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Bill Barnwell on Chiefs: “Very little hope of beating the Broncos or anybody serious in the AFC”

Many people need their coffee to get up and going in the morning, and especially in the middle of the afternoon when things are starting to drag.  Here at Arrowhead Addict, we understand that for a Chiefs fan, coffee is simply not enough.

Here’s all that’s happening around Chiefs Kingdom today.

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–The Kansas City Chiefs have been the talk of the NFL, but they’re not the only team receiving some major attention for winning. The Peyton Manning led Broncos, a divisional foe mind you, are also undefeated, and they’re also looking very good in the process.

Many feel that the Broncos will be KC’s toughest test, and at least by the numbers, many are correct. The road to the division title will go through Denver, and if Kansas City wants to remain the toast of the NFL, they’ll eventually have to beat the elite-looking Broncos squad.

Not everybody is down on Kansas City’s chances of beating Denver though. Here’s what former NFL coach turned analyst Tony Dungy thinks, according to Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star:

“I’m anxious to see (the Chiefs) play Denver, because they have the perfect formula,” Dungy said. “They can run the ball, they’re patient on offense, and defensively they can get pressure without going to maximum blitzes. They will give Denver all they can handle. I love that defense. They’ve got speed and athleticism and speed at every part of the defense.

“Kansas City has kind of snuck up on everybody, but they have had some great defensive players. The problem in the past was the offense was turning it over so much, they were never ahead in games. Now, you’re getting to see what this defense can do … The pass rush, in Arrowhead, with the noise, when you get ahead, if you have to throw, and the tackles can’t hear the snap count, you’ve got to go on a silent count, there are a lot of things that go in your favor.”

 –Bill Barnwell of isn’t as optimistic about the Chiefs chances against Denver or any upper echelon AFC team though:

The poor man’s 2011 49ers, the Chiefs never turn the ball over, play stifling defense with an incredible pass rush, dominate field position, and wait for you to make a mistake. It’s very clear this team is going to beat up every weak team on its schedule (and oh, there are still so many to come) and that it has very little hope of beating the Broncos or anybody serious in the AFC.

–The Chiefs have signed cornerback Vernon Kearney to the practice squad, according to a press release. Kearny is an undrafted free agent out of Lane College. He’s spent time with the Bills and Browns in 2013.

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  • Josh Michaels

    Who in the hell is Bill Barnwell?

    • Rich Cooper


    • PunjabiPete

      Another no talent hack Peyton Manning sycophant, pay no attention and he will wither up and go back to the echelon of reporters waiting outside the Broncos’ team shitter, waiting to report on whether Manning left peanuts in them this time and if they were crunchy or not.

      I hope KC wins in Denver, not only because it would be great for our Chiefs, but to listen to all the backtracking and “I knew all along they would win” that will inevitably follow. I’m a little jaded, though, so don’t listen to me ;)

      Interesting that they had to play hard against Jacksonville, but no one is calling them crap like they did us…

  • Trent Taylor

    My thoughts exactly, Josh! And what the hell is Grant! Watch a game first Barnwell! Everyone wants to beat up on the Chiefs schedule. Yet they play most of the same teams as the Donks.

    • Andrew Kulha

      In defense of Grantland, it’s an ESPN run site headed up by Bill Simmons. As a writer, I find myself reading it every day, so they are expert. Their opinions may not be popular here, but they are respected in the sports community. Don’t worry guys, I wouldn’t out some random person’s thoughts out there.

      • Trent Taylor

        Thanks Andrew. I will check it out. I still say this dude hasn’t done anything but watch Sports center clips of the Chiefs.

    • Davé

      Grantland is pretty awesome. Barnwell however is just like every other idiot that has never played the game and as such doesn’t follow any team but the big ones. He obviously knows nothing about this team.

  • Clint Moran

    “Or anybody serious in the afc”, wtf? I don’t follow, nor do I have any idea who said this.

