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The Chiefs Are Familiar With Buffalo’s Defensive Scheme

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo this Sunday. Though the Bills have a new Defensive Coordinator this year in Mike Pettine, the Kansas City Offense should be familiar with many aspects of Buffalo’s scheme. Pettine was the Defensive Coordinator for the New York Jets just last year and he brings with him a similar scheme to that of the Chiefs’ own Bob Sutton. This means the Buffalo Defense comes with similarities to that of the Chiefs defense, a scheme that Alex Smith and the Offense have seen since training camp. The Chiefs Offense addressed the similarities when they spoke to the media on Thursday:

OC Doug Pederson

“[T]here are a lot of similarities with the structure, the style, the scheme. They’ve got some great players in Buffalo and (Mike Pettine) is using them just like (Bob) Sutton uses them here. From that standpoint, it’s very familiar to us, offensively. However, we still have to execute and handle all of the pressure that they bring.”

TE Sean McGrath

“Their defensive schemes are very similar, similar coaching backgrounds. Mario Williams – he’s a beast. We have guys on our defense who have shown they are of caliber. I’ll let you do your job on that and analyze. They are a great defense, anyone you play in this league is great, but we’re leading the league in a few statistical categories that are crucial for winning games – especially in turnovers and sacks.”

OL Geoff Schwartz

“Yeah, scheme-wise they are, so that’s nice. We saw some of the stuff in camp, as far as blitz packages and things like that. We dealt with it for a while, which is nice. It presents challenges, being on the road and they move around a lot, but we’ll be ready.”

Though there are certainly going to be differences, it may be helpful for Kansas City that they’ve has seen a lot of the same things they’ll see on Sunday from their own defense.

So Addicts, I ask you: do these similarities in scheme give the Chiefs an edge on Sunday? And on the other side of the coin, will Buffalo be better prepared for Chiefs’ D? Sound off below.

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  • T.Hagen

    Hey chief fans,brothers and sisters, I got to thinking about ol Alex Smith and this is what I got to say, he’s a good quarter back,good game manager. But here is the deal we never really had to play behind,so what I’m saying is if per say we are 14 points behind then you might see ol #11 throw the deep pass and and take the chances needed to get us in the game. Therefore he would be the quarterback that micha would would appreciate barring no interceptions. Just a thought.

    • steve james

      Alex does what is needed. The lowest risk decision based on what is needed. He can rally from behind as he did in the Saints game. I would rather they don’t have too, just keep destroying the clock from a lead, control the game make them play your style of ball. I don’t care if we don’t play from behind or win by more than three points all the way to February!

  • T.Hagen

    Not that are defense would let us get 14 points behind.

  • T.Hagen

    You guys correct me if I’m wrong ,we never been 14 points or 10 points behind this year?

    • Michael Shaw

      Been behind only a couple of times by 7 points or less and then our offense went out and got the lead back within a series or two, so I am not worried………………………………….too much. I mean it is Buffalo and we haven’t won their since 1987, so who knows with the parity in the NFL nowadays.

  • T.Hagen

    By the way I hate the donkeys, one of the last games that my beloved Do Thomas played in,the faggit Bill Romanaski spit on him and long story short Derrick got kicked out of the game ehile we had to watch that asshole Shannon Sharpe play the drums and gloat, god how I despise the Broncos

    • Michael Shaw

      Yup, I remember that game. I still hate Shannon and Romanowski to this day.

  • T.Hagen

    I watch football to see if my chiefs win. If the chiefs are done I watch watch football to see if the donkey’s lose. I freaking love when the donkeys lose, almost if not better when the chiefs win.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Probably becomes a wash since Buffalo’s offense will have similar experience our defense. It’s all going to come down to execution and winning the field position battle.

  • Andy

    When each team knows each others schemes , it is who has the better personnel that usually wins out. Although the Bills have a quality D, I think we have the better all around team. But that is why we play the game.

  • Jim Harper

    Stacy is correct. Regardless of knowing each others scheme or not it still comes down to execution. This is a game I am nervous about because the Bills have always played us extremely well. Lots of different moving parts but some are still there. This is a very big game for the Chiefs. They need to finish 9-0 before going on the bye week where they can really get prepared for the donkeys.

  • berttheclock

    Interesting comparisons – I had read on some earlier thread about both Sutton and Pettine learning under Rex Ryan. So, last year, Pettine was his DC and Sutton was his LB coach and assistant head coach. The Jets were 20th in the NFL in defense and, today, they have moved up to 18th, after switching to the 3-4 and bringing in a new DC, a new NT, a new DE in Sheldon Richardson and moving Couples to LB. Buffalo was 26th in the league last year and Pettine has moved them up to, well, er, he has kept them at 26th.

    Bob Sutton took over a defense which had been ranked 16th last year under Romeo and has moved them up to fighting it out with the Seahawks for Number One . Out of the 5 top ranked defenses at present, only Seattle and the Chiefs have played a full 8 games apiece. Sutton only brought DeVito with him, who took the place of the departed Glenn Dorsey. Of course, the defensive backfield has undergone several needed changes and added very important depth. The LB corps was improved, as well. So, it really looks as though with the Chiefs it is a combination of quality players working with an outstanding coach and his many new assistants. The main ingredients were already here, but, Sutton just knew a little bit more than his predecessor on how to maximize them. Of course, it does help the defense to not have to take two minute breaks while their erstwhile QB is throwing an interception or fumbling the dang ball, especially, in the other team’s Red Zone.

    • berttheclock

      Ah, those heady days of Matt “I tried to throw the ball into the air; where it landed, I knew not where”, Cassell.

  • kcpauly

    A little OT but I just read on CC enver game got flexed to Sunday night for a national audience. I hope we go up to Mile High and stuff the onkeys into the turf and crush them by 21 points on National TV then the five head lovers will shut it down a little and we will have a 2 game lead in the division(as long as we beat the Bills)
    Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!