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Chiefs vs. Raiders Recap: Earning Their Arrowheads

Few things are better in sports than beating your rival in front of the home crowd, and that’s exactly what Kansas City was able to do on Sunday against the visiting Oakland Raiders.

To make things sweeter though, the Chiefs’ big win propelled them to 6-0 on the season, and Kansas City is without a doubt one of the best teams in the NFL.

It wasn’t pretty at times, but the Chiefs were able to get it done with a swarming defense, a terrific running game, and of course, great special teams.

If you’re noticing those three things to be a trend this season, you have noticed right. That’s  how Kansas City has won games so far this year, and if the Chiefs continue to win games, the running game, defense and special teams will be the reasons why.

Per tradition, here are the three Arrowheads from yesterday’s game.


Arrowhead No. 3: Anthony Sherman, FB

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Anthony Sherman is not going to put up many, if any, stats during the course of any given game, but he’s arguably one of the most important players on the team. Simply put, without Sherman leading the way, the Chiefs’ running game would not be half as good as it has been in 2013.

Sherman made some terrific lead blocks Sunday against the Raiders, and he did a great job of blocking at the second level and walling off defenders—creating space for our second Arrowhead recipient to work with.


Arrowhead No. 2: Jamaal Charles, RB

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Jamaal Charles is one of the best running backs in the NFL, and right now, he’s probably the Chiefs best and most consistent player. Charles didn’t put up monster numbers against the Raiders, but he punched in two very important touchdowns and kept the chains moving throughout the game.

Per usual, he also played a huge role in the passing game, catching five passes for 50 yards.


Arrowhead No. 1a: Tamba Hali, OLB

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Tamba Hali must have missed breakfast Sunday morning, because he played hungry vs. the Raiders. Hali notched 3.5 sacks and four total tackles. He was flying around out there for the defense, and even when he wasn’t bringing down the quarterback, his pressure allowed other defenders to make plays. Hali looked like a monster Sunday afternoon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Terrelle Pryor will see him in his nightmares for weeks to come.


Arrowhead No. 1b: The Fans

Arrowhead was loud Sunday afternoon, and that’s an understatement. You, the fan aka the Addict, showed up and cheered with all that you had. Believe me, the Raiders took notice, and the noise definitely threw them off their game. Oakland committed 11 penalties, many were false starts.

At the end of the day though, the world took notice. Congratulations, Addicts. Arrowhead Stadium is now officially the loudest stadium in the world.

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  • chiefs7474

    Also worthy:
    -Hussain Abdullah with that HUGE pick 6
    -Marcus Cooper stepping up with Brandon Flowers out (side note: can we just take a moment to mention that this guy is REALLY good? I think in a few years from now, there will be talks about how he’s the best CB in the league, he’s JUST THAT GOOD!)
    -Quentin Demps, yet ANOTHER guy in our secondary who has stepped up, taking away an INT in each of the last three games
    -John Dorsey for finding and bringing in ALL 3 of the aforementioned players! 1,000,000x better than Pioli!

  • tm1946

    Several players stepped up from guys on the roster to players on the field. New fan favorite is Cooper, any QB thinking he is the weak link is looking to throw a int.

    6-0 is so far above expectation, fans cannot get the smile off their faces. Impossible to think “Chief’s” and frown at the same time.

    Great article, wonder if they issued helmets to Jenkins, Grey, or Knile to put their arrowheads on… in are these guys more than roster fillers? Maybe double arrowheads for Charles as his backups are not all that much.

    • toperspective

      Yes, this years draft is looking pretty useless so far with Knile, Fisher and Kelce. But they are 6-0 and the defense is lights out so all is right with the world.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Can’t win ‘em all. This Jenkins experiment has been an absolute bust thus far. Hell, Baldwin would probably be a bigger contributor in this offense. They haven’t really given Davis a chance to prove himself. We simply aren’t running the ball enough for him to get the reps.

  • tomflex

    Chiefs defense as a whole gets one big arrowhead. In the fourth quarter they had to keep running back out after 3 and outs by the offense and their own turnover recoveries. Amazingly they seemed as fresh as they did at the start of the game. Incredible energy I haven’t seen in a long time. The wall they used to hit late in games is nowhere to be found…..Arrowhead magic is back.

  • Danny W

    Best defensive performance I’ve ever seen in a football game anywhere.

    • Bruce Hurford

      We are looking more and more like the Ravens of early 2000′s fame. I’ll take that, and a Superbowl win.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    A case can be made for Demps, Abdullah, and Cooper were all worthy as well.

    • Danny W

      You think Flowers needs to play slot when he gets back?

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I still want a healthy Flowers matched up on teams’ No. 1 WR, but having Cooper gives you options.

