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Chiefs Fans Sound Off On Epic 3-0 Start

The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0 after beating the Philadelphia Eagles in Philly last night on national telivision.

You read that right, the Chiefs are 3-0.

Not only is Kansas City undefeated so far, but they’re looking good in the process. Alex Smith and the offense have done their job, taking care of the ball and putting points on the board.

The defense, though, has been borderline elite. Bob Sutton’s unit is flying all over the field getting after quarterbacks and causing turnovers.

Great defense + smart offense + great special teams= time will only tell, but we took to Twitter and asked you, the Addicts, to sound off on your thoughts about this 3-0 start.

Your thoughts are as follows.

Who needs cautious optimism, right?

Well, I guess some of us are still feeling cautious:

This Addict is taking a wise approach to the season:

Could it be?

Now this is a great tweet. Spot on, it’s time we start looking at this team differently. The Andy Reid era boasts a completely different football team and vibe:

It’s true, defense does win championships:

Let’s end with this great stat. Go Chiefs:

Go follow all of these awesome Addicts and thank them for participating. In the meantime, if your thoughts weren’t published, sound off below!

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  • Blake Molina

    I know everyone wants to chastise Eric Fisher, but he’s shown flashes. It’s only the third game of the year.

    If I recall, there was another rookie lineman for the Chiefs recently who struggled his rookie year. Now he’s the most talked about defensive player for KC this year.

    And he had a Twitter trend.

    • Patrick Allen

      Even the most talented rooks have a learning curve. Eric Berry? He was garbage the first 4 games of his career. Justin Houston? He was so bad he got benched.

      Fish has a long way to go.

  • Mark Bustamante

    I love this year’s model of the CHIEFS. I’m still waiting to see our offense get moving. Once that happens we will be a powerhouse

  • Michael Shaw

    3-0 and one game at a time is about the right stance to take. I was worried the short week and that “daunted” Philly offense would swamp our D and it looks like I was being overly cautious. Can we win the division or get a playoff spot? Who knows and at this point in the season, WHO CARES!!! I am going to celebrate and enjoy every win and mourn every loss until we know for sure what this team is capable of doing for the full season. And screw Rosenthall! He is an East Coaster that talks crap about any team not on the relative East Coast!!! So based on what I have seen from the Giants, could we do the same to them that we have done to the Eagles and Cowboys?????? I think we can, I think we can, I think we can, I think we can!!!!! GO CHIEFS!!!! Oh and the Chargers fans are still talking shit about how we haven’t beat any good teams yet!!!!!!

    • Troy Utt

      Let me see…The Chargers most remarkable win is against who? THE EAGLES! I might add as well that was Rivers best game in I can’t remember how long…
      So struggle as we may on offense last night, it does not negate the fact KC put a 3rd W in the win column, against the same team they beat. The big difference is, KC did it on 3 days rest & prep if that is what you want to call it & a day of travel. Not to mention 3rd game in 11 days, I’m sure the boys are getting a little worn!
      (Not to mention the WIN was accomplished less the TE CORP!)

      • Michael Shaw

        Yeah, that is why I keep laughing at these fools out here! They aren’t true fans, some of them, they are fair weather fans!!

  • micah stephenson

    I’m glad we are off to a 3-0 start. I knew getting Andy Ried wud b huge. I like a lot of the coaching staff choices. Sutton on defense and Brad Childress advising on offense are nice additions. This defense is really really really really good and will get better. The special teams are geting better. ALEX SMITH!!!! You knew I wud bring him up sooner than later. we won so I’m glad about that. But I’m not impressed with A Smith. I kept hearing he won’t throw many ints and has a high QB rating. And now I see why! He very rarely throws it down field. Of corse he hasn’t thrown any ints, that’s becuase he won’t pass it farther than 5 yrds in most casses and the defense keeps droping the passes he throws right to them. Our defense is too dam good for our offense to not score more pts than they did. My friend said “yea but manning has thrown a pick, Alex hasn’t” I said “yea Manning prolly has 10 tds already too” Alex Smith with 4 tds on the season. Good QBs get 4 tds in a half. We better get some really good yac wrs cus after 3 weeks I’ve seen wat alex has. Check down right, check down left, check down middle, run cus I can’t pass. Only bombs over bagdad we gon see will be on the military ch. If we gave mannings or even Chip kellys offense 5 turn ovas they wud havd easily scored 50 plus. Our offense needs work and don’t blame it on the o line. 2 1st rd picks at LT/RT. Asomoah and Hudson 2 of the best olinemen in college when they wur drafted. J.Allen top ten LT in college moved to guard. Wat we got to do??? Have 5 1st rd picks on the line. How bout we get a 1st rd QB.

    • micah stephenson

      I don’t like seeming like I’m negative. I’m glad we won. But I don’t like this s**t. I want more from the offense.

      • Taylor Bieberle

        Alex Smith is a great QB. Wake up man, we are winning football games. Have you just recently became a chiefs fan? If so, let me fill you in. We have been a miserable team for several years, starved of a competent QB/head coach/ GM. Alex Smith wins football games. If you want to be critical, look no further than the o-line and wide receivers whom are inept at getting open/creating separation. Alex Smith has carried the offense by 1. Not turning the ball over 2. Making something out of nothing and 3. Making all the right throws. If Alex Smith ever sees a WR open 30 yards down field (given he has time), he will throw it just as well as any other top QB. You, my friend, are critical of the wrong person. But honestly, if you are a true chiefs fan, you are thrilled to be 3-0, cause man this is the greatest feeling in the world.

