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Eric Fisher: Chiefs’ OT Suffers Mild Concussion, The Struggle Continues

There’s a lot of pressure that comes along with being the first overall pick in the NFL draft, and the transition from college to the NFL is not always graceful. Chiefs’offensive tackle Eric Fisher personifies that struggle right now.

He suffered through a few minor bumps and bruises in the preseason, and his issues during the first quarter of the regular season have been well documented.

Things are great in Kansas City right now, but it seems as if the rough waters will continue for Fisher, even though his team is riding high at 4-0. Per Mike Florio of, Fisher suffered a concussion during Kansas City’s 31-7 win over the New York Giants:

While the term “mild” concussion tends to understate the severity of brain injuries, concussions have degrees.  And in the case of Chiefs right tackle Eric Fisher, his concussion is, per a league source, mild.

But it’s still a concussion, and the league now treats concussions very seriously, once the diagnosis is applied.

Fisher exited Sunday’s 31-7 win over the Giants with the head injury, and did not return.

The first overall pick in the 2013 draft, Fisher won’t be back until he gets clearance from an independent neurologist to practice and then to play.

Concussions are a huge deal in sports nowadays, and the NFL has been spearheading the movement towards awareness. As Florio pointed out, even though this is just a mild concussion, Fisher is still going to have to past tests and jump through hoops in order to get back on the field.

In the meantime, he’ll be missing out on valuable snaps, and at this point of his young career, that may be the worse news to come out of this diagnosis.

Hopefully he recovers swiftly from this mild concussion and can get back onto the field soon enough. The Chiefs are going to need their No. 1 overall pick to get better, and you can’t help your team when you’re in street clothes on the sideline.

Of all the positions, it could be argued that linemen have the hardest transition from level to level. Whether it be high school to college, or college to the NFL. Fisher’s transition to the NFL hasn’t been great thus far, and unfortunately, at least for now—it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.

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  • KCMikeG

    True and coming from a small school level of play to the NFL is an even bigger challenge. Extra special recognition for Donald Stephenson stepping in and stepping up today when Fisher went down!

    • Troy Utt

      Mike… As you may recall early on the topic of Stephenson was one in-which you & I did not agree on… Obviouly being fast for a lineman of his size, I did not see the value in him due to lack of upper body strength. Citing his need to spend his offseason in the weight-room! I must commend Donald Stephenson for stepping-up and quite honestly not just filling in but showing he is hungry & deserving of a place at the table! WAR CHIEFS!!!

      • KCMikeG

        If he can play like he did Sunday Stephenson could definitely allow Fisher time to develop -except people would go berserk if we don’t play our #1 draft pick. I heard Reid talking about adding 20 pounds of “strength” to Fisher in the 2014 offseason. Kudos to R&D for developing Donald instead of casting him aside because he was Pioli’s pick. R&D are a match made in NFL heaven!

  • Jim Harper

    No need for people to panic. There has been far too much criticism of Fisher so far this year. Besides how tough it is transitioning from college to the NFL his has been even more difficult due to changing from LT to RT. Everything is backwards to him. Things as simple as foot placement are all different. I personally think he has done rather well under the circumstances. If everyone will remember, Brandon Albert’s rookie year was even worse and he did not have to change sides. Fisher will be fine.

    • Pealvin

      I don’t remember Alberts rookie year being worse. I do agree that fisher will be just fine tho. He’s athletic and it’s not like he’s been going against any slouches on that right side.

      • PunjabiPete

        Albert had a better year because he was doing the job he was hired, and comfortable, doing (I may be wrong on that, so please feel free to refute me). I think Fischer will pan out, but it might not be until year 3.

        • KCMikeG

          Actually Albert was a Guard drafted to play Tackle – a move back was hotly debated during and even after the draft this year after he spent years learning and developing. Fisher will either learn the RT or if Albert moves on then he would return to the left. Depending of course on the 2014 draft prospects and FA LT’s available.
          Jim – your right about the change in position being an another challenge beyond the normal college to NFL growing pains plus Fisher came from a small school too. Reid will pack on 20 pounds (on Fisher not himself) and Fisher will be great for us for years to come.

          • PunjabiPete

            Thanks for the info, I wasn’t sure. I AM sure if Reid likes Jack Stack as much as he says he does he will pack on 20 lbs. too… delicious!

          • KCMikeG

            JackStack is my favorite too! Not as thrilled about the 20 #’s though! Thought I had died and gone to heaven when they installed them inside Arrowhead!

      • Jim Harper

        Actually you are correct. His rookie year was not bad only allowing 4 and a half sacks and 1 penalty in 2008. However in 2009 he had a bad year with 10 penalties and allowed 9 sacks which was 5th worst in the league. His rookie year saw help in the form of Brian Waters and Casey Wiegmann on that line with him.

  • Danny W

    I think Fish will be just fine. He’s having a tough a year thus far but will turn out okay. One thing I’ve noticed about him is that he’s far and away our smallest lineman on the field. Most right tackles are the biggest players on offense. To me it looked like McGrath was the bigger than him. He needs a solid year in an NFL weight room with an offseason. He’ll develop. The whole concussion thing though could potentially ruin him. Once you get one your prone and susceptible to get more. Here’s to hoping he develops and heals physically. I think Stephenson will do just fine for now until he get’s back.

  • Joe Myers

    Eric is doing great for one reason . When he gets beat even if he don’t gI’ve up a sack he comes back the next play and takes it to um seen it all season long . He plays with a nasty side and you can tell he’s still taking it all in . But he’s taking it in and that’s the important part !!!!!!

  • tm1946

    For different reasons, both Ts are having issues. Fisher is struggling to get his game to the NFL level consistently and Albert is getting flagged to much. Might be the style of play required or new coaching but they are slow to gel. The OL needs time but this concussion may slow that down.

  • freshmeat62

    What caused the concussion? This scares me, because the effects of these things can build w/ each occurrence. If he gets a couple more, he could be done.

  • ArrowFan

    It may be good for him to sit and heal up I don’t think he has been 100% all year. Now we just need to find another back up Tackle?

    • KCMikeG

      True he has been fighting injury all year which slows his play and limits his already demanding development curve. He has faced some pretty good DE’s already.

  • Doc

    I’ll take Fisher with a ‘mild’ concussion overBarry Richardson any day. We are 4 and OH for crying out loud – and we did it with backups. We will be fine. Learning the NFL takes time and Fisher is only in his 8th game (counting preseason). No need to panic about our Chiefs this early. It has been proven we have better coaches now that are getting the best out of all players.mi guess old ‘panic’ habits of Chiefs fans die hard. Go Cheifs!

  • superman_25_58

    Joe Staley came from the same small school and struggled his first 2-3 years allowing 16.5 sacks in two of his first 3 seasons as well as getting a concussion in those years. Staley is now one of the best OL in the league IMO. Nothing to worry bout here bc fisher will pick it up