Sep 22, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez (88) looks on from the bench during the second half against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The 8-0 Kansas City Chiefs Need To Bring Tony Gonzalez Home


The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Cleveland Browns 23-17 on Sunday. The Chiefs didn’t play especially well, but were still able to hold off a mediocre team, lead by a below average QB and win by six points in Arrowhead. It was a “meh” performance against a “meh” team. While every win counts the same in the win column, this game did nothing to silence the doubters out there that think the Chiefs’ undefeated record is more the product of an easy schedule than an elite team.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Falcons dropped to an incredibly disappointing 2-5 on the season. This is a team that was the #1 seed in the NFC last season. This team was one win away from playing in a Super Bowl. They were so close last season, that despite his intent to retire, Hall of Fame TE Tony Gonzalez was talked into coming back for one more chance at a Super Bowl. Now their season appears to be over.

Tuesday is the NFL trade deadline.

Do I need to connect the dots any more than that?

There is simply NO good reason for this trade not to happen. Here’s why:

1. The Chiefs Need Gonzalez

The Chiefs offense isn’t bad, it’s average. They are 16th in the NFL in yards per game and 13th in the NFL in points per game. For all the grief that the offense has taken you’d think they were at the bottom of the league. If they are average without Gonzalez, he could be the piece that put’s them over the top. Alex Smith loves to throw safe passes to the TE. Vernon Davis was his run away favorite target in San Francisco. Andy Reid’s West Coast Offense features the TE, that’s why they signed Anthony Fasano and spent a high draft pick on Travis Kelce. With Kelce injured, they could easily fit Gonzalez into the TE rotation. While Fasano is a nice safety valve and Sean McGrath has been a solid find, neither of them are players that defenses have to game plan for. Gonzalez would take some attention away from Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe and allow them more freedom to make plays.

2. The Falcons Don’t Have Anything To Gain From Keeping Gonzalez

The Falcons are done. Some will say they still have nine games to go and anything can happen, but if you look at their remaining schedule there are just too many tough games remaining. The Falcons still have to play Carolina twice, the Seahawks, the Saints, the Packers, and the 49ers. That’s six challenging games remaining for a team with a bad defense, bad offensive line, and injured skill position players. Even if they split those six games (unlikely), just those three loses would give them eight on the season. 8-8 isn’t making the playoffs in the NFC. Gonzalez isn’t coming back for another season. Of course the Falcons have said they aren’t trading Gonzalez. Of course Gonzalez has said he doesn’t want to go anywhere. What else are they going to say? Atlanta actually has an intriguing rookie TE that they could give extended playing time with Gonzalez gone in Levine Toilolo. The 6’8″ 265 lbs rookie from Stanford already has 2 TDs in limited playing time this season. They also have another pass catching option at TE in former Mizzou TE Chase Coffman. At this point, the Falcons are playing for next year and Gonzalez will not be there next year. The players that would get playing time in his absence will be. So will the player that they would draft with the pick they acquire for Gonzalez.

3. The Price Tag For Gonzalez Will Not Be Too High

I understand that KC shouldn’t sell the farm to get a 37 year old TE for 8 games. Atlanta knows that. They aren’t going to ask for a 3rd rounder for a player that is retiring from the NFL in 8 games. I truly believe that Gonzalez could be had for a 6th round draft pick, 5th rounder tops. The Chiefs drafted a FB that didn’t even make the roster in the 6th round this year. Late round draft picks are crap shoots. Gonzalez is a proven commodity.

4. Salary Cap Space Can Be Found

I’ve heard a lot of people say this trade can’t happen because KC doesn’t have the cap space. I’ll admit that I’m not an expert “capoligist”, but it seems to me this could be resolved by cutting ties with Dunta Robinson. I like Dunta. He seems to have a good attitude and work ethic, but with the rise of Marcus Cooper I don’t see anyway they keep Robinson and his salary around next season. I know it will cost KC some dead money, but if he’s going to be gone next season anyway, I’d rather have 8 games of Tony Gonzalez than 8 games of Dunta Robinson cheering on Marcus Cooper from the sidelines.

