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Chiefs vs Eagles: Grading Kansas City’s Win Over Philadelphia

Andy Reid’s Kansas City Chiefs took down Chip Kelly’s “high-flying” Philadelphia Eagles 26-16 tonight in Philly. This victory, however, was won differently than Reid’s former Eagle teams. Tonight it was Reid’s defense that stepped up and played brilliantly, not the offense.

This game will be broken down intensely in the coming week (and deservedly so), but for now let’s hand out some grades:


This offense isn’t pretty, and probably won’t be. There were a number of ugly stretches during the game, especially from the offensive line. Illegal formation penalties, holding calls, and plain missed blocks made it hard for this squad to find a rhythm.

Additionally, Andy Reid likes to throw. A lot. I knew this was true, but it was nearly to the detriment of this team tonight. There were times when the Chiefs provided Philly with no threat to run, and as a result, the Eagles were pinning back their ears and coming right after Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith.

The saving grace for this unit was that final drive. It was, simply put, clutch. Backed up inside their own 10, Smith took his boys on a long, 8+ minute drive that ended in a monster field goal and basically sealed the game.

Just like last week, it wasn’t pretty, but the job got done.

Grade: C+


In 2012, the Chiefs let up 40 points in their opening game against Atlanta. This year, they’ve allowed 35 in the first 3 games played.

In 2012, they had 27 sacks in 16 games. Through 3 games this year, they have 14.

After week 1, the NFL community was enamored with Chip Kelly’s fast-paced offense, and was anointing the Eagles’ as an offensive juggernaut. The Chiefs held this same offense to 16 points tonight.

The bottom line is this: The man coverage on the outside is working; the Chiefs are leveraging the unique skills of their defensive players, and the defense is showing us they are special.

Grade: A+

Special Teams

Not sure how many times I can say that Dustin Colquitt is the man, so I’m going to consider that a given at this point, and move on.

Quintin Demps is an excellent return man, and had two solid returns in this game. Not sure why McCluster came in to return a kick late in the game. Dave Toub doesn’t seem sold on Demps as the full-time returner, as last week he tried to shoe-horn Knile Davis into that spot as well.

As far as the kicking game goes, I haven’t looked at hard numbers, but Ryan Succop’s accuracy at anything longer than forty yards has to plummet.

This week, Succop’s miss and McCluster’s poor return attempt keep this unit from an A.

Grade: B+


As I mentioned above, Reid loves passing. Though the play calling could have come back to burn the Chiefs, it didn’t, so it’s hard to complain. Bob Sutton’s defensive scheme is fun to watch, and you’ve got to hand it to this team for being themselves, and forcing the opponent to play their game, and not the other way around. The penalties need to come down, but overall, a good game for the coaching staff on a short week.

Grade: B

Okay, that’s my take on Week 3. Let me hear you below, Addicts.

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  • Twistedlefty

    spot on, good summary. we now have 9 days to heal and prep for NY. it couldn’t be better here in KC

    • Richard Comstock

      Yeahhhhhhhhhhh baby!!!!!
      I called 28-17..not too bad…
      I knew they had nothing for us. Desean is NOT dez and flowers held him in check. Our defense is amazing. I too think our play calling sucks but at least we aren’t turning over the rock..this is the kind of defense that wins championships!

      Anyone still think flowers is not a star?

      • PunjabiPete

        My grandma thinks flowers is not a star but she doesn’t watch football and gave me a weird look when I asked her.

    • P Heitman

      The benefit of a short week: a long week after a victory. Let’s get those Tight Ends healthy. We missed them last night.

  • Deaudrey Dre-Mac MacDonald

    True…Reid does like to throw ALOT!!! frustrating at times but we won. We have to execute better.

    • P Heitman

      The W heals all wounds.

      • kcpauly

        But if we can’t stretch the def. the W’s will not continue, AS11 was trying to go deep a couple of times I thought but our OL never gave him enough time to let the WR’s get down the field, thank goodness he is a checkdown king, and could find his safety valves, but this OL better get it together or there will never be any long balls, but for now I will take the healing W’s I just hope our OL pulls it together so the safeties aren’t like 5 yards from the line, if AS11 would of had time to let the WR’s get down field those safeties would of had to play a little deeper which would open up the mid range game a little better, and I give props to Eagles D for supposedly being the worst D in the NFL they brought it last night.Good team win I’ll take it
        Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • P Heitman

          I agree, and think Reid needs to help his line by running the ball and keeping the defense honest.

