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Another Columnist Hates On The Chiefs: "Their luck is about to run out"

Many people need their coffee to get up and going in the morning, and especially in the middle of the afternoon when things are starting to drag.  Here at Arrowhead Addict, we understand that for a Chiefs fan, coffee is simply not enough.

Here’s all that’s happening around Chiefs Kingdom today.

Welcome to The Fix.

–It’s Thursday which means we’re just a few days away from game day. The analysis and breakdown of this Sunday’s game against the Texans has been pretty good up to this point, so instead of re-hashing old topics, let’s get right to the quotes.

–Head coach Andy Reid had this to say about Chiefs’ dominant defensive tackle, Dontari Poe, according to

 “I’d tell you that he’s made an effort to learn the system and works very hard at that. His offseason conditioning was phenomenal. He worked his tail off. He came into training camp and worked his tail off there. He’s a big guy, you don’t see this very often, but he’s a big guy that’s relentless. He has a natural endurance that a lot of big guys don’t and then he works at it, his toughness.”

Reid also talked about the offense and where the unit can improve:

“We just need to get a little more consistent. We’re a young bunch and we have to just keep getting better all the way around. The more reps they get in practice and during the game, the better we’re going to be. We’re going up against a good defense this week, a great challenge for us, number one in a lot of categories on defense. Our guys are going to work their tails off and get ready for that challenge. It’s an awesome thing and that’s what you play the game for, the opportunity to play somebody as good as them.”

–Speaking of the offense, the leader of the unit, quarterback Alex Smith, talked about what it’s like to play at a loud (understatement) stadium like Arrowhead, per Reid Ferrin of

“I mean, when you’re at home, it’s fine. All of us on offense know what it’s like to play in that environment, maybe not one that noisy. There were certainly a lot of guys with a smirk on their face on the sideline, watching them go out there and just the problems it caused: the delay of games, the false starts, the sacks. It’s tough to play in that type of environment.”

–More unbelievers. Here’s a piece from Harry J Enten (this time I have no clue who this is) of the entitled “Kansas City Chiefs are 6-0, but their luck is about to run out”. I’ll let you have at it.

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  • Josh Michaels

    Who the hell is Harry J Enten?

    • KCMikeG

      Isn’t that that diet donut guy?

      • Josh Michaels


  • Josh Michaels

    I read it and I guess he makes sense with predicted numbers. No one knows, but what we do know is this is a TEAM. The Chiefs are playing together and that’s all that matters. There is always going to be people who say you can’t do it or you won’t do it. And I’m tired of this strength of schedule bull. You think the ’99 Rams are apologizing for their schedule that year? Ignore the outsiders Chiefs fans, we know who we are

  • Mark Bustamante

    Before Harry starts to spout his disapproval of the Chiefs he should wait until the season is over. Are they a Super Bowl contender? I don’t know! Are they a Playoff Team? I don’t know that either! What I do know is that they a A LOT better than they were last season. Let them play the rest of the season and then judge how good or bad they are!!

  • Priest4Prez

    Kansas City Chiefs are 6-0, but their luck is about to run out”.

    I don’t even have to read it; if you call 30 sacks and a +10 turnover differential through 6 games as luck…well then, there must be no such thing as skill in football.

    • toperspective

      I agree re the luck comment but he’s correct when he discusses the offense.

  • Davé

    Surprise Surprise another non football head is hating on the Chiefs. I heard Pat Kerwin today say that he is getting tired of all the crap talking on the Chiefs schedule when Denver has faced 5/6 common opponents. Against those opponents the Broncos have given up over 120 points and the Chiefs? 48 or thereabouts. Truth is our offense WILL get better as the season progresses. We are on our 4th string TE and Alex is just starting to realize what Bowe is capable of. Andy Reid is not an idiot and he sees the problems our offense has but he also sees that we have beat nearly every team by double digits and when the offense need to do something to preserve the win they generally have.

  • kcpauly

    That harry guy is an idiot
    Go Chiefs!!!!

  • Chris Tarrants

    Who cares what other people think about the chiefs? We could win it all and people would still be talking about how we were not really that good! I hope this defense keeps it up and breaks many records. Instead of people talking comparatively about the ’85 bears they must then talk about the ’13 chiefs!!!!!

  • toperspective

    I’m not sure why people get so fired up when columnists, bloggers or the guy on the corner say anything negative about the Chiefs. That’s why they play the games. Plus some of what the guy says is true –
    the Chiefs offense really is a big ball of meh. About the only positives about this offense is Charles and the fact they don’t turn the ball over. The defense saves the bacon of this weak offense almost every week.

    • Jim Harper

      But isn’t that pretty much the point? Why should I have to filter through a story to determine what is true and what is a bald faced lie? If I can’t trust ALL of it then I can’t trust ANY of it.