5. The Timing Is Right

The Chiefs head to Buffalo next week and could work in a handful of plays to get Gonzalez a little action while Fasano and McGrath continue to get most of the snaps. Then KC has their bye week which is the absolute PERFECT time to get Gonzalez up to speed. Gonzalez has been around for SO long that I guarantee there isn’t anything in Reid’s playbook that he hasn’t seen before. He just needs to get on the same page with the terminology. After the bye week the Chiefs have their biggest game of the year to that point when they go to Denver. How perfect would it be for Denver to have to game plan for Gonzalez when they haven’t had a chance to see how KC is going to use him yet? Denver’s defense has struggled already and having to defend Charles, Bowe, and Gonzalez should give them fits.

6. Seasons Like This Don’t Come Along Very Often

As much as we all like to think that this season is just the beginning of many winning years in the Andy Reid / John Dorsey era, there simply aren’t any guarantees that the Chiefs will be in this good of position again. The Chiefs are on pace for the #1 seed and homefield advantage in the playoffs. Easy schedule or not, the Chiefs need to do EVERYTHING in their power to capitalize on this opportunity. KC has found ways to win and that is commendable, but they must continue to find ways to improve if they want to win a Super Bowl. Gonzalez makes them better. No 8-0 team should be focused solely on the future. An 8-0 team should be focused on trying to win it all.

7. It’s Just Too Poetic To Pass Up

Tony Gonzalez is the greatest tight end to ever play the game. He spent the bulk of his career in Kansas City. There are still hundreds of 88 jerseys at Arrowhead every Sunday. Yes, he decided he didn’t want to deal with Scott Pioli and Todd Haley. Based on what we now know, can you blame him for wanting to go to a contender instead of dealing with those two? I know some KC fans are still holding a grudge, but I have a hard time believing that if 88 came running out of the tunnel back in KC red and gold that there would be a single fan in Arrowhead that wouldn’t go nuts. Anyone want to actually say that if Tony Gonzalez was dunking that ball over the goalpost after a TD against the Broncos, you would say “I still don’t forgive him for leaving!” This is the ultimate hollywood ending. Gonzalez returning to the team he played with for years to make one last Super Bowl run, what could be better than that?

Pick up the phone John Dorsey. Get this done. There just is no reason for it not to. KC players have actually gone on record saying that they’d love to have him back. This is a special team having a special season and bringing in Tony Gonzalez could be the thing that puts this team over the top. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by Mr. Dorsey.

Bring Tony G Back Home To KC Where He Belongs!

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • berttheclock

    Lyle, you make very persuasive arguments, but, I still believe the stumbling block is the salary cap. You mention cutting Dunta Robinson, but, his 2013 salary is only $950,000. Tony G’s is $5.25 M. The Chiefs would have to cut at least another over a million and that would leave them without any emergency funds.

    However, I was glad to see your article because this really jump starts the importance of the next two days. Trading deadline is tomorrow at 4 PM (er, that is 1600 hours for Jason S) EST. Several posters have made excellent arguments of trying to pick up Gordon. However, according to various articles this AM at NFL Network and CBS Sports, the Pats, Colts, Niners, and Lions are looking to pickup quality wide outs, as well. There could be a bidding war, especially, by the Niners and Colts. As the Chiefs do not have a 2nd round pick for 2014 to give, that limits their negotiating ability. BTW, according to the articles about the Niners, it looks as though they are trying to shop Baldwin. There are several quality wide outs, including both Gordon and Nicks, mentioned, but, there are, also, a couple of TEs, Fred Davis and Mercedes-Lewis, being shopped. The interesting one is Jordan Cameron, who roamed the field yesterday and made that great falling backwards catch for Cleveland. He would not come cheap.

    • Travis L Cummins

      Tony’s remaining salary for the year is around 2 – 2.5 mill. The chiefs even with out unloading a guy hwve about 2.5 mill in space

      • berttheclock

        Good point. I did not know how that salary for the year was apportioned due to a trade. About three weeks ago, various articles suggested the Chiefs would end up being responsible for the entire year. However, with some of our finest defensive players getting a bit older, trades of this caliber could really put the team into solid footing for a run to the SB and not just wait another year to keep rebuilding. Perhaps, it really comes down to “The future is Now”.

