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Chiefs vs. Titans: Tennessee Players KC’s Defense Must Plan For

At the start of the 2013 season, expectations were high in the Kansas City Chiefs camp and for good reason. A new head coach Andy Reid, and most importantly a new quarterback Alex Smith have changed the atmosphere and the result is a Chiefs team that is one of five unbeaten teams remaining, posting a 4-0 record.

This coming Sunday the Chiefs head to Nashville to take on the 3-1 Titans. The Titans are coming off a big win against the New York Jets in which they forced three turnovers and sack Geno Smith five times on the day.

As the Chiefs prepare to take on the Titans, there are some key offense players that they must account for in order to leave Nashville with the win on their way to 5-0.

1.Nate Washington – Wide Receiver

The ninth year veteran, fifth with Tennessee, is a threat through the air. Averaging 17.5 yards per reception, he is the biggest down field concern for the Chiefs; and is the Titans leading receiver on the year. With Jake Locker out with injuries, you can be sure that backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will be looking for Washington down the field on Sunday.

2. Delanie Walker – Tight End

The former San Francisco tight end, has been good for the surging Titans, catching 12 passes for 113 yards and two touchdowns through the first 4 games. Now while he is one here instead of another receiver is because of his unique skill set that has allows him to get open in the red zone. If the Chiefs hope to stop the Titans they need to be on the lookout Walker.

3. Chris Johnson – Running Back

This is probably the hardest to put on the list, simply because CJ2K has not been his usual self, which is exactly why he makes this list. Johnson has great breakaway speed, and the Titans through the off season and draft have beefed up their offensive line for that very reason. When Chris Johnson is on, he is a dynamic running back who leaves defenses in his dust. So while Johnson has not been putting up better numbers he still averages close to 70 yards per game, and is due for a breakout at any moment. The Chiefs will need to keep their eye on him, and with how well they have been playing it should not be an issue.

Honorable mentions:
Kendall Wright – WR Leads team in receptions
Ryan Fitzpatrick – QB 4-1 against the Chiefs

Sound off Addicts, who do you think the Chiefs need to be looking for this coming Sunday?

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  • KCMikeG

    I am still a little concerned about this week because it is on the road (although we have already proven ourselves there twice already) and because the odds are that a few games will probably be lost down the road (then again it has been done before and this is fast becoming not just the best defense OR best offense we have experienced before. No this is going to be the BEST, most balanced team we have ever had). Now Jake Locker is out and Fitz (Sorry not this time as not only do we have the top ranked defense but we also have a bigger beard too!) will pay the price for his past successes vs our wuch lesser skilled defenses. St’s is the frosting on the cake. This type of dominant, balanced play leads right into the playoffs!

    • Calchiefsfan

      I’m looking for Poe to have a big game and set off Houston and Hali. Special teams could factor in as well. How Smith handles the pressure from the Titans will be another key. The Chiefs have been stepping up all year, I’m ready to see it again this week!

  • KCMikeG

    Oh yeah. Nice post and accurate assessment of their strengths. After reading my own post I’m not concerned anymore. They have beaten the very average to bad dolts and jets and got beaten by a Texans team that has been stumbling out of the gate. With Locker out I know we will prevail. Next to winning the game I would really see Anthony Sherman, or anyone really, on a completely clean, legit hit knock the snot right out of Pollard. Dirty, cheap shot players like him are a reminder of our disgraceful past and putting his lights out the right way would show the caliber our Chiefs are now that we have rid ourselves of ones like him.

  • Jim Harper

    I am in complete agreement with Mike and you too. The one player who makes me nervous is Fitzpatrick. For some reason in the past every time he plays the Chiefs he turns into Tom Brady. But on the other hand he has never played against this defense and the pressure should throw his timing way off.

  • Aaron

    Oh, and I am more concerned with Fitz in there instead of Locker, I watch Locker enough here to know we were going to get I’m disturbed in the pocket and make him make plenty of mistakes. Fitz has a better pass downfield while sitting in the pocket, we have seen that. I would like to add Judtin Hunter to this list, this rookie is good downfield.

  • freshmeat62

    As much as I like seeing Poe out there doing his thing, it concerns me that he’s playing as many downs as he is. Lets not burn the guy up by mid-season.

  • Blake Molina

    While Nate Washington is good, he’s no Cruz, Bryant, or Jackson. Even if Flowers doesn’t go, I’m not as concerned this week. Contain Johnson and force Firzpatrick to try and beat us. That might mean we give a bomb to Washington for a TD, but we withstood that from those stud NFC East receivers didn’t we?

  • BobbyP

    Ryan Fitzpatrick got those victories against the Chiefs when they were playing a bend but don’t break defense. Let’s see how effective he is against the likes of this defense!