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Deadspin Visualizes Kansas City Chiefs' Offensive Production

Have you ever wondered what the Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive production would look like if you could visualize it?

I’m not talking about watching the actual plays happen or going deeper into the x’s and o’s like we do in The Film Room features. I’m talking straight up, statistical chart form visualization.

Maybe not everybody finds this to be interesting, and it can be hard to follow at times, but the good folks over at have put together a great piece that basically puts each team’s offensive production into scale based off of DYAR—which stands for Defense-Adjusted Yards Above Replacement.

It’s basically some intense football saber-metrics that I’m not qualified to talk much about—I’m horrible at math and statistics—so I’ll let Reuben Fischer-Baum of Deadspin explain:

It’s a Football Outsiders metric that compiles the total value a player generates over the course of a year, and adjusts for the strength of opponents, instead of the slightly better known DVOA.

I still don’t quite get what the heck is going on here, but the visualization is something that you need to check out if you’re a Chiefs fan.

Here’s the Chiefs offensive production, graphed out, per Fischer-Baum:

dyar original

As you can see mostly everybody is in positive production, with the running back position and Jamaal Charles, in particular, leading the way. That’s not a surprise.

It is somewhat surprising to see the tight end position ranked so low, though Sean McGrath is rightfully in the positive.

Also, for those who like to criticize Alex Smith, do notice that he’s firmly in the positive of these rankings. He may not be a superstar, but here’s proof that he can be effective.


Note: Thanks to Reuben Fischer-Baum and Kyle Wagner of Deadspin for allowing us to use their graphic. 

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  • Talicore

    Speaking of offensive….. The Donkeys/Chiefs week 11 game has been flexed to sunday night!! WOOT WOOT!!!

    • berttheclock

      Yes, and in the Portland, Oregon area, the local CBS affiliate has just announced a sudden change of plan and will now show the KC-Buffalo game on Sunday AM. For a long time, the suits at KOIN-TV had never heard of the Chiefs, but, they really really really knew their favorite Donkies.

  • kcpauly

    I still don’t even know what DVOA stands for? can anyone help me out?, It’s getting so complicated being a footfall fan, LOL
    Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!

    • Stan

      Not really complicated. You either win or lose and we’re 8 and 0!!!

  • Matt Dickson

    As far as infographics go, it’s pretty bad but I like that someone did one for these metrics.

  • Danny W

    I like how you sneak in some homer love for Alex Smith. In the first paragraph of the article it demonstrates what average quarterbacks are grading out at and it’s +30.6. Alex Smith is a full 7 plus points below average. For some perspective Peyton Manning scored over 150!!!! This chart basically say’s Alex Smith sucks bro! The charts are essentially meaningless any way though. They don’t give any reasoning on how they get the numbers so how could you even do the math even if you knew the equation? I chased every link on their site down football outsiders the whole nine yards. It looks like hog wash to me. Am I missing something? If so link me up and show me where.

    • Jim Harper

      Danny, I am curious as to why you have become this self appointed Alex Smith hater? I just don’t understand it. Reid and Dorsey are both thrilled with him as are his teammates. Do you know something that nobody else knows? I would agree that there are a handful of better QB’s out there, but none that have been available. The truth is he fits Reid’s system to a T, and is one of the most intelligent QB’s out there which has great value in itself. There is nothing that he has not seen before and he is better with his legs than Manning, Brady, or Brees. So what exactly rubs you wrong about the man. It just makes no sense to me.

      • Danny W

        Jim it is my firm belief that 8-0 is due to defense and special teams play.The Chiefs have the best field position in the league yet they are in the bottom half in scoring. We’re in the.bottom in third downs too. He misses recievers that are closewhen given time and we win in spite of him.

        • Jim Harper

          Well thankfully the people in charge of making those decisions disagree with you.

          • Danny W

            Time will be the judge here. History repeats itself.

    • Canad-Ian

      Didn’t you see the plus sign though?!

    • Stan

      Yeah Alex sucks that’s why we’re 8 and 0.

      • Danny W

        Watch the games. When he misses a five yard out tell me we’re 8-0 because of Smith. We’re 8-0 in spite of him.