K.C. Chiefs Fans Have Never Had It So Good

Have Chiefs fans ever had it better than right now? You can argue the Super Bowl year in 1969-70 was the best. You could even make a case for the 1966-67 squad who were the AFL inaugural representatives in what was to became the first NFL-AFL Championship game, i.e. the Super Bowl.

Those were tremendous years with great teams that gave birth to multiple NFL Hall of Fame players. Can’t argue there.

However, the longer I write for Arrowhead Addict, the more I realize the bulk of faithful fans who come here… at least those making comments… don’t even have a memory of the Chiefs Super Bowl daze because so many current Chiefs fans weren’t even a zygote zigzagging up the matriarchal fallopian field dreaming of gridiron grandeur… yet.

While our fans from the Silent Generation (1925-1945) and the Baby Boomer (1946-1964) eras may take offense with that notion… the waiting and long-suffering, the hoping and dreaming, the misery of one draft day blunder followed by another since those days are the very circumstances under which I can declare… Chiefs fans have never had it so good.

So if you’re too young to remember that far back… this is obviously the best of times, and if you can recall those old days with Lamar, Hank, Lenny and the boys… this is worth a hundred million just to still be a “breather” and a “witness.”

You think the Joe Montana days were better than this?

Don’t forget that Mr. Montana played exactly 25 games for the Chiefs. Joe was traded from San Francisco to K.C. in April of 1993 and 19 months later, on December 31, 1994, it all ended in a loss to the Dolphins in Miami, 27-17. And, that was the last of Joe.

Montana’s 17-8 run with the Chiefs was memorable and I recall going to games with great anticipation those two years. It was glorious to have what I have long considered the best QB in the history of the NFL playing for our Kansas City Chiefs.

However, the buzz about this year’s team… is a different animal altogether. For years I’d scoffed at the notion that “defense wins championships.” Then again, I never thought the Chiefs had a defense as good as this one is either.

This week I heard Andy Reid call Kendrick Lewis a “stud.” That was unexpected and perhaps of all the defensive members on the Chiefs he’s the one I’d least expect Reid would single out like that. However, it goes to show just how stacked and stocked the defense is. Husain Abdullah and Quintin Demps have made critical interceptions yet, Lewis is the one Reid builds up and gives props to.

The teams that fielded Trent Green, Priest Holmes, Tony Gonzales, Willie Roaf and Will Shields with Dick Vermeil coaching was a favorite. However, the absence of any defense whatsoever is the pin in that memory balloon.

I recall plays running in my head over and over again from that team… with Priest gliding into the end zone like he was coasting in a presidential motorcade being shuttled methodically through a parade. The eternal glitch in those memories is that the offense was good yes… but that they were  eventually placed in “must-perform” situations too, too many times and like all humans… proved to be human.

This year’s team may end up going nowhere. However… even writing that last sentence doesn’t feel right. There are 1,000 eventualities that could lead to a negative outcome but, it doesn’t seem like that will be the fate of this year’s Chiefs.

Fearing some kind of negative future doesn’t even fit with this year’s team… people are just too caught up in enjoying what’s going down.

There are too many reasons to feel amazingly positive this year:

+ Tamba Hali tipping a thousand dollars for a dinner bill, right?

+ Mitch Holthus said on Tuesday that the Chiefs are at 50% on red zone scoring (17th in the league) which is way up from past years.

+ Alex Smith has fumbled the ball a total of zero times with 4 INTs in 7 games this season (in his first 7 games in 2012, Matt Cassel had 8 fumbles and 10 INTs). Herm Edwards said this week on 810 radio, that, “More quarterbacks lose games, than they win.” Looks like he’s describing Alex Smith.

+ Tamba Hali said this week,

Our league is composed of a lot of good players and the difference is coaches. I really, truly believe that. So, our team, we’ve had good players. We’ve had players who could change games. But, what these guys have done is come in and not just come in and said these are our guys who are “players,” these are our guys who can “make plays” but made it in a way that we can do this. Across the line…. from corners to…. So it’s really the coaches and our ability does help but our coaches putting us in that position to do it. That’s been the biggest change here.

+ Instead of fans howling “Save Our Chiefs” this year they’re just howling. 137.5 decibels of record breaking madness.

+ The offensive protection index which takes into account how many times a QB is hit, hurried or harassed says the Chiefs are next to last in the league (which is the end of the scale you want your team to be on).