  • freshmeat62

    The number of pass plays borders on insanity. They have one of the best running backs in the league, especially when he has time to read the blocking, find a hole, and shoot thru it. What he can’t do is slam into a predesignated hole that isn’t open. Let him read the blocks, like Priest used to do.

    I’ve said from day 1 that I thought this was going to be a top 5 D. They have the horses. Worried about Flowers knee though.

    • PunjabiPete

      I actually kind of like the passing. I like how they were passing mostly to Jamaal Charles, and some of those were pretty close to extended pitches. I think it would help keep Charles fresher longer(?). But yes, execution is key if you’re going to do that… was very heartening to see the times Alex Smith had some time back there… makes me wonder if Cassel couldn’t have done a little better with 7 seconds (I counted) multiple times during the night… maybe he would… no, he would have still thrown it to an Eagle but you know what I mean.

      • P Heitman

        I think the throwing is only a problem when the defense your playing knows you’re going to throw. If the defense doesn’t respect the run, they can comfortably attack the QB, which started to happen last night. Otherwise, it’s fine. There just needs to be a bit more balance in the offense to keep defenses honest. A lot of the throws are basically extended runs in a sense, but it’s still a bit frustrating.

    • berttheclock

      An interesting point was made late in the game by Mayock. He pointed out how Brad Childress has worked from the booth in settling Reid at times. He said that Childress has told Reid in the 4th quarter to forego the pass and run out the clock.

      • freshmeat62

        Yeah I heard that also.There was a point there in the 3rd qtr that the passing was ridiculous.

  • PunjabiPete

    Here, I’ll say it for you haters out there:

    1. “The Eagles had an off game, Kansas City didn’t win, the Eagles lost” – I’ll take the victory, thanks
    2. “Michael Vick was THISCLOSE to winning that game, he just tripped that one time” or some other such nonsense. I’ll take the victory, thanks.
    3. “The score should have been higher, the Chiefs suck MRAWRGH!!!!” LOL I said that last word out loud and my coworker gave me this look. But I’ll still take the victory, thanks.

    Honest critiques of the game, though:

    1. Can we stop shooting ourselves in the foot with the penalties? Really?! It’s kind of pathetic where we rack up more penalty yards than the opposing team does yards sometimes.

    2. While it was a win, I wish we had stayed home on defense a little more. Every time Vick or McCoy got out behind the DL they had a nice little jog before anyone touched them, and they were TORCHING us. I know this group likes to pin it’s ears back and go for the ball, but a little discipline goes a long way.

    3. Offense. Get it together. When I saw the stats at the end of the game for Alex Smith, I was shocked. How the heck did he throw for almost 300 yards? Was that when I went to refill my soda?

    All in all though, great game, great feeling, milk it for all it’s worth today then we need to put our heads down and get ready for New York. A very winnable game, and now that we are 3-0 that is no longer good enough, we need 4-0!

    • Jason Seibel

      PunjabiPete has quickly become one of my favorite Addict commentors.

    • cyberry

      I don’t see how you can take this game from them. Yes, the penalty’s need to be addressed and the offense stalled more times than it should have. Desean Jackson leads the league in receiving and he was held to 3 catches, by Flowers alone..who has a high ankle sprain (they weren’t for for sure he was going to be able to play).. There offense is set up for screens..they shut it down.. Interceptions don’t just come because the QB’s aim is off, frequently as last night, the pressure the defense was giving causes them to hurry and force passes in.. You can yell at Alex Smith for just dropping but that…as irritating as it seems…when the pressure is being put on but it doesn’t allow a forced interception or fumble.. Because of this..(with Colquitt help) the Chiefs have little if any turnovers and don’t leave are defense in a bad position… Just because Alex Smith doesn’t throw a 45 yard pass.. he obviously was making completions by his stats and the score.. But they made drives when they needed too.. Everybody has been saying..we need a receiver to step up for 2nd spot.. Avery had a 141 yards.. Smith had 273 yards passing no ints,..Charles rushed for 92 yrds and had 80 yards receiving… And dominated time of possession …THAT is URNED.. not to mention the 2 inceptions, 3 fumble recovers and 5 sacks.. with constant pressure..

