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Chiefs vs. Broncos Games Won’t Be On Sunday Night Football

While most coaches and players say they never do it, it’s okay to look ahead on the schedule if you’re a Chiefs fan.

Kansas City hosts the bitter rival Oakland Raiders this weekend, and then must go through a gauntlet of the Texans, Browns and Bills before the bye week.

While all of those games are important, and Kansas City has a legitimate shot to continue through the season undefeated, the one game that’s on everybody’s mind is on November, 17th.

That’s the day the Chiefs head to Denver to play the Broncos. Not only is it a divisional game against another rival, but it should be an epic game. Both teams are 5-0 right now, mind you, and if their current streaks keep up, a lot could be on the line.

Even if both teams don’t enter this game undefeated, it’s still bound to be a great matchup worth the NFL’s primetime slot, but according to Adam Schefter of on Twitter, that game will not be allowed to flex to Sunday night:

To make things worse, the week 13 clash is protected as well, so outside of the playoffs, we’re not going to see Chiefs vs. Broncos in primetime this season.

I can’t blame CBS for wanting to keep this game on its airwaves, thus keeping viewers on this airwaves, but this truly does seem like a disservice.

As of now, this seems like a matchup deserving of national attention.

That truly is a shame, but business is business.

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  • Mike Brennan

    Wow, really?!? That means even if they are both undefeated I won’t be able to watch the game cause I live in Virginia and don’t have the nfl package! The last time some thing like this happened was Montana and the chiefs vs his old 49ers.

    • jpopejoy

      Go to a bar and watch it. It’s not all that complicated ;)

      I live in Philly and go every week to a chiefs bar.

    • dts12

      Grab the Madden Anniversary edition off Amazon for $100 and you get Sunday Ticket streaming for this entire season, DTV customer or not.

  • Mike Brennan

    I tell you something, if I get a DUI that day I’m suing the NFL for forcing me to have to go to a bar and watch the game!

    • steve james

      Don’t even joke about that dude. Don’t drink & drive.

      • Michael Shaw

        May not be a funny joke, but he does have a point. You can sue anyone for anything nowadays!

  • Drew Douglas

    Still going to be a fantastic game.

  • Michael Shaw

    I think it is another chicken shit move to keep our team out of prime time. Why don’t they just come out and say, no this isn’t an East Coast team, so we really don’t want it publicized too much!!!!! I hate the freaking media. Case in point I tape Inside the NFL on Showtime every Wednesday and guess who hasn’t been in their pick segment all year? Yup you guessed it………….our CHIEFS!!!! Despite having a 5-0 record these dipshits want to talk about teams like the Jets, Dallas, the Giants and every OTHER team that is 5-0!!! Pisses me off!!!!!!

  • berttheclock

    Speaking of CBS protecting their games, this coming Sunday, CBS will cover the Titans-Seahawks game starting at 1 PM PST. As Portland, OR is in the realm of the Seahawks, the local CBS affiliate will not present any 10 AM PST game. So, the Raiders-Chiefs will not be on in this area. The FOX channel will show the Packers-Ravens game at 10 AM.

    As I refuse to sign with Direct, it will be back to the great Chiefs’ bar in Portland, OR. D’s Bar at 67th and Sandy. What I do not like about Direct is they force to sign a 2 year contract with a big fee penalty clause for dropping the coverage. They low ball their fees, then, Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching and dare you not to pay. Plus, I do like their jumping through the hoops On Demand function. Comcast’s is very simple and I really hope Comcast outbids them in 2015 for the NFL package. Comcast hits you with that same Ka-Ching, but, at least, you can bail on them without a penalty.

    • DTVTechGuy

      Comcast isn’t a national provider so your SOL on them getting rights to the Sunday Ticket. Since Comcast is a local based service ( only services certain local areas ) the NFL doesn’t even communicate with them about those rights because they can’t provide the entire country with access.

      The only competition is Dish… ( who says they can do without sports, ESPN may be gone in the coming weeks as they try to hardball DisneyCorp ) and Internet based television service… Which won’t fly because Cable can’t handle it… DSL can… But Cable Internet subscribers would be screwed… Think I’m wrong… Run a speed test on your Cable Tuesday @ 10am…. Then run a speed test Sunday at 10am… It’s Hub-Based… One central hub services many customers… So your speeds and service are only gauranteed to the Hub, not your home. I’m a Cable Internet customer, so this isn’t just a ” Homer ” talking, I’m a consumer as well.

      Want the Ticket… It’s Directv.

      This is a Chiefs deal… I wouldn’t normally speak however…. I gotta correct the misinformation.

      Go Chiefs!

      PS – This is my opinion/information, not DirecTv’s… I speak for me, not them.

      • DTVTechGuy

        Oh and thanks for visiting an establishment with Sunday Ticket… Directv receives money from that establishment thanks to consumers like you. I’m sure that local business appreciates your business as much as Directv does! :)

        • berttheclock

          Thanks, but, I still believe Comcast will make a huge offer in 2015 to get that lucrative Ticket. Interesting comment about Dish and sports as they carry HR TV, the competitor to TVG for horse racing. Comcast will not carry it. I know horse players in Portland, who have the Dish, so, they can have the far better coverage HR TV gives. TVG is strictly a Tout service. Well, Direct TV will be get the money from D’s Bar for that Ticket. However, for the reasons stated above I will never sign up with them. Too many class actions against them on the West Coast for this low balling bait and switch plan they have. Plus, as stated above, Comcast’s On Demand is very simple, even though they do not provide 100 per cent coverage of some networks. But, why go to Direct where you have to hook up their service to your computer to download programs. With Comcast, I just hit On Demand and Voila. Why have to tape?

