncos. I can bet anyone this: Jack Del Rio feels like punching Kiszla in the throat for giving such great bulletin board materiel to the opponent.