      I think it’s bad taste to take away from what this team worked hard for.. I”M PROUD!!

      • Jason Seibel

        You completely missed the point of Pete’s post.

        “Here, I’ll say it for you haters out there:”
        He was mocking what the haters would say. Those weren’t his words, they were the sarcastic words that other people on here would say, given the opportunity. That’s why he said “I’ll take the win” after every statement.

        • berttheclock

          For whatever reason, on the internet, being satiric is often missed by speed readers.

          • cyberry

            I admit..I was guilty of that…. To him.. I apologize..

          • PunjabiPete

            No apology needed! While the penalties hurt, probably my favorite play of the game was the duck duck goose game Alex Smith played with the Eagles DL… I could just hear him running around the OL saying “Don’t wanna block, huh? I’ll MAKE YOU block!!!?!!!” LOL I was giggling like a schoolgirl. Which was weird, because I’m a large fat man. But whatever, I see an offense still trying to find it’s identity, but once they do… they’ll be holding Peyton up and stealing the tennis balls off of his walker in no time!

  • Larry Devore

    Surprised you did not mention Donny Avery while analyzing the offense. He had an amazing game and came up clutch when Chiefs needed long gains. Twice he picked up huge chunks of yardage. 3rd and 15 and 3rd and 19 come to mind. Avery was huge. and played a great part in the win.

    • P Heitman

      Great point, Larry. Avery had an enormous game, especially in those clutch situations you mentioned.

    • berttheclock

      Notice he did not have those dropsies which was the knock at Indy? I have maintained his long rehab (well over a year) had much to do with his lack of concentration at Indy. He was a major pickup and give, yet another, Kudo to Mr Dorsey. In addition, add McGrath and Parker to that, as well. Picking both of them off waiver wires has really helped the Chiefs. McGrath has really stepped up and Parker has proven he can play both defense and his tremendous hit on special teams, last night, showed his worth.

    • toperspective

      Absolutely, Avery was terrific.

  • berttheclock

    Love the poll at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Fans were asked who had the better offensive plan, Chip Kelly or Andy Reid. Out of over 1300 votes, Reid was the run away winner with close to 940 votes.
    Of course, some reporter did try to still lay a dig at Reid for having, what the reporter said was a love affair, with Chad Hall. Wrote about Hall being terrible in the Red Zone. Sour grapes?

    Another reporter pointed out how poorly the Eagles have done against slot receivers. First, Eddie Royal torching them in their game with the Bolts. Then, Avery. The writer conceded a win next week for Wes Welker. But, another guy said if the Eagles don’t have to play against any other team with their nicknames starting with “Ch”, they might do fine.

    • tm1946

      Reid was ice about this game. Going for two after td, Kelly might be gone after one season, pure college move.

    • toperspective

      Considering the 4 turnovers, I don’t think anyone in Phil should complain about the Eagles defense. They kept their team in the game.

  • tm1946

    3-0, 3-0. Not sure how we could do better. Except….other than Hudson, our OL is having problems doing their job. One drive per game is not going to work long term. I know they are young but Reid needs to coat them with sitck’em to get them to play together.

    Who knew we had such stud, iron men on defense, (freshmeat82 notwithstanding)?

    After 3 games, 3 WINS, got to be driving Reid and coaches to drink.

    • berttheclock

      This year the refs have been told to concentrate on calling offensive tackles lining up too far back. Albert was nailed twice for that. However, on the right side, Fisher may be lining up correctly, but, he is showing growing pains against savvy moves by defensive linemen. To his credit, he really blocked well for Charles on that last drive. However, in his defense, neither Joeckel nor Lane Johnson have hit the road running well, either. All are showing the effects of being moved to right tackle and having to learn how to block against very experienced pro defensive lineman. Learning curve. Houston gave Lane Johnson nightmares, last evening as he did against Joeckel.