  • Horace Lee Madre Jr

    We’re playing the same teams the ponys are playing Bill and the haven’t beaten us or scored as many points either. Get off of the horses D:$!

  • Justin Jones

    lmao! no one has even heard of this guy or his .com! Are we actually gettin bagged on by a nobody??? lol this whole we cant beat anybody good crap is getting old. why doesnt anyone say that about denver. maybe the NFC looks so weak because they are getting beat up by a tough AFC west……. but that could never be right cause all the talking heads dont think the west is strong either. lmao!

    • Davé

      You probably don’t read much. Grantland is a pretty good read and well respected.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Expect the skepticism to continue until the Chiefs either beat the Broncos or someone else in the playoffs. I’m fine with the national pundits giving Reid something to motivate his team with in the meantime.

    • Michael Shaw

      I know, I know Stacy, but this continuous need for these twigits to keep riding east coast or Peyton’s member is getting way too hard to stomach!!!

  • jacati

    I say the road to the division title would actually go through Kansas City. Last time I looked we were sitting at the top of the AFC West.

  • Bryan

    I bookmark these links. It’ll be fun to see their authors eat crow.

  • Michael Shaw

    I need to go to this idiots site. The Denver Donkeys have played 1 team that we don’t play this year. Look at this…..

    Den 49 Bal 27—Only team the Chiefs have not and will not play this year.
    Den 41 NYG 23 KC 31 NYG 7
    Den 37 OAK 21 KC 24 OAK 7
    Den 52 PHI 20 KC 26 PHI 16
    Den 51 DAL 48 KC 17 DAL 16
    Den 35 JAC 19 KC 28 JAC 02

    Now who in their right freaking mind can say Denver is better than us???? They may score a ton of points on all of these teams, but they also allowed MORE POINTS than we did to ANY of those teams!!!! I hate morons like this. Bet he is from the freaking east coast, because we all know the only teams in the NFL that are any good are from the east coast right????????? Assholes!!!!!!

    • jacati


    • DXW

      You’re right if you only look at half the picture. The wrinkle in your theory is that Denver’s defense has been playing a lot of 2nd strings this year, and when the season started, everyone was expecting them to go 3-3 through these first 6 games thanks to Von Miller’s suspension. Now that he’s back, things should look a lot different.

      Denver’s defense is built on a vicious pass rush that doesn’t give the QB time to find an open receiver, and on stopping the run. They’ve been great at stopping the run this year, but without Von Miller, there’s been almost no pass rush, so the corners have had to cover receivers longer than they’re able, and that’s why they’ve been getting lit up and relying on the offense to bail them out. With Von Miller back, working across from Sean Phillips… it’s going to be a different offense. They might not shut down offenses with their secondary, but the days of giving up 500 yards to above average QB’s like Romo are over. Miller is a game changer all on his own.

      As far as how anyone can say Denver is better than the Chiefs… I think it has to do with the new Defense that’s coming together starting this week, and the fact that Denver has the greatest offense in the history of the NFL through the first 6 games, while KC’s offense is mediocre on their best days. The Chiefs will struggle to put up 28 points on Denver’s defense without Von Miller. With him chasing Alex Smith, it’ll be impossible. Meanwhile, Denver’s offense will put up over 40 points on KC’s defense without much difficulty. They’re just too good, and KC won’t be able to cover all the weapons.

      Personally, I think SD is a much scarier team than the Chiefs.

      • PunjabiPete

        Thank you for your completely unbiased opinion. /sarcasm

      • kcpauly

        aren’t you getting tired of stroking off Von Miller? But when he is the only guy on your defense that is any good I guess he’s really the only one you can stroke off, keep your stupid little cocky attitude running and we will see and when the Chiefs plant the forehead into the Denver turf for the 12th time and your little pey pey gets carted off, then you will really only have Miller’s member in your mouth you ignorant little pony.
        Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bruce Hurford

        did you happen to see the Raiders/Chargers game?

