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Chiefs vs. Titans Recap: Earning Their Arrowheads

Your Kansas City Chiefs are 5-0, and no, this is not a dream.

Kansas City is easily one of the best teams in the NFL this season, and even though it may not always be pretty or crisp, Andy Reid’s team is getting the job done.

Special teams has changed games, the offense has managed games, and defense has simply won games.

It may not be a thing of art, but remember this as you watch the Chiefs moving forward: Offense wins games, defense wins championships.

At the very least, the Chiefs have a playoff-level defense, and that is probably an understatement.

As is the Monday tradition here at Arrowhead Addict, here are the three biggest stars from Kansas City’s 26-17 win over the Tennessee Titans.


Arrowhead #3: Jamaal Charles, RB

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I can excuse Charles’ one fumble because it was rare, and frankly, he was in a bad position on that tackle. Other than that hiccup though, Charles one against proved why he’s one of the best in the NFL.

Charles ran for 108 yards and punched in one very important touchdown against Tennessee. He also caught five passes for 37 yards. When it comes to overall yardage, there are few better than Charles. He’s constantly an option for Alex Smith, and he’s always finding ways to make defenders miss and get downfield. He’s been the offense’s MVP so far this season.


Arrowhead #2: Marcus Cooper, CB

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Young cornerback Marcus Cooper stepped up when his team needed him most, and he came away with a beautiful interception. Up 20-17 with about six minutes to go, Kansas City’s defense had to stop Tennessee from driving and taking momentum. Almost on cue, Cooper basically took the ball away from veteran receiver Nate Washington on an out route, and he somehow held onto it going to the ground.

It was arguably the turning point of the game for the Chiefs, so Cooper deserves his credit.


Arrowhead #1: Ryan Succop, K 

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In an ugly offensive game, often times the kicker has to step up and produce. Smith and company were having a hard time punching the ball into the end zone, and if it wasn’t for Succop, I doubt Kansas City would be undefeated right now. Succop went 4-of-4 with a long from 48, and that was the dagger that put the Chiefs up by nine with 2:12 to go left in the game.

That was a clutch kick from a long ways away, and it sealed the game for Kansas City.

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  • Bosco Cletus

    Aaahum, Sean Smith was a blanket that no Tennessee receiver wanted on them. Just saying. Agree with the others though.

    • Pealvin

      Smith was great. He was constantly deflecting passes and no receiver got any separation from him at all. At least that I saw.

  • Troy Utt

    Agree with the Arrowheads! I must say though when Charles fumbled, I wasn’t focused on the ball, the position, or the defenders… All I could see was the horrid angle in-which his legs were being contorted into! When I saw him hop right up, no damage to that knee (or ankle) I let out a collective sigh of relief!

    • Jim Harper

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. The good news is that knee must be stronger than ever. Jamaal is running like a man possessed. I don’t know if anybody else noticed it last week but early in the 1st half after a failed 3rd down attempt that he looked like a half hearted effort Reid met him coming off the field and appeared to be chewing on him pretty good. After that he not only seemed to be running harder but with greater purpose. I think he really felt awful that he had disappointed Reid. I don’t know that for sure, but that is just what it looked like to me. And he seems to be on a mission ever since.

      • Troy Utt

        I noticed exchange between Reid & Charles as well. Right after 3rd down as JC was coming off the field, you could see Reid barking at him! The players seem to respond well to coach, it’s obvious they have bought into the program. Now if we can just get all cylinders firing at once we’ll be in good shape!

  • Daniel Alvarado

    check out this video that someone uploaded on facebook Chiefs fans take over titans stadium…im proud!!!


    • Tom Sparks

      Gotta love the devoted Chiefs Fans, they are some of the best damn fans in the League! Now, we have to crank it up for the Raider’s game and for the loudness level record we are try to set! I would say at 5-0, we have every reason to see Arrowhead’s Sea of Red, Loud & Proud!

  • chief4ever

    Impossible to give only three each week ! BUT: Give Jamaal and Alex one together every week…..they are the keystone to this entire team….everyone is playing great…..they are the only ” must be on the field” Chiefs. Go Chiefs !

  • KCMikeG

    Cooper gets double Arrowheads as you left out his ST’s TD that was our only TD until the offense step up with their usual 4th quarter gut check drive. He took that away from the Titan that got to the ball before he did. Love his aggressive play! He will be a critical component in our ability to stop the Egghead Express. Kudos to Dorsey for bringing him in from SF and to Reid/Sutton for playing the best player in each position to help us win. Lots of teams wouldn’t move their #1 CB to the slot. Kudos to Flowers for making the change seamless and producing on the field.

  • chief4ever

    Can anyone post why McCluster is lost again in this offense ???? What am I missing? Why is he not a target?

    • Danny W

      Yeah I think he could get the ball down the field a bit better than Hall could. I’m confused on that one too.

      • chief4ever

        I may just be overrating Dexter…I just wish we had more options for Alex and a little rest for Jamaal…. Avery has been a nice addition but it still seems Bowe gets double covered…sure hope Avery is not hurt long term.

    • phantomebb

      He has trouble getting separation from defenders. Hes not overly fast and always seems to go for the juke. He hesitates alot. I am sure if the o line was playing better all the recievers production would be better. Half the time I am wondering how the chiefs are 5-0 with such bad line play

      • chief4ever

        I agree somewhat…I think our D and Alex + Jamaal are why we are 5-0. Sure hope we get our TE’s back quick too. We need some more options and Dexter does not seem to make the impact that I think he should.

