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Kansas City Chiefs Have Best Home Field Advantage In NFL

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Arrowhead Stadium is officially the loudest stadium in the world, and that means the Kansas City Chiefs have one heck of an advantage over their opponents when they’re at home.

That advantage was noticeable this past Sunday, as the crowd was really able to be “the 12th man” when the Chiefs needed them most.

Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid was appreciative of the crowd’s support in a recent press conference.

“I’d like to thank the fans for the support that they gave yesterday,” he said. “It’s a tough place for an opponent to come in and play in. Right at the end of the game there, we needed the fan support and they brought it and they caused a big offsides there”

The Chiefs are 8-0, and that includes five wins at home. A big part of that home winning streak is undoubtedly the home cooking Chiefs’ fans cook up each and every home game.

It starts on Red Friday, really builds up on Saturday, and it all comes to a head Sunday afternoon when the pregame clock strikes zero and the Chiefs take the field in search of another win.

The “Sea of Red” truly roars, and the Chiefs have ridden that wave to a epic turnaround and an undefeated season with eight games more to go.

Seattle is known for its loud stadium, Green Bay’s Lambeau Field is legendary, and other venues and fan bases around the league know how to pack a punch on Sundays from time-to-time.

With that said , there’s undisputedly no better home field advantage in the NFL than Arrowhead Stadium in 2013.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Arrowhead is a terrifying place when this football team is winning.
    The Chiefs have already guaranteed themselves a winning record at home for the season.
    That’s good for business!

  • Hayden Monroe

    Hey I like the article just rep you on my page ..Uncensored Hardcore AFC West. ……Facebook page for trash talkng fun.

  • berttheclock

    Funny you mention this as I was watching the Sunday Ticket game from the excellent D’s Bar in Portland. Late in the game the Browns were in the huddle for their first play of a drive. I noticed the crowd at Arrowhead was sitting down. I started yelling at the TV screen for them to stand up and start screaming. Amazingly, they did and the excellent pro bowler Joe Thomas false started. Later, he became so rattled, he grabbed Hali. Even the very quick throwing Campbell started standing in the pocket longer and the sacks arrived. It all started in the stands. BTW, the so-called 12th man in Seattle can be very quiet when the Seahawks are losing.

    • Jordan

      Sack* rolled in

  • berttheclock

    Hey, off topic, but, Pete Prisco, the CBS tout, is running his mouth again in blasting the Chiefs. This time he says they are going no where with their “one dimensional offense”. The Chiefs have rushed for 976 yards and have passed for 1,670 yards. How is that “one dimensional”? If you compare those stats with the opponents, you will find the numbers in each category are ahead of the opponents.

    • BigGil

      I could only venture a guess that by “one dimensional offense” he would mean “Jamaal Charles heavy offense”. But even then, the Browns keyed in on Charles right from the get go and the offense still found ways to get down the field and score points (at least in the first half). Whether keying in on Charles (plus his temporary absence) affected the offense’s ability in the second half, I can’t really say (quite possibly part of a combination of that and a bit of stale play calling), But the offense is improving (though it might be harder to see for some given the quality of defenses KC played in the last two games). Let Prisco run his mouth, what does he really know? He tends to be a sheep that follows what every other not-really-an-expert “experts” say and lets a team’s history of success or failure in past seasons affect far too much his opinion of how that team is doing or built today. Personally, the only “experts” that I pay any attention to are the ones that are former players or coaches, and even then my opinion varies based on how successful they were as players or coaches (the more successful ones tend to have a higher football IQ hence how they were so successful). Those types of experts are acknowledging what KC is doing and that they are capable of continuing to do it successfully, and even to a degree where a championship isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Those types of experts are also acknowledging that this team is seeing success while the defense has only 8 games under Bob Sutton under their belt and the offense 8 games under Andy Reid under their belt and that there is still a reasonable expectation for improvement (making their chances even better than the non-expert “experts” are giving them). Focus on those dudes and forget the Priscos of the world; the Priscos are just lemmings.