      • DieHard_ChiefsFan

        I agree with you both on this one. Even if we get a wide out, how often will Alex S throw to him ? We have Bowe and Avery and they are very under utilized. If you bring Tony, G back:

        1.) I can dust off my Tony G Jersey. (Saving it in case he did come back and retire a Chief)

        2.) With Tony G in the line up, the opposing Defense has to choose who to double and this will free up the Wide outs.
        3.) If Alex S does throw into double coverage on Tony, Tony 9 times out of 10 will come down with the ball.

        The Future is now, fans want to see the winning continue into the play offs and Denver will have fits covering all of the offensive weapons we send out on the field…

        • Davé

          yea but alex pansy smith doesn’t throw into ANY coverage.

          • Travis L Cummins

            Who cares what u think. Alex is a big part of why this team is perfect…what u want 503 yards 5 td’s and a int? Cause im oretty sirecyhats what lose dallas the game. Sure id love to see a few long bombs but id rather be winning from 5 yard passes than a loss

          • Davé

            we are winning mostly thanks to defense and special teams. Alex is just not losing this for us. “Cause im oretty sirecyhats what lose dallas the game” You know you can edit your comments right?

          • Travis L Cummins

            U said it perfectly dave…he doesnt LOSE us games. He does ENOUGH to win em NOT lose them. The offense has scored more thsn the defense so I guess we need them to keep up what they have done . Why would I edit my comment? Im pretty sure I was able to deciefer your garbled up mess of a comment about…prettu sure blah blah

          • Travis L Cummins

            Ill take wins even ugly wins over monster stats every game

          • Travis L Cummins

            And if u knew anything at all about any of my other comnents u would see I blame the oline for not giving him more time to throw down field. Ive complained about how many points have been left on the field but I appreciate what he is able to doceith 1.9 seconds not the 5 or 7 brady gets

  • Trent Taylor

    All sentiment aside, its a no brainer.

  • berttheclock

    Off topic, but, there appears to be no truth to the rumor the Browns are going to trade Davone Bess to the Niners for Kyle Williams.

  • ladner morse

    Adding Tony would make a huge difference in this offense!
    Get er dun Dorsey!

  • berttheclock

    Thank you, Arizona Cardinals for defeating the Falcons. The AJC article said “Tony G was devastated by the loss” as it dropped the Falcons to 2-5. He might be more receptive to a trade, now that the “slip slidin’ away” music is being played.

  • 44WinMag

    It’s not gonna happen, the world just doesn’t work that way so move along.

  • David Fritch

    Best and most well defined article I’ve seen here in a long time…and that’s saying a lot because we have great writers!

    • berttheclock

      What I appreciate the most about the various writers at this site is they are fans first and excellent writers secondly. I have read sports writers from various newspapers in the past who were only writing about the local sports they had to cover because they needed that job.

  • steve james

    You have made the most well reasoned case I have seen. All valid points. I still would be shocked if it happened. Tony is a Falcon now it is very obvious to me he is not living in the past, he isn’t sentimental about his time here. Its not his “glory days” he is still having those days now.

  • Jason Seibel

    Lyle, I have gone on record here as well as on AA Radio and said I don’t want Tony G to come back to KC. You just changed my mind. This was the most thought out, airtight case to be made to bring him back for the final 8 games of the season and then the playoffs. The point about the Broncos having to gameplan for him without having any tape on him is genius. We know that John Dorsey is a “win now” mind and he’s shown that with the moves he has made. I wonder if this is even on his radar right now. I guess we’ll know by 1600 (that’s for you Bert) tomorrow.

    • Davé

      If you needed Lyle to write this to realize the football reasons for bringing him back………………

      • Jason Seibel

        I didn’t say anything about football reasons. It was all emotional for me. Why are you on my jock, dude? Jeez….

        • KCMikeG

          He gets off on insulting as many posts as possible. Pansy is his favorite word. I can’t wait for the so mature comeback……..

          • Davé

            oh all three of the children pouting together. I just laughed myself off this chair.

          • KCMikeG

            Exactly what I expected…..

        • Jim Harper

          You noticed that too, Mike. The guy is a real jerk.

