Oct 20, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dexter McCluster (22) and offensive tackle Eric Fisher (72) celebrate after a run during the second half of the game against the Houston Texans at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs won 17-16. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The 7-0 Kansas City Chiefs Are Flawed Perfection


The Kansas City Chiefs are 7-0. I still can’t believe it. It almost doesn’t seem real. Last season was SO terrible. Every time I thought there was no way things could possibly get worse, it did. Now, it’s just the opposite. The Chiefs just keep winning. It isn’t always pretty. The Chiefs have many areas that they need to improve on, but they have found a way to win every game. Their winning percentage is 1.000.

You know what that is?


You know how many other teams in the NFL can say that?


Some will say the Chiefs are “lucky”. Others will say their schedule has been weak. None of that matters. The Chiefs are 7-0 in a league where no game can be taken for granted. There is a reason the NFL has the “Any Given Sunday” mantra.

The defending Super Bowl Champions lost to a one win Steelers team Sunday.

The Patriots lost to the Jets.

The Bengals lost to the Browns earlier this season.

The Colts may have wins against the 49ers, Seahawks, and Broncos, bus also have losses to the Chargers and Dolphins.

The Broncos are really the only AFC playoff favorite to not have a loss to a team people thought that they should win against (and most picked them to beat the Colts). Taking care of business against teams that you are favored to win against is something that just can’t be taken for granted. Usually when you have an off day in the NFL, you lose. The fact that the Chiefs haven’t lost despite their flaws is a sign of their mental toughness and determination.

That is why I’m so excited about this team.

Once a team has the stink of losing on them, it’s really hard to get it off.

When a team is as bad as the Chiefs were last season, that usually sticks with them for a while. When things start to go bad, these teams tend to think “Here we go again!” They crumble when the pressure is on. They revert back to their losing ways. It usually takes a team a few seasons of winning games to shake that losing culture. The Chiefs appear to have done it in one offseason.

Yes, they have a new head coach and a new starting quarterback, and of course that is a HUGE part of the reason that they have been able to turn this around. That having been said, think about the constant turnover of coaches and QBs in the NFL these days. Teams have new coaches and QBs all the time and it almost never works out this well.

It shows that KC not only has a new coach and QB, but they made the right decision at both of those positions (despite Alex Smith’s flaws).

It also says a LOT about the mental fortitude of the players that are on this roster that suffered through the losing seasons. That is something that probably hasn’t been talked about enough.

There is no quit in Tamba Hali.

There is no “losing culture” in the play of Jamaal Charles.

There is no fear in Derrick Johnson when the game is on the line.

I could keep going, but you get the idea. These players are the ones that would have every right to start flashing back to last season when things aren’t going well.

Instead of cracking under the pressure, Tamba Hali is abusing opposing QBs in crunch time.

Instead of cracking under the pressure, Jamaal Charles has topped 100 total yards and scored a TD in every single game this season.

The Chiefs may have brought in all new leadership, but they managed to build the foundation of this 7-0 team upon players that were conditioned to losing. That’s impressive.

What’s also impressive is how the different phases of the team have lifted the team up at different times. Some games, the defense has dominated early and then the offense has put the game away late with time draining TD drives. Sometimes it has been the special teams that have come through with game changing plays. On Sunday, the defense was struggling early in the game and the offense came through with some big drives to give them a halftime lead. Then in the second half the offense faltered, but the defense came together late and completely shut down the Texans when the game was on the line.

The offense can execute better as they grow more comfortable with each other and the system.

The play calling can be improved.

The offensive line play took a step forward on Sunday, and can continue to do so.

While those improvements can’t be taken for granted, they are still easier to accomplish than what KC has already managed to do, which is to turn a losing culture into a winning one. To take a team that managed to find new ways to lose games every week last season and turn them into a team that finds ways to win games every week this season is the biggest win of the season.

That’s why KC is a team to get excited about.

That’s why KC is a team to believe in.

That’s why the Chiefs play, though flawed, has still been perfection thus far.

They are the only team in the NFL that can make that claim, and that feels GREAT for KC fans all over the world.

Stats To Make KC Fans Even More Excited:

In the past 10 seasons there have been only 10 teams that had defenses that averaged less than 15 points allowed per game (the Chiefs are currently allowing 11.6).

Those 10 teams all made the playoffs and had a combined playoff record of 13-8 with 6 conference championship appearances, 3 Super Bowl appearances, and 2 Super Bowl wins.

That means that 60% of the teams that allowed under 15 PPG made their conference championship game.

What’s more, the average offensive PPG for those 6 teams that made the conference championship was only 22.8 PPG. The two Super Bowl winning teams only averaged 21.7 and 21.8 PPG.

The Chiefs are currently averaging 24.1 PPG.

What more is there to say?

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • berttheclock

    Now, let them “Munch” on some Brownies.

    • Jim Harper

      Now that is funny!

  • berttheclock

    The only stats I await are those in the month of December. Two very important stats come out of that month for predicting SB winners. The QB rating increase combined with the diminishing QB rating for the opposing QBs. So, it matters little to me, at this point, about the rating for Alex Smith. I await December to see his numbers rising while the defense keeps doing their Archie Bunker thing of “Stifle yourself” on opposing QBs.

    However, yesterday, once again showed the effects of having quality conditioners of players on this team. Conditioning took over in the 4th quarter. On two very important series in that quarter, the defense put the Texans into minus yardage, one was minus 11 and the other was minus 5. It was a combination of pass rush and shut down secondary defense. Pro Football Focus grades should be interesting.

