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Chiefs vs. Eagles: Dontari Poe Breaks Down Chip Kelly’s Offense

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Much has been made of new Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach Chip Kelly, and his up-tempo, high-scoring college style offense.

Kelly, as you already know, was the mastermind who put together the Oregon Duck’s offense and essentially turned Oregon into a college football superpower, both on the field and in recruiting.

His presence in the NFL has been a big deal, and for good reason. Even though Philadelphia is 1-1, the Eagles have put up 63 points in two games, rank 10th in the NFL in passing (301 yds per game) and 2nd in rushing (176 yds per game), according to

This is a unit that features Michael Vick at quarterback, LeSean McCoy in the backfield and DeSean Jackson at wideout, so Kelly has the personnel available to run his offense and run it well.

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Kansas City’s defensive unit will without a doubt be stretched this Thursday night, and defensive tackle Dontari Poe is looking forward to seeing how they’ll match up, per a recent press release:

“It’s going to be good to see how we stack up against their offense. We’ve been slowly playing against our own fast-paced offense during training camp and things like that. So it’ll be good to see how we stack up against them.”

Poe also gave his analysis of the Eagles’ offense:

“Fast. Very fast. They’ve got a lot of playmakers, so we’ve just got to play as a whole as a defense. We can’t single anybody out. Just play team defense, and we’ll be alright.”

For what it’s worth, Kansas City’s defense seems primed and ready to handle this test. Bob Sutton’s group is arguably the best unit on the team as a whole, and it features star players the likes of Poe, Derrick Johnson, Justin Houston, Tamba Hali and of course, Eric Berry.

The Chiefs’ defense has played aggressive, has been intimidating, and has most importantly, caused turnovers, so if there’s one unit that can single-handedly beat the Eagles this Thursday night, it would be the defense.

The Eagles’ offense may be ranked second in rushing, but keep in mind the Chiefs’ defense also boasts a No. 2 ranking in opponent rushing yards allowed, at 54 yards per game.

Philadelphia may boast a high-powered offense, but the Chiefs have enough firepower of their own to counter.

Note: Quotes via Chiefs Communications.

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  • clay simester

    The one person that worries me a little is Desean Jackson. We don’t have anyone that matches up very well with him defensively. He’s been on fire so far this year and is clearly Vick’s favorite target, just like in 2010. Plus the fact that i hate him so much, it’d just be that much worse if we don’t contain him.(or concuss him)

    • Jim Harper

      Dontari said it best. All they need to do is play team defense. Stay at home and do your job and they will be fine. Will they be tested? Absolutely! But this team has displayed the discipline to overcome. Of course I am worried. It is the NFL and on any given day a team can get hot and knock off someone they should not be able to beat. I learned years ago to not say stupid stuff like we are going to kick someone’s ass all over the field.

      • Jordan

        We’re also chief fans Jim it’d be neglectful to not say we’ve never had the luxury to say we can kick someone’s ass all over the field lol one day maybe but not yet

    • Richard Comstock

      Flowers matches up with him very well actually. Desean wont be able to get off the press nearly as good as Dez can. Flowers is very quick and has excellent cb instincts. I don’t know about not leaving any safety help over the top though simply because of his top end speed..All in all i was much more worried about Dez than i am about Desan.

  • MrChiefsFan

    This game worries me. Coming off the emotional high of two wins, back on the road, on a short week, against a team that just lost. This game smells like a trap game. I hope the Chiefs stay on track and play the game they are capable of playing because I think we stack up very well against the Eagles.

    • Brian Martasin

      Technically it can’t be a trap game since Philly is favored to win.

  • Todd Worrel

    Has anyone put pressure on them like we are going to?

  • jacati

    The past matters not. Look at me. Judge me by the past do you? Hmmm. And well you should not. For my Ally is the force and a powerful Ally it is. Sorry guys. Couldn’t help myself. I look at the team Mr Dorsey and co. assembled coupled with the play of our beloved Chiefs the last two weeks and I feel something deep down that I haven’t felt in some time. Kinda like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. The defense, as a whole, is playing at an extremely high level and the offense is starting to gel. With all the new faces on offense I’m amazed they are playing as well as they are. And they will only get better. Chiefs Rule !!!!!!!

  • kcsparky

    Dontari, I could care less how you “break down” the Eagles offense. Mister, just Break Through It! ALOT!!!!
    Play Tough….GO CHIEFS!!!

    • sidibeke

      Don’t you mean Dontario? Man, those Fox announcers are tools.

      • kcsparky

        No, he spells his name Dontari. Check the Chiefs roster and any other article that he is mentioned in.

        • sidibeke

          I was joking. I know it’s Dontari. Sorry. The Fox announcers kept calling him Dontario, but that’s just one reason why they are tools.

          • kcsparky

            Sorry, guess I missed that episode of Tool Time :).

