Oct 6, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Cooper (31) intercepts a pass intended for Tennessee Titans wide receiver Nate Washington (85) during the second half at LP Field. The Chiefs won 26-17. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs vs. Titans: Game Recap

The Kansas City Chiefs are 5-0 on the season and I might need to take a day off of work to recover. In a game that saw the third Alex Smith INT in two games, first Jamaal Charles fumble all season and some sloppy play all around, the Chiefs are now one of only three remaining undefeated teams.

The Chiefs only touchdown of the first half came after they punted on the first possession. It was a normal deep punt that Chiefs fans are used from Dustin Colquitt, but after taking a weird bounce, it hit the back heel of a Titans player and was recovered in the end zone by the Chiefs for the touchdown. Other than a pair of Ryan Succop field goals, that was the extent of the first half scoring in a rainy afternoon game in Nashville.

However, previous to the Succop field goal, the Chiefs defense showed their grit once again stopping four straight attempts by the Titans inside their five yard line. The final attempt showed them stop a second and third effort by former Chief Jackie Battle. But the Chiefs kept them scoreless.

The Chiefs offense took possession of the ball inside the Titans’ one yard line, and the first play following the change of possession was a 41 yard strike from Smith to wide receiver Donnie Avery. So much for not throwing the deep ball. The Chiefs drive finally ended on the six yard line and sent the two teams into half time with the score 13-0.

The second half saw some of the magic that Titans quarterback has used against the Chiefs in years past. After a 26 yard scamper by the “bearded QB” he improvised a little shovel pass to running back Chris Johnson who took it to the house on a 49 yard run, bringing the score to 13-7.

Following another drive that ended with a Chiefs punt, the Titans drove down the field again and added another Rob Bironis field goal, bringing the score to within three points.

The Chiefs had the opportunity to drive back down the field and re-take control of the game in the third quarter, but just as the skies over Nashville opened up and the rain poured down, Alex Smith let a short pass to Jamaal Charles sail over his head and it was picked off by former Chief Bernard Pollard.

The Titans seized the opportunity and drove down to the goal line once again. However, with the third quarter ending with a huge Dontari Poe sack where he took his craving for BBQ out on Ryan Fitzpatrick, it appeared the Chiefs defense would hold out once again. Hopes were dashed on the first play of the fourth quarter which saw the Titans take their first lead of the game with a nine yard Fitzpatrick scramble for a touchdown, making the score 17-13.

After trading possession back and forth, the Chiefs took the ball and did what they’ve been so good at doing this season. Alex Smith led a 10 play drive that killed 5:05 off the clock and ended with Jamaal Charles scoring his fifth touchdown in five games.

A couple more Ryan Succop field goals and the Chiefs ended an “ugly” game with a victory and go 5-0 for the first time in 10 years and only the second time in franchise history.

This game was another complementary football game. The offense struggled early on – though we’re seeing Smith take some more chances with the ball – but in the lack of the offensive production, the defense came up huge on a four play goal line stand as well as a couple of interceptions. However, Smith was good when he needed to be, and just like every week, Jamaal Charles was the guy who provides the heartbeat for this offense. Charles hit his first 100 yard rushing game of the season and also had 37 receiving yards.

Perhaps the biggest play of the game, though was the fumble recovery by Marcus Cooper (who also had a momentum swinging interception later in the game) for the touchdown. This special teams unit is really starting to show its stuff and between the pickups of Marcus Cooper and tight end Sean McGrath – who had another solid day with four catches for 54 yards – John Dorsey looks like a genius for bringing these two young players to Kansas City from the waiver wire after the final “cut down day.”

The Chiefs return to Arrowhead next week and face the Oakland Raiders who are currently 1-3, and 6-0 has never been so close.

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  • Logan Grace

    It sure was ugly but it was against another really good football team who is lead by their defense. This game reminded me of the chiefs of old but hey they got the W on the road on a nasty rainy day!

    • KCMikeG

      This was by far the best team we have played. They are a top 10 defense and protected their QB against our #1 defense all day long except for Poe’s one sack. Big Deals today – WE ARE STILL UNDEFEATED!! We won again on the road, we came from behind, we had a 4 play goal line stand w/o the Sea of Red, we continued to take the ball away more than we give it up, ST’s scored again, Charles had a 100+ yard rushing day & scored again, AS threw the ball down the field with accuracy, the Magnificent Seven strikes again! We now have THREE games in a row at HOME!! Time to get LOUD & PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET’S ROCK THE SEA OF RED AND DROWN THE faiders!!

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I think the Chiefs wound up with three sacks on the day.

        • KCMikeG

          Yes – Hali and Houston each added one. I missed the Houston one when dumbass CBS switched games to the late game blah, blah. I had to jump over to the DTV Direct Ticket to see the end.

  • BWrangler

    They’re making the plays they need to make when they need to make them. The offense does need to step it up, but I think that will happen when Fasano and/or Kelce gets healthy. Nevertheless, the Chiefs are 5-0 and are living in some rarefied air with the Pats losing. I’m more and more looking forward to the Denver game.

    • berttheclock

      Add the Seahawks to the losing end, as well.

