Sep 29, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin (left) talks to Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid (right) after the game at Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City won the game 31-7. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs vs Giants: Grading Kansas City’s Win Over New York

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The sky was blue, the weather was perfect, the stadium was rocking, and the Kansas City Chiefs moved to 4-0 Sunday afternoon, thumping the New York Giants 31-7. The game was close for quite some time, but the Chiefs pulled away in the fourth quarter thanks in large part to yet another long, methodical late-game drive by the offense. This week’s report card is worthy of your mother’s refrigerator. So, grab a magnet, and let’s take a look.


Sure, Smith threw two interceptions. So what. Neither were stupid plays, and the Giants got exactly zero points from them. If anything, Alex showed us today that he trusts his receivers, and he trusts his accuracy. He was more than willing to fit passes into small windows, and almost every time, his passes were right on the money.

How about Sean McGrath, eh? What can you say – the Bearded Wonder is playing very well in the place of Anthony Fasano and Travis Kelce. He has great hands, and has shown to be quite adept at getting his fair share of yards after the catch.

More than anything, however, I’ll say this: Jamaal Charles owns the fourth quarter. Just when you think Charles has been contained, the 3rd quarter clock strikes 0:00, and Andy starts feeding him the rock. We all know what happens after that.

Grade: B+


Manning completed 18 of 37 passes against the Chiefs, 10 of which went to Victor Cruz. This is the second time that the Chiefs have sacrificed the big play for the greater good of the team. Cruz had a Dez-Bryant-vs-the-Chiefs-type of game this afternoon that still resulted in a loss for his team. They held the Giants to 217 yards passing, and 164 of those 217 passing yards were to Cruz. That’s almost 76%. I’m fine with 217 total pass yards, especially with Brandon Flowers out.

Here’s another fun tidbit: The Giants were 1/14 on third down. Yeah, 1/14. That’s 7%. Incredible, really. For comparison purposes, the Chiefs did very well today by converting 9/16, or 56% on third downs. That is good defense, folks. It doesn’t matter how many plays you run, or how deep you can throw the ball if you can’t get a first down.

Can I also give a big shout-out to Marcus Cooper? This kid manned up today big-time in the absence of Flowers and played a heck of football game.

Also, secondary shout-out to Eli Manning’s confused facial expressions all game. Thanks for that, Eli. Loved it.

Grade: A

Special Teams

It looked like Dustin Colquitt was punting (and punting well) hurt, Ryan Succop hit two 50+ yard field goals (though one of them didn’t count), and Dexter McCluster took a punt to the house. Pretty nice day for Dave Toub’s boys.

Grade: A+


Whatever this defensive game-plan is that allows one receiver to get about 150 yards, but ensures no one else gets much of anything seems to be a nice trade-off. I’ll take it – just a tad scared for when it backfires.

The offense went to the run when they needed it the most. Andy Reid and Doug Pederson obviously made it a point to get Dwayne Bowe involved in the offense – which can only be a good thing – and lot of the sloppy play we saw last week was eliminated.

As far as the special teams went, the Chiefs got a score, and also did well defending the Giants in the kick game.

Solid day for the coaches.

Grade: A+

Okay Addicts, let me hear it below. Did I blow it? Am I riding too high?

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  • Blake Molina

    I’d probably go more B- for offense, offensive line still looked a little iffy, Smith just does a great job of stepping up and not holding onto the ball for too long.
    Also, I’d like to see more of Charles’ 4th quarter running, but in the first half of games.

    • Spencer

      I’d Give some props to Stephenson, so be honest he could just as easily take the job from Fisher at this point early…

      • berttheclock

        Didn’t happen to notice his clip, eh?

  • Chris Tarrants

    Spot on. Alex showed today that when he needs to he can go yard and do it accurately. The defense is just stupid good and special teams is getting better and they are already good so great is right around the corner

  • Lyle Graversen

    I would of gone “B” for the offense, but that’s pretty nit picky. You pretty much nailed it. The defense was and is AMAZING.

  • Aaron

    Ok, I have been saying the offense needs to step up an be more productive, I still think that a little. BUT, if AS can stay this efficient, an we dominate the 4th quater as we have been, then I BELIEVE! There is no better way to put away opponents. Thank you for the awesome start in the season, Go CHIEFS!!

    • Patrick Allen

      Offense needs to be better but the fact is, they have come up with big drives late in games three weeks in a row. That’ll do for now.