  • RaySouth75

    It would be GREAT to have Tony, Gordon, or Cameron. But,with Smith running for his life every time he drops back to pass! Let’s go get O-LINE. YOU WIN UP FRONT. See Chiefs Defense

    • Troy Utt

      Pretty darn pathetic IMO… Almost to the point of being embarassing! I realize Fisher needs the game experience to learn & get up to speed… But it almost looks as if the speed & power of NFL game @ tackle is going to be to much! I’m not so sure we didn’t draft a new OG??? I can’t recall how many times in yesterdays game as we were watching someone would start yelling for Smith to cut & run. My reply, To where? The right side of the pocket had collapsed again… Smith looking down-field should have thrown it away, but was surrounded! I guess we’ll be addressing this again in the off season…

      • berttheclock

        A trade which will never be made, but, if you notice on the right side of the AA articles, there is one about various Cowboys’ players who may be on the block. One of them is Jeremy Parnell, who has played both tackles. With Doug Free doing much better, he might be trade bait. Now, this does not mean Fisher would be cut, but, Parnell would add needed depth while Fisher is learning his craft. I await the Pro Football Focus for yesterday’s game as I don’t think Fisher will score very well.

        • Troy Utt

          I have to be honest with the way the line has performed this year, I’m surprised we have not seen more of Schwartz??? I had really thought he would win the starting LG position in pre-season & after Reids comments about putting the 5 best on the field I was convinced we would see the switch. I don’t recall who it was that did the AFCW pre-season ALL-PRO TEAM? But even they had Schwartz down as their starting LG… I’m not familiar w/ Parnell? Will have to look this one up. I just hope we can somehow pull it together!

    • Davé

      Running for his life? He probably averages 4 seconds of time to get off a pass. His problem? He doesn’t throw it because he doesn’t see the perfect wide open player. Even if he did he would overthrow them

      • Travis L Cummins

        Ur a idiot. Try 1.9 secs before he has to scramble. .whydont u try to google his sacks, hurries, and knock downs… what when he scrambles to the right is he suppose to see a guy open for 1 second on the left? Go troll from9m ur moms basement some more

  • Michael Shaw

    Great article Lyle! However, I just don’t see it happening. It makes a lot of sense to us, but to the Falcons it would mean suicide for their team. However, instead of sending them a draft pick, maybe we send them an OL they desperately need or a CB or a LB??? Sending them a quality player to protect their 100+ million dollar QB or a quality starter to help their porous Defense and they might bite on the trade. At least that is my wishful thinking on the subject. Bottom line………………WE ARE 8-0, so let the haters keep hating!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Davé

      At most, at MOST they win 8 games this year. They are already dead. Send them a 5th and call it a day

  • redchiefs

    I’d even go so far as to give a 4th for Tony Gonzales. He is that good, he catches everything thrown at him, he is ALWAYS open, he blocks as well and plays a selfless game. He is a locker room leader. Totally dependable. I agree there is just too much at stake, too much positive karma to this that John Dorsey’s genius can not pass this up. At 8-0 with the toughest part of the season starting up, with all the divisional games coming up, there is no way Dorsey should pass an opportunity to acquire the greatest tight end to play the game.

    • Tom

      Good thing you have nothing to say about Personnel Decisions. To give the Falcons anything for 8 games is just not gonna happen. John Dorsey is way smarter than that.

      • Butch Davis

        But thats the point, the possibility of getting tony and his immediate production for unseen future talent is a very considerable risk. I know John loves his draft picks but this team is too special to not at least consider the possibilities

  • ArrowFan

    This would be a very popular move for everyone but the biggest question will be does Tony want to?

    • Davé

      if he is trade he is traded. He doesn’t have much say in it.

    • Phillip Maxwell

      If this is his last season and his motivation at this point in his career is a ring, why wouldn’t he? The Falcons are as much as dead and unless we suddenly turn into the Raiders we should be making a run for one.

  • Jacob Monteer

    Good Argument, but I would now fully support trading a 1st for that stud of a TE in Cleveland. Tony left to chase rings, and didn’t give us a small sign of mutual love by not dunking on us during our horrible season last year. I don’t want him, but there is this small giddy child in side me that says, come home Tony G,

    • Davé

      Why does everyone assume Cleveland will just trade whatever talent they have on their roster?

