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Chiefs Don't Care If It's Pretty As Long As It's A Win

By now you’re probably tired of hearing about how even though it may not be pretty, the 8-0 Kansas City Chiefs are getting the job done.

That’s the default answer to many of the Chiefs’ critics in 2013, who basically say that even though the Chiefs are undefeated, they’re really not all that good of a team.

Sure, Kansas City’s offense may not be prolific and yes, the schedule hasn’t been all that hard, but you can only play who the NFL has scheduled you to play, and in this league—a win is a win no matter what.

Who cares if it’s ugly? At the end of the day, I’d rather take an ugly win over a beautiful and epic loss, and I dare say most of Chiefs’ Kingdom and the Chiefs themselves share that sentiment.

In fact, according to the AP via, Dexter McCluster said that the team isn’t trying to win a beauty pageant, but instead win football games. What a novel concept.

”We’re not trying to be beauty queens. A win is a win,” Chiefs wide receiver Dexter McCluster said. ”We know we’re going to have to fight. This is the NFL. Teams are going to be good, going to play well. All we worry about is that we win.”

Andy Reid was asked if he’d rather have a “beauty pageant” type of game by the media, and he was blunt and to the point with his answer:

“I don’t care about all of that,” Reid said. “I’ve told you the stats you care most about are obviously points and turnovers and they kind of go hand in hand. As long as you come out of that point category ahead I don’t care. We’ll work on the stuff that we’re not good at. We’re going to keep doing that no matter what and the record and all of that doesn’t matter. We’re all in it to win games. That’s not a secret, that’s most important.”

If it sounds like the Chiefs are oversimplifying the situation, it’s probably because they are.

Frankly, good for them.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has become a hype driven league fueled by the media, and it appears as if everybody is trying to find something to nitpick or critique about this team’s 8-0 start.

In a world full of hype-men and critics, the Chiefs don’t appear to be reading their own press clippings or getting too down on their shortcomings.

They’re simply focused on getting better and winning games.

I dare say that’s the reason this team is 8-0.

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  • BigGil

    You pretty much said what I was thinking: I don’t know any sports fan who would rather their team lose pretty than win ugly.

  • Mark Bustamante

    As I’ve been telling people I know “Win by 1 point or by 100 points a win is a win!!!” I had the Chiefs overall record as 8-8. If they winore it’s a bonus. REMEMBER this team was 2-14 last season. Let’s enjoy this as long as possible

    • Roc

      Well said Mark, last season I was so disgusted at this point in the season that I started watching basketball and I absolutely hate basketball. Just glad to finally see my team win some games

      • Mark Bustamante

        Trust me Roc I was disgusted too but I couldnt stop watching. I got DTV and Sunday Ticket so I can watch every Chiefs game. As sour as last season was this season so far is SWEET

        • Roc

          Yeah I have the ticket too, living in PA all I can watch is eagles and steelers games on regular tv

  • Phillip Maxwell

    Bottom line…we go as far as our defense will carry us. Our offense can get just enough done to win games as long as our defense continues to keep teams at 17 and under.

    • Big3Kansas

      Actually our defense wouldn’t be as good as they are, without the way the Offense is playing. Because the Offense wants to stay on the field as long as possible to burn as much time off the clock to give their opponent’s offense less possessions to work with, while allowing our defense plenty of time to rest, so they can continue to defend at the highest level. Even if the offense doesn’t score, if they at least burned 2-3 minutes off the clock, they at least gave their defense some time to rest. Couple that with the Offense playing smart, and not turning the ball over, and the Chiefs become a very difficult team to beat.

  • berttheclock

    The last team to go to the Super Bowl on style points was……………………………………………