        • Michael Shaw

          Micah, don’t have a coronary at this but Taylor, Micah has been on this site since it’s early beginnings and has been a long time Chiefs fan. He had a man crush on Geno so no matter what Alex does, Micah won’t like him, even if we went 16-0, Micah would still not like Alex.

          • micah stephenson

            16-0 is a different story. I’m not impressed with Alex. Never have been. He still has the rest of the seaon to change my mind but so far he is wat I thought he was which is just an avg QB with an avg arm with no deep ball game.

    • Michael Shaw

      While I do agree that we should have a good line, rewind that game and explain how they were getting blown off the line by a shitty defense???? Or was that Alex Smiths fault as well? You know what you are right Micah, we should have drafted your Boy Geno Smith! I hear he is doing a bang up job………………throwing interceptions. I will definitely agree that it seems like Alex is gun shy about going long and to tell you the truth I am not sure why. The hail mary at the end of the first half showed me he has the arm, so something else, the line collapsing maybe, is keeping him from doing it. Either way, I really don’t give a shit HOW we win, as long as we WIN!!!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!

      • Troy Utt

        I would have to concure that a good portion of our problems stem from the pocket collapsing entirely way to fast! To be honest I had much higher hopes thinking the O-line to be one of our strengths this year, but I might have been mistaken. Just glad the brass made the right choice at QB, the proof in that was none more evident than against Dallas when Smith was an absolute gamer doing whatever it took to extend the drive, make the 1st down, etc… I have often referred back to a quote Smith gave when asked about stat’s when compared to Cam Newton he said, “I would rather have 200 yd’s/2TD’s & the win -v- 400yds & the loss.!” Avery has come on nicely but I honestly believe our inability to go down-field is more a by-product of the lack of a TE Corp that is able to create a mid-range pass threat & Bowe’s inability to gain seperation. I’m not sure how much longer until Fasano at the very least is due to return? But the signing of Brock off the street did us no favors…As for Bowe his lack of being open
        is not due to lack of effort. He is drawing heavy coverage, & it’s pretty sad when your top WR’s big play of the game was a 4yd gain on a come-back route… No matter how you slice it our boys have done what they’ve had to do to win, it’s got them this far. Now if we can shore up the line & get our TE’s back in there it will take some pressure off JC & Smith! WAR CHIEFS!!!

      • micah stephenson

        Even if we didn’t get geno why not EJ or somebody? We didn’t have to have fisher. We cud find a lot o RTs to do wat he is doing.

  • micah stephenson

    Where are the bombs over bagdad??? How long does it take for Ried to open up the offense? 5 turnovas and the game wat this close???? I’m still not impressed with Alex Smith. So he won’t throw 50 yrd bombs and that’s ok cus with his weak arm I don’t want him just chucking it up for grabs. But can we see at least a lil more than this???? Our D can’t always contain everyone all the time. The offense needs to score more pts. Dam. We got bowe a good possession wr, Avery (who had a great game by the way, lots of yac) and is super fast, Mcluster is super fast, Jenkins is super fast, charles is super fast, wat is it gone take to get the offense going????

    • Jordan

      New WR’s Avery can stay bowe should be traded for someone who can get open and Jenkins and McCluster need to find a successful way to cheat cuz they’re both ASS

  • micah stephenson

    Wow. I’m watching the game on dvr right now so I can review it. After 1 QT. 3 turnovas by philly including a E.Berry pick 6, a muffed punt in the red zone by philly, and a kc kickoff return taken out past the 50 and we only winning by 4 pts? WTF???

    • Chris Tarrants

      It was even worse watching in real time

      • Jordan

        Is there anyway to agree with this 100x over glad we got the win glad things went the way they did but if any addict tells me the weren’t screaming every obscenity in the book I won’t believe you actually saw it

  • Chris Tarrants

    If we beat the giants next week will we gain respect around the league or will the talking heads still run around with Peyton Mannings jock strap in their mouths?

  • Tom Sparks

    I believed in our Chiefs turnaround, when they hired Ried/Dorsey, & it was solidified when they traded for Alex Smith. The moves that Dorsey (I am sure with Reid’s input) made in the offseason were nothing short of dynamic! It ‘s obvious with the signings of Avery, Fasano (even though injured at the moment), the trade for FB Sherman, etc… That this duo has breathed a new sense of winning, throughout the whole Franchise!
    Reid brought in the right assistant coaches (a lot being former players themselves) to coa ch this team up! Confidence in winning is now the mantra!
    He also nailed the right choice for D Coordinator in Sutton! How many times have you seen Vick pressured & go down like he did last night? Sure he had his long run, but they adjusted!
    I see nothing but blue sky’s ahead for our Chiefs & I want to see Lamar Hunt smiling down on Clark and the Chiefs! Clark has to take a lot of credit for cleaning house & bring in the right HC/GM & getting more involved with the team! The players know this and are playing like it!
    It takes a while longer for the O to click under a new QB, HC, & system, than a Defense that has recently acquired the right players the last few years to keep us in games until they really star to come on!
    I love this season, so far, and love that Reid loves to play the elite teams! It only makes the Chiefs stronger, in the end, win or lose! And so far, 3-0 looks mighty convincing!

    Go Big Red Men! The future is in your hands!!!!!