          • DTVTechGuy

            Everything but Comcast getting the ST. Is valid, we would be arguing opinions which neither of us would be right or wrong. But as far as the Sunday Ticket goes…. The NFL will not negotiate for those rights with a provider who doesn’t even operate in SEVERAL states man…. You think the NFL is going to be ok with 9/10/11 states not even being able to order the Sunday Ticket…. Idaho, where I live for example… Northern part of the state has Time Warner Cable, Southwest and Southeast has CableOne and Southcentral has Windjammer…. That means the NFL generates ZERO revenue from our State…. Because of that…. Doesn’t happen. Cable will never have ST because no single Cable company can provide Nationwide coverage, because there are dozens upon dozens of Cable companies. The NFL will only consider providers that cover the Nation… Not just certain areas. The Dish comment was Charlie Ergen himself ( Dish CEO )… Saying they could do without ESPN if DisneyCorp won’t budge in their negotiations.

          • berttheclock

            Hey, I used to live in Seattle, where their local cable was dominated by that fellow from Denver who, once said, that the day was coming when folks would only have to write two checks for their home entertainment. One to him and the other to Bill Gates. There was only one other very small provider and that company was owned by a former Microsoft employee, who cashed out for mega bucks. Suddenly, one day, Comcast swooped and took over most of the cable. They did the same in Portland. Comcast is well aware of their need to expand in the next two years, plus, work out that problem of protecting the Nielson generated monies to local TV stations, as I mentioned supra. However, look at one other thing regarding Direct. Peruse their recent history and notice how often they have been in negotiations with covering many different areas and how deals were worked out. Everything is up for grabs in that business.

            That said, I really wish there could be far more providers and not end up with just one dominant company running off the smaller guys and the local government provided carriers. Bigger is not always best

          • DTVTechGuy

            DTV doesn’t negotiate to cover ” Areas “… The only thing preventing anyone from getting DTV is physical obstacles, not locations.

          • berttheclock

            One last comment about Comcast. We, recently, moved from Portland across the river to Vancouver. We had our bundle with Comcast transferred, as well. The tech showed up and, seemingly, hooked up everything. Most of his time was spent on “selling” us on getting a Samsung Galaxy, of which, he was a proud owner. Well and good, but, I really wish he had spent as much time making sure the land line worked as we ended up not having telephone service for a 4 days.

          • berttheclock

            I was not talking about getting their product to the individual. I was talking about them trying to acquire rights to broadcast. If you Google Direct TV and read the Wiki article, you will see what I mean. They have had to negotiate over being able to show products from certain areas of the country due to contractual disagreements.

      • berttheclock

        You say Comcast is not a national provider. They are in 40 states and DoC at the moment, but, do not forget one thing. They anted up $16.7 Billion to acquire NBC. They have both the money to outbid Direct following the 2014 season, but, to expand their services. One of the reason, Direct TV won the last bid for $4 B of extend the contract to the end of the 2014 season had to do with protecting local affiliates for their important TV revenue from Nielson Ratings. The Sunday Ticket does not have those ratings. Should Comcast outbid Direct, they would have to work out that Nielson protection. But, as much as I dislike Comcast at times, they do have far more cash than Direct. You should be aware that change is very prevalent in the TV providing business. Very little remains the same.

        • DTVTechGuy

          And because of those 10 States and certain locale’s in the other 40 States Comcast won’t even be considered. Love the loyalty, but facts are facts. Sunday Ticket rights will only go to a provider who can reach the entire country. It’s not an opinion.

  • d-block

    Honestly, I wouldn’t just give a game like this away to NBC either if I was in charge of CBS programming. That said, I would love to see a primetime Chiefs game. I stopped watching Inside the NFL as soon as Len Dawson left. Chris Carter is a complete jackass.

    • Michael Shaw

      I think you mean Chris Collingsworth……………..and yes he is a HUGE jackass. He hates to say anything good about the Chiefs and bashes them every chance he gets. I also noticed the big plays they show from the game are the picks we got and the big catch/run from CJ, but they seem to miss showing the two HUGE catches that Avery made for us!!! Typical East Coast bias!!!!

  • GDL40

    What’s the point of having the option of flex schedules….obviously it’s supposed to be a good game if they would want to switch it to primetime, and if it’s got “great game” written all over it, then stupid CBS, FOX, or whatever network will want to keep it if they can …… dsnt make sence

  • ladner morse

    It’s not enough to say, “It’s their loss,” because it would mean a lot to the Chiefs organization to have the prime time focus that the game would have brought. My great hope is that the Chiefs continue their winning ways and gain a notoriety that exceeds the Broncos.

  • Nathan Siegel

    Don’t drink, wait you don’t have a t.v.?