But they haven't played anybody...

As a Kansas City Chiefs fan I am accustomed to having bad seasons. This team has sent me on more roller coasters rides than a church youth group at Worlds of Fun.

So naturally when the team I cheer for every year after year, through the thick and thin, ups and downs, and everything under the sun, starts winning, people tend to point out the schedule as favorable for the team. Living in western Nebraska near enemy territory I run into everything from Bronoco flags and window decals to this..


So naturally when I get the chance to rub it into Denver fans that my team is undefeated they go to the same old, boring, useless argument that is repeated over and over again…”They haven’t played anybody”

To all Bronco fans… I understand you are upset that the Chiefs, not the Broncos, have been the topic of conversation in the NFL. I also understand that you are upset that you have one loss. But let me tell you this. For all the fans out there who say the Chiefs have not played anyone, lets look at who you have played.

Baltimore – I was jumping up and down when the Ravens shattered the hopes and dreams in the playoffs last year. You played the Ravens at your house instead of at the Ravens, where it should have been played, thanks MLB. They were not the same team you faced in the playoffs last year, and were without key starters, so naturally you won.

New York – Manning bowl was in full effect, and congrats Peyton you beat your little brother again who has been struggling all year. Congrats again.

Oakland – Really? Yes, at that point they were doing better than everyone thought, but now look at them. Becoming the same Raiders we are used to every year.

Philly – Chip Kelly was supposed to be a savior, but the Eagles struggled as well, and their defense cant stop anyone. Sure now they are playing good with Nick Foles under center, but back then they were bad.

Dallas – In what was a show down of who can throw more touchdowns you scraped by against Dallas. Congrats once more, by the way did we tell you we held them to 16 points, and you let them get 48…weird.

Jacksonville – ….. I got nothing

Indy – Now that was a great game, you faced a great team, and guess what? You lost.

Washington – That was a close one as well. It looked like you were struggling but you came back, good job, good teams find ways to win. Remember that.

San Diego – Another close one that you squeaked out a “W” in. They were able to hold you to under 30 points, the first team all year. Again the Chiefs are holding teams to 12, not a misprint.

So there ya go Bronco fans, there are the teams you faced. Guess what, until you played Indy you had not really played anyone either.

So I understand why you think the Chiefs have not played anyone, I get it, I do. But come this Sunday both teams, yours and mine are going to play somebody. While I would love nothing more than to rub a victory into every single face of a Bronco fan, I know with confidence that it will be a good game regardless of who wins. So enjoy saying that they have not played anyone, please bring signs that say that. Because come Sunday night in Denver the Chiefs are going to do one thing…

Make you see Red.

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  • Erik Hild

    After watching Thursday Night Football the Colts don’t look like that great of a win either.

    • ……ChiefsFan……

      They lost to the Colts…
      Even better!

  • chiefridgy

    GO CHIEFS!!!!!

  • RepOurChiefs

    Is there some sort of fine repercussion for placing such a horrid picture on AA? Lol..no really..its hideous!

    • KCMikeG


  • KCMikeG

    Thank you, thank you , thank you Nick!!!!! Do the “experts” even look at the schedules to compare them before they say what is entirely untrue.

    • Larry Devore

      apparently NOT!!!

  • tomflex

    Have you noticed all the “experts” who were bad mouthing the Chiefs just days ago have grown mysteriously quiet? I can’t help but wonder why they wouldn’t be all over this golden chance to step up and bask in their rightful glory…Just don’t get it ..but then I struggle to grasp the concept of making a million dollars a year talking about a game.

  • stephan costa

    Thank you! Couldn’t have said it better myself! & by the way, not to sound as cliche as an Andy Reid sound bite but EVERY WIN AGAINST AN NFL TEAM IS A GOOD WIN! PERIOD!!! Week in & week out I watch the top teams struggle against lower tear teams. I for one love the grit & determination of this K.C. Chief team! They refuse to lose! Fight to the end & play it one play at a time while truly understanding the concept of team & bleeding & sacraficing for your fellow brothers in arms. Like I tell everyone I’ll take being the worst 9-0 team ever every year! SMH

  • Millwright86

    Yesterday morning mike Greenberg of mike and mike called this out too….first time all year I have heard anyone point out that Denver has only played one .500+ team and they lost….

  • DieHard_ChiefsFan

    As I stated before in other Blogs, I will take the “Worst” (BEST) 9-0 team in the NFL. Living in Colorado Springs, I have Broncos fans ask me if I’m nervous about Sundays game, I tell them No, and they tell me they are… Interesting… Offense Fills the seats but Defense Wins Games!! This one will be close, but I think going in under the lights Sunday Night, our Defense is going to be flying around the field and we may just run away with this Win. That being said, Andy needs to push the offense and if its on their side of the Field, in the red zone go for it on 4th down as field goals will not take this Win.

  • GAChief

    Wait – this is the same Bronco team that was only up 14-12 at the half against the Jaguars, right? The SOS doesn’t show them to be any stronger of a team than the Chiefs. Should be a great game!

  • Michael Shaw

    I got one for Jacksonville! OUR defense didn’t allow them to score ANY points on offense whereas the Denver Defense allowed them to score 19!!! You could have also pointed out that in like games, the Bronco’s have given up 26.8 points per game and our Chiefs have given up only 9.6, in games played so far.

    • BigGil

      Actually 6 of Jacksonville’s points came off a Posluzny pick six. Though that does beg the question, how does Manning throw a pick six to the Jags clear-cut best defender. How do you not take note of where the opponent’s best defender (and perhaps only truly good-to-great defender) is on every play? That’s a pretty bad mistake.

      • KCMikeG

        First time I have heard anyone even mention that fact. Nice work BigGi but don’t let the media hear you talking that way about their golden boy.

  • KCMikeG

    Here you go RepourChiefs. Hope this picture of my B-Day cake helps to make up for the awful donkey cake.