      • Davé

        Personally I think you are an idiot. The Chiefs defense has all the ability in the world to hold Denver below 24 points, the Chiefs match up better than any team in the league. If you deny that you know absolutely nothing about the rest of the division let alone the NFL. Second your defense gave up 48 points to Dallas and 19 to Jacksonville. You know what those two teams scored on the Chiefs??? 17 and ZERO. And you think Von Miller is going to come back and be as fierce as he was before? Everyone forgets this will be POST STERIODS Von Miller lining up without the help of Dumerville. Denver of course is the hardest match up the Chiefs will see but to think the Chiefs are going to do anything less than play a competitive game is to be a no-nothing homer. But just like all bandwagon fans you only pay attention to offense which would explain your stupid reasoning that SD is scarier. The same team that lost to the Raiders who’s extremely mobile QB was sacked ten times by the Chiefs and intercepted three times. Get off our site, we are all getting dumber reading your bandwagon crap.

      • Michael Shaw

        “You’re right if you only look at half the picture. The wrinkle in your
        theory is that Denver’s defense has been playing a lot of 2nd strings
        this year, and when the season started, everyone was expecting them to
        go 3-3 through these first 6 games thanks to Von Miller’s suspension.
        Now that he’s back, things should look a lot different.”

        DXW, first of all, are you a Denver fan? I only ask because you completely missed what I was saying. Yes I know that Denver’s defense is minus Von Miller. I also believe since the dumbass got into trouble while ON SUSPENSION, he should have his suspension extended. Of course the talking head like Roger Goodell knows that would be, to use a term from the WWE, “bad for business”. I digress. The point I was making is that Denver has played 5 of the same teams that the Chiefs have. Even if our team is only averaging 17-24 points per game, they are only giving up 9.6 per game in the games we played the same teams as the great Denver Donkeys, who, by comparison are giving up over 26 points per game and that isn’t including the Ravens game which pushes that total to almost 30 points per game. When your defense give up that many points you better HOPE your offense can score 40 plus points a game. Your an idiot because you obviously have never seen any of my posts. I have said that we would lose 2-3 games by now and I have been wrong, SO your theory that I see things in red and gold covered glasses is DEAD WRONG, MORON. I have watched every game and I KNOW that we are in trouble if this offense doesn’t get it’s head out of it’s ass. I believe that offense wins games and defense wins championships is still true to this day. So who has the #1 defense in the league today??? OUR CHIEFS!!! Yes Andy Reid has to do something with the offense for this team to win in the playoffs and get to and win the super bowl. Your assumption that San Diego and the Donkey’s can beat us on both games is unfounded SOLELY based on the number is ludicrous at best. Will we sweep them, ABSOLUTELY not. There is no reason to think this team cannot at least split with both of them. I actually think we can sweep the Chargers based the the three games they have lost. What was the common denominator in those three losses by the Bolts??? QB pressure. Who is better this year at putting pressure on the QB?!!!! THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS!!! This defense is scary good. Barring injuries, they will likely be able to help propel this team to 12-14 wins this year. All the offense has to do is what they have been doing the WHOLE DAMN YEAR, I.E. 6 GAMES………………….manage the game, by not turning the ball over and making the long drive when it is needed the most. Are they as explosive as Denver….NO, they simply don’t need to be with this defense. Will the Donkey’s be better on Defense with Von Miller back….maybe. It depends on how well he has kept in shape during this lull in playing games. The guy was actually arrested while on suspension, so I really don’t really think he deserves to coming back yet. He will need a couple of weeks to get back into playing form, which means the guy will be hitting his stride right about the time the Chiefs go to Denver. I for one would have it NO OTHER WAY!!! I want their best. If we beat them or hold them under 35 in a loss, then we KNOW what we need to do when they get to the LOUDEST STADIUM IN GUINNESS HISTORY!!!!!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!

      • Michael Shaw

        “Personally, I think SD is a much scarier team than the Chiefs.” Your right, there is NO WAY the Chiefs do worse to the Chargers than the Raiders did when THEY beat them. Wait, no…………your still a Donkey loving MORON!!!

