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Tony Gonzalez: Latest Update On Former Chiefs' Tight End


Tony Gonzalez is the greatest tight end of all time. After many pro-bowl seasons with the Chiefs, with no playoff wins or super bowl rings in sight, the Chiefs dealt Tony Gonzalez to Atlanta in 2008 for a second round pick. Last season saw Tony Gonzalez record his first ever post season win. Addicts, you guys know that Tony left to seek a super bowl. He hasn’t gotten it yet. The Chiefs are hurt and need another option for Smith to throw too. News has been circling around a trade back for Tony Gonzalez. I’ve found some interesting news about this.

The first actually showed up on Writer Jeffri Chadiha wrote an article saying that the Chiefs absolutely need to get Tony Gonzalez. Chadiha summed up in his article that because the Chiefs are so injured at the tight end position, and because Dwayne Bowe isn’t getting any separation, and because of Alex Smith’s style of quarterback play, Tony G would be a great add on for the Chiefs. I agree, but at what price? If I were Chiefs’ General Manager John Dorsey and I had the opportunity I wouldn’t give up anything higher than a 5th for him. Sean McGrath has been playing well and we already will be losing out on a second round pick in 2014 because of the trade for Alex Smith.

Walter Cheripinsky, founder of wrote an interesting section on a bunch of trades that could happen before the deadline, including a trade for Tony Gonzalez. A fourth round pick would be pushing it, but I probably would not be against it. Rookie tight end Travis Kelce will be back next year to play for the Chiefs and Anthony Fasano will be back again this season.

The fact of the matter is whether John Dorsey feels like playing the waiting game. However, from what I have heard, Atlanta is not interested in trading Tony Gonzalez.’s Chris Wesseling reports here that Tony Gonzalez has no interest in being traded back to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Falcons may have gotten bit by the injury bug, and while their season looks kind of grim, they aren’t done yet and Gonzalez doesn’t seem to think so either.

My opinion is that if the Chiefs have the opportunity to trade for Tony G they should take it if it is the right price. They could really use some help and with Smith’s style of play Gonzalez would fit right in and have another shot at a super bowl.

What do you think Addicts? Do you want to see Tony G back in a Chiefs uniform?

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  • Trent Taylor

    Take it if it presents itself.

  • Texas Chief

    No to Tony. This is kind of like going to look at a new car with no down payment and bad credit. It’s not going to happen. Move on. Leave it out of the news. Thanks.

    • Patrick Allen

      But it is part of the news. And not just on this site. There are plenty of experts out there that think the move makes sense. Just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth talking about at all.

      • Texas Chief

        It’s media BS. Just happens to be sports related. Tha Falcons and Tony have already said basically, “Not happening”. I read the first few articles about the story on the many sites. This one was a day or so after the RUMOR was put to rest. At the time this article was put out, it was old news. That was my point to move on.

  • KcNdaRock

    Would be cool to see him retire a chief but on a one day contract he asked to chase a ring and we let him. Should of went to the pats like B. waters. Plus him dunking on the goalpost rubbing it in our face last year as we lost Jidda was a bitter sight so destiny was written a long time ago if he comes back we could lose if he stays in atl we might win never know..

    • Davé

      He did not dunk on the goal post in bad fashion, he just didn’t know it would end up that way. He perceived we would welcome it, when really we would have preferred he did not. This isn’t about emotions anyway, this is about adding a superb red zone threat to our team. It is about providing the maximum amount of talent to the one position that Alex loves to throw to. We could get Bowe in better catching situations with this move too because everyone fears Tony.

      • KcNdaRock

        Hey man I totally agree with you on everything u said. Fasno is hopefully going to be in uniform this weekend and McGrath has shown that he belong in the nfl and is clutch in the end zone when targeted. I d ont think it would be a 5th round pick for one year. Oline has to step up even with gonzo so we wouldn’t have to waste talent by using our te to block.

  • Chris Tarrants

    It will happen! Maybe not to KC but he will get traded to a contending team in need of TE services for the year, be it KC or NE. Atlanta is hurting, their season is shot, and everybody is old. It’s time for them to restock and if fairy tales are real the Tony G. coming home and getting his Super Bowl ring with the Chiefs would be a happily ever after!