There’s really so much information out there that can be quoted or talked about that’s positive about the Chiefs that it’s getting really difficult to disbelieve anymore.

It’s even fun to think about Scott Pioli being off somewhere in some basement talking on the phone with his grandma and bragging about how these Chiefs are achieving what they’re achieving because of his drafting and his influence. It’s even more fun to think about the “fact” that only 25% of all players still on any Chiefs roster can be tied back to him. That’s 16 players out of 64. Of course we don’t want to sneeze on Dontari Poe, Jon Asamoah, or Eric Berry but why is it somehow more pleasing to know that a greater number of Chiefs stars came from Herm Edwards (and Carl Peterson) than Scott Pioli?

In fact… do you know how well the Chiefs are doing? I’ll tell you how well the Chiefs are doing! The Chiefs are doing so well that… I’m even thankful for Scott Pioli.

For Chiefs fans, you can see how the entrance of Andy Reid & Co. and the winning streak are like having two straight months of 75 degree days with no humidity… after 4 years of stormy skies followed by four more years (the Pioli years) of ice storms. I’m fairly sure that people outside of Kansas City don’t understand how this truly feels.

This year, plays that haven’t worked… now work. I had to watch this play over and over again as Alex Smith, down near the goal line, turns to his left to hand the ball off to Jamaal Charles, who is running to his own right. Smith freezes for a moment, realizes no one is coming for the ball, then eases into the end zone unscathed (see below).

It’s such a magical season that…

… our best CB goes down (Flowers) and a rookie steps in and makes big plays!

… our biggest rival has already been beaten and looks ever so beatable again.

… the beard! the beard! the beard! the beard!

… the Chiefs are deeper than they’ve been in eons.

… Arrowhead has never been more fan-friendly… see the new Horizon level.

… injuries haven’t devastated the team’s overall performance (knock on Charles “Wood”son)

… our Chiefs are a young team that looks to stay together for years to comes.

… now, trash in the stairwell… is just that… trash in the stairwell. Nothing more.

… our QB can mistakenly hand-off to a ghost RB near the goal line… and he still scores anyway! We’ll chalk that one up to Halloween which is just around the corner.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 9.07.46 AM

Recently, Nicholas Allen Clayton wrote an article here at AA called, “The Chiefs Are Not The Best Team In Football.” Is he right? Of course he is. Can you say with certainty which team was the best team in football last year? Just because the Ravens won the Super Bowl, does that make them the best team in all of football? How can you be sure that it does? We all know that the team who gets on a hot streak in the playoffs is the team that usually wins it all. Does that mean they’re always the best team? Not necessarily.

So, what does that question have to do with this post topic? Nothing really. The fact is, if you start counting your Chiefs-fan blessings like I have been doing, you may come to realize there are more things to be thankful for about this Chiefs teams than perhaps any Chiefs team ever.

When it’s all said and done, this team may have the all-time leading WR in Chiefs history: Dwayne Bowe. I believe the Chiefs have their best punter ever right now: Dustin Colquitt. I’ve heard comparisons of Houston and Hali to Neil Smith and Derrick Thomas. They may not be better than Neil and DT but they’re certainly the best in the league at the moment. Last week I mentioned that I thought this trio of CBs, B. Flowers, S. Smith and M. Cooper should be considered among the best trio of CBs the Chiefs have ever had. The emergence of Dontari Poe is a huge plus and having Eric Berry playing his best Pro Bowl caliber ball doesn’t hurt this fan’s feelings at all.

The perception of the Kansas City Chiefs… is changing nationally as well. No, the Chiefs aren’t being treated like East coast royalty yet but they’re getting more positive attention than ever.

As many of you may be aware, I live in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. One year ago I walked into a local popular mall and went to every sports clothing store in that mall and none of them carried any Chiefs merchandise. On Friday after work, I went to the same mall and the first store I walked into, I not only found but, proudly put down big bucks on, a Jamaal Charles jersey.  I was already wearing a Chiefs jersey when I entered the mall and I was verbally taunted by a group of Broncos fans as I entered from the parking lot, “You know you guys aren’t going to be undefeated after you meet the Broncos in Denver.” I stopped and smiled. They all laughed at my recognition. Then I replied, “You hope.” Silence.

Isn’t silence great sometimes!