      • Michael Shaw

        “Denver’s defense is built on a vicious pass rush that doesn’t give the
        QB time to find an open receiver, and on stopping the run.”
        Yet that daunted defense gave up 19 points to a team that only scored 2 against the Chiefs, 48 to a team that only scored 16 against the Chiefs etc, etc, etc….look at the scores again. We played the same damn teams and yet those teams scored MORE against the Donkeys than they did us, but you are right they are a better defense. Again, you are proving my theory that you are a complete football moron!!!

      • superman_25_58

        You’re an idiot!

  • Michael Shaw

    Anyone notice how Bill’s site has NO comments section?? HMMMMMM!! Could that mean he isn’t up to his posts being scrutinized about how much of an idiot he is????????

    • Rich Cooper

      Didn’t find much in the way qualifications either. Just saying it might be nice to know if Bill has any. For all we know “Bill” could be a 12 year old soccer fan from Uruguay.

  • Michael Shaw

    Hey Andrew, can you fix my post with the score comparison’s? I tried putting more separation between them but it just mashes them together. Thank you sir!!!

  • chris

    Poor mans 2011 49ers… the chiefs are on pace to brake a 29 year old record for team sacks in a season and I personally think the chiefs offense is better than the 2011 49ers especially when they get fasano back this week. Here a question, who else was above. 500 in the nfc west in 2011? There are 2 undefeated teams in or division and one at. 500 (who just beat the 3rd second seed in the afc if the playoffs started today) half way through this season. So go suck a dick billy!

  • Rich Cooper

    Bill Barnwell is a blogger. What a joke. Thats one of the many problems of todays digital online world. Any moron can broadcast his or her inane opinion and some are concidered true or an informed opinion. I have an opinion about Bill and his opinion too, but I’m going to hold my tongue. T. Dungy voiced his opinion. I choose his over old Bill’s. At least we know who he is and know his credentials. I would like to point out that our Chiefs have allowed 48 points to the Chiefs/Donkeys common opponents. Denver allowed that to Romos Cowboys. Also Baltimore is not the same team this year as last. Just as the 2013 Chiefs are not the same team as last year.

  • LeVar Hill

    Can’t wait until the froncos game. Were gonna open some eyes. Watch and see

  • Patrick Robbins

    A) I’m mad about the point except for the fact that if the season stopped today, the Chiefs would be the top overall seed, so save the bullshit until Denver beats someone.

    B) Look at Superbowl history and tell me that a team who has an outstanding defense , strong running game, and a QB who doesn’t turn the ball over has a competitive , if the strongest case to win it all.

    NEXT hater please. 6-0

  • overscored

    The Chiefs have played weak teams, but they’ve also shown they have a top 3 defense, one of the best all-around RBs in the game right now, and a passing game that still shows the potential to be damn good instead of just “stingy.”

    The only AFC team I think the Chiefs will have an issue beating is the Broncos in Denver. By far the toughest game besides Denver will be @SD.

    I’d say Indy will be tough (it still will be), but I’ll take the Chiefs 10 times out of 10 at Arrowhead right now.

  • nicko333

    They said the same thing about the 1999 Rams. Granted their offense was their strength, but no one gave them a chance b/c of their schedule that year.

  • Davé

    Bill is a fat loser. Like a lot of journalists and media personalities he probably knows little of the Chiefs. I bet he would not know players on our team if asked. Anyone with a brain knows that KC could beat any team in the league. Anyway I know that Denver is elite but who the hell else in the AFC is??? What a joke.

    • Justin Jones

      didnt u just post on my comment how awsome he and is blog site is??? make up ur mind bud!..

      • Davé

        No I just said that Grantland is serious business and overall what they post is a good read. That said nobody knows anything about the Chiefs including them because nobody takes the time to actually watch a chiefs game or analyze our play. If they did they would realize its not a cush schedule that has us winning, its a terrific defense capable of shutting down any offense including that of Peyton (sick of hearing his name) Manning.