  • DTVTechGuy

    Just a horrible thing to think of Tony G in a Pats or Broncos uniform…. I would have a hard time…. Not sure we’ve got the formula this year for a SB win…. Would love to see 88 back….but who knows…

    • Bryan Staley

      If he signed with the Donkeys, I would disown him! Yes, it would be horrible to see him in a Pats uniform, but a division rival to the Chiefs would be devastating!
      I personally don’t see him getting traded but if he does, I would definitely give a 5th rounder up for him. I would love to see him back in a Chiefs uniform!

  • Davé

    Oh no did you say 5th rounder? Don’t let Stacey read this! To be honest I think a trade is still likely depending on Tony. By the trade deadline Atlanta will know they are either in or out of the playoff hunt, especially considering New Orleans. They are not likely to gain a wild card spot either knowing that they have to contend with Dallas, Seattle or San Fran, Chicago or Green Bay or Detroit for it. They are already behind the curve and with no running game, no Julio, a crappy o-line I just do not see them having any chance of making the playoffs. Perhaps Tony just doesn’t want to move and would rather ride out this season on a losing team. It certainly feels that way. He probably knows he could only chase a Superbowl in Denver or New Orleans and neither team would trade for him since they have the TE position figured out already. NE might make that trade but this is a team that let Welker…

  • Jason


  • Horace Lee Madre Jr

    Hmmm let’s see WE’RE 6 and 0 WITHOUT HIM! He’s good but unlucky. Let him stay where he is. Maybe we would have been better back then if he hadn’t turned his back on us. ATL can keep the snakebit.

    • Patrick Allen

      He didn’t “turn his back on us.” He took a job with another team.

      The fact of the matter is, the Chiefs have serious issues on offense. They have the potential to make a SB run. I, for one, wouldn’t mind having a pair of Hall of Fame hands roaming the middle of the field at Arrowhead.

  • tomflex

    Getting Tony to the Superbowl as a Chief would be the perfect irony for the perfect NFL history book. We need this to happen….It’s just dripping with destiny.

    • Patrick Allen

      It would be pretty dramatic, for sure.

  • paul pace

    Tony G is not coming back to KC! In fact, I don’t think we should want him back. He left KC because he didn’t want to be associated with a team that was losing and wanted to go to a team that had a chance to win the Super Bowl. Well, I guess he is still waiting because Atlanta is not going anywhere. Tony, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it! You are now with a team that resembles a team that you left several years ago. Now, KC is finally coming around to being a winner but you just didn’t have the patience to wait for it. What goes around comes around!!!

    • Patrick Allen

      Why do you resent a man for wanting to have success in his professional career. You sound like a bitter ex-girlfriend. We’re all adults here.

      Tony is a grown man who made a personal career decision that has absolutely nothing to do with you or me.

      • antony555

        Nobody resents Tony no not at all, but how many other players only left because the team wanted a draft choice are replaced them with a younger cheaper player, who’s to say he still would be here with the salary he would have demanded anyway..

      • Andy

        Besides, he could actually play his last season for the team he will represent in the Hall.

      • PunjabiPete

        My point exactly. Tony Gonzales left under good circumstances with a valid reason. Under the leadership we had in 2008 he had NO chance to win a Superbowl. It’s not “turning his back” on us. You do know in essence he is nothing more than a well paid gladiator? Who knows how many more years he had, or HAS in the tank? I don’t fault the man one bit for trying to follow his heart. I would have faulted him if he had stayed in KC and lapsed in production because he saw this was a dead end, though… and in 2008 that’s what all of us saw: a dead end here.

    • Stephen Jo

      Agreed. He saw the Titanic and hopped ship. Poor guy didn’t get his personal goals. Sorry, Tony:-/
      As fans, we stuck around and didn’t have the multi million dollar payouts to ease our pain……but we are still here. LOYALTY, buddy. I’m willing to let Fasano heal up until week 11 and McGrath will have more experience by then.
      As much as Tony would help our offense and I was getting sucked into the idea, go ahead and ride it out in Atlanta. Retire there, too, would be fine by me

    • Andy

      Tony G was the best or close to it before he left. He had already stayed through many losing seasons. He took the last few years to try to go to the playoffs. No one faulted him. I think we got Charles for him. I would welcome him back. Smith absolutely needs a good TE. Our offense is struggling without a top tier TE.

