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Chiefs vs. Giants: Notes And Thoughts On Kansas City's Resounding Win

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The Kansas City Chiefs are 4-0, and believe it or not, the team that won two games all of last season currently looks like one of the better teams in the NFL.

The Chiefs took another step forward with a resounding 31-7 win over the visiting New York Giants.

Special teams was great, the defense once again forced turnovers and the offense put some points up on the board.

Arrowhead was loud as expected, and Andy Reid’s team did not disappoint. This wasn’t a fluke win, and anybody who has watched this team at all this season should be starting to get the feeling that the Chiefs are for real.

I went through and re-watched every snap of this game, thanks to NFL Rewind. Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of this AA writer while watching the game? Well, even if you didn’t, here are my notes and thoughts on the Chiefs win over the Giants:


1st Quarter

–Alex Smith’s mobility and ability to evade pressure is easily his most underrated quality. He reminds me a lot of Aaron Rodgers in regard to his ability to move around the pocket.
–Seeing a few empty sets from the Chiefs on offense so far. Good to see them spreading the Giants out. I’m happy with that game plan.
–Never want to see a punt on the first drive, but man is a heck of a weapon for this team. Field position is huge.
–Four and out (penalty) for the Giants’ offense to start the game. How can they hear out there? Chiefs’ defense flying around.
–Dwyane Bowe with the catch on the second drive. Good to see him getting involved early.

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–One word to describe the Chiefs’ defense right now? Swarming…
–Special teams playing a big role early on. So are yellow flags.
–Jamaal Charles getting stuffed early on by the Giants’ defense.
2nd Quarter
–Chiefs knocking on the doorstep of their first score to start the quarter. Always nice to start and finish quarters strong.
–The beard, Sean McGrath with a touchdown. This guy is going to become a fan favorite very quickly.
Chiefs: 7, Giants: 0
–Why do beards make people so popular? Thankfully I can grow one.

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-Victor Cruz has some great speed, and Manning has a nice arm. Good touchdown for the Giants, can’t do anything about it.
Chiefs: 7, Giants: 7
–Jamaal Charles is soo effective out of the backfield.
–Just watched Dontari Poe blow back the line of scrimmage. Got in on the tackle even though the play went outside. This guy is becoming a special defender.
–Tamba Hali forces a fumble. With all the focus on Justin Houston and how good he has been, Hali is going under the radar a bit.
–This Chiefs’ defense thrives on turnovers. Kansas City will win games because of this unit.
-Chiefs just offered up one of the strangest fumbles I’ve ever seen. Not even sure what happened.
–Every time the defense makes a big play, Arrowhead explodes. Defense is becoming an art here in Kansas City. People are excited about it.
–Special teams come through for Kansas City with a long field goal. Always good to score before half.
Chiefs: 10, Giants: 7
–Nice two minute offense from the Giants. Too bad their kicker hooked it.
3rd Quarter
–It was huge for Kansas City’s defense to come out of half and force a punt. Don’t let the Giants gain any momentum or confidence.
–Sean McGrath making the most of his opportunities, as tight ends tend to do.
-Alex Smith just made a bad read and forced an interception. The cornerback had clearly cut of Bowe’s slant route and had gotten underneath it. Bad play for Kansas City by both Smith and Bowe. That was a surprising play.
–Chiefs’ defense helping the offense out, forcing another punt.
–Quintin Demps with the nice pick. Credit the pressure there, and a horrible decision by Manning. Was basically a punt for the Giants, but still, KC set up with great field position.

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–Alex Smith with two interceptions? That one was an unlucky break, but wow, the anti-Smith crowd is really going to take advantage of this.
–Donnie Avery not having a good day. Few dropped passes.
–Chiefs’ offense stalling. The defense is really doing a good job shutting down the Giants and keeping Kansas City on top.
–Dexter McCluster goes 89 yards for a score on a punt return. Made some Giants’ special teamers look silly. Some of his moves were straight out of a Madden game.
Chiefs: 17, Giants, 7
–Special teams and defense will make this Chiefs team very dangerous and will allow them to beat any team in the NFL.
–Arrowhead is loud right now, and that’s an understatement.
–Eric Berry is everywhere for the defense right now.
4th Quarter
–Dexter McCluster is having a great day. He’s going to get an Arrowhead from me, for sure.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

–Tight ends having a big day for the Chiefs.
–I think Jamaal Charles is going to get an Arrowhead as well. Another touchdown through the air.
Chiefs: 24, Giants, 7
–The fans are loud right now. Really enjoying what looks to be a great win for Kansas City. 4-0 on the horizon.
–Eric Berry makes a defensive play. The Chiefs force another turnover. Anybody surprised? No.
–Dwayne Bowe with a tremendous touchdown. Really fought for it.
Chiefs: 31, Giants, 7
–Hard to believe the Giants are going to be 0-4. They have some talent, but overall, this is not a good team.
-Credit Kansas City for winning a game it should have won. Defense continued to look great and force turnovers. Offense made the plays it needed to make, and special teams, well, special teams continued to be a game-changer.

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–This is a playoff team.