      Cooper, not only had two great plays, but, he is starting to look like a shut down corner. Thanks, Jason for mentioning those great waiver wire pickups. Remember, the strip by Parker earlier in the season? Plus, Dezman Moses is playing very well on the Special Teams. There were a couple of other players I noticed and you won’t find them in the stats, but, they were given quite a few snaps with the 1st team. Both Hall who played for Reid in Philly and Jenkins were very active. At the beginning of the game, I thought the game plan might be to only concentrate on Hall. In the end, it became a total team effort. Now, make it 6-0 against those Raiders.

      • KCMikeG

        Parker had a sack, strip and fumble recovery hat trick plus has played excellent ST’s. Thanks for mentioning Moses as he has been a great addition too.

  • Danny W

    Cooper looks like he could make defensive rookie of the year.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      He’s got a long way to go. Kiko Alonso’s tearing it up! Cooper’s been nails though. Absolutely brilliant. Hats off to John Dorsey.

      • Danny W

        Kiko may end up leading the league in tackles as a rookie for heavens sakes. Cooper at this point would have to get serious consideration. That guy is looking better than Flowers at this point. Dorsey has been the waiver wire wizard, not too high on his draft picks but his waiver wires are top grade.

        • Stacy D. Smith

          His draft picks have either been hurt (Fisher, Kelce, Commings) or haven’t gotten much of an opportunity to play (Davis, Johnson, Catapano). The others simply aren’t ready to contribute at this level.

          • KCMikeG

            Because they are in most cases depth to develop. That’s right w are drafting for depth. Finally. Our #1 has started except for being hurt. Catapano is getting some reps and provided excellent pressure last week. Real shame about Kelce – thought he was going to be a big contributor. They set up Commings to return next week I believe so they must have seen something in him for them to handle him. If he comes back and produces like they think he can we will be even stronger – more prepared to tame the donkey circus and do the Humpty on ringmaster Egghead. Robinson may become expendable along with his 3 year $13.8M. Bet that would be enough to bring Tony G home to our 6-0 playoff bound Chiefs.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    One thing is for sure, the Titans have a strong defense much like us and the Chiefs showed both physical and mental toughness to pull off this win against a good Titans team.

  • Davé

    As great as that win was and even knowing it is highly likely we will be 9-0 before the bye, I simply can’t enjoy this is much as I should because of Peyton Fn Manning and the cocky ass Denver Broncos. Watching this Dallas game gave me no illusions. We can’t in our Alex Smith lifetime put up 40 much less 50. If that is what it takes to beat this Denver team all is for nothing. I will do all I can to enjoy it, but damn does it suck to have to share 5-0 with the Broncos.

    • Battlespeed

      Dave, it’s only necessary to put up 1 more point than any opponent. If you can’t see the difference between the Donkeys (finally) getting 3 more points than Dallas and the Chiefs’ win today, you need to think some more.

    • ArrowFan

      We will not need 40 pts to beat Dumbver just maybe 30.

    • KCMikeG

      The donkeys haven’t played a top 10 defense let alone the best defense in the NFL. They will be lucky to get into the upper 20′s against us. On the other hand their defense is the worst in the league and we have already put up points in that range 4 of our 5 games. Plus we have 5 more weeks to bring Commings back and develop the new mix with Cooper, Flowers and Smith. Demps is contributing too. Sutton is building our defense to end the donkey’s romp. We will smack that ass week #11.

      • DXW

        And KC’s D hasn’t played a decent offense, let alone the best in the NFL. They will be lucky to limit Denver to under 40 points. On the other hand, KC’s offense doesn’t scare anyone, and with Miller back, Alex Smith is going to be running for his life.

        KC has to prove themselves against Denver if they wan’t to be taken seriously. Until they show they can stand with the elite teams on the NFL (and right now there is no team more elite team than Denver), then they are the same old Chiefs, and they are exactly what they’ve always been. Mediocre.

        • KCMikeG

          Yeah you’re right. Your donkeys looked sooooooooo elite struggling for THREE QUARTERS WITH THE JAGS!! Only a late pick saved you from being tied in the 4th quarter with the team we demolished 28- two on the road! You gave up NINETEEN POINTS to them at your house!!! That’s so elite! Egghead turning the ball over THREE TIMES – THAT’S SO ELITE! If you want to see ELITE just wait until we roll into to dumbver week #11 and OUR ELITE DEFENSE SHUTS DOWN your little pony show. Aren’t you getting tired of getting schooled fool? Just keep coming back for more beatings because you obviously don’t know better?

          • DXW

            I don’t know why I keep wasting my time with you. Maybe it’s because I can’t imagine someone as stupid as you making it through life. I just feel so sorry for you as a fellow human being that I want to reach out and pat you on the head and say, “It’s okay, buddy. I know… thinking is hard.” And then I try and explain how things are, but you turn around and say something even dumber than before.

            But I haven’t given up on you yet, Mike. Lets try again…

            Point #1:

            You cannot claim to be an elite defense when you’ve faced nothing but sub-par offenses and struggled with them every week.

            Point #2:

            Denver is as elite an offense as the NFL has to offer this year. No one is even close, despite a sloppy, half-hearted performance over a team that has always had Denver’s number no matter how bad they are.