    • Andy

      What goes around comes around? Really. This team (coaches included) does in no way resemble what Tony had when he left. We were old with no end in site, no proven GM or head coache or QB, a desending team!!!. How many 2-4 win seasons did we have without him? He saw the ownership and GM’s lack of commitment to winning. Tony wanted to win, not spin his wheels. We are a good team, but not as good as our record, but an assending team, year ONE in the current head coach and GM’s rebuilding process. Not putting down our team, but there are only a few teams this year that scare folks, fewer than years past.

  • Jim Harper

    This should not even be a story. Gonzales is a man a character. He was already going to retire and the Falcons begged him to come back for one more try. It appeared to be a good opportunity for him to get to the Super Bowl that he barely missed last year. Lots of things have happened that will make that very difficult, but Tony is not the kind of man to go back on his word. This will NEVER happen. Move on people!

  • Larry Devore

    he!! no on Gonzalez. Besides how long would he play.

  • Troy Utt

    While this is as suspected… a media story that grew legs, I would not scoff at the sight of TG back in the confines of our beloved Arrowhead! I know there are pro-cons on either side, (losing a late round pick) but that would seem irrelevent should our Chiefs actually make the run we all anticipate. I would think by the time the trade deadline rolls around we would know for sure or at least have a better idea where we stand not only with our TE Corp for the balance of the season, but our team for the season & a playoff run. So here’s to nothin’… & a hypothetical how soon can Hemmingway get out of the #88 jersey??!!! LOL

    I for one am just happy with where our Chiefs are at as a TEAM!
    It sounds as though Fasano will soon be back on the field & I believe that alone will be huge for Smith & the offense. Combined with “The Beard” IMO, our TE group will help open the play-book for the passing game down-field, & alleviate the pressure off JC. No matter how you spin it, our boys are having a great season, despite the lack of recognition from the talking heads or nay-sayers amongst the haters! (you know who!)
    Here’s to downing the Texans, winning out thru our bye, & walking into Denver 9-0… I’m ready to take some respect back from the Donkeys! WAR CHIEFS!!!

  • oldchiefsfan

    It won’t happen. He has said he doesn’t want to be traded. Besides do we even have the money under the salary cap to get him if he did? Everybody involved has said it won’t happen. Let’s concentrate on what we have and not some pie in the sky pipe dream.

    • Patrick Allen

      The Chiefs could afford Tony because the Falcons will have already paid half his salary for the year.

  • tm1946

    ATL has no offense without TG, every receiver is hurt from one degree or another. Tony has said he wants to finish with Atl. With the Chiefs #2 already gone, we seem to be going into next year short already. Unless he is free, no chance.

    Besides if Bowe does not start producing soon, we need WRs. Also if Charles need a rest for more than one play, our other RBs do not play.

    Guess we will need Reid/Dorsey to work the same magic they used to get our defense to play lights out.

  • Michael Shaw

    I cannot believe the hateful comments for likely the greatest player to wear a Chiefs uniform since Len Dawson!!! So he asked to be traded when the team was sucking horribly! SO WHAT?! He is a PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE!! Why wouldn’t he want to be on a team that should have won at least two SB’s since he has been there? The Super Bowl is the ultimate goal of EVERY player in the NFL. If you don’t understand that then you need to stop watching football. These guys aren’t likely there just for the money and our viewing pleasure! They want to be elite and the only way you get considered elite is if you win one of those rings!! Did I hate the trade? Yes. He was my favorite player next to Derrick Thomas. When he dunked the ball over the goal-post my thought was shit he scored a TD on us. In NO WAY was that meant by him as a slap in the face to Chiefs fans. The man has NEVER had a bad thing to say about the City, The Team or the Fans. It amazes me that people cannot seem to understand the motivation for him asking for the trade. It wasn’t because he WANTED to leave. He left because the morons we had in control at the time weren’t doing anything good to get him and the rest of the team a Super Bowl appearance, much less a SB win. How many people reading this site and commenting wouldn’t change companies in a heartbeat if it meant they could get a higher paying position or more positional authority????? Look at our own Patrick Allen. Are some of you going to chastise him now since he isn’t the main author on this site anymore. It is the same situation with Tony. He wanted to be the best and unfortunately all the stats in the world won’t make up for not winning a SB. If you don’t believe me ask Dan Marino or Ladanian Tomlinson or if he was still alive Derrick Thomas!!!

    I doubt a trade happens, but if it did I wouldn’t care what they gave up for him as long as it was a later round pick than we got for trading him away. He elevates the passing game on this team 110% and anyone that doesn’t believe that needs to study the West Coast Offense a lot better. The TE position is one of the most important positions on this offense and most of our best one’s are hurt.