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  • Mark Bustamante

    Great article Andrew. I agree our Defense win this game for us. And nice to see Bowe get involved. Also I love the BEARDED ONE

  • berttheclock

    As for those Avery drops, credit the very tight defensive play by the Giant’s CB. Their game plan was to not allow Avery to be able to roam freely. As a result, the DB was hitting Avery the moment the ball arrived. On one of them he hit the ball which jarred it loose. However, the Giants paid the price for that coverage. It left less pressure on Dexter and Bowe

    • tm1946

      Avery’s history is all about a lot of drops. That said, if a team shuts him down and doubles up Bowe, the slot or RBs need to step up and have great days. Our backup TEs are doing pretty well but someone else should be burning up the stats.

      • berttheclock

        Actually, it was only the one year at Indy after coming off a year and a half rehab. The Giants DB had much to do with those drops from yesterday. However, one positive was the near miss when Avery was turned loose up field. Just a bit too far.

      • Doc

        Ummm… With Bowe taking a lot of coverage and now this week Avery drew some good coverage, it seems to me that others players stepped it up a notch and made plays (McGrath, McCluster, Brock). So with all of the skills these players have, and now depth, as a defensive coordinator who would you focus on? Avery can drop 10 balls a game – as long as it translates into a ‘W’ for our Chiefs. Drop too many balls and I doubt Dorsey and/or Reid will keep them around long. Or have you not been paying attention to what is going on behind the scenes. Avery gives us the speed we thought we had in Baldwin – but dropped balls saw his departure. What we are lacking is a jump ball type of receiver like Gonzo faves us.

    • superman_25_58

      The DB got there a little too early on a couple of those plays against Avery and a flag should of been thrown but we been getting bent over with no Vaseline when it comes to the zebra’s calling the damn games right this season.

  • Andy

    Ummmm….Special teams great? THREE blocked kicks by our opponents in four games?!!? Our MVP Punter was almost injuried. This should have been fixed after the first block in game one.

    • gaden

      Blocked kicks are usually the result of one player missing his assignment. Look up the Chiefs average yardage on returns, then look up the opponent’s yardage on returns. We will all wait here for your return.

      • Andy

        Maybe you need to re read my comment. I didn’t say Special Teams was bad, just not great as the article said. No great STs has three blocks in a season let a lone 3 out of 4 games. The only reason you commented is that it hadn’t cost us yet. You would be singing a different tune if they carted off our punter or Dallas kicked a field goal to beat us. It isnt all about return yards!!!

  • freshmeat62

    Had to listen to the 1st half on the radio. Listening to Dawson scares the heck out of me. He made it sound like the o-line and receivers were just a bunch of bums stumbling around out there. There were several plays that he was ranting on the defense. I had to keep reminding myself that, well, the Chiefs are ahead. Were they that bad in the 1st half? I didn’t think they looked that bad in the 2nd half.

    • berttheclock

      Well, at least, you could never call him a Homer, eh? Strange game early on, but, Dorsey and Reid have really brought in excellent assistant coaches and one thing which has really impressed him are their collective 2nd half adjustments. They are becoming masters in the chess games which goes on between opposing co-ords. Yes, Cruz burned the Chiefs when there was no safety brought over, but, that did not happen in the second half and most of the catches by Cruz were in just trying to move the chains. On the offensive side of the ball, run blocking became better in the 2nd half and both Dexter and Brock helped move the chains.

      However, Cool Lenny may have been grousing about the defense at times, but, you should have seen the looks on the face of Eli, especially, after going 1 for 14 on 3rd down plays. There were only 3 sacks, but, there were many hurries. Plus, his look after seeing our “Pin Ball Wizard” Dexter spin and bounce on his spectacular 89 yard run, was priceless.

    • Danny W

      Yeah it’s probably not to far off for o’l Len to sit on down and ride into the sunset. Trent Green has excellent color analysis and would do an excellent job along side Mitch Holtus.

  • ArrowFan

    There is no way I can sprout a beard like that

    • Jared Watson

      Just rub a bit of water and chicken manure on face, let sit overnight, wash off, chia. On another note, Titans will be a good test. Don’t let the absence of Locker fool us. See two previous outings vs Fitzpatrick.

      • berttheclock

        Plus, Fitzpatrick had a very good rating after coming off the bench.

        • freshmeat62

          I remember Firzpatrick w/ the Bills a few years ago putting the hurt on the Chiefs. Of course that was the ‘old’ Chiefs,but the guy isn’t a bad QB.

  • Danny W

    The two interceptions weren’t on Smith. I was really pleased to see him let the football go more and pass a little further down the field. I’m encouraged by it for sure. We weren’t a three and out machine most of the game. You give our defense a breath like that through out most of any game and they will dominate all offenses including the Broncos.

  • oldchiefsfan

    At my house yesterday we all came up with a nickname for McGrath. We like it. What do you all think. “McBeard”

    • Andrew Kulha

      Not bad. Good stuff.

    • Doc

      Chief Blackbeard.

      • superman_25_58

        Bloodbath McGrath! What’s Next!!! lol

      • Gene Yuknis

        the good, the beard, and the ugly

  • Doc

    And we are still winning games despite having a lot of injured people. Got to give props to Clark for bringing in Dorsey and Reid who are getting the most out of the players we have. Can you imagine what this team will be like when healthy and all facets (offense, defense, special teams) gel at the same time? We will truly be unstoppable and know we have players on the depth chart that can step in to play as well. Go Chiefs!