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Chiefs Fans Predict Winner Of Kansas City vs. Denver

Just how strong is that Chiefs Kool-Aid, and how many around Chiefs’ Kingdom are drinking it?

That’s the question we’re seeking to answer with today’s Twitter interaction piece.

Listen folks, the Denver Broncos are a good team, there’s no doubt about that. The Chiefs are a good team too though, and in fact, at least according to the records, they’re the better team.

You’ve got to be pretty good to be the only 9-0 team in the NFL, right?

For those thinking that this Sunday Night matchup is going to be a blowout, you’re probably going to be wrong. Kansas City’s defense will get after Peyton Manning, and the Chiefs have the talent in the secondary to match up with Denver’s receivers and make it hard for them to get open.

On the offensive side of the ball, running the rock and controlling time of possession is going to be important. But there’s no doubting the fact that Alex Smith is going to have to make a few big throws as well. It’s called keeping the defense honest.

At the end of the day, this could go either way. The Chiefs could turn it into a slugfest and come away with a win, or Denver can turn it into an offensive track meet.

I can either scenario happening. I can also see this game coming down to a random bounce of the ball.

What we want to know is what you see happening though, so we took to Twitter and asked you who you think is going to win, and why.


Ah, the good old “nobody believes in us” card:

This Addict feels that Dwayne Bowe’s state of mind will come into play:


Could Alex Smith win this game with his legs? It’s certainly possible:

Without a doubt, Dontari Poe is going to have to have a huge game:


Here’s another believer in the defense. Can’t blame this Addict:

H2Poe. Awesome:


Alright folks, what do you think? Sound off below.

For the record, I predicted a 20-14 Kansas City win the other night on AA Radio.

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  • T.Hagen

    I don’t know what is more exciting , our offense scoring a TD or our defense scoring a touchdown? I think if we win @ Denver then the Chiefs will be in the very least the AFC Championship game. I think we can beat them but it will be close. I will be a nervous wreck probably on Sunday night , KC wins 35 to 31.

    • Michael Shaw

      Yo T! I would almost bet the score doesn’t get over 24-27 points by the winning team!!

      • T.Hagen

        Just a guess. I’m usually wrong but it would be nice to be right once in awhile. I do predict a few cold one’s will be drank.

  • stephan costa

    K.C. Chiefs 27 Denver 17

    • Fernando Garci-Crespo C

      I can see the chiefs (whom I LOVE scince 1991) scoring 27 points, but hold the Broncos to 17 points… only if we can break Mannings neck in the first quarter.

      • chiefin’ainteasy

        Sounds like a plan then…..

      • T.Hagen

        All for breaking the neck.

  • mitch

    Red Death rains on Manning, Cheifs win a close one 27-26.

  • Auburn78

    I expect Broncos to win by 17. I hate it but in the last 3 games I’ve seen little to no pass rush. Pressuring Manning is the only way we can win this. Add that to the fact that our offense is struggling more and more as the weeks progress. If D was still playing like first quarter id call it a win. But with us struggling on both sides. … can’t call it a win. Having said this I hope I am wrong.

    • chiefin’ainteasy

      I keep flip flopping between who I think will win but I’m actually more confident in the possibility of a win then I was against Buffalo, really thought that was gonna be a loss for whatever reason. But you are right about the d struggling recently and a lot of people aren’t saying much about that, especially the pass rush. The QB’s have had a lot of quick reads and a lot of three step drops and get the ball out but we need more from the DBs when that happens, jamming the receivers at the line will help a long way, because like you said if you don’t hit manning you probably don’t win. As for the offense, bleh, I expect more production since Denver’s d is so poor but just cant see them doing enough unless the defense plays a wonderful game, which I think they will. We know Reid’s success coming off a bye and I think it continues: KC 24-Den 20!

  • tomflex

    I was watching a few seconds of Manning practicing on TV and in that few seconds he must have thrown 10 passes. He was taking the snap and throwing in the same motion. Obviously the plan will be to quick throw to spots and let the receiver do the rest. We still have to get after him every play but I think the key for the defense in this game is tight coverage and sure tackles. The run after catch must be held to as close to nothing as possible. A bonus would be for our guys to get to that spot a tad bit before the receiver does…that is how the defense scores touchdowns and we could use a couple in this game. I predict the Chiefs will run 8 minutes off the clock in the 4th quarter on a drive ending with a touchdown pass to Cyrus Gray.
    Final score 27-17 Chiefs

    • KCMikeG

      Could it be that Sutton is thinking the same strategy as you just described? Maybe that’s why he has had our defense focus on coverage the last 4 games and less on blitzing. People have voiced concern about the lack of sacks but Sutton has called a different scheme which uses less blitzing and more coverage for a reason. He already knows what he has in his NFL leading sack crew and when he needs to bring it, which don’t worry he will with Eggo hobbling around, it will be devastating. Chiefs up by 3 in the final minutes of the game. PM driving towards at least a tie and possibly a win when Cooper steps in front of Decker and takes it to the house – can you hear the pin drop donkey fans? Chiefs 30-20. No more excuses, the “best” team in their house. Anyway you like it we are just the best team in the NFL

      • tomflex

        Actually the quick pass game plan the Chiefs will face Sunday…they’ve been seeing for a while now…Manning is just better at it. The other teams have been trying to counter the rush with quick passes, screens and runs and to some extent has helped their cause. Also affecting the defense is the fact that we aren’t getting that nice lead early forcing the other team into higher risk plays….