    • antony555

      That’s a matter of opinion, you don’t have to win a Superbowl to be a legend in the NFL, the guy will be in the HOF,his bust for all time because he played the majority of his career on a team with a losing record, but its a job where he was able to take care of himself and finally his family. I wish him the best of luck having provided us the fans of the Chiefs years of excitement on so many Sunday afternoons. Kind of hope he does go into the hall as a Chief and that one day contract occurs..

    • JD

      I loved watching Tony G when he played for us, now I couldn’t care the least about Tony G. You can talk about money, a chance to win a Super Bowl or anything else you want to talk about, me I talk about loyalty, is Tony any worse than most players in the NFL nowadays; No! That still doesn’t mean a thing to me, you see I believe in being loyal no matter the cost to oneself, that is one of the problems in todays world not just the NFL, everything is about money or what’s in it for me, not much loyalty unless it is bought. Tony well he is no worse or better than most out there but there are some on the Chiefs team that even restructured their contracts, gave up something to try to be better and to be a Chief. They deserve these wins not Tony, he cut and ran doesn’t matter the reason. Whether we win every game or lose every game I will be a Chiefs fan, does not matter (though I have to admit their winning is a lot more fun), Tony he is not a Chief any more, and if he came back to reap the benefits (If they make it to a SB) he still would not be a Chief, those that have played these first six games, that went through the shame of last year, that hurt inside when a friend killed himself and his girlfriend leaving a child w/o parents, that bled together and became brothers and are playing not just for the money right now (because you don’t play with the heart the Chiefs are playing with if it is all about the money) THESE MEN know something about loyalty to each other, although some will forget later on you can be certain and once again it will be about the money but RIGHT NOW what makes them great is they are FAMILY they are BROTHERS, and loyal to each other, they do not need someone coming in just so he can win a SB. He is NO LONGER FAMILY and for sure he is no brother!

  • Stephen Jo

    Ummmm, no. He shouldve never dunked the goal post. Sorry

  • Stephen Jo

    And yes, Tony said he didn’t wanna be traded. To save face. Behind the scenes, Agent Tom C. Is surely brokering a deal in the shadows

  • ArrowFan

    No higher than a sixth. As much as I would love to see Tony G back in a Chiefs uniform. It isn’t going to happen. Anything higher than a six round would be a mistake for a half of a season long term. If the trade netted us a SB win then a first round would be worth it but there is no way of knowing anything over a six isn’t worth the gamble.

  • antony555

    The man’s first choice was going to NewYork and playing with Eli, when that fell through he opted to go to ATL because he thought they had a chance, he was a great tight end in KC and our coaches made him the player he once was, but the dude wanted out so he left and doesn’t want to come back end of story..

  • Andy

    Has anyone seen Tony play this year?? He is still a beast.
    He did not cry to leave, he requested and we let him go. Tony would have played his heart out no matter where he commited to play. He is a professional.

  • cyberry

    I wouldn’t trade a draft pick for 10 games..for any player.. Marcus Cooper was a 7th rd draft (for San Fran)..looks to play a Major Roll in the Chiefs future.. don’t just throw them away.

  • michael mckee

    The pissed off ex wives on here are hilarious guy even said HELL NO haha.tony g is the best option to fill a glaring many catches did mcgrath have last week??I love dude but hes a scrub compared to tony g.quit acting like ex girlfriends ladies and see the big picture that 90% our chiefs nation will go crazy and the offense will hit stride.passing game cant get any worse right now.its all win/win get on board haters and hope tony comes home…loyalty my a**

    • Battlespeed

      Okay, not bad for a first effort. Now try it again without the insults.

  • michael mckee

    BThe chiefs are not superbowl ready.this team NEEDS tony baaaad..otherwise,itll be 97 all over again…on another note,tony owed NOBODY any loyalty.if he would’ve got hurt pioli would’ve cut his ass,and why would tony be loyal to turncoat fans that act like the negative responders on this thread?for the fans in fantasy land,the nfl is a business first,ajob that an athlete performs…this wasn’t about loyalty,it was about wanting success in your job and going to another company cuz the one you work for has horrible new bosses running your beloved company into ruin..tony g will be coming back later today,swallow it and

  • michael mckee

    Enjoy it scorned ex spouses…