  • berttheclock

    Please heal thyselves, Mssrs Fasano and Kelce. The team really needs both of you. McGrath is a new weapon, but, a 2nd TE to take the pressure off Smith would really help. Plus, Brock demonstrated his rustiness on his missed block.

    • tm1946

      Two arrows up on this post, worry Kelce should have been IRed a long time ago and a veteran with one more year of leg left signed.

  • berttheclock

    Good grading, Mr Heitman. You must have poured a few Stumptown Hair Benders into your coffee mug.

    • P Heitman

      Hahaha. No, just Folger’s. It’s the best part of wakin’ up.

      • berttheclock

        Hey, I grew up in Argentine and the streetcar to downtown KCMO went past Folger’s. That is all my dad drank. But, now, that I live in Portland, Stumptown has been my favorite.

        • P Heitman

          I’ve heard good things…

  • ArrowFan

    I’m so happy that Fisher isn’t our LT right now. Huston and Tamba are getting there because of one Dontari Poe’s influence on the O line. All I have thinking about is what is Manning going to feel like when he is lifted off of the turf for the 5 time?

  • jbyrd

    Jamaal Charles’ pass protection pancake block was epic! A+++

  • Blake Molina

    Really only the offensive line is what concerned me last night. Got blown back too often, and too many penalties

    • toperspective

      I’m also concerned about the inability of the offense to stretch the field and run in short yardage situations. You can’t tell by watching on tv so I don’t know if it’s Smith’s reluctance to throw more that 10 yards or the receivers inability to get open. This great defense is going to keep this offense in games. Hopefully the offense can continue to do enough to win. 3-0 is tremendous.

    • superman_25_58

      Gotta remember the O-line are young kids (with the exception of Albert who is just coming into his prime) coming off of a game with a W against Dallas, than having to turn around on (short week) Thursday and play the Eagles. I think some still looked a lil wore out like fisher for example, but……….. Who wouldn’t be wore out coming off a short week to face the eagles after facing D-Ware and company? I think we will be ok when this brand new offense gels together.

  • Nemoi

    I agree about not letting Knile Davis return punts at this point but disagree about Dex. I know he didn’t do well yesterday and fumbled once but I’ll bet he returns 2 or 3 for TD’s this year. He does not usually fumble and catches everything thrown (kicked) his way. When he does those spin moves, he makes people miss. He reminds me a bit of Dante Hall. He is like a pinball and is fast. I admit I have a man crush on him, but still, I think he deserves more of a chance to show what he’s got.

  • Mike Brennan

    Right on point with your grade sir. It’s like you’ve been doing this for a living for years now! P.s. anyone else see Chip heading to Texas next year?

    • P Heitman

      Thank you, sir.

  • Nemoi

    I agree that Knile Davis isn’t ready to do returns yet but disagree about Dex. I know he didn’t do well yesterday and fumbled once but he normally catches every football that comes his way and rarely fumbles. I’ll bet he returns at least two or three this year for touchdowns. His spin moves make people miss. He is like a pinball and is fast. I reminds me a bit of Dante Hall. He is one of the most versatile players the Chiefs have and deserves more of a chance to prove himself as a return man.

    • Nemoi

      I love to say “I told you so!”

      • P Heitman

        Even called the spin move. Well done, sir.

  • freshmeat62

    Everybody seems to think McCluster is fast, he’s not. I went back and checked his time going into the draft. It was a 4.54. He’s quick, but not fast, as was proven last nite when he was caught by a LB as he tried to go around right end.

    • P Heitman

      Yeah, I agree. I like him as a player, though. I honestly thought Reid would find more use for him this year than we’ve been seeing.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Excellent analysis Paul. I think you are spot on with the grades. As for Demps, just like last week the story was that Demps was fatigued from playing a lot on defense so they wanted somebody a little more fresh back there.

    • P Heitman

      That makes sense, I was also thinking that was a reason why he’s not been returning kicks late in games. I like Dex and Knile both, just wish they’d catch the kick before they think about running.

  • Jason Seibel

    Great wrap up, Paul. Your grades and analysis was spot on.

    • P Heitman

      Thank ya.

  • Dominic Ridgard

    Andy Reid deserved this victory without a doubt. That defense is legit, offense doesnt beat themselves