  • Chris Tarrants

    If Poe and company can get pressure on Vick then he will make mistakes and the game is ours! If they fail to put pressure on him then he will shred our secondary

  • Danny W

    I think Berry needs to get a few kick returns in. The dude has ball skills. Hell play him at receiver some too.

    • Richard Comstock

      when i read your first sentence i was like wtf is this dude talking about. Then i realized..the guy does have amazing ball skills, even being able to get out with that fumble and return like he did was amazing..the only thing that worries me is that it would be a HUGE HUGE blow to our Def if he blew out an ACL on a 20 yard kick return.

      • Danny W

        I know what you mean. He’s vital to our defense. But man once that guy get’s the ball he’s going to try and score and he’s hard to bring down. They’re using Patrick Peterson like that over in Arizona now. He’s getting some time at CB, KR and WR.

  • sidibeke

    The key is stopping their run game. They spread you out and McCoy breaks long runs. I like our chances with the way the front 7 is playing.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Reid had the Chiefs D playing against a fast paced offense all through training camp this year. I wonder if that was part of Reid’s master plan. He knew they’d be playing against Chip Kelly and the Eagles so he intentionally got the D used to it. At this point I believe if anyone can slow the Eagles offense down, (besides Seattle), it’s the Chiefs. What I’m just as curious to see is how Smith and the offense will perform against a supposedly terrible Eagles defense. I’m looking for Charles to go nuts.

    • Richard Comstock

      im in this boat..i think JC goes OFF! I think they give us at least one turnover and we force a few punts..meanwhile we don’t turn it over and punt less….all in all leads to a kc win by at least 2 possessions.

    • KCMikeG

      I think Reid unleashes Dexter on them. He talked about wanting to draft him, he said repeatedly in camp/preseason how versatile he is yet he has been under the radar so far. I say by this is his secret weapon Thursday night.

  • William G. Edwards

    Do you not consider Brandon Flowers a star player?

    • Chiefswatch

      I don’t know ask Dez Bryant

      • Richard Comstock

        What the hell does that mean? Do you think Dez would say he is not a star. He was left on an island the whole game. I dont know what is more impressive, Dez’s first quarter or the rest of the game for flowers..You show me ONE CB who can cover Dez one on one ALL game like flowers did and not give up some big plays…big plays that were not even plays flowers was beat on. Dez was making great plays. Hell if flowers doesn’t slip on the first play it might have been a int and not a 60 yard gain.. Talking down on our defense around her is blasphemy man!

        • Stacy D. Smith

          There aren’t many. Revis? Maybe Sherman?
          Bryant’s a tough assignment to have 1-on-1 all day long.
          I had to remind myself of that fact when I found myself angry with Flowers.

          • Richard Comstock

            I would say maybe Sherman..Maybe that due is every bit as good as flowers just bigger and stronger! lets not forget that almost half of Dez’s yards came on a play that flowers slipped on. Even if he did give up some plays. it was either that our double up dez and have other areas for Romo to expose.. That’s like a team getting mad that JC gashed them a few times..great players make great plays..that’s what Dez is…on a side note..winning sure fixes everything..even around here. I remember everyone constantly getting into it and a lot of dislikes on peoples comments..we seem to all be coming together (team and fans…and i love it!)

          • berttheclock

            Pioli is still checking his old rolodex to see if he ever had any input on Sherman. Best move by any team sending scouts to see Luck at Stanford. Most of them concentrated in only watching Luck. The Seahawks noticed both Sherman and Baldwin. Baldwin came to them as an UDFA and Sherman was taken in the 5th (Stanzi and Gabe Miller) round.

          • Danny W

            Good take.

          • Richard Comstock

            This reminds me of when the GM for the Falcons called us up and asked if they should trade up to get Jones…He said “NO, your better off to just wait and draft Jon Baldwin” Stinkoli is a BUM that got lucky and drafted one of the GOAT Qbs

          • berttheclock

            Once again, I would suggest posters peruse the fine breakdown by Paylor over at the Star. He starts with how Witten was basically shut down by Sutton’s employment of the safeties, but, he extends it showing how Sutton started to bring help to Flowers. When, one considers how the Chiefs’ defense limited Murray, it really demonstrates how effective Sutton was overall. I was wrong, yesterday, when I wrote Lewis had stopped Witten twice. Lewis had just made a great defensive play on another Cowboy, but, the very next play he did come up and drop Witten for a two yard loss. Remember, it was Witten who shredded the Giants the week before.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Sutton did a fabulous job of adjusting during the break.
            Save Dez Bryant’s performance, the Cowboys didn’t do much offensively.

          • berttheclock

            That adjustment was one thing which bothered me about Gunther. He would spend a week coming up with a great 1st half plan, but, opposing offensive co-ords would really confuse him in the 2nd half.

          • KCMikeG

            Same with RAC – no 2nd half adjustment.

