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Alex Smith: "It’s fun coming to work every day."

The Kansas City Chiefs are 7-0 after beating a pretty good Houston Texans team.

Houston put up a good fight, and the Chiefs barely squeezed by, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that Kansas City got the win.

In the NFL, a 17-16 win is just as important as a 31-3 win.

Either way, they both go down as “W’s” in the win-loss column.

Chiefs’ quarterback Alex Smith went another week without throwing a touchdown and he did throw an interception, but at least according to quotes after the game, he still seems pretty upbeat. How much fun are the Chiefs having on this run? Here is Smith’s response:

“A ton of fun, we have a great group of guys”, Smith said. “Honestly, a great group of guys, hungry guys, guys that have been through a lot. Especially the ones who have been here, they really appreciate the environment and they appreciate being around each other. It’s fun.”

“It’s fun coming to work every day”, he said. We have a competitive group, guys that like coming to work and preparing. Competitive, competitive guys. It’s a ton of fun right now.”

Smith completed 22-of-34 passes for 240 yards. He also ran six times for 28 yards and one touchdown.

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  • Danny W

    I don’t care if I’m getting tortured all day long. I make a check like he makes I’m having fun too.

    • Nicholas Abuhl

      I beg to differ, money isn’t everything. Just a tool.

      • Danny W

        Cool for you bro. I meant for me and my liking. I personally don’t care if I’m getting tortured all day for a week and I make million dollars well that’s fine by ME.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    Can’t really put that pick on Alex, McCLuster cut his route short because of the good coverage, but even so you have to be where your QB needs you to be or things like that will happen.

  • Mike Brennan

    He would be having more fun if the falcons traded Tony G to the Chiefs!

  • Troy Utt

    I actually didn’t think Smith played to bad against Houston. For a stretch there I had begun to think our offense was finally going to put one together, but we stumbled… The OL still is not looking any better, but even more maddening to me anyway… Was what appearred as a complete lack of either effort &/or interest on the part of Bowe! I’m not speaking just of the (very catchable) dropped balls. The missed catch on third down was one thing (catchable ball), but I was besided myself as I saw him go down the side-line in single coverage, with the defender to his rear & the pass coming in overhead, & without even extending his arm to make an attemp to catch the ball fell to the ground! Maybe it was me? I have watched it several times now, but as someone else brought up last week it just does not seem like Bowe was moving? Call it what you will running, not running, effort, lack of effort? I don’t know… is it me??? None the less, I’m happy were 7-0! WAR CHIEFS!!!

    • superman_25_58

      For one the line played much, much, better this game than any other game this year IMO, so I have to disagree on that part. 2nd don’t put this on Bowe…………… Smith threw the ball poorly to multiple receivers, missing several good wide open oppurtunities to gain chunk yardage and TD’s. Like I said Smith gives us the best chance to win right now but Keenum was the better Qb on the field Sunday and he is a rookie…….Smith is an 8 year vet.

      • Troy Utt

        I doubt believe there is any doubt that Keenum was the better QB, Houston might have found their way out of the hole they are in… As for the line it is what it is, & no matter what tackle is lined up against JJ the pile is moving backwards, so I have to give you that one! Just as you said Smith gives us the best chance to win right now, & personally I like him. I admit he is not Manning, or Rodgers, etc… But he is smart, & effecient, as well has not been surrounded with the tools to obtain the results that are highly attainable in this offense! The depleted TE Corp has killed us, & was exactly why I was so excited to see Fasano back on the field this last week. I see mention of working out Ballard, (TG rumors LOL) which I believe anything we can do to get our intermediate passing game going is exactly what is needed to open the play-book for the rest of the offense. I know Smith needs to be more consistent, but 22-34 was a pretty good outing by any QB…
        I can appreiate Bowe blocking down-field, but he has to catch those passes! Maybe he is slow getting out of the block this season, but come game-time with Denver, SD, or Indy those become must have’s in order to keep pace. Beating the Donkeys at home will be a tall order… In our house another story all together, But I have said all along that Manning can’t score if he is on his back!!!
        If Indy can do it…KC can prove it! WAR CHIEFS!!!