  • GDL40

    Loved the Chiefs last season, loved the Chiefs every other season since ’95……certainly love the Chiefs THIS SEASON !!!!……
    We (the fans) deserve this, and more! ….let’s hope it’s our time to shine come January, and the players definitely deserve some playoff wins-love the attitude on our deffense … GO CHIEFS !

  • DieHard_ChiefsFan

    I have been a fan for over 20 years now. Even when they were dragging the bottom, I wear the colors with Pride. Recently my Job required I relocate to the Colorado Springs area and I was Razzed all last year for flying my flags and wearing my gear every Friday into the weekend. I get tired of all of the negative people saying we have a weak schedule this year. Those teams we held to an average of 11Pts per game are all now up in the 24-48 point range and the Cowboys are leading their division. This Defense is for real and this team is for real. I cant wait to rub a little dirt in the eyes of the donkey fans that were busting on me last year and beginning of this year. Go Chiefs !!!

    • berttheclock

      I have been spending some time, this AM, over at Huffington Post reading comments on the “Manning Stunned” thread. Lots of trash talk from both Donkies’ fans and Colts’ fans about the “easy” schedule of the Chiefs. Even when I have tried to explain the fact the Donkies have played fiver of the same teams, it doesn’t matter to them. Oh, and that Ravens team, Denver beat is barely 4-3. The fans of the Colts want to forget their debacle against Phillip Rivers.

      First thing this AM when the online stores open is I am going to buy more Chiefs gear. Really want that new license plate holder.

      • DieHard_ChiefsFan

        That funny you mentioned your License plate holders as mine were fading and i just replaced them on Friday !

        The Donkey fans think they have earned the SB spot being AFC Champs last year but are finding out what we did, when Dick V was our coach. A high powered offense only gets you so far when your defense gives up the farm. We are built for the long haul.

        They will find out when we play them. With a new offense, I told my son that I would be happy to see an 8-8 improvement over last years stomping. He told me no, we will be looking at 11 and 5. ‘Im happy to say we may both be wrong and one offense can only get better and our Defense if Rocking !!

  • Tanner Cobb

    In the Super Bowl era,
    31 teams have started 7-0 and all qualified for the playoffs.

    15 of those 31 clubs advanced to the Super Bowl

    9 have won it.

    I like our odds!

    • Jordan

      Don’t forget 03′ best we not get ahead of ourselves

  • freshmeat62

    Except for that one play where Keenum scrambled around the backfield for about the same amount of time it’s going to take to read this sentence, w/only Tyson Jackson, yep, Tyson Jackson, huffing and puffing, trying to run him down, and everyone else in coverage, and finally completing a pass to Johnson, the defense looked it’s outstanding self (whew). Memo to Coach Sutton – drag that play to the trash bin.

    The offense, I thought, looked the best it’s looked all year. The o-line still leaks like a sieve, but I especially liked the play calling in this game. If the Chiefs can be 7-0 w/ the offense about as bad as it can be, and it can only get better, I’m very encouraged that as time goes by, it will get better. W/ the 2nd half schedule looking tougher than the 1st, and then the playoffs after that, the Chiefs should be peaking at just the right time.

    Ahhh, just love these rose colored glasses.

    • tm1946

      Would love some explanation about Jackson/Keenum play. Camera angle changed and the rest of the DL and all the LB were holding, floating in space along the line of scrimmage. Thought Sutton had lost his mind.

      • berttheclock

        Well, on one play he didn’t lose his mind. Loved that call to have both Houston and Hali rush as a tandem side by side.

    • berttheclock

      That play reminded of the times Denver used it to give Jake Plummer time to throw.

  • ArrowFan

    I thought this game was going to be tough we where basically playing a wounded animal who has been backed into a corner and was fighting for it’s life. Great win boys keep it up.

  • carry miles

    I agree with what you all said in your article…. “Any Given Sunday” mantra!!!

    Fans keep on saying they have easy schedule or whatever… The truth is THERE IS NO EASY SCHEDULE in NFL… Coming from 2-14 to 7-0 really means a LOT!!!

    Im a 49ers fan living in KC… And I watched the game live yesterday against TEXANS… That was a close game….

    Damn I’m missing ALEX SMITH so bad!!!

  • berttheclock

    The Pro Football Focus grades are in for yesterday’s game. J J Watt had the highest score overall. Mike DeVito had the highest score for the Chiefs, whereas, for some reason, they rated Fasano with the lowest score for the Chiefs. They did note Kennum held the ball longer than, either, Schaub and Yates had done in earlier games. BTW, they graded Mercilus low, so, it looks as the offensive line of the Chiefs did a better job. Watt had six tackles, three hits on the QB with one sack and caused the fumble by Charles.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Surprised that Fasano was rated so low. I thought having him back was a definite plus for the offense. I thought the line did a good job of minimizing Watt’s impact.

  • Jason Seibel

    Excellent post, Lyle! You are absolutely right. In watching the locker room celebration videos of this season, it is clear that this team respects their coach, loves their coach and is playing for their coach. Anytime you can get this kind of buy in, you’re going to have success.

  • Andy

    Good article.
    A couple things to add. Reid is not a cheer leader whipping up emotion in the players too win, like Vermei. Reid is methodical, like his team is playing. That is important because emotion can leave you hanging.
    We will go as far as our O line will take us.