        • Michael Shaw

          My only question for that Stacy is who is the faster player? I ask that because if Cooper is the faster player, then I want HIM on guys like Bebe, Decker, Moore, Gordon, Johnson, Hilton and whoever the Redskins have at WR as their #1. Let Berry take the TE’s and have Sean Smith and Flowers take the #2 and #3 WR’s out of the game. Sounds like a winning recipe to me!!!!

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Cooper’s faster, but it’s not like Flowers won’t face wideouts with wheels in the slot.

          • superman_25_58

            Flowers will but the slot WR will be running mostly short to medium routes (bc Peyton or any other QB doesn’t want to hold on to the ball very long) versus guarding them during long routes down the field and Flowers is pretty solid in all areas of his game IMO.

      • superman_25_58

        I believe this is how it might turn out to be when we play Denver since Cooper is bigger and can match up a lot better with Decker and Thomas, Cooper also seems faster than Flowers IMO. Flowers will play a Huge part in the Denver game trying to shut Welker down and Flowers is pretty much a shut down corner and he plays the run very well and isn’t afraid to come up and lay a hit which will be good and much needed in the slot against Denver IMO.

  • Justin R Groth

    I was there and yelled so much I felt like puking, my side’s were in pain my hands were numb from drumming the seat in front of me and my head was splitting—–TOTALLY WORTH IT. The record is back where it belongs… THE LOUDEST OUT DOOR STADIUM IN YHE WORLD AND THE HOME OF OUR KANSAS CITY UNDEFEATED CHIEFS. (Sorry for the all caps)

    • tm1946

      Price of winning, hope you have to throwup every sunday into 2014. LOL

  • Jarad

    Tamba is in beast mode so farvthis season!! And i have to say, Sean Smith is the biggest surprise so far. What a fa signing! I just really hope Reid can get more out of Alex Smith and the WRs. They’ve been more than disappointing so far. But 6-0 is no fluke!!! GO CHIEFS!

    • Michael Shaw

      Yeah, how does that go hash tag still waiting for bombs over baghdad!!!!!

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I think he’s gaining more trust in Bowe. He’s not going to be open by 2 or 3 yards all that often. He’s a guy you just have to throw it to and let him fight for it. He’ll win more than he loses. That Amukamara pick didn’t help though. Bowe let him seal him off on that play.

    • superman_25_58

      I don’t think it’s as much the WR fault as it is Smith not having faith in throwing down field in a small window along with being inaccurate down field …………… Ex….. missing Avery down field in which if it was thrown accurately Avery would of had 2 50+ yard TD’s this season…………. Just sayin

  • chris

    The combined opponents record for us is 11-25; however, our oopponents have lost 11 of those games to us and the Broncos so wo those games 11-14 which still isn’t good ut not as bad but at least 5 of those losses also came from one of our other opponents which if they would’ve won the other team obviously would have lost so 6 games shouldnt count so 5-8 with at least 3 of the losses coming to san Diego which I’d a pretty decent team. .. aren’t of schedule is

    • chris

      Stregnth of schedule is a pretty useless stat after the 3rd or 4th week

  • Tony Harris

    This truly is one of the best defenses as a whole I think I’ve ever seen. There is no glaring weakness on this D. Each player Is contributing and we have 4 back ups who could easily start on plenty other NFL teams. Cooper, Abdullah, Demps and Robinson are all so talented. Our pash rush is unreal. Hali and Houston are playing legendary football. If you are the Texans this week who do you focus on and double team? And if they pay too much attention to the OLB’s then Poe will make you pay. Plus Derrick Johnson and Akeem Jordan are not getting the credit they deserve. They consistantly get open field tackles and read routes perfectly. You can’t do anything but sit back and appluad this Defense.

    • Michael Shaw

      I agree, however we cannot keep giving up the big plays. Especially the TD’s. Not a complaint, just an observation.

      • Tony Harris

        Originally I was worried about the big play but then I realized that we only give up one a game.. and that’s the ONLY play any team can make on us. The defense has done terrific at adjusting and not allowing it to repeat itself. Think of Cruz, he got us on one play, then, for the rest of the game they got nowhere near the red zone. Same for Moore.. he got us on one drive and then the Raiders weren’t able to get anything going after that. If you look at Dez Bryant’s second half stats then you’ll see that after the one crazy drive where he shredded us, Sutton completely changed the scheme and shut him down.

  • Deaudrey Dre-Mac MacDonald

    My voice is just now coming back from Sunday and I’m glad I was apart of history. Now all I need is a Chiefs superbowl victory and a million dollars and I can die a happy man!! Lol

  • chief4ever

    As always, really hard to just pick three, so I like the 1A selection. Not a big fan of FB’s (except Tony Richardson) but Sherman is a STUD…and he catches the football too ! He may be the second coming of Tony for our Chiefs and I will gladly admit I am wrong about the need for FB and love it if he continues his great play ! Go Chiefs !