      • TrayeLynch

        Probably cause they have already done so once this year. LOL

        • Davé

          That trade of Trent Richardson was an amazing trade for Cleveland.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    The biggest problem with this offense is Alex Smith’s missed opportunities. Gonzalez would make him more comfortable, but I’m beginning not to like the idea of him needing more high-percentage passing options to succeed. Yesterday he missed two throws that would’ve resulted in touchdowns. Fasano WIDE open in the endzone and Avery streaking down the sideline. THAT’s where the problem is. He’s not capitalizing on the opportunities that present themselves often enough. Is not always the points you score. Sometimes, it’s the ones you don’t. We’re leaving points on that field too often.

    • berttheclock

      Interesting though considering he missed two high trajectories, yet, threw a laser to Dexter for the TD. Yes, inconsistency is still a problem.

    • chiefridgy

      Or enough to win 8 out of 8 games….

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Not sure I follow the logic here. The fact that a sputtering offense hasn’t cost us any games yet hardly means it won’t at some point. Being 8-0 is not a sufficient reason to ignore this football team’s weaknesses.

        • KCMikeG

          I don’t think anyone wants to ignore the issues but being more realistic in our expectations for the offense is reasonable. The facts are we have beaten the faiders (17), NYG (24) & Jags (26) points. We have also beaten the Titans (9) and Eagles (10) by two scores. That’s 5 out of 8 wins with 2 score wins with three blow outs. We have had close calls against three teams. This is with 30 new players, a new OC, system, QB, TE’s and the youngest OL in the NFL that has been hit by injuries.

          There is also no denying that the offense has avoided putting the defense in bad situations with turnovers and that they have stepped up with long scoring drives that contributed to winning. I would love to see us have an offensive explosion and blow out lesser teams. It will come as we enter the second half of the season. This offense will only get better which will also make the defense better – that’s a scary thought for the rest of our opponents.

          Great teams overcome mistakes or shortcomings and refuse to accept defeat. There is great value in having to fight to the end to win, to have to come from behind and to have to depend on our defense to close out the game. Experiencing challenges and overcoming them builds the confidence needed to face them again – in the playoffs. The Chiefs are a great team and only 8 games old. I’m going to savor watching them grow into a dynasty – if I can survive the heart attack games like yesterday!

    • mepatri3

      Even if you’d had Gonzalez yesterday – it would have made very little difference. The offensive line just wasn’t holding it and wouldn’t let plays unfold. Besides, one of Gonzalez’s biggest strengths would be underutilized on this team – no vertical game.

    • Davé

      Well said man. If the QB play mirrored that of Luck, Rivers, Romo we would be killing these teams because we wouldn’t be leaving so many points off the score board.

  • tomflex

    8-0 and on top of the AFC west with a defense and special teams that can take us as far as we want to go. The snag is there is just something about the offense that starts sputtering at times where maintaining possession is critical. That long drive at the end to pull a game out of the fire is a capability all playoff teams must possess….
    John and Andy must make the assessment on this teams potential for the remainder of the season and act accordingly. If they don’t make any moves then we must assume that they are confident in making a run without any new additions.
    They know what they are doing…that is why we hired them

    • michael mckee

      No dude,this offense will hold us back without a legitimate TE…you’re blind if you cant see this after 8 wks tomflex

      • tomflex

        Well dude…read what I said. Personally I would grab Tony G right now…what I was trying to say was if they don’t make the move then it’s all on them if we come up short down the road.

  • Rodger Dodger

    Help the deployed military fans get to watch the Chiefs game on 3 Nov! Must vote by 29 Oct.

    Go Chiefs!

  • Mark Bustamante

    Lyle you are SO RIGHT!!! I for one, still wear my #88 every Sunday and would go absolutely bat shit crazy to see Tony G back in Arrowhead where he belongs. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANDY AND JOHN do EVERYTHING in your power to get this deal done!!!! We fans want Tony back where he is loved valued wanted and more importantly BELONGS!!!