It’s a great feeling knowing that other teams in the AFC West must spend their days… hoping. I’m just happy to know, what fans from other team’s now know, Chiefs fans have got it good.

It may be because the owner has made new decisions, or that the stadium has never been better, or that the fans themselves are bringing a better attitude, or that the GM, HC and the coaches are all tops, or simply that the players are better than ever as a whole, or that the Chiefs sit atop the Power Rankings… but when you put it all together… you can have but one resolve.

It’s just one man’s opinion. And I know there’s a whole lot more to look forward to in the very near future. However, I really believe that as of this very moment, Kansas City Chiefs fans have never had it so good.

Perhaps I’ve been drinking too much of Andy Reid’s raspberry cool-aid lately but, why not? The Chiefs are 7-Omg, and, there’s no getting around that!

Hey Addict fans, can you recall a time when Chiefs fans have had it… “gooder?”

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  • Robert Firestone

    Ya I feel good when the Chiefs win 4 straight Super Bowls in Madden but the I realized it’s a video game. Beyond that on real life …..well yes this is the best time for Chiefs fans.

    I deliver freight around the city and you can just see the uplift in attitude from years past. It’s strange to think how having good sports teams an impact the mentality of an entire city.

    Rock on Sporting KC, Royals, and CCCHHHHHHIIIEEFFFFSSSSS!

  • berttheclock

    Hey, it felt great to put on my new Chiefs license holder yesterday. Made a bit of a mistake in ordering as i received two brand new New Era red visors. Well, my wife can now wear one as well..
    First Super Bowl, even though it wasn’t called that? Huge mistake in allowing my ex-wife to keep my program from that game. No one sitting in the LA Coliseum that day could have imagined what that game would become.

    But, it has hit me why so many so-called pundits in the land still deride the Chiefs. The team broke their toy. That toy was the one they collectively picked up after Chip Kelly and his new lightning fast Eagles destroyed the Redskins. Those pundits jumped on his bandwagon and proclaimed him to be the new Guru of the league who would turn the old establishment on its head. Well, shucks and be darned, if an old establishment type named Andy Reid, didn’t come along and upset that new bandwagon and destroyed the newly established myth. The pundits have hated the Chiefs ever since.

    • steve james

      I would get that program back! Crazy to think of being there. No way I could have been but wow what a thought.

      I actually dared to dream a little. 2500 for cheap seats. I always said if they go I’m going but man that’s twice what I was expecting & they will only go up. Maybe Clark could get a chunk for fans at face value o to dream….

      • berttheclock

        Nah, it is long gone along with various papers and such. But, a couple of years back I ran into a Packers fanatic in Portland. His vehicle was green and gold and he wore the same. He really must have money because he told me he had over $100,000 in Packers’ memorabilia in a special room at his home and he had flown out to all preseason, regular and playoff games of the Packers for the past few years. He told me a program in mint condition from that first game was worth over $7,500 and that was at least two or more years ago. For myself to go the next time the Chiefs play (and Win) in one, it would have to be very high on my bucket list. Just going to Arrowhead is very high as well, as I have not seen a Chiefs game in person since the old days of 23rd. In a couple of weeks, I will celebrate my first time to ever see the Chiefs play there in early November of 1963.

        • steve james

          Watching the Chiefs win a superbowl is almost at the top of my bucket list. I will go if I have to sell my truck & sleep at the airport! Problem is there are about 4 other people I would want with me. It would be a 20k trip at least for 5 people bit man what a good time it would be.

        • Kisersosay

          I have the program…”World Championship Game” with the ticket stub and Lenny’s autograph on his page. Not sure it is worth anywhere near $7500. It is in great condition but I won’t give it up….too good of memories.

          • ladner morse

            Wow. That’s amazing. Could you possibly take a picture of the program and post it here?

          • Kisersosay

            It is posted with my comment. Did it not come through? Again Laddy love your stuff….you have amazing skills to tell the story….

          • berttheclock

            Thanks for posting the picture. I had forgotten it was called “World Championship Game”. I did know Super Bowl was coined sometime later. Geez, had my ex-wife only known.

          • KCMikeG

            Incredible! There isn’t enough money when it comes to a piece of Chief history.

      • elly violette

        It’s hard to believe that a Super Bowl ticket could cost that much. If the Chiefs made it to the big game I’d be forced to watch from home but would love to go… no matter where the game is at. I’d like to see the NFL create a program for people who have been long time fans so that they would’nt have to pay such an incredible amount of money just to see their favorite team.

