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Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Has Surgery, Could Be Heading To IR

The Kansas City Chiefs announced to the media today that rookie TE Travis Kelce has undergone a knee surgery that could end his season.

Not that his season ever started.

From Randy Covitz, of the Kansas City Star:



The Chiefs should really be thanking their lucky stars about the emergence of TE Sean McGrath because otherwise their TE situation this season has been a complete disaster. Anthony Fasano still is not practicing and though the team has been getting by without him, should something happen to McGrath the KC offense could be in serious trouble.

The loss of Kelce is a big blow to the team’s depth at the TE position. This news isn’t likely to quiet the “bring Tony Gonzalez back to Kansas City” campaign that has a few vocal supporters, including this guy.

Though bringing Gonzalez back to the Chiefs may not be the most likely course of action, Chiefs GM John Dorsey may need to seriously examine his depth chart and decide whether or not he feels comfortable proceeding with Fasano, McGrath and Kevin Brock.

What do you think, Addicts? Do the Chiefs need to bring in another TE now that Kelce is likely finished?

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  • michael mckee

    Just makin room for tony g:)

  • kcpauly

    I think we should throw D. Harris into the fire, just sayin’
    Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Tarrants

    2 points to make . #1, we need help in the tight end department in a bad way! #2, the greatest tight end to ever play could be had with enough bait! Where I’m from 1+1 still equals 2. Shouldn’t we get a few supplemental picks in the next draft? Umm hello, Mr, Dorsey you built this team into a defensive powerhouse overnight! Lets try the same approach with this offense and work on giving Tony that SuperBowl ring that he deserves!

    • berttheclock

      Love to have Tony G, but, money is the main obstacle. He has a $5.25 M salary which is more than the Chiefs could cover under that present cap. The Pats, Denver and Seattle all have the room to sign him. It would not just be throwing picks to Dimitroff to obtain him, but, where could the Chiefs cut their cap? Remember, they still need some spare change in case they have to pick another emergency. Funny thing about this is so many over at the Star kept posting how cheap Clark H was and that he should spend more money. Well, he did spend more and, now, the Chiefs don’t have the room to sign Tony G.

      • Bosco Cletus

        Espn keeps saying his base was 3.5……and with only 12 more paychecks left he is only due 2.4.

      • KCMikeG

        The only reason Tony G left KC was to chasing his dream of a Super Bowl . He loved KC and the fans. he said time and again he hoped to always be a Chief. I hated to see him go but never held it against him since our beloved was driving off a cliff nearly every year. IMHO here is nowhere Tony would rather win his SB ring especially being a donkey. He can see our potential and our need at the position. He knows the importance of the TE in Reid’s WCO and how he could play a huge roll in the run for the ring.
        There are many ways to skin a contract and creative bonus options that could help to cover the money. For that matter I think they should go to Hali and ask for a contract change like Jackson did to stay in KC and help the team. And look how that has turned out. By the way he doesn’t get enough credit for being a team player who did the right thing for a team/city that was terribly down on him. I don’t think it will be about money to Tony – it will be about where would he most want to be while earning that ring – about how it will feel to be wearing his red #88 in the Super Bowl – about the love of his fans who still wear his jersey to this day. A man can dream can’t he?

        P.S. Bert – you are dead on about the haters harping on “tightwad” Clark and now they have got exactly what they asked for and now not having the money may cause us to miss the greatest ever at our most critical position of need.

        P.S.S. I love “The Beard” great job by Dorsey. Isn’t Moeaki in an IR status that he could come still come back? And why don’t we go get Shiancoe off waivers. That foursome makes me smile just thinking of the possibilities.

  • toperspective

    Micro fracture is bad, bad news for Kelce and the Chiefs. This could also impact next year also.

  • jorge vela

    I do believe chiefs need to bring someone in, fasano has been injury prone , was injured in miami. Mcgrath got banged up 2 wknds ago. we are thin. Need some help i believe

    • berttheclock

      In checking his career with Miami, I find he only missed two games due to a hip injury and was held out of one game with a mild concussion. With the Cowboys, he did suffer a mild concussion, but, didn’t miss any games. In fact, he played with a sore shoulder the entire season and did not have surgery until he had left the team.

  • berttheclock

    I really don’t follow the Chiefs that closely, but, isn’t Jimmy Graham doing well for them?

  • Blake Molina

    Chiefs’ TE’s have not been lucky since TG. It’s like there’s a curse/karma for having the GOAT for so long

  • Danny W

    We should have grabbed Martelus Bennett before the season even started. That guy is going to be a pro bowl tight end.