  • michael mckee

    It’s funny how it takes a posted article for people to say oh I see where it makes sense now!smh,ive been telling people this for weeks and everybody always wanted to argue.let all the butthurt few that are still mad tony got divorced from them stfu and enjoy a truly great homecoming along with a sorely needed upgrade…

    • Travis L Cummins

      Most chief fans have been asking for this since week 3. I one of those see fansided article following 4 and 0 start and the startbof the tony g rumors

  • Rich Nelson

    Tony was an awesome KC Chief, and i loved watching him in a Chief’s uniform. But i also remember him throwing us to the curb when he wanted something a bit more individualized and not so much team work….he was all about himself and nothing about team his last two years in KC…why should we let him just walk in and reap the benefits of the hard work the entire KC Chiefs team did while he was off skipping training camp, he stated he was going to retire as a falcon,,,LET HIM. we need another o-lineman and a wide receiver,,,or two,,,we don’t need Tony,,,you people screaming for his return have forgotten about his attitude towards KC when he demanded to be traded… it would not be fair to the present Chiefs team,,,to bring in him and his diva status…yes it would help, but at what cost to the team Andy has built,,,and still building…
    I believe in the Chiefs, I believe in Reid, Dorsey and Hunt,,,I believe in building from within,,,,,I do not believe tony g is a good idea…..he jumped this ship once before,,,,

    • berttheclock

      Nonsense. He kept working out to the end. He kept arriving very early and staying late catching pass after pass after pass. He tried very hard to instill this work ethic into Bowe, but, Bowe thought he could get away with just his physical skills. I do not regret him wanting to go with a contender. He knew had he stayed with the Chiefs under the new regime, it would be a rebuilding process. In many ways, his leaving became the kiss of doom for Pioli. Had the offense been just a bit better, Clark Hunt might have kept Pioli. By firing him and bringing in Dorsey, he has allowed this team to, finally, grow into a winning team. Yes, there are some 10 Pioli starters on this team, but, he would have never added enough new players in the way Dorsey has. You would have never seen Pioli grabbing 7 new players off the first waiver wire. He would have not scouted them and would have been content with the final 53 coming out of St Joe. You remind me of an LA Dodgers fan who booed Steve Garvey whenever Garvey would return to LA. Garvey had been the only player to honor his contract and had not demanded a new one. So, he finished his 6 year contract and asked for a raise. Management told him he was getting old and wanted him to take a pay cut. He bolted for the Padres and many fans of the Dodgers booed him because they said he no longer bled “Dodger Blue”. Pro football is a business, not a long love affair with a clause until death do us part.

    • Davé

      Oh did he hurt your feelings??? Haley and Pioli were two of the worst things ever for our organization. Peyton Manning said thanks but no thanks to EVEN VISITING WITH PIOLI. Tony knew the game and didn’t want to be on a rebuilding team. I don’t blame him. We need him to win games not to mend your heart back together. Get over it, this is about Football and winning a championship.

      • Rich Nelson

        I stated my opinion, and left it at that. I did not personally attack or put down anyone who does not agree with my thoughts,,,don’t care enough to do that,,,No my feelings weren’t hurt, and this is a lot more than just football and winning championships,,,this is about CHIEFS football, and building a dynasty…we are not the saints or raiders who would do anything to win,,,we are Chiefs Nation, we are better than the next team,,,we don’t need other teams Diva cast-offs to be the Chiefs, we need just what we have,,,we are not winning the SUPERBOWL THIS YEAR ANYWAY,,gear it up fro next year and have a great ride this year,,,wherever it takes US.
        In Dorsey i trust,,,,,…

        • Jason Seibel

          Don’t bother feeding the troll, Rich. He’ll just keep coming back for more.

  • mepatri3

    Here’s a good reason to not have Gonzalez come back – he’s not asking. This is truly “armchair quarterbacking.” Gonzalez left the Chiefs and apparently he’s fine with it- leave him alone. We’ve reached 8-0 without him, so no matter what happens, the Chiefs have made a huge statement this year. It’s all good.

    • steve james

      Falcons fan?

    • Tom

      I am not a Falcons Fan by any means, Season Ticket holder for Cheifs. We shouldn’t give Atlanta anything for Tony. If he wants to come home to retire fine, but You may recall not like he was run off or anything. His Choice and it didn’t work out for him. Here is one more chance for Tony. Its a Win Win for him. The only reason to keep him in Atlanta would be for him to Block. He is getting Doubled up with the rest of their recievers out.

