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Chiefs News And Rumors 9/23

Many people need their coffee to get up and going in the morning. Here at Arrowhead Addict, we understand that for a Chiefs fan, coffee is simply not enough.

Here’s all that’s happening around Chiefs Kingdom this morning.

Welcome to The Morning Fix.

-The Kansas City Chiefs are the talk of the NFL, and for all the right reasons. Kansas City is 3-0, and beat Andy Reid’s former team, The Philadelphia Eagles, on Thursday Night Football to get there. What a story so far.

One of the main stories within the Chiefs’ great start to the season has been linebacker Justin Houston, who has totaled 7.5 sacks. Houston talked about the big win in Philly, per Reid Ferrin of

“We wanted to win the game for coach Reid,” Houston said. “We also wanted really to win one for the fans and ourselves. We want to keep up the great motivation and keep winning the games we play. This was a nice team win.”

Chiefs’ star defensive tackle, Dontari Poe, gave his thoughts on  Houston’s performance on Thursday night, also per Ferrin

“Beast,” Poe said. “He’s a beast. I can’t say anything bad about him; sacks, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, he played lights-out and he was a big part of Thursday’s win.”

Terez A. Paylor of the Kansas City Star wrote a cool feature on Eric Berry, and how he plays football like his favorite football player did, the late great Sean Taylor. Here’s a good quote on how great Berry has been for Kansas City, by cornerback Dunta Robinson, per Paylor’s article:

“This dude is one of the best football players I’ve ever been around in my life,” Robinson said. “I know he’s a young player, four years in, but he acts like a 12-year vet, like a guy that’s been playing for a long time. He plays with his heart and soul, and it’s a lot of fun playing with a guy like that.”

–Finally, for those mathematicians and economic junkies out there, here’s a great feature from Patrick Rishe of He basically discusses, in terms far over my head, how this hot start is going to be good for Kansas City in regard to ticket revenue.

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  • Chris Tarrants

    The great thing is that all of these guys are taking control of their squads. Houston has taken over for the backers because Johnson has never really been a vocal leader. Berry has taken control of the secondary, and Poe is the man on the line which is great because every body will be held accountable which is what we were missing all of last year.

    • PunjabiPete

      That’s awesome, and I am totally OK with Johnson just quietly making plays and doing his own thing. Some people are built to lead by rousing the “troops”, if you will; others, like Johnson, lead by example. I think we smash New York and are sitting at 6-0 when the Texans come to town… how great of a spot is this to be in!

    • berttheclock

      Did you hear Mike Mayock speak about how he thought Hali had really taken Houston under his wing and has been a major influence on his play?

      • Chris Tarrants

        As much as I love Hali as a chief he isn’t half as talented as Houston. Hali earns his money with motor and effort. Houston does it with god given ability which is scary because he is still learning! Everyone loves Von Miller but I think Houston is a better all around backer and he deffinantly has a better character profile than Miller and his patented jump suit orange

        • berttheclock

          I agree, but, it was Hali who did influence Houston in how to concentrate on being a professional. It was Hali who instilled the work ethic and desire to be the best. The current defense show me they are made of lunch pail guys who want to be reckoned with and not a group of guys who, either, only want their Tuesday pay checks and/or want to be Divas with Bling. The great defenses of the past all had the same type of players and all became to be known as such as “Fearsome”, or “People Eaters” or “Iron Curtain” some kind of “Doom” for opposing teams. This defensive unit needs a new moniker. They are on the road to greatness.

        • micah stephenson

          give Tamba a little credit, if you watch him in traing camp you will see he has a big influence on all the LBs. He works with them teaching block shedding and reading plays a lot.

          • Chris Tarrants

            Don’t get me wrong I’m not taking anything away from Hali my point is just that Houston is the better backer and is the man leading the corps of backers. Hali is a hell of a player and teacher but not so much of the vocal leader that we need back there. We need a Ray Lewis! Hopefully it’s a little more war chants dnd s little less murder but you get my point

  • berttheclock

    I believe there may well be another positive aspect to this development of the front seven. Practices by the offensive line could really hone that offensive line. Yes, young Mr Fisher has had his problems going against some fine pass rushers in the first three games, but, if he can’t learn from trying to block Houston and our DEs, then, he will never be able to learn. In the past few years, I thought the practices between the two different lines for the Chiefs had little to help either line. The O-line could not pass protect and the D-line couldn’t rush the passer. This vastly improved front seven should whip the O-line into shape.

  • Joe Myers

    A lot of people think the giants game could be a trap game but I think reid knows better he will keep them focused

  • Dfrey87

    I love the Chiefs there really on a roll right now, but we still have a lot to fix and get better at. The Chiefs are not the talk of the NFL were still not even mentioned. Huston had the best game by any player in the league and couldn’t even make Deons prime time. We get no love and they all doubt us I hope we use this as motivation. They all compare us to the Cardinals last year. Hell they won’t even mention how poorly the 9ers are playing and how we’re 3-0 with the QB the traded away.

  • DTVTechGuy

    I’ve been saying it since game one…. The O-Line better step it up.. Smith is getting put on his ass too often and they are NOT opening holes for Jamal…

    The Chiefs are winning despite of the O-Line, not because of it… We need our book-ends, Albert and Fisher to start getting mean and start dominating the trenches.

    For some odd reason, no one is mentioning this.

  • berttheclock

    Interesting observation made on NFL Network about the current problems with the Niners. Several pointed out the fact the Niners have not been able to establish the run. One, I believe it was Eric Davis, said when the QB has more running yards than the RBs, trouble will set in. If any team can not establish a running game, then, defenses will simply play pass. Look at what happened to the Niners yesterday. No running attack, problems with receivers getting separation and the defense contained Kaepernick and kept him from slipping outside to run.
    When, the comment was made about CK having more running yards than the RBs, I thought of how Alex Smith had outgained Charles at some early point. The running attack with Charles must be improved. Both Albert and Fisher have shown better run blocking at times than they have in trying to pass protect. Having a running game working takes the blitzing off the table.
    Oh, and one funny stat. A J Jenkins has one catch for six yards for the Chiefs. Jonathan Baldwin, even with the myriad of problems with their receivers, has not even had one throw to him and I doubt if he has even been on the field of play.