Nov 3, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Cooper (31) breaks up a pass to Buffalo Bills wide receiver T.J. Graham (11) during the first half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Why The NFL Hates The Chiefs


The Chiefs’ amazing 2013 success is difficult to explain. Therefore, it must be a sham.

A 9-0 start for a team that ranked as the league’s worst last year is beyond improbable, it’s historic and the provocative nature of that run ruffles a lot of feathers around the league.

Let’s start with a list of everyone who is likely to look at the Chiefs and see a fraud and why:

1.) Any team that has ever gone 9-0 or undefeated in a regular season.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

If you were on one of those teams, chances are you’re pretty proud of that achievement and so seeing a team that did it one year after being the league’s worst has got to annoy you. Clearly, some conspiracy must have aided the Chiefs to get to this point.

2.) Any team that has been the worst in the league, and stayed that way.

You remember what it was like when the Chiefs had back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back awful seasons. We had plenty of excuses and plenty of pre-set reasons why we were headed for failure the next year. In short, our failure wasn’t our fault. The team was poorly structured and it would take years to fix. Well, GM John Dorsey and HC Andy Reid just threw all those excuses in your face.

3.) The Cult of the Quarterback.

True, teams with high-performing quarterbacks tend to go far in this league, but this has become more religion than science. It was definitely not the two best quarterbacks who made it to the Super Bowl last year. Joe Flacco was 24th in the league in Total QBR during the 2012 regular season and the other guy took over a winning team from, oh, what’s his name? Quarterbacks win championships … except for when the defense does. Still, the pattern has been consistent enough that no pundits believe it can go any other way in the modern NFL. To them, the Chiefs are heretics.

4.) Anyone (the media) who makes their money making pre-season predictions.

No one picked the Chiefs to go 9-0, win their division and coast into the playoffs. This team is losing a lot of people a lot of money and street cred the longer they keep this run alive. The Chiefs will fall back to Earth … any minute now … my preseason predictions will turn out to be right …

That’s not even counting Vegas.

5.) The former regime and those who highly respect the former regime.

Although he is widely despised among people who have worked with him, Scott Pioli has quite a following in the media for some reason. SI’s Peter King has always been on his side inexplicably, and several other commentators have been huge Pioli apologists for years. If you believe in what Pioli was doing, then the Chiefs’ 2013 success is all his work, and Dorsey/Reid are getting way too much credit.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

6.) The major networks.

Football is a business, and it gets the vast majority of its revenue through the media. Most of that revenue comes from the big markets – it’s not a coincidence that we are bombarded with news about locker room scandals in New York and Dallas every year. When a small-market team like the Chiefs becomes an amazing story, they inevitably have to start talking about it more, and every second they spend talking about a team that’s not in one of the country’s biggest cities, they lose viewers and lose money. Better to call Kansas City a paper tiger and move on to discussions about Mark Sanchez’s headbands.

Honestly, I think if the Chiefs were now 8-1 or 7-2, they would be getting a lot more respect from the national media. As long as they are 9-0, the pundits have to try and explain why and they either can’t or don’t want to. No, the Chiefs must be the worst 9-0 team ever! That’s the only explanation! They’re horrible! Please, don’t make me talk about them anymore!

Sorry folks, the Chiefs are for real, and they aren’t going anywhere.

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  • berttheclock

    When, the Colts went from worst to finishing in a very respectable fashion, the so-called media “pundits” loved them. Why? Because of the excellent work done by their new GM, Grigson, who brought in several new players via trades and FA pickups and had an excellent draft (below that of their 1st round pick)? Of course not, as that was rarely mentioned. No, it was all due to their new “Golden Boy” Andrew Luck, who was able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    So, why would those same “pundits” consider Dorsey bringing in over 30 new players or Andy Reid putting together an excellent assortment of assistant coaches, including strength and conditioning coaches, when, they could have fun blasting a “game manager” in Alex Smith. Those “pundits” want to see Glitz and Hype

    There are far better folks who work for Arrowhead Addict and several posters who are far better at game analysis than any of the lazy “pundits” who only glance at headlines and pass over stats sleep walking. I will continue to read and ponder the many fine threads and comments here and to hell with the national so-called media.