  • DTVTechGuy

    Still think , and will continue to do so, the O-Line is making these games closer than needed. We’re gonna need to run the ball the 1st 3 qrtrs of the game against the Broncos…

    • Michael Shaw

      Or hope that H2Poe can get to Peyton better than they did Eli!!???

      • berttheclock

        Hmmm, 3 sacks and several hurries are not very good, eh?

        • Michael Shaw

          No, no, no, no, that isn’t what I am saying or meant. I mean we have to get after Peyton twice that or he will pick us apart, especially if Flowers stays hurt that long!!

  • Mark Bustamante

    Good article Paul. Very thorough. We still committed way too many penalties. But a win is a win!!! GO CHIEFS

  • Chris Foosman

    Alex Smith seems to be roughly the streakier QB in the NFL. There are times where he makes amazing throws into traffic, and there are other times where his throws and decisions are worse than an Andy Reid swimsuit calendar. Everything else is good. The o-line is getting better every game, and I hope that continues. Charles’s blocking and catching appear to be improving as well. They really do play as a team. What was with Avery and the drops?

    • Jim Harper

      I really don’t get why you think Smith is streaky. If anything he has been one of the most accurate QB’s in the league with only 2 harmless interceptions through 4 games and he makes solid decisions which is a big reason why we are 4-0.

    • Brandon Oliver

      What game were you watching alex threw what could be considered as a bad pass first interception other than that he was very accurate the second interception was luck by the defense and Charles tipping it off his ankle he was very accurate and smart with his throws you on the other hand should consider a new pair of prescription glasses I will take the guy with only 21 interceptions since 2010 anyday

      • Chris Foosman

        I may be nitpicking because I have a background in the sport, but he threw back shoulder a few times when the receiver should have been led, and he does this thing where he goes into check down mania. They all seem to be confined to drives too. That’s what is amazing. One drive he is throwing into traffic with perfect touch right after a drive where he checked down twice, escaped the pocket for no reason or missed McCluster running free to the endzone on a little release route. Again, your professional opinion might be different than mine based on your own experiences.

      • berttheclock

        The first interception looked more akin to bad communication between Bowe and Smith. It looked as though Smith thought Bowe was going to cut to his right whereas, Bowe tried to go to his left.

    • Michael Shaw


    • Danny W

      I’m usually a critic of Smith’s play but I have to say today he did extremely well. I’m pleased. In other games too conservative maybe be his accuracies weren’t the problems today.

      • micah stephenson

        For the 1st time ima say Smith did alright too. Hell must b freezing over! Lol. He threw a few picks but a least he quit acting like a lil scared girl and let the ball fly finally.

        • Danny W

          That’s all I wanted. He still ran it at times when he could have probably thrown it but he didn’t. Still got some first downs and that’s fine. His throws had some zip on them and he threw it further than five yards on several occasions.

          • micah stephenson

            Yea not perfect. But its a start.

        • KC Claussen

          Holy Crap! Micah, if Hell isn’t freezing it must be awfully cold!

        • kcpauly

          Wow, I just about dropped from shock, Micah said Smith and alright in the same sentence, wow if this keeps up Micah might be forced to go Smith and good in the same sentence LOL then I will know we are going to the SB LOL, oh ya and one of the interceptions hit Charles right in the hands and he was thinking about running before he had the ball and the G-men just got lucky on a few freak bounces, that ones on Jamaal though so technicaly Smith was only responsible for one, so now onto another 160 passes without a pick and we should be fine, good read Paul
          Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!

          • KCMikeG

            Time heals all wounds. They will come around eventually as the offense develops.. Offense takes time to gel. It will only get better as the season progresses especially when we get our TE and OL starters back. IMO Reid is holding some things back for just the right moment down the road to win a close one or comeback if we ever get down.

    • berttheclock

      Two of those “drops” were actually knocked away by very good defense. It looked as though the game plan was to shadow Avery and let him slip underneath.

    • micah stephenson

      Uh oooooooo. Are you out yo cotton picken mind????? You ain’t allowed to say anything bad about Alex Smith around here. They bout to b to get you!

  • Lewis Rigor

    This game was very important for Alex. The Giants have been a thorn in his side and today even with two pick (Which I do not believe are all on him) he was able to shrug it off and respond big time.

    I feel that this game solidified what is happening with the team who just last year was the joke of the NFL. I have never been more proud of a team as I am with these guys and I know that from this point forward I will die in RED an GOLD

  • Allen Roberson

    Let’s not forget there was almost yet another blocked punt today. Need to lower the special teams grade.

    • Michael Shaw

      Wasn’t that a penalty and not a blocked kick?

