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Chiefs: Is Kansas City A Legitimate Playoff Contender?


The Kansas City Chiefs are 4-0 for the first time since 2003. They have a coach is a proven winner in Andy Reid. They have a quarterback who simply refuses to make poor decisions when the ball is in his hands. Jamaal Charles continues to move the chains, and destroy the game clock in the fourth quarter. This team leads the NFL in sacks. These are just some of the reasons the Kansas City Chiefs are LEGITIMATE playoff contenders this year.

The Chiefs have started off better than any of us addicts could ever dream. They’ve allowed the least points per game out of any team in this entire league. It all begins with the defense. I am a major proponent of the fact that this league has moved on from “defense wins championships” to “the quarterback wins championships” theory (I’ll get to Alex Smith in a bit.) This defense will lead Kansas City to a playoff bid. The way they are playing, I have not ruled out an AFC West division title. YES I SAID IT, A DIVISION TITLE. The Denver Broncos are a good team, but you have to remember that Peyton Manning’s arm strength is not what it used to be. Also, he is without his pro bowl left tackle Ryan Clady against a HONGRY Chiefs defense that leads the NFL in sacks and points allowed. The Chiefs vs. Broncos game in week 11 could very much end up being a battle of 9-0 teams.

Another reason why this undefeated Kansas City Chiefs team is a legitimate playoff contender is because of their quarterback play. Quarterback Alex Smith is currently at seven passing touchdowns and two interceptions. He also has a 60.3% completion percentage while rushing for 151 yards on 30 carries. The Chiefs main issues last year were surmised of their quarterback play. Matt Cassel, now of the Minnesota Vikings, threw two interceptions in the Chiefs first game last year. I believe that any team has a chance in any game if their quarterback plays well and right now Alex Smith is playing pretty darn well. He continues to show the will to keep drives going and is now getting more comfortable throwing the ball downfield.

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Kansas City also has a very favorable schedule. This week, the Chiefs face a Tennessee Titans team that is coming off a blowout win and who have lost their starting quarterback to injury. Their next games after that include Oakland, Houston, and Cleveland at home, and teams like Tennessee and Buffalo away. These are all extremely beatable teams home or away.

There is no doubt in my mind the Kansas City Chiefs are playoff contenders. In my mind, not making the playoffs at this point would be a huge disappointment for the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs team.

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  • R0bDC

    KC Chiefs are as good as any team in the AFC, except ofcourse the Broncos. So Yes, the chiefs are playoff material and possibly more.

  • berttheclock

    Many games to go, but, for the present, I believe all can say KC should win the NFC East.

    BTW, I do believe the Chiefs, should they remain relatively healthy, are a legitimate threat to be a major contender.

  • Jamesvic

    It is kinda funny- Chief fans were out to lunch at the beginning of the season. But niner fans know a bit more. I predicted the chiefs would win 11-12 games this year and get to the AFC championship game- I still think that is going down.

    The chiefs have a great defense- and i think Alex Smith’s “managing” helps defenses become elite because he eats up clock. When Smith throws the ball 4-5 yards at a time- it eats into time of possession.

    The best defense against Payton Manning is to keep the ball from him. In that way, i think Alex Smith could be a Manning killer. We will see- but quit with the – are the chiefs playoff contenders- The question is whether they are super bowl contenders.

    (Personally I was hoping the Vikings would have wised up and traded for Smith- The Vikings would be beastly with Alex Smith. It would have given Peterson a legit shot at a ring that guy deserves)

    • DXW

      Unfortunately, in addition to having the greatest offense in the history of the NFL (through four games), Denver also has an outstanding defense and special teams. It’s fun to think there’s a team in the AFC that can keep up, but the truth is, the only way the Broncos lose this year is if they beat themselves. In 40 years of watching the NFL, I’ve never seen anything like this Denver team. We’re all witnessing history.

      • Brandon Oliver

        You are seriously retarded denver hasnt played a good defense remember chiefs defense hurt mannings neck before and hali houston or poe is going to get him and they all will get him out of the pocket he isn’t good when he is not in the pocket on the run and he will be all day with those three after him by the way why don’t you post on your own board must be worried about something if your in chiefs nation!!!!