    • ArrowFan

      The only time I see ESPN is when I’m in the guy and only because it is on, it is really only back ground noise anyway.

      • Bosco Cletus

        Likewise. I really don’t even watch much pre game during the season, only the Super Bowl really because there are some great stories every year.

      • ArrowFan

        I meant gym not guy

        • Frank

          The guy was funnier

  • bossmanham

    Manning love also.

    The Chiefs are ruining Manning’s chosen year to dominate. Every day we’re in first place is a day of uncertainty for the chosen one.

    • Bosco Cletus

      I don’t buy that, I mean between the two Mannings they “only” have/had 10 prime time games this season. lol

  • OP Bolt

    Amen Brother. I think most fans of teams west of the Alleghenies feel like you do.

  • Jarad

    Having no blemish on the record of a team that many call limited or flawed, drives people crazy!! When you’re on top, they want you down. Im ready for the Chiefs to host a playoff game! Oh, never mind, they’re suppose to start losing any day now. Ha. GO CHIEFS!!!

  • KC Claussen

    Ah, yes I have to agree, BUT I feel the tide is turning. Everyone wants to believe but are just waiting for us to go into Mile Pile and leave with a ‘W’. (and we will!) Just saw a new NFL Apparel commercial where the opening scene has a guy rockin a Chiefs stocking cap. I haven’t seen Chiefs shit in one of their ads for years! They must be selling alot of red jerseys for that to happen, and I think they’ll try to fuel those sales by upping air time for our boys.

    • Blake Molina

      Curious to see where Charles jersey sales rank at the end of the year

  • Michael Shaw

    Nice read Mr. Clayton! I am going to watch and scrutinize the hell out of the Denver vs San Diego game to see where I think we can take advantage of either team. Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if SD was able to pull of a win here in San Diego???!!! Would make a loss, if it happens, in Denver much easier to bare if that were the case. I would love to see us beat Denver in Mile High, but we just seem to always have trouble winning in that stadium I think. Wouldn’t it be great if we swept our entire division this year?!!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!!!

    • DoubleD

      Ponder this – Indy beat Denver, and SD beat Indy. To me, it all kind of depends on which SD team shows up on Sunday. Rivers has changed his passing style; 3-5 step drops, quick release, short passes for YAC and it’s paying dividends. I don’t see how Denver defends that which to me means that Peyton Manning will need to play mistake-free football. Neither team has much of a pass defense and Denver probably thinks they can win this one by just running the ball. To that I say throw out the records and forget about trying to win with a run game. Whichever team plays with less than stellar, mistake-free pass offense, will be the team that loses.

      • ……ChiefsFan……

        I agree DD. I’m kinda feeling an upset this week for Denver… It just depends on which SD team shows up. I wonder what excuse will be used this time if Denver loses.

        • DoubleD

          Can you imagine the level of heat that the Broncos will be roasting under if they lose to the Chargers? Broncos look past the Chargers and lose. That would be priceless.

          • Phillip Maxwell

            Yeah but, it would also make the KC game a must win for them, their backs would be to the wall

          • ……ChiefsFan……

            Must win or not, they will still be two+ games behind us, and I am completely OK with that!

        • Phillip Maxwell

          They were looking ahead to the KC game.

      • Chief Hokie

        I see it being a shootout like the Dallas/Denver game. I hope both teams lose.

  • Jason Seibel

    Great read, Nicholas. It is extremely frustrating that everytime I turn on NFL Network they’re either talking about Denver, Dallas or another team not called the 9-0 Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Priest4Prez

    I Love It!! This season is like a warm blanket on cold winters morning; I’m going to enjoy every moment of it. When and if the first loss comes I’ll be ready to defend this franchise just as much as I did today and last year.

    • KCMikeG

      Couldn’t have said it better. Loyal to our Chiefs win or lose. Winning sure is a lot more fun though!

  • berttheclock

    Excuse me, but, I must hurry over to CBS Sports/NFL to read the latest “analysis” from Pete Prisco on why Bye should be the favorite over the Chiefs this coming Sunday

    • kcchiefinlv

      What a great post!

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Good work, Clayton!
    Let the media slumber. Anything to keep this team focused and hungry.

