2014 NFL Draft: Tight End Prospects You Should Know

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In this series of articles, I will be picking one position group each week from which I will be choosing four players to evaluate.  There will be three that you’ve probably heard of, and one that you probably haven’t. Please enjoy and I look forward to reading your comments.

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Austin Seferian-Jenkins – 6’6 276lbs – Washington

Chances are that you’ve heard of Seferian-Jenkins already. Hell, I was hearing about him in 2011. As often is the case, Seferian-Jenkins is a former basketball player turned tight end. With an NFL ready body and speed to boot, he’s a sure fire first round pick. I mentioned previously that I don’t link any of these prospects to the Chiefs, at least not yet, but keep an eye on this kid. With the Chiefs inability to keep a tight end healthy for any significant period of time since Tony Gonzalez (remember Brad Cottam?), I think tight end talent like Seferian-Jenkins may not make it passed our pick. At the rate we are going, he may not make it to our pick, but that’s a different article altogether. His freshman year he had 41 receptions for 538 yards and six touchdowns. His sophomore year he had 69 receptions for 852 yards and seven touchdowns. In the spring of 2013, he was arrested for a DUI and was suspended for the season opener against Boise State. This is something that isn’t uncommon for college players and I don’t think that it will hold him back in the NFL, as long has he interviews well. Seferian-Jenkins has the size and athleticism that resembles Jimmy Graham and he holds nearly every tight end record in the books at Washington at only the start of his junior season. Pun intended, this Washington Husky leads the pack for tight ends.

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  • Blake Molina

    Another intriguing college TE is the guy out of Notre Dame. He is massive, 6-7 270 and he’s a long 6-7. Showed solid hands when I’ve seen him play, and overall athletic considering his size

    • berttheclock

      Remember when ND was known for producing QBs? They have really been producing TEs.

  • berttheclock

    Please, some quiet. Mr Pioli is still reading about someone named Jimmy Graham.

  • berttheclock

    C J Fiedorowicz of Iowa can both block and get open and catch passes. Yes, I know, several will groan at the mention of Iowa, but, he is very tough.

    As to the TE from Nike, yes, he is solid on the field, but, if his frosh companion, Johnny Mundt, could come out for the draft, Mundt would go ahead of him. The large TE from The Dub should go in the lower end of the first round, so, there might still be a chance for the Chiefs to select him. Would be a fine transition from the Tonyish Gig Harbor to KCMO.

  • Danny W

    Man how do these guys block? I like athleticism and all that’s great but right now Eric Fisher is needing some help on his side of the ball. We need a guy not afraid to stick his shoulder pads into a d lineman or a linebacker and catch the ball across the middle.