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Chiefs vs. Raiders: Is This One Of The Best Rivalries In Sports?

Nine out of ten members of the media would tell you that the legendary rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees is the best in all of sports. You might find a couple of people here and there that would throw the Cards and the Cubs into that mix, too. The Celtics and the Lakers have built a history of hate in basketball, and in hockey, match-ups including original six teams and/or east coast teams get most of the hype.

In football, the first rivalry someone might try to force-feed you as “the best” is the long-standing Green Bay/Chicago tilt. Next, you’d probably get a heavy dose of all things NFC East. The Colts and the Patriots had a few epic clashes in the 2000’s, but with Peyton gone, the fire has subsided. Then, of course, there are the Chiefs and the Raiders.

To answer the question posed in the title of this article bluntly: yes. The Chiefs/Raiders rivalry is one of the best in all of sports. It’s been heated, nasty, and competitive now since 1960. The cast of characters has changed over the years, but for some reason the special feeling of Raider week has lingered.

This week, the Chiefs are looking to go 6-0 and keep pace with division juggernaut Denver. While Kansas City is riding high, and looks to be a better team than Oakland, the Raiders would love nothing more than to knock KC off of their high horse. Kansas City will get Oakland’s best game on Sunday, and the game should prove as nasty as ever.

Here are some fun numbers to think about while watching the game this Sunday:

  • Kansas City leads the 108-game series by four games  (55-51-2)
  • The Chiefs are one of only two teams with more than 10 games played against the Raiders that lead their respective all-time series.
  • Before the merger, KC won 3 AFL championships, to Oakland’s 1. Since the merger, Oakland has won 3 Super Bowls, and Kansas City has only won 1.
  • The Raiders only beat the Chiefs 3 times in the 90’s.
  • Conversely, in this decade, Kansas City has only 1 victory vs. Oakland (28-0 in Oakland).

SIDE NOTE: For those of you attending the game, please scream so loud the foundation crumbles. I want to see the network cameras shaking, and I want to see Terrelle Pryor rendered completely useless. I want to see the Raiders screw up the silent snap count, and I want Dennis Allen to cry. Kansas City fans need to reclaim the Arrowhead mystique this weekend, break Seattle’s record, and make a statement to the rest of the league that you don’t waltz into Arrowhead and win anymore.

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  • chiefridgy

    F The faiders!

  • ladner morse

    This game has not been meaningful in years… right around a decade. That alone may mean that it will take some time before this rivalry resurfaces with any kind of rabid loathing to it. If the Raiders beat the Chiefs on Sunday and then keep on winning this season….. then the game in Oakland will mean something for sure. The Raiders are still in the lower echelons of badness in the NFL so a victory for the Chiefs Sunday may mean little more than another W. As much as I despise the Raiders… it would be nice to see this rivalry take prominence in the NFL again… but it’s probably going to take more time for the Raiders to reach that point than the Chiefs.

    Good post Paul!

    • chiefridgy

      In my heart I will always hate the Raiders and this will always be one of the biggest rivalries! My children will feel the same way. Go Chiefs!!

    • KCMikeG

      Reclaiming our wining ways at Arrowhead over the faiders is even more important to me than remaining undefeated.

    • berttheclock

      Excellent points. I hope that time you mentioned will become shortened. Let me say, I really believe the new regime is the best possible one for the Chiefs. However, before all of the dust up of Romeo and Pioli departing KC, I had wanted Reggie McKenzie to replace Pioli and Dennis Allen to become the new HC. I believe they have a legitimate chance for turning the Raiders. Now, that they are with the Raiders, I want them to do well. However, that stops with the Raiders playing the Chiefs. In my best of worlds, the Raiders destroy the Chargers and Broncos and we keep beating all three of those teams. Now, onward to reversing the recent winning streak at Arrowhead of the Raiders.

  • Davé

    Its been so long since games between these two teams have mattered that I do not consider it much a rivalry anymore. I despise the Broncos way more, partly because they have been more competitive for the past ten years and partly because they are so geographically close to KC. Sure the games are always close despite record but for the past decade the games haven’t meant much to either team.

    • chiefridgy

      If we can beat the donkeys once this year I’ll be happy.

  • Tom Sparks

    Love the SIDE NOTE! How true!

  • KCMikeG

    I have hated the faiders almost as long as I have loved the Chiefs. In 1970 when Len Dawson had just got a first down on a quarterback keeper and in comes Raiders’ defensive end Ben Davidson to spear him while he’s down. Nothing exemplifies the dirty, criminal image of the most despicable team ever.

  • Ricardo Montalban

    You need to stop…..your the one who is going to cry after the game….you guys are not as good as your record states and we are going to prove it!!! Go Raiders!!!! 27-24….You chiefs are overrated and will not win a superbowl with Alex Smith….

    • ……ChiefsFan……

      The Chiefs are every bit as good as their record states. They’re 5-0, and don’t need a fan of a lesser team to determine how good they are.

      If they are as you say “not as good as their record states”, what’s that gonna say about the Raiders after they get their asses handed to them tommorow?

      If I were you I would start singing the praises of the Chiefs. That way when you lose you can at least have the excuse of “they are a really good team”, as opposed to “man, we just lost to a team that is not as good as their record states”. – Just a tidbit of advice :)

      • Ricardo Montalban

        KC will lose, Oaktown will go into your home (like always) and piss you off all over again because you are overrated…dont be mad, join the Real Nation…the Raider Nation…and we’ll show you who the real Big Chief is at Arrowhead…look at it like this, if the Raiders are so bad, why you let them treat you like that at your own home? You should be embarrassed to speak ill of the Raiders….we own your kingdom…Oaktown 27-24….Janikowski is going to beat one in your rear end to win the game…..again

        • ……ChiefsFan……

          The teams that the Raiders have beat in recent years is not this team. So go ahead, keep talking. I’ll make it a point to show up on JBB tomorrow to laugh at all of you fools.

          • Ricardo Montalban

            I’ll see you tomorrow Chief…

          • ……ChiefsFan……


          • Ricardo Montalban

            You were formidable opponents…good game…..

    • Frank

      Couple of numbers for you. 24-7, 10, 3, -67, and 6.

  • Ricardo Montalban

    Why all the hostility towards Raider fans? Is it because we go into your home and slap you guys around for six years??? I’d be pissed too…..

  • RepOurChiefs