Post Game Recap: Chiefs vs. Browns

Oct 27, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dexter McCluster (22) celebrates with the fans after scoring a touchdown during the first half of the game against the Cleveland Browns at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The offense started out firing on all cylinders, scoring on their first four drives. But then stagnated. The Chiefs defense didn’t quite look themselves either through most of the game. But, with 21 seconds left, kicker Ryan  Succop extended the Chiefs lead to six, which would be more than the Browns could overcome.

The first possession of the game, Alex Smith led the Chiefs offense on a 9 play, 64 yard drive that ended with a Succop field goal. The Chiefs defense then took the field against the Browns offense and forced a quick three and out.

On the Chiefs’ second possession of the game, Smith led an 11 play, 47 yard drive that ended with a second Succop field and a score of 6-0. The Chiefs’ defense then made short work of the Browns offense once again, forcing the team on a three and out once again.

The third Chiefs’ possession started on their own 18 yard line. Smith drove the Chiefs down the field, marching them on a 14 play, 82 yard drive. When it looked as if the Chiefs would stall in the red zone again, Smith hit fullback Anthony Sherman on a quick screen pass. Sherman then proved he could do more than just block for Jamaal Charles and took it 12 yards to the house.

The next possession, the Browns offense finally synched up with their quarterback Jason Campbell and he hit two big strikes, scoring on a flea-flicker pass to speedster Josh Gordon on a 39 yard touchdown strike.

Not to be outdone, Smith drove his offense down the field on a six play, 75 yard drive and hit Dexter McCluster on a 28 yard laser in the end zone. It was, perhaps, the best looking touchdown Smith has thrown all season.

The Browns then quickly moved down the field and put the team in field position, allowing kicker Billy Cundiff to bring his team within 10. Heading into halftime, the score was 20-10.

The first drive after the half, Campbell drove down the field going on a nine play, 80 yard drive and then hit his wide receiver, Fozzy Whitaker on a 17 yard bubble screen, which he ran in easily for the score.

The next quarter and a half of football as a lot of back and forth, with the defenses of both teams trading blows. Again, the Chiefs defense wasn’t what they have been, and the Browns defense was better than they have been.

At the end of the game, Smith got the team in position to kick a field goal to make it a six point game. That was more than the Browns could handle. With no timeouts and only 21 seconds left Campbell was unable to move the ball anywhere close to scoring position, ultimately giving it over to the Chiefs on downs.

The Chiefs’ record moves to 8-0 for the first time in ten years, while the Browns drop to 3-5. Next week, the Chiefs are on the road as they travel to face the Buffalo Bills.

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  • Travis Vanessa

    I want to see KC acquire Gordon via trade.

    • Mark Bustamante

      I second that. Gordon and Bowe with either Avery or Run DMc in the slot

    • Jim Harper

      There is much more to it than just getting a hot prospect. Anyone you trade for this time of year has a hard time adjusting to a new offense, new coaches, new playbook, and just new everything. You just cannot tell a new receiver to “go long” and expect success. Yes, I agree we need a stronger #2 opposite Bowe, but I think that will get addressed in the next draft.

      • Travis Vanessa

        I would argue that you know what your getting with Gordon as approsed to a rookie prospect. Even though Gordon might not “know” the offense, his presence would free up Bowe and open the play book for AS11.

        • Jim Harper

          You are sure entitled to your opinion, but I seriously doubt it happening. Dorsey is not likely to bring in a guy with issues off the field and if reports are correct as many as 3 teams have made inquiries which drives up the price. He won’t give up his entire 2014 draft for him.

  • GDL40

    THANK YOU Davone Bess for handing us the win ! …… Alex Smith again overthrows a wide open receiver in the end zone and instead of a TD we end the drive with a FG….Gotta say though he had an allright game overall, just wish he would get rid of the ball before getting sacked. I know its easier said, and the O-line needs to get their sh!t together ….. GO CHIEFS !!!

    • kcsparky

      Right there with ya!!!

  • Selena G

    You keep WINNING you keep BUILDING!!! Good job Chiefs… We not finished yet… keep putting on ya game face and build build build!!! 8-0 woot woot… Proud Chiefs fan!!! I agree with @GDL40 :)
    #ChiefsKingdom #Family #GodFirst #Love

  • Phillip Maxwell

    I totally appreciate the “glass half full” approach to Chiefs journalism here at AA, I am a staple here daily…reading. I can’t help but wonder what the outcome though, if Bess doesn’t hand us the game on a silver platter. Our offense did just enough in the first half to weather the storm but, without possibly the worst game by Bess EVER, this thing could have ended differently. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited its just that we are approaching some games with some top notch teams….we will get our ass handed to us if we play like we did today.

    • Chris Tarrants

      What if’s are a thing we could do all day! What if Smith had hit Avery on that long pass? At the end of the day we are 8-0 enjoy it


        100% agree , hate the “what if” or ” coulda” senerios. If we want to go that route “if” we didn’t have Cassel at QB or didn’t turn the ball over so much last year we” coulda” been better than 2-14.i still see the offense getting better week by week , slowly but surely. GO CHIEFS

    • Jane Okkinga

      Same as you Phillip – read X times/day – but don’t often comment. I’m loving this after years of hope and failure – but if the offense can’t step it up we’re going to do well but not be great.