      • HerbanLegend

        There was no penalty on the play as the defender got a piece of the ball before he hit Colquitt.

        • Michael Shaw

          I must not remember the rule too well, I thought they weren’t allowed to hit the kicker whether they got a piece of the ball or not???

  • BWrangler

    Offense puts asses in the bleachers, defense win championships. They are doing whatever they need to win games. The offense put 24 points on the board. It wasn’t pretty at times, but it did the job. Just wait until Fasano and Kelce get better. The Chiefs are legit.

    • berttheclock

      Even Brock shook off the rust and was able to get open and move the chains.

  • thabear04

    Cooper step it up when he took over Robinson place as DB but other then that we played great.

  • Michael Shaw

    BLOODBATH MCGRATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BWrangler

      I LIKE IT!!!

  • Danny W

    Two picks that weren’t that bad today. I have to say Smith impressed me. He came out today and threw the football down the field some. He keeps this up and he’s no longer just mediocre to me, he’s above average. I don’t care about two picks if he throws the ball down the field and hit’s his targets. Defense is just ridiculous at this point. Did extremely well with Flowers out. I mean BOOM to quote Romeo Crennel. How about the special teams, we knew they had a propensity to make huge plays and they finally did it. Need to get punt coverage down though because we’re suspect on protection there. I have absolutely zero gripes about this game and think were on the rise as a football team. 4-0 and looking better than ever.

    • micah stephenson

      Yea feels good to beat up on the the big bad Giants. ;). This defense is crazy. Mayby the best Chiefs D eva!!!

      • Danny W

        The Giants are an NFL team, while they’re struggling they’re not the Busch league Jags. This defense is as good as any I’ve ever seen as a KC fan.

  • Doc

    Did anyone else notice it when Reid threw the flag to challenge the spot and the referee said, “…Philladelphia will not be charged a time out.”? I had to do a double take on that and the announcer didn’t catch it either. A tough fought first half – or was Reid and company toying withy them? Eli is no Peyton, so they real test of our defense will come against the Broncos. Hopefully the offense will gel by the AFC West stretch. I can see us being 9-0 by the bye week heading into the AFC West gauntlet.

    • HerbanLegend

      Was working during the game so didn’t see it live, but caught it on the GameRewind!! I actually just texted my buddy about this! Haha thought that was pretty funny, since I was watching the condensed replay I didn’t get to hear if the commentators mentioned it. Good ears. GO EAG……I MEAN CHIEFS!!!

    • Suzi Conger

      Yep, heard it.. Philly lol,.funny Re; 1st half; not ‘toying’ OLine is still ‘gelling’; between being young/inexperienced and new playing together. oppositon D’s are still mega-pressuring Alex causing many ‘hurried’ plays; at present, our OL has allowed Alex only 2.5 seconds/play ave. ( 1-3 QTRs) not nearly enough time for big deep passes. Our receivers still are dropping too many accurate passes. Penalty flags, usually caused by our OLine, are still too many, also…I believe AReid, et al that with time playing together, our OL (and receivers) will just keep getting better and better. KCMike posted a great OLine explanation earlier. I agree with you that hopefully the O ‘gels’ sooner rather than later, in time for Denver!

      Alex is extremely capable of big deep plays. A very Fun film to watch; see what Chief’s Nation has to look forward to with Alex’s QB talents

  • BWrangler

    I had a crazy thought while watching the recaps for the games. I’m looking forward to seeing the Chiefs D take on the Donkeys. I think they’re in for a huge surprise. That’s going to be a hell of a game, at least the first time around. These Chiefs aren’t the same Chiefs the Donkeys have been pushing around for a few years.

    • KCMikeG

      True. Plus I believe Reid has things up his sleeve yet to be unleashed for just such occasions. Getting Fasano & Kelce back will really open up the offense.

  • berttheclock

    McGrath went to college at Henderson State which is in the Ouachita Mountains. In Choctaw, Ouachita means large buffalo. With his beard, he must look akin to a stampeding buffalo to opposing safeties. Very happy to see the Bison in the end zone with the ball.
    McGrath and Cooper were just two of the great pickups by Mr Dorsey from the waiver wire. Parker was another. Plus, Dorsey brought Brock back just in time. Amazing what a great GM can do for a team.

