Nov 3, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson (94) and defensive end Mike DeVito (70) tackle Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson (22) during the second half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Chiefs beat the Bills 23-13. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Searching for "The One", Chiefs vs. Bills Rewatch and More

Many people need their coffee to get up and going in the morning, and especially in the middle of the afternoon when things are starting to drag.  Here at Arrowhead Addict, we understand that for a Chiefs fan, coffee is simply not enough.

Here’s all that’s happening around Chiefs Kingdom today.

Welcome to The Fix.

The Chiefs have scattered to all corners of the globe to enjoy their well-earned bye week mini-vacation. Because the halls at One Arrowhead Drive are empty of players, there’s not a lot to report as far as the football aspect of the Chiefs goes, but there is still plenty going on.

Check out this article by the Chiefs Team Historian, Bob Moore on the team’s search for “The One” at the quarterback position. An excerpt from that piece:

Every year, about the halfway mark of the NFL season, talk turns to next year, for many fans, whose favorite teams have lost their quarterback to injury or who have discovered they didn’t have the “one” they thought they had in the first place.

Sam Mellinger at the Kansas City Star posted his notes on the re-watch of the Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills game. A couple things of note:

Mike DeVito played a terrific game. Dontari Poe was good too, but I guess I’m at the point where I expect that. DeVito was a monster.

The whole line played well, not just Fisher. But I guess he’s the guy we’ve all been focusing on.

Finally, check out this piece on Bleacher Report by Ryan Lester about whether or not it’s time for fantasy football owners to bail on the Chiefs defense.

Nine up and nine down. That’s how the Kansas City Chiefs’ season has gone. They haven’t played a difficult schedule, but winning is winning. Their schedule is about to get more treacherous. Is it time to bail?

That’s it for today, Addicts. We’ll have more tomorrow from around Chiefs Kingdom!

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  • berttheclock

    Sam Mellinger thought the whole line played well? He must have taken quite a few trips to the latrine, if he thought the “blocking?” by Jeff Allen and Rodney Hudson was “playing well”.

    However, one point for the Chiefs historian. Love to wear my new Chiefs red visor. So many in Greater Portland call me out to give their respective Thumbs Up. However, today at a local Costco, a young man came up to me and started talking about the Chiefs. I was about to just say my usual “Nine and Oh”, when, I realized he really was a diehard Chiefs’ fan. Not only that, he was a KU grad and told me of his many trips back for various events. Suddenly, I realized both of our wives were patiently sitting at the lunch tables waiting for us to return. Great young couple and he was so well versed in both KU and Chiefs lore. (For KU lore, it was the story of John Wooden coming to KU as a college student trying to make money during the summer and helping pour concrete for the football stadium) Back to the historian. He told me about talking with an older woman who lived in the PNW. She mentioned to him that she had been a KU cheerleader and when the Chiefs came to town they didn’t have time to put together a cheerleading squad. So, as KU was closer than MU, they asked the KU cheerleaders to come to 23rd St and cheer for them.

    Yes, you can meet the nicest people by wearing your Chiefs’ gear.

    • micah stephenson

      I think the line played ok. Oviously with an avg to below QB at the helm they haft to play waaaay better. Hudson is definitely an upgrade over Wiegman and is use to playing mostly guard but he is young and getting better. Allen is this yrs scapegoat. Its all his fualt. If he didn’t suck so bad then Alex Smith wud b out there looking like an Elite, 4-5000 yard, 25-35 td throwin, RG3 like scrambling, most wonderful of awesome-ness QB ever!!!! Yea right!!!!! If we plunked the best guard in the NFL in Allens Spot the offense wud still b what it is and with Alex it ain’t much. I know, I know, lately all he do is win, (insert that 28-5-1 or whateva here) I ain’t seen him win a game for us yet. The defense has won 8 of 9 games and the other a total team effort. We ain’t winning becuase of Alex, we wining despite of Alex, every week the defense is winning us the game.

      • Jason Seibel

        You really crack me up, bro. Every time I even think about writing the words “Alex Smith,” my first thought is, I wonder what Micah is going to say. But, I’ll keep writing it and expect you to keep it real, homie.

        • Michael Shaw

          There is a fine line between keeping it real and just being outright ridiculous.

          • Leon Ritz

            There’s a fine line between keeping it real and being a damn cry baby and an idiot. Micah is the cry baby and idiot.

          • micah stephenson

            Pu$$y. If u was standing in front of me I’d beat the shit out of or shoot you!!! Watch yo mouth bitch. Before I put something in it!!!! If you want to talk football that’s ok if you want to disrespect me thats a whole different thing. I just put Leon Ritz’s name right up there next to Alex Smiths.

          • Leon Ritz

            And that just goes to prove my point even more your an idiot. If I was in front of you I’m sure you would run away scared. Your a tough talker and from the sounds of you threatening to shot me and the way you talk I’m guessing your nothing but a want to be punk gangbanger. Why don’t you at least learn proper junior.

          • Patrick Allen


            Please don’t respond to personal attacks, especially with vulgarity and more personal attacks. Let’s keep it chill. Thanks buddy!

          • micah stephenson

            I try to keep it all football related. I will never start getting personal or insulting people unless I’m defending myself from being disrespected or insulted. I may b out spoken but I don’t call anybody (except Alex lol) names. Sorry bout that. My bad.

          • Patrick Allen

            Leon, please refrain from personal attacks in the future You don’t have to like what people think but that is no reason to insult then. We try to keep things civil here. Thanks!

      • Michael Shaw

        Micah, I guess you have been going to the latrine during most offensive plays. Has the offense struggled the last few games? Yes. Has Alex been perfect the last few games? NO. What I have seen is an inability for our line to hold up the Defensive line for at least 5 seconds so Alex can go through his progressions. In order to hit your coveted long balls, Alex needs time to make sure he isn’t throwing the ball into a bad situation. Hence 4 INT’s vice the almost 20 by your great Geno. You are making a case that Alex isn’t winning the games for the Chiefs right? Well let’s take a look at your “love” interest Geno. NEWS FLASH!! He isn’t winning games either for the JETS. He has actually been the cause of them losing at least 3 of their losses by throwing ill advised passes late in the game. In fact, the Jets would have swept NE had he not thrown 3 INT’s in the fourth quarter of their first game with NE. The Jets are winning games the same way the Chiefs are…………..ON DEFENSE. They aren’t scoring as much with their defense, but they are almost as good as our boys.

        • micah stephenson

          I thought geno led the lg n 4th qt comebacks. Ain’t that winning games? He is a rookie, he learning how to play which includes throwing ints. Geno makes throws Alex cud never make. Geno ain’t our QB tho so who cares. I

      • Leon Ritz

        Sure do wish we had Geno and his 15 INTs. Especially the three he threw in the 4th quarter against the Patriots which cost his team a loss. Oh well guess I’ll just have to live with the 4 INT 9-0 Alex