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Kansas City Chiefs Are The Best Team In The NFL

At least according to the record books, the Kansas City Chiefs are the NFL’s top team.

The Chiefs are 7-0 after beating the Houston Texans. Meanwhile, the NFL’s other unbeaten previously unbeaten team, the Denver Broncos, went to Indianapolis and lost to the Colts.

Andrew Luck beat his predecessor, Peyton Manning, and in the process, he secured the Chiefs’ spot on top of the NFL rankings.

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Kansas City’s wins this season have come over the Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Tennessee, Titans, Oakland Raiders and just recently against the Houston Texans.

The Chiefs have relied on Jamaal Charles’ ability to run and catch on offense, a great Dave Toub-led special teams, and arguably the best defense in football to arrive at this point.

Alex Smith, for all his detractors, has also been a huge part of the Chiefs’ success. He may not put up superstar numbers, but he manages the offense well, and can make plays with his arm and legs when needed.

Finally, of course, we can’t forget to mention “Big Red” aka Andy Reid, who is easily a Coach Of The Year candidate right now.


Last season the Chiefs went 2-14. This season? Undefeated so far.

The Chiefs play Cleveland and Buffalo before the Week 10 bye week. After that, it’s to Denver to play the aforementioned Broncos.

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  • HerbanLegend

    As a Chiefs lifer living in Denver, this couldn’t feel any sweeter. Cannot wait to wear an obscene amount of chiefs gear to work tomorrow. WAR CHIEFS!!!!! So proud to be a fan of this team right now.

    • Troy Utt

      Lovin’ it! More power to you… Good Luck!!!

    • Dustin Matz

      I live in Denver too! After the Bronco game tonight my Facebook blew up of posts not tagged with me in them but obviously directed at me, furious comments like “can’t wait to beat the chiefs” and “can’t wait to beat the pansy ass no talent chiefs” they talk as if they only play once and are so mad at KC stealing the Manning thunder they’re subtly attacking hahahaha I say “you mad bro?”

      • HerbanLegend

        The one thing I’ve learned about Donkey fans in my 8 or 9 years here is that the day after a win, EVERYONE in the city is a fan. Day after a loss?? You’d be hard pressed to know an NFL team plays in this city.

        • Dustin Matz

          You have successfully taken the words from my mouth! I’ve said that with my dad for years!!

  • Arrowhead Magic

    And yet we’ll still get no respect. But that’s OK we don’t need respect, we’ll just take the W.

    • Joe Myers

      Exactly !!!

    • chris

      As soon as indy beat danver madden put a post on fb asking if the colts were the new top team

      • Tom Sparks

        Being the only 7-0, undefeated team in the legue right now, I want to see how the National Sports Pundits will so mildly undermine KC’s success!!!! GO CHIEFFS!!!!!!!!!

        • chris

          Hell yes

        • Joe Myers
        • Troy Utt

          I have to admit it was kind of fun listening to Terrell Davis of all people on the NFL Network, to not only give big prop’s to the KC “D”, but recognized them as a TEAM for doing what it took to win!!! I guess we’ll have to consider that a small moral victory! Of all the talking head’s I certainly did not expect T.D. of all people to unleash an unbiased opinion…
          WAR CHIEFS!!!

      • tomflex

        How could they not be after that fine performance last week against San Diego….

        • chris

          You have a point there, they are pretty phenominal

      • berttheclock

        But, geez, don’t you understand the only real football is played in college in the SEC?

        In the NFL, the only “real” football is played in the AFC South.

    • berttheclock

      I await Jamie Dukes of NFL Network to keep harping we only have an average defense.

  • Tanner Cobb

    I was sorta looking forward to the week 11 contest between the undefeated Chiefs and the undefeated Broncos, but I’m fine with the way things went today! Go Chiefs!!

  • chris

    Now emotions effected mannings performance

  • chiefs7474

    Guys… I think it’s finally time we start talking about 16-0 for the Chiefs. I just don’t think we lose any games this year.

    • cd3382

      Nooo….Leave that record alone for now please! Lets do this one game at a time. 7-0!

  • berttheclock

    And, then there was ONE.

  • berttheclock

    One interesting side note is, while, the Chiefs have given up the fewest points in the NFL (81), the next lowest team is the Panthers at 83. They are 3 and 3. But, then, Carolina has scored 30 less points than the Chiefs. Interesting that the Chiefs are second only to Denver in points differential. Denver still leads with 101, but, the Red Hornets of the Chiefs have 88.

    BRING ON THE BROWNIES. Need some more munching.

    • chris

      The chiefs have played one more game than the panthersalso

  • berttheclock

    I must have missed the name change. When was Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis changed to “Little Big Horn”?

  • berttheclock

    Just love the comments over at the Huffington Post on the “Peyton is stunned” thread. Many of the Donkies’ fans are bemoaning the officiating. One of their fans wrote the Chiefs have an easier schedule, although both teams have faced the same five teams.

    • chris

      The Broncos fans that complain about the chiefs schedule do so bc they hear someone in the nfl media say something about the sos, but yea donky fans have no room to talk. .. Go CHIEFS!!!

  • PunjabiPete

    I can’t stop watching that Andy Reid GIF. Please stop posting it, you are going to get me in trouble for giggling like a schoolgirl at work. OH YEAH!

  • tm1946

    NFL Channel has anointed the Colts to be a superbowl contender. Bunch of crap. Paranoid or no respect….I have had it with the football media as a group they are full of it.

  • michael mckee

    Chiefs7474 is out of his mind about 16-0 quietly too yourself please.