        • Chiefswatch

          I thought it a funny statement. But honestly if you think Flowers held Dez in check at all you are insane. We are lucky that Romo for some idiotic reason stopped throwing to him. We are lucky that Dez dropped a TD pass where he was three yards ahead of Flowers again. Not saying Flowers isn’t awesome he is, but against Dez we was insanely overmatched.

          • Richard Comstock

            That’s not the point here at all man..The question was is Brandon Flowers a Star…I think you are insane if you try to say hes not in ANY way at all..Lets take it a step further…Lets talk about how “lucky” we got..What about if flowers does not slip on the first pass of the game and he gets the pick instead of a 53 yard completion? Flowers was never really “burnt” except for on the dropped pass. Insanely over matched is laughable man…it really is, he made a few circus grabs in tight coverage and he is a great player. You wanna see insanely over matched just imagine what he would do to against someone like Jalil Brown. He fought hard all day and lost in the 1st Qt and that is it..the rest of the game he played lights out(again expect for ONE PLAY where dez dropped the ball.)

          • Chiefswatch

            no point in arguing with a moron. enjoy your day

  • Chiefswatch

    Part of me scares playing a team that can score so easily, the other part of me thinks well they can’t score against the Chiefs like that Then again I think how Dez completely owned Flowers. Then I think well Vick won’t have near as much time to throw going up against these chiefs. I think well if philip and royale can score 30 something we can too….or maybe we cant because alex isnt quite the gunslinger philip is. I think we can dominate this team on thursday just as easily as we can be dominated. So the questions really are: can we stop their offense? Can our offense do what San Diego’s did? By all logic if we are better than San Diego we should put up more points and allow a lot less. So the ultimate question that will be answered by this game is: are we better than San Diego??

    • Richard Comstock

      4 catches for 40 yards in 3 quarters…flowers owned dez too..give the man his credit man..he was PUT on an was him that allowed us to shut down all of Romo’s other targerts..he basicly got owned on 1 damn drive make it seem like dez had his way ALL day long with flowers..thats not the case at all..I was and am very proud of Flowers. He has been playing lights out football so far. he also had 10 tackles in the game(to be fair that’s expected when your guy gets 9 catches). He had 16 fantasy points in the fist 8 minutes of the game and 4 in the rest of the game..I think flowers did fine. The TD was clearly the LB fault for not being back far enough,Flowers was playing the back shoulder and expecting inside help. The first big catch he fell down..He played great

  • freshmeat62

    There’s been a lot written this week about Flowers. As I remember he got a slow start last year, but after a few weeks he was blanketing receivers. The only knock I have on Flowers is his height, but unless it’s a perfect throw, he’s usually got it covered. What w/ the new labor agreement limiting practice time to the ridiculous, and him not getting hardly any playing time in preseason, after a couple games to work out the kinks he’ll be fine.

    As for the fast pace of the Eagles, when a tackle is made just lay on them for a few seconds to catch their breath before getting off. Let them expend their energy by trying to get up fast w/ a few hundred pounds on top of them.

    • berttheclock

      Hey, did you see that move by Poe against their center? Paylor has it over at the star. I remember seeing the speed by Poe on that sack, but, look at Paylor’s excellent breakdown of the play. It shows Poe lining up straight on, but, stepping quickly to his right on the snap. So, Frederick moved left and Poe jumped back to his left and exploded straight into Romo.
      BTW, what the hell is this new policy with the Star? Now, they say one must have a FaceBook account in order to post any comment. I refuse to sign with Face Book, so, I suppose I will cancel my $9.95 monthly withdrawal with the Star.

      • Richard Comstock

        I remember that play….I was like FUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKK poe jsut got roasted on a screen…turns out there was no screen he was just in the back field that damn fast…#poeisthebestDTinthenfl

  • Stacy D. Smith

    This is a game where Dontari’s collapsing of the pocket could be dangerous. Flushing Vick out could hurt us. We’ll need everyone else to stay disciplined.

    • jbyrd

      Couldn’t agree more. Jackson, DeVito, Houston and Hali need to contain, contain and contain some more.

  • Steven Hall

    Gotta remember that we have the best punter in the league too. It is gonna be tough for the Eagles to keep a fast pace and not make any mistakes for 90+ yards at a time. They may get a few yards on us, but I think if we keep them to threes instead of sevens, we will be just fine.

  • jeffromac23

    I don’t know why everybody says Flowers got owned. The first long catch Dez had he grabbed Flowers jersey and pulled on it Flowers didn’t slip it was offensive interference. The second long pass was not really a completion and if the didn’t get the next play off so fast probally would of been challenged the ball hit the ground and was moving so he did not control it through the catch so should of been an incomplete pass.

    • Spencer

      thank you for not being the only one to watch Dez’s “great” drop on his leaping drop…it was even on sports-center highlights….Come on ESPN don’t be the complete idiot we already all know you are