It's Fun To Be A Kansas City Chiefs Fan Again!

adventuresIt sure feels good to say that again.

And mean it.

It is fun to be a Kansas City Chiefs fan again.

It struck me at the Giants game about five minutes into the first quarter.

I was glad to be there.  Completely glad.

No little nagging doubts in the back of my head that Arrowhead is a force to deal with.

Once again it is.

My buddy and I grilled with a little Weber I have, and I sipped on a big tall cool can of Jeremiah Weed that I brought.

We found a great parking space and the weather was perfect.

The game was so exciting to watch.

The offense keeps the ball moving, the defense kicks butt.

Touchdowns! Sacks!

It has been so long. So very long.

My favorite part of the game might be yours.

The kickoff sailed into a clear blue Arrowhead sky, then fell towards a little red speck, arms outstretched,  surrounded by a sea of Goliaths.

He runs, cuts, runs, cuts and squirts out of the big cloud of titans heading toward the red zone and a touchdown.

How he ran.

Like a top fuel dragster, nothing was spared, everything was on the table.

Dexter McCluster ran.

He left not just players behind him as he ran, but the doubts, depressions, angers and fears of a million joyous Kansas City Chiefs fans.

He looked up at the jumbotron and saw that he was going to make it, and did some little Dexter skips then blasted into touchdown land.

Into a new area of Kansas City Chiefs football he ran.

An era where WE have the proven coach.

Where WE have the QB others envy.

An era where we aren’t just happy to win the battles, but an era where we won’t be satisfied until we win the war.




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  • RepOurChiefs

    Indeed a different atmosphere. Was just having this convo with a friend of mine last night whom lives in tennessee. Which she is choosing the Chiefs to win btw. Even she see’s the change in attitude about our team. And I quote ” Reid found a new fire is his belly and its contagious! ” Leadership is priceless and when you apply that to a talented team…wild fire. I believe a west coast off have the most chance at toppling the Manning broncos and I hope the ones to send them crashing is our Chiefs. CHIEFSKINGDOM! #REDFRIDAY

    • Chris Tarrants

      That fire in his belly is that good slow burn of BBQ indigestion. He was burned out on Philly cheese steaks. Also keep your fingers crosses for this weekends cowboy game! I never thought I would be rooting for them but I am a cowboy fan for one day!!! Check that, 3 hours! They have the tools to beat the donkeys. Good pass rushers, mixed with a good secondary and Romo has the tools and the receiving corps to cut their secondary to shreds. Whether or not they do it remains to be seen but they have the ability to shock the world and at the same time leaving the Chiefs soley atop the AFC west

      • Randy5k

        I want me some ribs right now.

    • Randy5k

      Im so glad for Andy to give up the team management crap and focus on what he is one of the best in the world at, COACHING SMASHMOUTH NFL FOOTBALL BABY!

  • Perch

    did u write 300? cuz im pumped as hell now brother!!!

    • Randy5k

      no but IM PUMPED AS HELL TOO!

  • luke

    good article. It truly is fun again. But Dex ran it back against the giants not titans…although I’m hoping you just predicted the future. And he ran it into the end zone…I’m not really sure where the in zone is. Except I think it is a store in my town…

    • Jim Harper

      He was not referring to the “titans” the football team. He was referring to titans as a noun to describe the size comparison. It was just coincidence that we play the football Titans on Sunday.

      • KCMikeG

        True but it was actually a punt return not a kick off return.

        • Randy5k

          oh well the nachos were good

    • Randy5k

      yes I am glad you liked the article and yes I meant big people not tennesse nfl football players :-)

  • travis

    He was referring to the giants as “titans” because of the size comparison I believe. He already stated he was at the giants game. While I hope its a premonition as well, but yes wtf is a in zone?

    • Randy5k

      Its at the end of each side of the field travis. At least it is when you have had a couple of beers lol.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I need to make it a point to get to the Raiders game now. I haven’t been to the stadium yet this season. I wanna experience the atmosphere now that this team is winning games again.

    • Jim Harper

      I know what you mean Stacy. I have always been able to go at least a couple of times a year, but this year because I live in Iowa and health concerns I can’t go, but I also wanted to witness Arrowhead as it used to be.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I’ve been once this year for a pre-season game, but I need to get back.
        That Raiders game is going to be INSANE! I need to be in the house for that one.

  • Jeremy Cates

    Chiefs home game against the Faders is the game where KC is going to try and set the world record for decibel level. Spread the word.

  • kcpauly

    Now to run through the real Titans, and I too am a 3 hour Cowboys fan this Sunday, I would love it if they could burst this ridiculous Donkey bubble, and we stand alone at 5-0 atop the AFC West
    Go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!
    GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steve james

    Wow, you get my emotion fired up every time! And you made me google Jeremiah Weed. Can you get it in Kansas? I don’t think I have ever seen it. Is it more like Jack or Jim?

    • Randy5k

      I am glad it gets you fired up Steve. Its very much like Jack Daniels Lynchburg lemonade but it has more hair on it.

  • thabear04

    Not fun if your 1st round pick is out for the titans game. Oh well

  • Randy5k

    By the way, off topic, could the Chargers be any more boring? I mean nobody hates them, nobody loves them, they just kind of exist.

  • vbchief

    Love your articles Randy. I look forward to them after each home game, you bring a unique perspective that a lot of us don’t get to witness first hand. Man I would give my left nut to be able to attend that Game against the Raiders, but I guess ill just have to do my part from right here in Virginia Beach. I can get pretty loud , should at least account for .00009 % of the decibel levels haha.