        • steve james

          Face value is much much less I am sure. You have to enter a lottery & get drawn to even have a shot at face value tickets.

          • elly violette

            Is there actually a lottery? I’d like to know about it. Can you post any information here or give a link to a web site. If the Chiefs go to a Super Bowl and I don’t get to go now…… I’m blaming you of course. :)

          • steve james

            I checked into it a few years ago it takes several steps starting shortly after the Super Bowl. I am sure it’s too late for this year. If I remember when I get back home around the computer next week I’ll post the info up.

          • elly violette

            thanks alot,i apreciate!

    • Jim Harper

      You are the first person I have ever known who actually attended that game. I watched it on TV, but never got to go to a game. I was a fan since day one when they were the Dallas Texans and Abner Haynes was my favorite player. Must be why we see eye to eye so often. This year’s Chiefs team has my adrenaline pumping like no other though, and I really believe it is because of balance. The 2003 team had great offense, but no defense. This team has no holes in it.

    • ladner morse

      I was 30 miles away, at home, watching the game. However, I haven’t known anyone until you, who has been to the game. In those days, so many people considered the AFL a second rate league but I really think it wasn’t until the Jet in 69 AND the Chiefs in Jan of 70, won it all… that fans perception of the leagues being equal was solidified.

    • Kisersosay

      Ticket was $12…..so yes about one hot dog…:)

      • ladner morse

        OMGosh… that really is incredible… like time is standing still. I hope Bert gets a chance to see it.
        Thanks so much for posting it!

    • Larry Devore

      thought they went for less than 2500.00

  • Aaron Martin

    My thoughts exactly! I live in Nashville, TN and it has always been tough to get KC wear. Well…. Now you can to a limited amount. Never mattered though because I am always wearing something every year everywhere I go. BUT this year, I hear GO CHIEFS all the time. WOW, I feel like part of the team, it feels so good. And I do believe that this team is on it’s way to ………..

    • ladner morse

      If you get a chance to make it to KC sometime, all of the Walmarts there carry a nice selection of Chiefs shirts and caps all for under $25. Other wise you have to go to the specialty sports outlets for anything Chiefs related… and even then they may not carry it.

  • berttheclock

    Warning to all who do not like strangers approaching you. If you do not care to have any strangers walk up to you or yell to you from across stores or parking lots, do not wear any Chiefs gear. However, if you do wish to meet some great people, then, wear your Chiefs’ gear proudly. They will yell and come over. “Hey, I’m from KC” or “Hey, I’m from Joplin”, or “Hey, great team”, or “Hey, don’t you still owe me that five dollars?” er, that is another story.

    • ladner morse

      It’s a whole new experience for Chiefs fans who wear the Chiefs gear now… especially for those not living in the KC area. Every day that I put it on in the morning I always wonder what response I’ll get that day.

  • berttheclock

    Off topic, but, I noticed the announcement by the NFL that they will have 3 games scheduled in 2014 in London at Wembley Stadium. Thank someone that the Chiefs are not among them. However, as the Jags are due to be the “home team” against the Cowboys in one of the games, I find it touching fans across Northern Florida are lining up to buy the Jags a One Way ticket to Britain.

    • Kisersosay

      They will be playing in LA soon…….

      • ladner morse

        It will be strange having a team back in LA especially for a fan who grew up 30 miles away. I just hope it’s not the Raiders or the Chargers… but I understand the NFL is thinking about the possibility of placing two teams there and one of the teams could be either of those teams.

        • berttheclock

          I did buy season tickets for the Raiders, only because I wanted to see the Chiefs and I really liked the AFC. I could always get tickets for the Rams games, even USC. In addition, one time my son and I went down to Anaheim Stadium to watch the Chiefs play strike ball. We stood outside the stadium and my son went up to some young man and asked him what he wanted for his tickets. I had given him the money and he bought the ticket. When, he came back I asked him if he knew who he had bought the tickets from. He said no and I told him it was John Wayne’s son. We ended up sitting in front of the box seats and only a couple of rows in front of young Wayne and his friends, which included Bo Derek.