        • Troy Utt

          I too am waiting on the TE Corp to get healthy as I believe that will open the playbook up for KC being we run this hybrid WCO… provided that is we get better blocking out of the line. Once Fasano & Kelce return I believe we have a decision to make, as McGrath has earned his starting spot in the two TE rotation!

    • berttheclock

      He had four passes thrown to him. He caught one. One was thrown too high.

    • berttheclock

      Just read where Reid wants to use both Hall and McCluster in the slot.

      • chief4ever

        I sure hope you are right ! Alex needs more weapons and Jamaal could use an occassional rest.

  • Danny W

    I think Poe and his disruptive force deserves one too. Dude is playing all world. Tamba Hali was back there a lot as well. Man the whole defense get’s one except for Kendrick Lewis. This defense’s one week link at this point is K Lew. I used to defend him and say he’s good but the guy is just declining constantly. He’s always hurt etc etc. Demps is better.

    • Danny W

      Oh and one more Arrowhead for our right tackle Don Steve. He let our guy get sacked once but in my humble opinion he’s playing better than our number one over all pick at this point. I think Don Steve could step in and play left tackle and do okay in a pinch. We may lose Albert so hopefully Don can continue to improve. Got to hand that one to Pioli I though ol Don Steve would bust out.

      • Jared Watson

        At first I was like Who is Don Steve, isn’t Don short for ‘Mexican’? Yea I thought he played pretty well too. I remember I think it was the Packers super bowl year a few years ago. They had quite a few injuries and starters were missing all over the field but they seemed to never lose a beat. The concept of “depth” is making more sense to me now that we actually have some of it.

      • berttheclock

        Sorry to say, Pro Football Focus disagrees with as they gave him the worst grade for the game, a minus 6.2.

        • Danny W

          Yeah I know he gave up a sack and a pressure. It’s not like Smith was getting hit the entire game from the right side and he looked to be better than Fisher to me. I could be wrong maybe I failed the eye test. I thought he did fine but hey I’ve been wrong before.

    • berttheclock

      Danny, Pro Football Focus agrees with you as they awarded him their highest grade for the game. Plus 4.6. They contend he made the defense begin at the line of scrimmage.

  • michael mckee

    Atlantas season is done.chiefs are thin at TE.tony g deserves better…falcons need to trade gonzo back home for one last superbowl run.

    • d-block

      That would be amazing if that happened.

    • Jordan

      Better yet Tony G should’ve just come home and signed a last year contract with us before the year instead of Failcons

  • Tanner Cobb

    Little off topic but just imagine…

    Kansas City needs a Tight End,
    Tony G needs a Super Bowl

    A Hollywood ending to a Hall of Fame career…

  • berttheclock

    I am awaiting the “Told ya so” from Micah about Geno. However, watching the offensive blocking line play of the Jets, even Palko could have completed passes. Geno would still be running for his life most of the time behind our current offensive line. Plus, factor in the fact Atlanta has absolutely no pass rush and those heroics by Smith were a bit misleading.

    Now, Mr Dorsey, please work a deal with Dimitroff of Atlanta and bring Tony G back home.

    • berttheclock

      Of course, there would have to be some major restructuring of Tony G’s contract in order for this to happen. His salary of $5.25 M for this season would be more than the Chiefs could provide and still have room for emergency pickups, if needed. He did catch 10 passes, last night, and would really be the weapon to put the Chiefs over the top.

    • Troy Utt

      LOL… Sorry I’ll stand pat. Just as the fans of Geno are doing while waiting for him to convert on 3rd down. He got by on a down & out team… Just sayin’

      I have thought long & hard since I started hearing rumors as to Tony G coming home. While a long-shot at best how sweet that would be if they could work something out before the trade deadline. Could you imagine the first time they introduced his name at Arrowhead? Most likely should have set up the terrorhead /guinesses world record attempt to coincide with it! We really could use a a good TE… Bert you’re very diplomatic, what do you day? Go ahead make that call… LOL

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Demps deserves an honorable mention. His big return and late interception were a big help to the team.

    • berttheclock

      On a Flowers tipped pass. But, he has been a great pickup by Dorsey and Reid. But, he did have a reach around “block” on a punt which set back the Chiefs. I started to yell at the screen about the call until I saw the replay and then, it became a Emily Latelle moment of “Never Mind”. However, far more pluses than minuses for him. Great addition.

  • berttheclock

    Ratings by Pro Football Focus are in for the Titans game. Poe was given the highest figure at plus 4.6. Flowers, Sean Smith and Cooper were given plus 2s apiece, while, Demps was just shaded a bit less.

    However, to those who keep giving positives to the play of Donald Stephenson, he received the lowest grade of any player in the game. They graded him at minus 6.2. BTW, on the Titans side, Hali gave Roos such a rough time that Roos was given his second lowest grade of the season, at minus 2.8. Poe mangled the play of Robert Turner, their center, to the point he was graded at minus 3.2.

  • michael mckee

    We need TE and receiver help.tony g is the best option.if somebody thinks we need all the draft picks we can get I say look at what our picks have contributed this yr…ya nothing.go get tony g

  • Jim Harper

    All this nonsense talk about going after Tony G. needs to stop. It is not going to happen. First of all Tony made a commitment to the Falcons to come back for one more season. Tony is a man of great honor and there is no way he would go back on his word just because the Falcons have hit a rough spot.

  • Norman Gunn

    I watched the game twice and there is just no way in the world this Cooper guy is that good. This has to be some sort of paranormal other dimension time warp type shit. It makes absolutely no sense. Hell he has Flowers playing the nickel slot! I had us going 8-8 and starting the season 1-4. What the hell is going on?!?!?!?!?