            I hope that was clear and simple enough for you to grasp. I’m betting it’s not and you’ll come back with some other low IQ, frat boy response, but I can’t say I didn’t try.

            Honestly, this Jags game scared me way more than either of the upcoming Chiefs games because, for whatever reason, the Jags seem to always beat the Broncos when they’re not supposed to. I’m happy with the win.

            Here’s what’s going to happen now… Thanks to playing such an easy schedule, the Chiefs next three opponents are cupcakes, and the Chiefs will win all three with no problems. They’re going to start thinking they’re an elite team as they head into the bye, and they might even think they’re the best team in the AFC west (I won’t be surprised if Denver loses to Indy next week), but then they’ll come to Denver and they’ll lose by three touchdowns.

            The Chiefs will regroup, tell themselves Denver and KC always split, then they’ll narrowly beat the Chargers at home… They’ll think things are okay again, but then Denver will come to KC and beat them by three touchdowns at Arrowhead, locking up the division. The Chiefs will finish with a wildcard spot and lose the first game.

            And the best part…

            No one, anywhere, will be the least bit surprised. Why? Because the Chiefs are exactly what we think they are, and until they prove otherwise, they are a bottom feeder in the AFC West.

          • ArrowFan

            Just to clarify a small point the team with the easiest scheduled to date in 2013 is Dumbver. http://www.arrowheadpride.com/2013/10/14/4836848/kansas-city-chiefs-strength-of-schedule-denver-broncos-week-6

          • KCMikeG

            Bahahahahahaha! You better watch out. Proving little pony boy wrong with the facts will make him call you names.

          • KCMikeG

            Oh ow! Your insults hurt me so deeply – Not. You’re so smart and tough – Not. Just another internet big mouth. See ArrowFan comment below.

            Must just totally ruin it for you to have to share the limelight with the Chiefs as one of the unbeaten teams. Peyton looked like the scared little bitch he always is when he gets pressured and dumbver hasn’t even played a defense half as good as the Chiefs. I pity how depressed you will be when we crush your My Lil’ Pony fantasy.

            You’ve got the story 99% right. Unfortunately for you the 1% wrong is that you think you are describing the Chief’s season when actually you should be looking in the mirror next time you read your own drivel. Point #1: Which top 10 defense has Eggohead and the lil’ ponies carved up? That’s right – None! But some how you self justify struggling with the worst team in the league. Elite right… run along little pony boy and take your crystal ball (mirror) with you.

    • DXW

      You’re exactly right. The Chiefs D hasn’t faced a good offense this year, certainly not one on the level of Denver. Romo had the best game of his career, and Denver was without 5 starters on defense, and Dallas still lost. There is no chance KC’s D can cover Manning’s receivers, and they won’t be able to touch him in the pocket since he gets the ball out in 2 seconds.

      If the chiefs have any hope of beating Denver, they’ll have to play a flawless game. They’ll have to score touchdowns on every single possession and hope hope hope their D can stop Denver’s offense a few times. Unfortunately, once Von Miller gets back, Alex Smith is going to be running for his life. Those 7 and 8 seconds Romo had to find a receiver are not going to be there for Smith.

      KC is good, but they’re not Bronco good. Not even close.

  • Battlespeed

    I’ll take the Chiefs’ win over T compared to the lousy Donkey win over D. There’s a fundamental difference there, and a lot of people aren’t picking up on it.

    • ArrowFan

      Defense wins championships

      • KCMikeG

        And the donkeys are dead last. Worse than the Jags. We saw what a high scoring offense with a weak point bleeding defense can do right here at home with Vermeil’s Chiefs. In fact can someone tell Reid to do a little historical film study on how teams beat us then to apply to how to deconstruct the donkeys?

  • Joe Myers

    Man espn just simply will not give chiefs the credit the saints play a mirrored game and called thier game dominating and our ugly !!!! . Adam teichier slamed the Chiefs in the win badly . This is just bull shit im done with the nfl,espn, and the entire sports realm in general its just chiefs kingdom from now on !!!!

    • berttheclock

      Teicher? I just read his column and he wrote about how dominant the Chiefs have become in the 4th quarter of play.

      • Joe Myers

        Read his rapid recap !!! He wrote that to cover his ass

        • KCMikeG

          The local KC media has been the most attacking, pessimistic bunch of them all. They poured gasoline on the black shirt crap and made it a national story just to get themselves some attention and increase their viewers/listeners. As if last year wasn’t bad enough they made it even worse and were guilty of pound the wedge between the fans repeatedly last year. Thank you Clark Hunt for burning down their circus tents!

    • freshmeat62

      ESPN – are they still on the air? I’m trying to remember the last time I watched something there.

    • KCMikeG

      I’m sick of the talking heads across the board. All these FF “experts” who are wrong as much as they are right and the former players who are prejudiced from their days on the field.

  • Randy Lee Austin

    No kidding. Cooper looks like he’s been playin with team for the last 3 years. What a great pick up and addition to the secondary.

    • KCMikeG

      We was a WR until a 18 months ago!! Nothing but upside with this kid!!!