        • DXW

          Aw, come on… I like it here. I missed you guys last year when you all crawled back under your 2-win rocks and cried all winter. One of the the best things about football season is watching the hopes of Chiefs fans build and build and then crumble into tears by the end of the season. It brings so much joy to my orange and blue heart, you can’t blame me, can you?

          It’s fun to watch how you guys can take a win over Jacksonville and twist it into thinking the Chiefs are capable of beating Denver. The only explanation is that you don’t watch any other games, and you haven’t yet realized that Denver is playing a completely different game than the rest of the league.

          Here’s something fun. Close your eyes and imagine this… a Denver Broncos 19-0 season with a trail of broken league records in their wake… Scary, huh?

          You should really hope the Broncos lose this year. If you think Denver fans are annoying now, just imagine what they’d be like if they could boast that the greatest team in NFL history is a Denver team. The truly scary thing is that it can, and might, actually happen.

          Just let that thought sink in for a moment.

          • KCMikeG

            Getting nervous aren’t you? Feel the pressure building. donkeys better not stumble over their tails and lose in Dallas or the world will start seeing you for what you really are. A team that has to score 30+ points to win a game. That doesn’t work come playoff time little pony.

          • DTVTechGuy

            All this witnessing history crap is annoying.

            Knock it off. It’s 4 games in…. The Broncos haven’t played ANYONE… I repeat…. Everyone they have played suck…. Chiefs too… But seriously…. Stop wandering into every single thread talking about the Broncos like no one has ever seen a high powered offense before… Your acting like a toddler with a new toy…

      • d-block

        Pretty sure the Vikings from about ten year ago scored about the same amount. They were defeated by the Falcons that year in the NFC championship game. So I think you’re a bit off your rocker.

        • DXW

          Yeah, you’d be wrong.

        • jacati

          kinda like Denver was taken out by the Ravens last year. Just watching the boncos build and build and then crumble into tears at the end of the game. LMAO

      • KCMikeG

        Run along little donkey troll, time to go home to eat some crow in dumbver. Your daddy horse teeth is calling you.

        • DXW

          Daddy horse teeth? Really? What are you in fifth grade?

          • KCMikeG

            The truth hurts doesn’t it little pony boy?

      • Calchiefsfan

        Offense is outstanding but the Denver defense is barely average. Maybe when Champ and Miller get back they will improve but right now they are 15th in points allowed and 24th in yards per game. That’s not outstanding, more of a disappointment if you’re a Denver fan.

        • Kenny Cember

          The thing you have to understand about those stats is that they aren’t telling. Teams are playing from behind against Denver. Therefore they pass a lot. They are always usually behind by so much, so early, that Denver goes into a prevent defense really early and allows those yards and those points. They’re also missing Von Miller and Champ Bailey.

        • DXW

          HA HA… Yes, Denver fans are all extremely disappointed with the way things have gone so far this year… You got us. LMAO!

  • Calchiefsfan

    We are definitely going to the playoffs this year though we need several things to happen if we want to be legitimate Super Bowl contenders, (I can’t believe I’m actually saying this). First; the O line has to come together, second; Smith/Reid need to open up the offense more which should come with time, third; Cooper or another CB needs to step up and be a legitimate starter. We need three solid CBs to compete against the Broncos/Patriots/Texans. Robinson is not quite up to the task and will get exposed against someone like Welker.

  • freshmeat62

    No doubt the Chiefs are a playoff contender. But to be a SB contender the o-line is going to have to do an all around better job. But they will have 9 games under their belt and be coming off the bye week when they play Denver for the 1st time, but then I think Denver has the same bye week. When they can feel safe enough to throw a pass more than 20 yards, and I don’t mean 20 yards including RAC, then it’s going to get real exciting. I’m really impressed how Dorsey/Reid have been able to bring people in off the waiver wire, and get them to be big contributors.