  • KCMikeG

    Just another step towards convincing the rest of the NFL that we are for REAL! What a fantastic day at Arrowhead!! I screamed myself hoarse! The defense gave up one play, got back each of the turnovers we gave away and would have had more sacks if not for an excessive number of uncalled holding penalties. They held the giants to ONE THIRD DOWN CONVERSION out of 14 attempts! This would have been incredible in and of itself but considering that they did it without Flowers (SPECIAL KUDOS TO COOPER!) while facing our offense turning the ball over for the 1st time x 3 makes today OFF THE CHARTS!!

    Alex Smith was the MVP of the game hands down even though he threw his 1st two Int’s. He ran for first downs when we had to have them. He completed nearly 60% using seven different receivers. He only took one sack for ZERO yards while going 100% in the Red Zone, Put up over 90 more yards than the giants. He lead us on an 11 play 98 YARD TD drive taking 5:38 off the clock and a 14 play 80 yard TD drive lasting NINE MINUTES AND 17 SECONDS start the FOURTH QUARTER!!! Avery’s performance last week prevented the giants from double/triple coverage on Bowe who would NOT be denied for the score! All this with TWO of our starting OL on the bench! The BEARDED ONE McGrath – our FOURTH string TE who has been fantastic and was our LEADING RECEIVER TODAY! Can you imagine what our offense will be like when we get Fasano and Kelce back? They will open up the passing game and improve the run game blocking both.

    The ST teams need to figure out what all of our competitors have figured out about how to block our kicks (Punts & FG’s). That said they provided excellent kick coverage and there is no denying that Dexter McCluster’s punt return TD sparked our 2nd half scoring binge. Special mention to Succop for making two 50+ kicks and for Dustin Colquitt being not just the best punter in the NFL but also the toughest.

    THANK YOU CLARK HUNT! Our coaching staff is freaking brilliant!! Called a great game, challenged the play that caused the NYg to have to punt to Dexter for the TD! Getting everything possible out of every player. SPECIAL recognition to John Dorsey for making Einstein like player decisions. Alex Smith and Sherman. Demps and Smith. Cooper and Parker. Jordan and DeVito. Avery and the BEARDED ONE McGrath. Sutton has unleashed this defense allowing them to dominate the NFL. Toub is creating a VERY SPECIAL SPECIAL TEAM. I predict that there will be multiple TD returns by this group as the season progress. Andy Reid has this team unified, focused with a never say die attitude. Speaking of attitude I FREAKING LOVED BOWE AND MCCLUSTER DOING THE SALSA TO MOCK CRUZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BWrangler

      Great breakdown! I also loved the salsa mockdom, GET THAT WEAK SHIT OUT OF HERE!!!!

    • ChadL

      We need to be a little cautious. Love being 4-0 but the combined record of the teams we have played is 3-13. Still a lot of room to grow but love the direction we are going. Pretty frustrated at how horrible our Oline is

      • KCMikeG

        Only Albert and Asamoah have any extended time playing together. Hudson is returning after missing most of last season after starting just one game his rookie season Schwarz and Stephenson are both back ups. The OL must develop/gel through reps together to be consistently successful. Yet with baling wire and duct tape they have managed to put together drives to help seal victories there weeks in a row. They took the ball 98 yards and ate over 9 minutes off the clock Sunday after taking it 80 yards earlier. Yes we would all like to see more production earlier in the game but this unit will only get better with time and some health.

        • Suzi Conger

          Good explanation and agree totally; part of what causes Alex to deserve your previously mentioned MVP; he has the patience and talent to deal constructively with our bourgeoning OL…I am so proud and happy for our Team, AndyReid/coaches and ClarkHunt..what a friggin Fun game

    • Suzi Conger

      Excellent breakdown report Mike

  • Calchiefsfan

    Every week our offense gets a little stronger and our special teams, (return game), are getting up to speed now. The D continues to play lights out. One of the most impressive things about this run is that the Chiefs are doing this with a number of injuries and yet still getting the job done. I have a lot of friends who are Denver fans and even they are starting to say week 11, at Arrowhead is going to huge. The Chiefs are definitely for real! Tennessee is next and they might be the toughest team we’ve faced yet. But will they be able to score?

  • Davé

    Hey Tony G….how does 1-3 feel? Hey Carr…how does 2-2 feel? What about you Haley? How is 0-4 feeling? 4-0 feeling pretty sweet in KC right now.

    • micah stephenson

      With money they make it prolly feels pretty good.

      • Michael Shaw

        You are so wrong sometimes!! LOL!!!

  • Pessimisticchiefsfan

    I would have gone B- to C+ for the offense. The chiefs absolutely have to get better at moving the ball but I think they will with time. Especially after we sign Brandon Lloyd this week.