  • berttheclock

    I charged off to do battle with the young whippersnapper from Dartmouth (Animal House was written about a frat house at Dartmouth, but, was filmed at Nike U). However, based upon his statistical breakdown, especially of the offense and the fact the Chiefs will have to play the 7th toughest stretch of teams to finish the schedule, I have backed off. He does make some valid points and makes a reasonable case based on stats. That said, I have far more faith that this is a team in building momentum mode. I have faith in the excellent staff assembled by Andy Reid in improving them game by game. I have faith in this team meshing with needed players coming off injuries. That is why I really do not accept pure numbers. They do not take the intangibles into account.

    Young Mr Enten. I suggest you stick with political analysis. You have been correct on issues in that field. Now, you appear to want to be the Nate Silver of the NFL.

  • berttheclock

    One reason I find stats used in sports somewhat misleading is the case of the young Michigan forward last season for NCAA play. He was a young man who was having trouble adjusting to playing in the Big Ten. He played behind an older player who put up better numbers. As a result, this young man did not have very good stats approaching February. When, the Big Dance began, there were fans who tried to downgrade him due to those low early season numbers. What they missed was his rapid improvement in February when the older player was injured. By the Big Dance, his numbers soared and by the time he played against KU, he was fierce.

    This is similar to those who try to equate Alex Smith with Matt Cassell. They argue their overall numbers are very similar. What they fail to understand is Alex Smith’s numbers kept improving, whereas, those of Matt C kept declining. Now, the numbers of AS11 fell off last Sunday, but, with the return of Fasano and more practice time with his receivers and, it is greatly hoped, better offensive line blocking, I believe the numbers of AS11 will start to rise.

    I still do not believe 4th and 48 was based on “luck”. Neither is the Chiefs becoming far stronger in 4th quarters.

  • KCMikeG

    No luck – just blood, sweat and tears. We haven’t even begun to see the best out of this family, this band of brothers. Let the fools blabber all they want. The Chiefs will do their talking in the Sea of RED!

  • Joe Myers

    Seems like everytime we need to score we score that I can say about Alex !!!

  • Horace Lee Madre Jr

    I say let Harry J Enten start for the Texans. Let’s see how lucky he is at QB

  • Patrick Allen

    Things that are wrong with the Guardian article:

    “This is actually true of the Broncos and Seahawks as well, but look at who the Chiefs have played. They beat the Giants and Jaguars, who are terrible. The took down the Cowboys, Eagles, Raiders, and Titans, who are at best .500 teams. The only one of these going down in the record books is the Jaguars – and that is for awfulness.”

    This whole schedule thing is a big load of horse shit. 19 of the NFL’s 20 teams are .500 or below. 20! That means there are only 11 teams (because the Chiefs can’t play themselves) that could be on Kansas City’s schedule that wouldn’t be considered “weak” opponents. The whole thing is absurd. It is almost impossible NOT to have a mediocre schedule in the NFL this year.

    “DVOA suggests that the Chiefs’ luck may run out. They are expected to have the seventh most difficult schedule the rest of the season. They have to play the Broncos (more on that below) and a decent Chargers team twice, the Colts, and an underrated Bills team that plays pretty well at home.”

    Now, since the writer is trying to make his point that the rest of the schedule is harder, all of the sudden 3-3 teams are formidable. The Bills are underrated! Never mind the fact that they were average before Manuel went down and are downright poor without him. Oh and the Chargers are “decent.” Never mind the fact that the Chiefs beat the Titans (who were above .500 at the time) a team that beat the Chargers.

    The only reason the Chiefs’ schedule is the 7th toughest over the second half is because they play the Broncos twice and Denver is 6-0. This writer essentially invented the Chargers and Bills as formidable opponents while at the same time discounting similarly talented teams the Chiefs have already in the Titans, Philly on the road and the Raiders, who, gasp! beat the Chargers who are gasp! “decent.”

    “The chance that the Chiefs can stay near perfect is pretty slim. Football Outsiders has them going only 6-4 the rest of the season.”

    So you’re saying the Chiefs are going to finish 12-4? Sign me up!

    I’ll take the Chiefs going from 2-14 to 12-4 any season.

    How is finishing the season 6-4, when you have the 7th hardest schedule the rest of the way, “your luck running out.

    The Chiefs do have serious problems on offense but I have watched every Chiefs game for a number of years and I can tell you that their defense is the best I’ve ever seen. I watched an offense that was equally as pitiful last season and a defense that got its butt handed to it every week against both good and bad teams.

    The Chiefs aren’t 6-0 because of luck or because of a weak schedule. Their 6-0 because they have an elite defense and an offense that limits mistakes.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      People would be SHOCKED if they realized how weak some past Super Bowl winners’ schedules were. All that matters is winning the single-elimination games at the end of the season. No one will care how many “weak” teams you play if you take the Lombardi home. The Ravens played five teams last year with losing records. They played two games against 8-8 teams. Who’s talking about that today?

    • KC fan since 66


  • Stacy D. Smith

    We’ll either have to beat Denver or a team in the postseason to get the full support of the national talking heads. This team was 2-14 last year. They haven’t won a playoff game in 20 years. This is not at all surprising. I like that there’s still skepticism out there. That should help keep this team focused. Being 6-0 is awesome, but there’s no trophy that comes along with it. Keep moving. Beat talented teams. Win the games you should win… The rest will sort itself out.