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Chiefs vs. Raiders: Analyzing the Turning Point Of Kansas City’s Win

The Kansas City Chiefs has done something at Arrowhead that they have not done since 2006: beat the Raiders at home.

For the first time the Chiefs have left the Raiders hurting after putting the beating on the silver and black late in the game. The first half of the game saw the Chiefs going back and forth with Oakland exchanging punts with neither giving way.

What turned this game around was the defense and the interception, which lead to a Jamaal Charles short score. This opened the game for the Chiefs defense, and they were able to take advantage of the Raiders’ beat-up offensive line. They also continued their mean streak of making the afternoon tough for the quarterback, as they ended the game with nine 10 total sacks. They also had three interceptions, one for a touchdown, and held the Raiders to seven points on the day.

The offense, while it had struggles on the day, was still effective at moving the ball, and even when they had to punt, they were giving the Raiders a long field in which to try to score. Jamaal Charles had two rushing touchdowns and Alex Smith was once again mistake free.

Now that the Chiefs are 6-0 and they look to next week’s opponent, the Houston Texans, for the second of three straight home games for the Chiefs.

Final score: Chiefs 24 Raiders 7

Addicts, what did you think was the turning point of the game against the Raiders? Sound off below.

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  • Trent Taylor

    One word. DEFENSE!!!

  • Jaden Gipe

    It was actually 10 1/2 sacks

    • chris

      You cant have half a sack as a team… I know they said that on the post game show but they really got 10 sacks and wouldve got more if not for pryors athleticism

  • aka_Gent

    Great job, Kansas City D!
    Those guys beat that Raider O-Line into a sticky paste!

    • redchiefs

      You need to fix your flag there

  • Jim Harper

    In my estimation the turning point was a gradual take over of the game by the defense which absolutely overwhelmed the Raiders and wore them completely out. The record setting crowd definitely played a role as well as they forced at least 3 delay of game penalties that I caught. Definitely an off day for AS11 but that happens to everybody at times. No red flags to worry about. He still did not turn the ball over and made some nice plays with his legs. 6-0 is SWEET!

  • Jordan

    I have one problem with this whole article and it’s what we chief fans have been doing all season. You say smith was “mistake free” WRONG NO NOT TRUE interception free yes but this is still a piss poor offense and smith was the epitome of that today. Throw placement was terrible decisions were bad but since we won its “another great day for Smith” I believe in him he can be good BUT when the season gets tougher we’ll need more plain and simple

    • tm1946

      “Believing” like executing can cover a lot of ground. I got to believe the offense knows how bad they represent themselves during games, If they study film, how could they not?
      But if they” believe” they will win in the 4th qrt, (do not ask me how, I am lost), they seem to be playing over their heads. They do enough to win a game and look terrible doing it. Not sure that makes any sense but how else do you explain it?

    • berttheclock

      Did you happen to see the number of times he was sacked, the number of times he was hurried and the number of times he was hit while throwing the ball? At one point they were 3, 5 and 7. But, somehow, they didn’t affect his “placement”? The offensive line is still terrible. On one of the sacks, Allen was doing his best to dance the merengue with his dance partner and not step onto his feet. Two of the sacks were absolute blowbys. Look at the number of times, he had to scramble. On one of those he hit Bowe for a much needed 1st down. No, when the season gets tougher as you say, the Chiefs will need far better offensive line play.

  • tm1946

    Turning Point could have been starting the second half not down two tds. This team may believe if they are not buried by the 4th qtr, they can win the game. Only idea from me. The defense was lights out except for one slant and the special teams, while not scoring was winning field position battle. That is what they have been doing all season long. But the offense doing just enough to stay in the game and not make huge mistakes…..might be the turning point.

  • Chris Tarrants

    The turning point was halftime! All of us fans needed something to drink to moisten our pipes and begin cheering at the top of our lungs again

    • berttheclock

      Well done, one and all. Just look at the number of delay of game penalties and false starts for the Raiders.

      However, I still believe Alex Smith is a true leader who neither panics or loses his cool. He even hit Brock for a 1st down on a low throw, but, it was placed in a perfect location.

      • Chris Tarrants

        Absolutely correct about smith! He never got rattled or looked lost. He got hit in the mouth several time but just jumped up and marched to the line. He is the leader even if he doesn’t throw 400 yards! He does what he needs to

  • berttheclock

    Over the years I have watched a great deal of football, yet, I can’t remember the last time I ever saw a 4th and 48.

    • Chris Tarrants

      Don’t know if you could see it on tv but at the end of that when they got a delay of game Pryor was screaming instead of hand signals and his guys were slapping their ears saying we can’t hear you! It was beautiful, I was waiting for a hail marry pass right there to be picked off but it was not to be

    • redchiefs

      I never have seen it, that’s for sure

  • redchiefs

    The Chiefs O line is going to get Alex hurt before the season is over….Smith will lose his confidence and the O might go in the tank. The Receivers couldn’t get open most of the game, and if they did Alex Smith had no time to see.