  • Michael Shaw

    This game comes down to location in my book. We typically have a harder time winning in Denver than we do any other AFC West opponents house. I think it goes into OT and unfortunately Denver wins 27-24 or maybe even 24-21. I really hope I am wrong though!!!

  • BigGil

    Broncos lead 17-10 going into the fourth quarter, but underestimate this year’s Chiefs’ team’s conditioning, assuming they’ll slow as drastically as other teams coming into the higher altitude. As a result, Broncos try to get cute, and make a couple grave mistakes that sees a shift in momentum and KC puts up 10 unanswered points to win 20-17. First is a TD coming off a D or ST play, with the remaining FG coming off at the end of a long, clock-eating offensive drive.

    • KCMikeG

      Don’t wake me. You just described what I have been dreaming. Peyton goes down early and has to sit on the bench and watch AS11 mercilessly grind it down the field already up 4 points as the clock runs out. Although more stressful, another ending could be having our defense close the door with a pick 6 or a wave of RED engulfing Egghead on 4th down as the clock expires.

  • DTVTechGuy


    That’s the score no matter who wins.

  • Mark Bustamante

    Manning will get his throws in but so will AS11. This game will come down to turnovers and defense. If Chiefs can cause a fumble or get an interception then Chiefs win. Final score 21-20 CHIEFS

  • Roger Mihalko

    im loving and dreading the game… I work overnights starting at 6pm on sunday. The game is on during my shift so I cant be as emotional or responsive to the playing as I would like. If it goes bad for the chiefs I have sit at work for the remainder of my 12 hour shift in sorrow and same if success have to keep it bottled up until I get home.

    Baring all the above… The defense really has to have the best game of the season…smith and cooper have to be disciplined and on with the man to man. Berry and FLowers keep the underneath honest, and lewis plugging in where he is needed. The line and backers have to get up field and put manning down, soon, and often. They have to stuff Moreno and his friends. This really is a chance for the chiefs D to make a statement.

    The Offense has to do better period. They have to use all the resources… all the running backs reeking havoc on the Denver D-line edges. Fullback and Tightends need to help in both ways. THey have to get jenkins and or Avery down field for some shots at least… Bowe, tightends, hemmigway… have to catch and Yac on the underneath and intermediate routes.

    I really think this is going to come down to alex smith making some key pass’s.

    Chiefs 24 Denver 21.

  • sidibeke

    I agree with the one tweet; the key might actually be the plays AS is able to make with his legs. Honestly, our offense has looked its best when he takes off and gets a rushing 1st down every now and then. Holds the pass rush a bit and seems to get the O on a roll.

  • Chris Tarrants

    I honestly don’t see this game being a high scoring one. Even tho the donkeys have a very potent offense KC has a similarly nasty defense. Denver’s defense sucks but then again KC offense hasn’t shown any life as of late so I see the world being shocked as KC grinds out its tenth victory and they still don’t give up more than 17 points! KC 19 den 17.

  • LeVar Hill

    27-19 chiefs. I’ve been blasting this all on Facebook. Peyton Manning scores 1 touchdown and they kick 4 field goals because of the chiefs tuff defense. He’ll move the ball, but when they get in scoring range the defense will step up and force field goals instead of touchdowns. That’s how you beat Peyton Manning. I even look for a big sack on 3rd down to knock them out of field goal range 1 time. It’s going to be a good game. I think our boys are gonna ride that 1st wave of energy by the broncos and then clamp down. That 80 yard smoke screen shit Peyton likes to run ain’t happening, I’d love to see the young CB Marcus Cooper step in front of one those and take it to the house. Remember he’s a film study junkie. Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!

  • Young_september


  • sidibeke

    Cannot wait for this game. I just keep looking around for something more to read, post on. I’ve even resorted to posting in Conversation section of espn’s scoreboard. I am desperately awaiting kickoff.

  • Jim Harper

    This the point where I many enemies and hopefully gained many more friends. Here is what is going to happen tomorrownight. Kansas Cities offensese will take early domination of both the Bronco offense not getting to movedthe ball and theier defenseunable to stop anything kansacity to drive