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Chiefs, Broncos Week 11 Matchup Flexed To Sunday Night Football

The Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos will meet for AFC bragging rights on November 17th and they will do it in front of a National Audience.

The game, set to take place in Denver, was originally scheduled as an afternoon game but the NFL has decided to move it into primetime as part of its flex scheduling policy.

This is good news as the game was originally scheduled to be on CBS. Just a few weeks ago, CBS exercised a “protection” rule that allowed them to prevent the NFL from taking the game away from them. However, it appears as though CBS has had a change of heart and has voluntarily released the game to the national audience.





Should the Chiefs win this weekend in Buffalo and Denver win next weekend in San Diego while the Chiefs are on their BYE Week, the two division rivals will meet in primetime with first place in the AFC West on the line.

The Chiefs would have a chance to take a two-game lead on the Broncos should they enter the game undefeated while the Broncos would be able to draw even with KC.

Going to Denver and beating the Broncos in front of a national audience would certainly enable the Chiefs to silence most of their doubters. A win would also likely cement KC as the favorites to win the AFC.

KC and Denver will meet again in Kansas City, however that game is still protected by CBS.


What do you think, Addicts? Can the Chiefs earn some national respect by downing the Donks in primetime?

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    *Head explodes*

  • ArrowFan

    Cudos to CBS good job.
    Now to answer your question, yes most definitely. I wonder if Chris Collinsworth will know how to pronounce all our guys names. I also wonder how long I will be able to tolerate listing to the anti Chiefs dribble and the Dumbver love making before I mute my TV.

    • berttheclock

      With Collinsworth, you never want to use “Closed Caption”.

  • Tra Tha Chief

    WOW My dreams came true…. Chiefs get to tame the broncos on Sunday night Football…. Goodluck Chiefs Blow them out of the water…. I want to SHOCK THE WORLD!!!!

    • Alberto Milian

      Ask the Ravens how did that go!! Indy game emotion and mixed feelings got to Peyton, there is no love here for the Chiefs, also look at the film the fumbles were the culprit in that loss…

      • Tra Tha Chief

        Well chiefs lead the league in forced turnovers and indy is no where close to them so I think well do better than they did the colts beat the broncos just face it you didn’t beat yourself….. you got hit and rattled by one good pash rusher mathias what do you think will happen when they face the chiefs. …. if you aint a fan of this chiefs team then you don’t know football or haven’t seen them play…. I am a fan of manningg but not the run game defense or oline…. If you look at this chiefs team its real football…. great defense solid offense exciting running back great special teams everything yoy want to see in a great football team not a team who displays no defense and gives up 30 points a game

  • berttheclock

    The Chiefs biggest, well, at least somewhat tall, fan Chris Collinsworth just begged and begged and begged the suits at 30 Rockefeller, to please have them on. At last, the three chimes will be heard. Of course, CC’s secret desire is to see Peyton and friends romp, so, he can keep telling America how over rated the Chiefs had been.

    • KCMikeG

      We call him the “pencil necked geek”. Can’t stand him at all. May have to tunr off the volume and get the play-by-play on the radio.

  • berttheclock

    In addition, in Portland, Oregon, the local CBS TV station, KOIN, has just announced they will make a switch and show the KC-Buffalo game on Sunday AM. Kind of a tremor was felt, unless, it is Mt Hood acting up.

  • ……ChiefsFan……

    The win would definitely shut all the doubters up.

    On a side note, wouldn’t a win against Denver give the Chiefs a 2-1/2 game lead? Or am I mistaken?

    • Jim Harper

      You are mistaken.

    • micah stephenson

      They wud hav a 2 game lead plus the advantage so far in tie breaker sanarios. I think that’s where u going with the half.

      • ……ChiefsFan……

        Exactly what I meant, thanks Micah.

  • Larry Devore

    they’ll find some excuse, Manning was off, sun got in the receivers eye’s.

    • berttheclock

      Or, they’ll say, “But, they haven’t played Indy”

      • micah stephenson

        That’s ok. We play indy too.

    • Millwright86

      Larry you stole my sentiment exactly they will all say manning was sore or some s*** like that…and in doing so continue to fuel an angry red and yellow fire

  • Blake Molina

    With the exception of having to listen to Collinsworth, I’m ecstatic. Hell even if the Chiefs keep it close maybe the nation will finally buy into the Chiefs

  • Mike Diel

    Another damn chiefs game I don’t get to see. I guess I should drop $500 a year on cable tv so I can watch three games. Internet is too slow to go that route

    • Jim Harper

      Why? The Sunday night game is played on NBC.

      • micah stephenson


  • Donkeyslayer

    Time for a Donkey beat down! If # 18 gets in the way we will take him out too.

  • Millwright86

    Anyone else notice highest ranked pass defense Denver has faced? Indy at #13

  • micah stephenson

    Wow!!!!! Sunday night football! National audience! Im nervous. I hope we can do it!