          Anaheim Stadium was a terrible football viewing stadium. I saw several of the Rams games. Wrong idea to place a football field inside of a baseball stadium. The Coliseum was much better, but, even that place was archaic and the only time I ever really heard the roar of the crowd was the game USC had against Notre Dame. That was the one where ND led 24 to 6. My ex-wife and I sat in the ND section and it was loud for the first half. Then, they made the mistake of kicking off to USC and White for the 2nd half. The roar began on his long kickoff return for a TD, then, when the defense crushed ND and the roar became louder. It really exploded when USC kept scoring and stopping ND. Yes, the ND crowd and their Leprecaun left the Coliseum very quietly. 55 to 24 USC.

      • HerbanLegend

        If anyone was listenin to 810 WHB yesterday Soren had some bold predictions (which are apparently backed by actual sources he did not reveal) about he Jags becoming th NFL’s first international franchise (via London) within the next 5-10 years. in the interest of expanding markets and potential financial gain I see the NFL bringing a team to London before LA, but what the hell do I know??

  • Todd Worrel

    Love reading your articles! You are good at your craft. Keep it up! GO CHIEFS

    • ladner morse

      Thank you Todd. I appreciate it.

      • HerbanLegend

        I second that, it isn’t often you find such well-written pieces on sports, especially outside of major media outlets, keep up the amazing work, I know I don’t speak for just myself when I say your words make me continually more proud to be a lifelong Chiefs supporter. WAR CHIEFS!

  • Arrowhead Magic

    I’ve been a fan of the Chiefs since the 2003 playoff loss to the Colts. And since I’m only 19, I’ve never seen the Chiefs win a playoff game except in a highlight reel. But this year, will be different we’re definitely going to make the playoffs and when we get there we are going to make some noise. I don’t know about anyone else, but this has been the best year to be a Chiefs fan for me.

    • elly violette

      I’m a fairly new fan too and I agree. This year has been the best of all the years so far. However, I think the best is yet to come!!!!!!

  • Cody McCool

    I live in Colorado so getting Chiefs gear will ALWAYS be impossible. I still wear my Chiefs gear everywhere here though. Just pissing off every Broncos fan I possibly can. Haters gonna Hate!

    • HerbanLegend

      Right there with you brother, love getting these halfassed donkey fans riled up! We should get all the Colorado AA commenters/posters together for a game someday! WAR CHIEFS!

  • Bernard-Brenda Estephan

    I think they should make a documentary or a short movie clip of the past two years. With the whole “save our chiefs” then the Belcher story and then bringing in Big Red. Just shows the progress we have come in such a short time.

    Id be happy with just a playoff win this year. I have never seen the chiefs win a playoff game! I became a fan because of Montana but I was 10 at the time.

    • ladner morse

      It is an incredible story… from last year to this.

      • John Palmer

        Ladner, you are an awesome writer. I literally laughed out loud about the zygote line…pure hilarity and classic! My opinion is no, we have not had it gooder. I have been die-hard since 89 with steve deberg at the helm. Yes, we’ve had some good teams, defensive and offensive alike, however, never a well rounded team. It is amazing the amount of hate and negativity people spew about the Chiefs, as if we should apologize for our success. It absolutely kills people that Denver, for all their grandeur and recording breaking theatrics, is looking up to my lowly, offensively underpeforming, scrub playing Chiefs. I dare to dream of the coveted #1 seed and the road to SB: NY13 Chiefs Ed. goes thru Arrowhead….ahh, the goosebumps that notion evolks! What is so beautiful is that it’s not out of the realm of reality at this point. Going to 9-0 splitting with denver and san diego with a clean sweep of oakland along with beating the colts would get it done. I say to all my Chiefs fan, this is a special year for our Chiefs…Take it in and cherish what we are experiencing. This new offense will turn the corner. For as well as Houston played the 1st half-dont forget we went into halftime 14-10. We are good(er) enough to do this and we will….GO CHIEFS!!!!!!

        • ladner morse

          John, thanks for the complement and I have to say… what an awesome post. You sound like a bit of a writer yourself. It is amazing how the Denver masses seem to be in a state of shock while the Chiefs quietly go about claiming their throne.

          Thanks for sharing! Go Chiefs go!