  • Young_september

    The thing I love most about being a KC Fan in CO is this when the season started we were a joke with nothing to look foward to not even draft picks according to The Denver D-BAG fans, we had no chance and were the biggest disgrace to football all I heard everyday. I never backed down because nothing in life is a guarantee so those statements were pure ignorance and lack of footballknowledge. My response was short but sweet everytime “I didn’t know you saw this season already” smerk included. As the wins pilled up so did the disrespect when denver travled to indy for Queen Mannings homecoming and suck fest useless video montage (I still cannot understand) the win was chalked up so high denver fans didn’t even watch…and they were right denver won again againstQueen Mannings other team….OH WAIT THAT DIDNT HAPPEN!!!! ANDREW LUCK WENT CARRIE MODE AND SABOTAGED MANNINGS HOME COMING AND PERFECT SEASON HAHAHAHA!!!!! AFTER THAT KC CONTINUED TO OWN THE DIVISION, and I quote denver fans all over SAID “IM GLAD THE PRESSURES OFF US!” SINCE THEN, NFL DENVER FOOTBALL IS NOT THE TOPIC OF CONVERSATION AND THE SEASON ISNT THAT IMPORTANT… SUCK IT DENVER. RED N YELLOW REIGNS SUPREME. 9-0 #CHIEFSKINGDOM

  • BigGil

    I was just thinking last night on the way home (because I have a longish commute and wasn’t in the mood for music or radio), how messed up it is that “the Chiefs are on a warpath” is no longer uttered by the talking heads. What? It’s only acceptable to talk that way when the season is young enough and the undefeated teams numerous enough that the Chiefs being among the undefeated looks like a mere novelty? F**K YOU!!! We’re not a novelty, but the warpath is real. Deal with it.

    • BigGil

      And yes, I ended up giving myself road rage due to no thing any other driver was doing.

  • sidibeke

    Funny thing is, if we had had this run last year, there wouldn’t be as much push back. KC was predicted by many to be good last year and laid an egg because of the upper echelon’s ineptitude. I feel like there was a fool me once attitude. Now, those predictions are coming true. The Chiefs are showing those predictions weren’t ill founded, it was simply that the the leadership (GM, HC, QB) were feeble. Again, had this happened last year, I don’t think there would be the push back. Funny how much people’s egos get caught up in it all.

  • Phillip Maxwell

    I came home from work today and turned on the NFL network, I have been watching 2 hours now and not one thing about the Chiefs. Broncos, Cowboys, Redskins, San Fransisco, Panthers etc.
    Not even a mention of the only undefeated team in the league.

  • Joe Daker

    believe that most of the nfl fan base are nothing but fantasy players.
    No-one now a days know about old fashion in your face def kind of
    football. oh by the way anyone can do what these clowns do just watch
    highlights and talk down on a nfl teams that are not a media stream
    team. hell a 5 year can do their job.
    just in. Espn Cries to the nfl and next year they’ll enforce some new
    rules. Def can’t score tds. if they get a fumble or a int the play is
    dead off keeps the ball. def can not touch anyone from the off is so its a personal foul.
    if teams that are non media base teams are starting off good and we
    think their schd is weak the nfl will change the games from a week to
    week. ty i hope you enjoy the new nfl.

  • michael mckee

    Whats the obsession with chiefs having to be on everything ?the media has never and will never give the chiefs any love till they win something,end of story.ive been reading and watching the same bs stories about the same bs teams for 30 yrs so I’m used to it.under the radar with no media coverage and a superbowl win is just fine with me…our fanbase sounds a lil whinish crying for media attention when we really have no reason for the media to change all of the sudden after all these yrs.9-0 big whoop,get a superbowl …

  • michael mckee

    I love my chiefs and 9-0 but really who cares if we are on nfl network or the sporting news or espn.hell,ive watched that fat POS chris berman dog kc since 1985…that fatman couldn’t give the royals any credit the night they won gm 7 of the world series!!!

  • Jim Harper

    Nice job Nicholas and you are right on target. Unfortunately the national disrespect will likely continue until we win a Super Bowl, but frankly I like the idea that we are flying under the radar. It makes the victories that much sweeter when we were not supposed to get them. So the rest of the league should keep on doing what they are doing and pay us no nevermind. After all we really don’t belong here, right?