  • Bo Vandy

    Until the offense looks better, you can’t really blame Barnwell for saying this. Considering we were 2-14 last year, I’ll take a playoff exit. Andy Reid is building. We aren’t going to the Super Bowl this year. I think with a better QB, that championship might not be far off.

    • Davé

      You are not giving our Defense enough credit. The only team I see being a really tough challenge is Denver. There is not a team in the AFC that I think has any more chance of beating us as we do them.

  • ArrowFan

    Denver currently owns the easiest schedule in the NFL, not the Chiefs. I can’t wait to see our team play them.

  • DXW

    Pretty obvious stuff to anyone who isn’t viewing the Chiefs through red and gold tinted glasses. The chiefs will be lucky to get past SD much less Denver.

    • Davé

      Yea because we have to get past San Deigo for some reason on our way to a super bowl…..what is your IQ..30? Idiot.

      • DXW

        You’re the one that seems confused about who is in your division, dumb ass. You DO have to get past SD if you want to make the playoffs, especially since you can count on losing twice to Denver.

        Seriously, take your uncle’s cock out of your mouth long enough to post something intelligent, or don’t bother.

        • PunjabiPete

          SO you go to a Chiefs site and post about how you’d love to give Manning and Von Miller a good working over and then get your tender sensibilities bruised when someone calls you on it? And then have the gall to say we are viewing the Chiefs through red and gold tinted glasses while waxing poetic about Denver? Seems par for the course for a Donk fan, carry on…

        • Davé

          Oh did I hurt your pansy feelings??? We can lose to Denver twice, San Diego Twice and still make the playoffs as a wild card, not that it is even possible to lose all four of those games. Look at the schedule idiot and do a little math. So nothing about a run through the playoffs involves “getting past” San Diego. Who by the way is a 3-3 team that consistently under performs (IE lost to Raiders in hilarious fashion). Go troll somewhere else moron.

          • DXW

            Ok, I see why you’re confused. You think the way a team plays in the first few games is how they play all year. You think SD is going to be the same when KC plays them as they were when they played the Raiders. Interesting. That explains a lot, like why you think the Chiefs are going to be able to keep squeaking by cupcake teams and make it to the playoffs. You obviously didn’t watch the SD/Colts game. If you did, you would’ve seen a much different team than the one that lost to the Raiders.

            Don’t get me wrong, SD doesn’t have the backbone to win tough games. They fold the second things get tough, but they still have a much better offense than the Chiefs, and a far more innovative coach.

            I bet you’re getting ready to throw some Andy Reid stats at me… You can stop. I’m well aware of his accomplishments, and if this was 2003 they would mean something. Unfortunately the NFL has moved on, and it’s only a matter of time until he is exposed and all you ladies will be screaming for his head… Another season lost. Typical.

            Here’s what you have to look forward to… If the Chiefs don’t find a way to sit on their own balls, I can see them beating the raiders again and lose twice to both SD and Denver. They’ll also lose to the Colts. In the end, they’ll finish at 11-5 and lose in the wildcard round of the playoffs, but it’s better than what they normally do, right?

            Denver, of course, will sweep the west… again.

            Make sure you pay attention to Von Miller this weekend. It’ll be like watching DT again, except on a much better team.

          • Davé

            Yea in your scenario the Chiefs make the playoffs losing to San Diego. So you concede there is no “getting past San Diego” scenario that will lead to getting in or out of the playoff race.

            And how dare you compare that steroid abusing liar to the late great hall of fame inductee Derrick Thomas.

          • DXW

            Since when does pot = steroids?

          • Davé

            I was assuming its steroids because the idiot when so far as to try and cheat the test. Only a homer (see: You) would say he was avoiding a positive test for smoking weed. He actually was suspended six games for cheating, not showing positive test results for anything…..of course you don’t know that because you area homer that doesn’t follow anything for real.