    • Davé

      Here’s a good reason to get him back : FOOTBALL. It makes FOOTBALL sense; never mind your pansy ass feelings.

  • Eddie Gleason

    I feel the author on retaining the rights of TG. If and only if Atlanta gave him his walking papers outright, and he signed w/KC for the remainder of the season for a million bucks or so, I’d say it’s on.But other than that,I believe the current team can get it done.All I want is home field advantage throughout the playoffs, the rest will take care of itself.

    • mnelson52

      I agree. Everyone is just automatically thinking that picks 4-7 are going to be bad. There have been a lot of great players that were not even drafted. I don’t want to give up a pick that may be good for ten years for a great player for are last 8 games of this year. I like TG but not at the price of a draft pick. I don’t want to gamble our future away for one year.

  • Davé

    “I’d rather have 8 games of Tony Gonzalez than 8 games of Dunta Robinson cheering on Marcus Cooper from the sidelines.” One of the best liners I have ever read.

  • Davé

    Tony G on Sunday:
    “I would never go and ask [the Falcons] for a trade,” Gonzalez said that day. “And if that’s something that they wanted to do to help their franchise, that’s up to them. But it wouldn’t be coming from me. ”

    Sounds to me like Tony would have no problem showing up if he was traded

  • Bosco Cletus

    Reason #8. He’s gonna retire a Chief anyway. Boom!

  • GDL40

    I would LOVE for Tony to play the rest of the season with the Chiefs…..HUGE fan ! ….. but it’s almost a guarantee that it won’t happen ….. not to mention, like Stacy mentioned, the problen is not the TE position, would hate to see Tony wide open in the end zone and Alex overthrows the ball or just miss him and we walk away with a FG if that

  • Michael Cotter

    While the won’t they should, seasons like this don’t come along every year and he woulod make the offense better. I will be very sad tomorrow when the trade deadline come and goes and no Tony.

  • Montez K.

    Tony Gonzalez is my favorite Chief player of all time……I’d be liable to have an emotional breakdown if Tony G were to come home tomorrow…I know it’s not feasible but I can’t help but think about it…the thought itself is so entertaining.

  • Keith Alberson

    You can’t argue with any of those points. the Chiefs are legit to make a run deep in the playoffs. Gonzales could be the difference of them pulling off the unthinkable this season. It’s one of those years in the NFL, and it’s up for grabs, i think New Orleans is the favorite, but with Gonzales, it would give the Chiefs another shot of confidence in the arm, and put them in the Hunt for real, i say yes.

  • KCMikeG

    Great post Lyle! Sign me and Tony G up!

    Dorsey has shown all year that he is willing to make changes to make the team better. This would improve us at a critical position in Reid’s WCO, give AS11 the best player ever at his favorite receiving position, would benefit our OL and the run game. i say any pick #4-7 would be worth it. Look at what last year’s draft has gotten us. A #1 struggling RT, two situational back ups in Davis & Catapano – period. Look what Dorsey has done with the Magnificent Seven – Cooper may well be the best CB on the team, The Beard saved our bacon until Fasano could get healthy and Parker has a sack/strip/FR and numerous ST plays in addition to MJM & Moses ST’s contributions.

  • Jim Harper

    Nice work Lyle and you made a great case filled with logic. I personally don’t see it happening. First off Tony is a high character guy and he agreed to come back for one more year. I would be shocked if he went back on his word. Secondly the Falcons are not out of it yet. They are 2-5. If they run the table they would finish 11-5 and that gets them in the playoffs. I understand that it is unlikely, but until they are eliminated from playoff contention it would be foolish to deal away Tony for next to nothing. Dorsey or anybody else is not going to give draft picks away for 8 games.

  • Bryan Staley

    Yes this is a joke but here’s to wishing……..

    How about we trade our first to Cleveland for Gordon, our 2nd is going to the 49ers for Smith, we can trade our 3rd to Cleveland for Cameron and our 5th to Atlanta for Gonzalez! Cameron can spend the next 8 games learning from the best TE ever! We would have two #1 caliber wide outs with Gonzalez, Cameron, and Fasano backing them up at the TE position! Look out opposing defenses…….

    Go Chiefs!!


    Tony left America’s team for Atlanta to win a superbowl…So be it!