          • John Palmer

            Thank you Ladner, that is a well received compliment. I’ve been reading you guys for a year or two now and decided to become more deliberate in engaging with people like yourself, Stacy D. Smith, Jim Harpers always insightful and historical reference points for a guy like me, who’s just a little to young to have experience the “golden years”, Micah S.-who always has me laughing because of his well placed cynicism and the GENO SMITH, which is not looking to bad in his defense, but I’m going off course here. I love this site, I love the authors view points because its all out of Chiefs love and yes, we (chiefs) deserve a kick in the seat of the pants when we’re not performing to our level we as fans expect. I think I love to engage in meaningful dialogue more than I do writing, but yes, I can write as well. The simple truth is you guys inspire me with your insight and its truly amazing how small the world has become because of the internet. In my mind, Im going to run into you at Gates one day or strolling thru a midtown bar one day, but your WAAAAY in DFW and God knows where my other writers/top commentors are located, buts its mad love on this site-minus the trolls. ONE LOVE. ONE CHIEFS!!

  • KCMikeG

    Sweet post Laddie! This is a very special time to be a Chief fan for sure. Seeing the fan base reunite and Arrowhead return to its Loudest Stadium in the world. Soon playing at our house will be feared across the BFL like it was during the DT days. We are on the doorstep of the return to our honored legacy. I am savoring every moment. Loving the “Sounds of Silence” from our competitors.

    • ladner morse

      Yea… I remember being there when DT would get a sack and the place would go CRAZY! But this seems to be exceeding that. I used to be able to sit down for part of the game and now so many fans stand the whole time. Amazing.

      • KCMikeG

        I agree about sitting. During those times everyone sat down when the offense had the ball until something big happened or there was a score or turnover. Now most everyone stands all the time in the field level. Seems like quarters and change of possession along with the dreaded TV time outs are the only time we sit. That’s fine with me as I have a 8 hour round trip from home. Getting a little exercise to burn off some of the JackStack BBQ.

        The attitude has changed – finally – thank God. It’s even hard for fans to be silent during our possessions because they are so excited they are bursting at the seams. It is a new era in Chiefs history and we are blessed to watch the rebirth of a dynasty.

  • elly violette

    I think the Chiefs will be “gooder” when they are 8-0. Does that count?

    • ladner morse

      I agree… but I have to say no. That doesn’t count. But nice try!!!!!

  • Chris Tarrants

    Ahh for once Laddie you made me laugh out loud! I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be the other way around but great read and hopefully sometime around late January, early February we can say that life will never get “gooder” than this

  • Larry Devore

    super bowl one tickets top out at 12. this from cbs news.

    • ladner morse

      Do you have the link?

      • Larry Devore

        googled cost of superbowl 1 ticket

        hope this helps.

  • kcseek

    “Many current Chiefs fans weren’t even a zygote zigzagging up the matriarchal fallopian field dreaming of gridiron grandeur… yet” ;-) Priceless!

    • ladner morse

      … you should hear the lines that got away……
      Glad you liked it…….

  • berttheclock

    Did you know you could become a fan of the Chiefs merely by just going to church? A couple of years ago, I walked into a local Lowe’s. A young lady greeter of sorts saw my Chiefs’ visor and told me she was a Chiefs’ fan. The reason being was Joe Phillips, the former LDT for the Chiefs, had been a member of her church. She really liked him and decided if he had been a Chiefs player, then, that was her team. Her husband is in the military and when the Niners played the Chiefs at Arrowhead, he bought her an anniversary gift for a weekend in KC, attend the game and see the city. She was all smiles the next time I saw her. Said they had a wonderful time. Still yells at me, “Go Chiefs”.

  • berttheclock

    I can’t find the price of a hot dog at the very first “World Championship” game in LA. But, a beer cost $2.50. Last February in NO, a 20 oz draft beer cost $12.00 and a 16 oz premium beer went for $15.00. If you wanted Nachos in NO, you had to pay $14, bottled water was $5, a “Souvenir Pop Corn” would have set you back $15 bucks, peanuts $6, Po’ Boy $15 and a hot dog nine smackeroos.

    Just read where Jerry Jones does not want to lose a home game because of his team having to play in London next year. He says home games are just too important to lose. He really means what fills his coffers. A friend of mine went to Dallas a couple of years ago and told me just entering the parking lot and proceeding to the stadium turnstile was “Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching, if you didn’t want to have a very long walk on your own.

    I remember the days of old at the LA Coliseum, where hawkers would walk the stairways in the USC section, yelling, “Popcorn, cracker jacks, MBAs” and all of them were very reasonable.

  • Jeff Grasser Jr

    Great work, Laddie!