          • DXW

            Ah… it was a bit of a struggle getting through all your spelling mistakes, but I think I see what you’re babbling about. And you’re not totally wrong. VM is a bit of an idiot, but he’s still an idiot that is going to greatly improve the Broncos D. And feel free to call me names for not drinking the chiefs kool-aid after six games against soft teams, I don’t mind. Being right is enough of a satisfaction to me… BTW, do you know who else won six games in a row not too long ago?


            Congratulations on the Chiefs hitting that high mark… ha ha.

            Aw, just kidding. I realize this “win streak” is rarified air for the Chiefs and that you’re all giddy with excitement about being mentioned along side real NFL teams for once, despite that little voice in the back of your pea-sized brain telling you KC might not be as good as you want them to be. You already admitted that the idea of facing Denver worries you, and it should. The fact you recognize how difficult it’ll be for this vastly overrated Chiefs team to beat Denver shows that there’s a part of you that is actually still in touch with reality, which is more than I can say for idiots like KCMike.

            The truth is, even I think KC could possibly pull off the upset against Denver. Of course, they’d have to play an absolutely flawless game. No drops, no turnovers, etc… and they’d have to score every time they had the ball… And Manning would have to have an off day… Maybe come down with the flu… You never know.

            See, Dave, there’s a middle ground between us somewhere.

            Good luck with Houston this weekend. If I were you I’d stop worrying about Denver and start hoping the Texans don’t pick this weekend to pull out of their slump. JJ Watt is no Von Miller, but he should still knock Alex Smith on his ass a few times in that game.

          • Davé

            I could care less about a winning streak, I just know the truth. Seeing as how Denver gave up 48 to Dallas and 19 to the Jaguars, I don’t see any problem with the Chiefs putting up 30 even with Vonn MIller matched up against Brandon Albert. Our Defense will hold Manning to a season low scoring effort I suspect somewhere in the 20s. Do I think we win? No. Do I think it possible? Absolutely. Not that I Care much your team has the best QB in the history of the NFL and we are one season off a 2-14 record. Seeing as how I have never seen you posting on our site before this season I will point to the obvious : you are a homer bandwagon moron.

          • superman_25_58

            You are talking shit about the Chiefs playing these weak ass teams but yet cumming over your offense scoring against these same weak ass teams with mediocre Defenses…………….. wait til Denver plays a good D like the Chiefs D!

          • superman_25_58

            I’m pretty sure he has been in trouble for using PED’s before if I remember right

          • DXW

            I’m pretty sure you’re thinking about DT using steroids back in the day. There are a lot of similarities with the two, so it’s easy to get them confused.

            These days, if you get caught using PED’s you’re in a lot more trouble than back when DT was on them. VM got caught smoking pot his rookie year, and this was his second offense. The reason the suspension got bumped up two more games was because the idiot tried to cheat the test. If he gets caught again, he’s out for a year, which is about the only way the guy can be stopped.

        • Chris Tarrants

          Are you speaking of such perversions from personal experiences? It was a little too descriptive to be random

    • tm1946

      Funny stuff. Guess we will see but….but you are wrong. Funny, funny stuff.

  • Tony Harris

    This is a good thing for the Chiefs. If everyone completely bought into them already then they would have less to motivate them. This guy may be a nobody but there are more out there like him who think we are mediocre at best. I cannot wait to go into Denver a major underdog and punch the Broncos right in the mouth.

  • Nathan Bramwell

    For everyone knocking Bill Barnwell, you should know he picked the Chiefs to go to the playoffs before the season started. So maybe do your research before knocking a guy that liked the Chiefs more than most of us did before their incredible start.

  • sidibeke

    With all due respect, Nathan (comment below), I think what Barnwell thought of the Chiefs before the season is irrelevant. The bottom line is that he makes a very strong statement without backing it up. Few turnovers, stifling defense, incredible pass rush and great field position and then that they have no chance to beat Denver. That just doesn’t jibe. Throwing in the “anyone serious” makes his comment even more absurd. It implies KC isn’t serious (how can the aforementioned formula NOT be serious…worked for the Ravens, Bears and plenty of other teams historically). It also creates this mysterious list of serious teams. New England? Miami? Pitt? Bal? Cincy? Who, exactly, is serious in the AFC and thus so much better than KC. I don’t see it.