  • Jim Harper

    It never fails that regardless of this team being undefeated that someone will find reason to criticize them. Makes me ill! Here is the absolute truth. Good teams find ways to win when things are not going quite right. No team has ever won a championship without having some very close games that they very well could have lost. Even the 72 Dolphins had a couple of squeakers they nearly lost, winning by 1 and by 2 points. My point is that no team is going to be perfect every week, but the ONLY thing that matters is a win at the end of the day. In that regard our Chiefs have been perfect.

    • Selena G

      Jim I am ah Chiefs fan and I don’t see it as bad criticism. You are right what matters is the win at the end of the day, but we wouldn’t be fans if we didn’t express our feelings. The Chiefs will continue to win the way that they have been regardless of what we say or anyone else for that matter. Jus my opinion! 9-0 comin up!!! I have strong belief in the Chiefs… they are ah FAMILY… and when it’s all said and done Chiefs got this #GodFirst!!! ♥♡♥

    • berttheclock

      Thank you, Mr Harper for your intelligent and thought out perspective. In the post Rozelle world of the NFL, there is a fine line between winning and losing. Far too many people simply look at a record of a team without really understanding there are teams with losing records which have many excellent players. Cleveland happens to be such a team. I still maintain I would rather see the new and improved KC Chiefs peak in December than in October. With the outstanding coaching staff, this team will improve. Bess did not “win” the game for the Chiefs today. The Chiefs won the damn game. Cheers all to the great gang who show up at the excellent D’s Bar in Portland and cheer on the Chiefs. Had the pleasure of sitting next to a real live sane fan of the Chiefs, who posts on occasion as “Aaron Brown”. We did not leave the place with a “Whew” feeling. Hard fought game against a very tough opponent and the Chiefs will become the better for playing and winning that game. Now, onward to Nine and Zero.

      • Jim Harper

        Thanks Bert for the kind words and right back at you.

    • berttheclock

      The ’72 Dolphins had two blowouts. 52 Zip over the Pats and 23-O against the Baltimore Colts . But, they did squeak by the Vikings, 16-14, Buffalo Bills, 24-23 and the Jets 28-24. Their playoff wins were by 6, 7 and 7 respectively.. There have been some scoring machines which did not win the Lombardi Trophy.

      There will be no asterisk put up at NFL HQ in NYC of Chiefs Won * with the help of Davon Bess

  • kcsparky

    As a non-residential Kansas City native & Diehard Chiefs fan for 45 years, I am worried. The offense is playing worse each week. The line leaked like a sieve & Smith walked around like he wanted to be somewhere else. If this mentality & play continues, the future in two weeks is dark. An 8-0 start is GREAT, but our offense REALLY needs to step up. Thank you Mr. Bess for your miscues that countered poor play by our leaky, blasé offense.

  • Phillip Maxwell

    What you are calling criticizing Jim, I call observation. Yeah, we are stoked as hell to be 8-0 but, our heads aren’t buried in the sand either. We know a gift when we see it. Teams like Denver and San Diego won’t be giving us those.

    • Selena G

      Love that “We know a gift when we see it.” :)

  • Mark Bustamante

    I love this team but sometimes I have to cover my eyes. They look good on defense and bad on offense one game. The next game they look good on offense and fair on defense. If and when they put it all together we will be a force to be reckoned with. A win is a win and I’m not going to complain! I will just keep fingers crossed and scream my head off. LETS GO CHIEFS!!!!!

  • berttheclock

    Those who want to see the Chiefs trade for Gordon have legitimate reasons for making the trade. Funny thing is had only Pioli outbid the Browns by offering the Number 1 pick for 2013, he would be with the Chiefs and Eric Fisher would not. But, remember, he will cost the Chiefs their 2014 Number 1 pick, which means the Chiefs will not have a pick until Round 3, next year. He had two brushes with drugs at Baylor, one in 2010 where he was suspended, then, let come back for 2011 and another one in 2011 for a failed drug test. The suspension he received in Cleveland is really of the ticky tacky sort and one which has hit Hali. However, the young man is only 22, so, any team making a trade for him and even the Browns themselves will be risking that he will stay straight in the coming years. Even folks in Cleveland are saying he really needs a solid mentor. Great talent, but, will Mr Dorsey believe he is worth the risk. From a Win Now perspective, I would lean to those thoughts expressed by Mark Bustamante and Travis Vanessa. Hard to argue with them. But, perhaps a more conservative long term view might prevail. Tuesday will be very interesting.

  • berttheclock

    Matthew Stafford threw for 488 yards (33 of 48) and the Lions won by one point.

    In other news, Geno Smith completed 20 passes and 2 Pick Sixes.

    • Jim Harper

      Now that is funny! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving QB IMO.

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