    I’m all for dissenting opinion when its reasoned. I don’t see the reason here.

  • Phillip Maxwell

    Strictly my opinion…we have THEE (hot shot) defense that is championship caliber, they are the real deal but, while they can slow the high flying offense of Denver’s down, we all know they can’t stop them from scoring points. Our offense will have to answer back and quite frankly that worries me.

  • chiefin’ainteasy

    One thing people never seem to mention when a team is running through an easy schedule is that that proves they aren’t bad and that they are the very least middle of the pack. Add in that the Chiefs have already beat a team that will be in the playoffs(Dal most likely will win the East, maybe Phi and also Tenn has a legit shot of being the 6th team in the AFC) and even though the score doesn’t always show it, controlled really every game except Tennessee. So the fact that they are 6-0 playing against anyone, controlling every game, not making mistakes and oh yeah, their defense is giving up the least points per game, tells me that no matter who they play, they will make it competitive.

  • Stan

    They said the same thing when the 9ers and Alex played the almighty Saints. Smith won the game and not the glorified defense. Smith did it against the 5 and 0 Lions in Detroit also. Smith is a clutch QB and a winner. I’ve been a Smith fan since 2005. He’s the real deal.

  • Larry Devore

    well mr barnwell, donkeys haven’t beaten anyone serious either. It’s amazing that these pundits don’t say the same about the Bronco’s schedule. they haven’t beaten anyone either. Still I believe in KC. Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!

    • sidibeke

      Because offense gets attention, but we Chiefs fans no that even with the best offense, you need a D that can make a stop (e.g., the last time the Chiefs were undefeated this long into a season). I can’t wait to see the pressure we bring against Peyton.

  • DTVTechGuy

    Or anybody serious in the AFC…. Whoever signs Bill Barnwell’s pay checks should smack that ignorant f*** into next week.

  • Pessimisticchiefsfan

    Let’s be honest…. He’s right

  • Deaudrey Dre-Mac MacDonald

    Honestly who said ball control offense and great defense was a bad thing? Last time i checked a few teams won a Superbowl with that same formula…just saying

    • Battlespeed

      Exactly. There’s a closer relationship between crushing defenses and SB wins than there is between gaudy offenses and SB wins. Mr. Barnwell is talking through his hat.

  • DoubleD

    Seems to me that some folks are completely overlooking the fact that the Broncos are currently facing their first real test of the season, on the road, at Lucas Oil Stadium. Think that game doesn’t have a lot of significance for both teams? A few weeks later, the Broncos go to Foxboro, and in the next to last game of the season, they’ve got another road test in Houston. The point being here, to win your division, you have to end up with the best record in your division, as opposed to the best record against division opponents (just ask any Raiders fan how well that worked out for them). The Broncos by no means have a clear shot at going 16-0. I do not realistically expect the Chiefs to beat the Broncos on the road (although I’ll be celebrating big time if they do) but I do not think it is any way unreasonable to believe the Chiefs have an excellent chance to take down the Broncos in Arrowhead.

    All this bluster and homerish predictions are silly. I prefer to assess the significance of a Chiefs/Broncos match up when the time comes. If the Broncos stumble along the way, if Manning gets hurt beforehand, the importance of these games falls way off.

  • Larry Devore

    someone else who thinks he knows all., some hack I guess


    Did we not see that you have the Broncos as undefeated? Huh. Pretty sure that they lost to the Colts. Get it right!!!!


    This is a no win for the Broncos. If our Chiefs win, it is “Manning was hurt”. If the Chiefs lose, and the game is close, then that makes the game in KC just that much bigger. In any case, this is the biggest game in the NFL this year.