Sep 8, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid during the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs vs Cowboys: What Dallas Media Is Saying

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that Dallas fans love them some Dallas and judging by what the Dallas media has been saying, they sincerely expect this to be an easy win for their team. Well Dallas, I have some bad news. This game will not be as easy as you think. In fact, it won’t be easy at all. You may think you’re facing one of the worst teams in the league and judging by the win/loss ratio alone, you’d be correct, but when it comes to sheer talent and coaching, Dallas is in for one hell of a game. Those blue and silver blinders seem to block out all logic for Dallas fans. Skip Bayless is a perfect example of this, though Skip wears blinders regarding a multitude of subjects.

I’ve read one writer claim that Jamaal’s injury is going to stifle him to the point of ineptitude. I read another writer claim there will be 25,000 Cowboys fans at Arrowhead this Sunday, over a quarter of the stadium’s capacity. I even read one writer mock the fact that our defense is ranked first in the NFL. I, on a personal level, cannot wait to see them eat their words. It amazes me that a fanbase with limited success in the last 20 years has the unmitigated gall to assume victory. And I don’t just mean that they have pride in their team and they believe it based on numbers or match ups. They have completely written off our talent and tonight when they are making their excuses, they’ll still find a way to not acknowledge it.

On the other hand, I suppose that’s what all fans tend to do. I suppose I may be doing that right now, but at least I can recognize our team’s shortcomings as opposed to ignoring them. This WILL be a competitive game and whether the Chiefs win or lose, I’m proud of the progress they’ve made in this short period of time.

This article is in no way meant to be a shot at Dallas media. It’s merely a taste of their own medicine. Nearly every article I read degraded our team and I don’t feel bad standing up for them. If you’ll notice, I said nothing about the Dallas players. There is no doubt that they have remarkable talent, but so do we. I’m not going to predict a win for either side but what I will predict is one fan base is going to be sweating today and it’s a cool 74 degrees in Kansas City.

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  • Mark Bustamante

    Over-confidence has doomed more than one sports team. I like that they underestimate the CHIEFS. It will make victory that much sweeter

  • berttheclock

    The so-called “pundits” at NFL Network of former star NFL players talked far more about the offense by Romo than they did about the Chiefs’ defense. Sort of a dismissive attitude.

    • Jeff Grasser Jr

      It’s been that way since I could remember but who knows…maybe that will change in the next few years

    • Texas Chief

      It was fun watching the Fox crew crawdad on their post game show about the Chiefs. I was surprised to see that Long gave the Chiefs the acknowledgement that he did.

  • Jordan

    GREAT GREAT article it’s so true Dallas fans self crown themselves every year without merit they could field a 2-14 team just like us and walk around telling anyone who’ll listen that they’ll win it all hell even lighthearted comments about the chiefs ‘boys game on the Landry hat got me a reply from the mod explaining to the other cowboys fans that they were sorry chiefs “homers” read and “trolled” the article it’ll just make this victory 10x sweeter but a loss 100x more bitter

  • gaden

    That they have blinders on is certainly true. I keep seeing the words “This team went 2-14 last year”, when in fact this team didn’t, this team doesn’t even have a history, it’s brand new. Some of the players were on a team that went 2-14, but everything else has changed, the quarterback, almost the entire coaching staff, even the owner, because Clark seems to have re-invented himself.

    • Jeff Grasser Jr

      Very true…I just didn’t appreciate their attitude…we dont play Dallas often so I almost forgot how they presentes themselves

  • Andy

    No one can blame others for putting down the Chiefs especially if they don’t live here. We have stunk and until we start winning we will be treated like the old Chiefs. Let them talk.

    • Jeff Grasser Jr

      Very good point

    • berttheclock

      What I want is the new Chiefs to be respected like the old Chiefs. By that, I mean, the Chiefs from the sixties or even the nineties. But, the sixties would be very special.

      • Jeff Grasser Jr

        Yea, it’s pretty irritating to listen to a AFC preview podcast for a hour only to hear pundits talk about the Chiefs for two mins after they spend at least 10 minutes on every other team

  • Jeff Grasser Jr

    I just felt somebody should stand up for the Chiefs…thought it may have been a little too harsh but they didn’t seem to think about that in their articles, so why should I? I didn’t mention the players though like they did…I am, in fact, scared of their talent

  • Heilios

    Ready for kickoff and a showing of the new chiefs era!

    • Jeff Grasser Jr

      That first drive looked great! Alex Smith is an incredible upgrade


    No difference between Cowboy fans and Cowboy media. They are all drinkin’ the Kool-Aid. And, this is a team that for 16 years has been nothing but mediocre. They let down their followers year after year.

    • Jeff Grasser Jr

      Exactly…I wasn’t tryin to talk crap…just give them a taste of it…and it paid off! Barely

  • Jeff Grasser Jr

    Whew! I could’ve looked pretty silly with this article but my boys backed me up…gotta love those Chiefs!

    • tm1946

      I normally use the 24 hour rule and with Philly on Thursday, I wish I could say who cares what they think, do they think, or say. But, just for your sanity and mine, if you pick up a particular tasty whine, I would enjoy a further report.

  • Horace Lee Madre Jr


  • Dustin Matz

    Dallas fans = Denver fans

    • DTVTechGuy

      Never thought about it like that…. Great Point!

  • KCMikeG

    Fantastic call Nostradamus!!!! It is so refreshing to have a confident, optimistic voice to support our Chiefs! Any stock tips???

    • Jeff Grasser Jr

      Unfortunately, I don’t know the stock market nearly as well as our Chiefs…something to look into though, I’d make a lot more money!

  • Chiefsfan

    Can you do an article of what they are saying now? haha

    • Jeff Grasser Jr

      I just woke up but I’ll take a look around. They’re probably blaming it on the weather lol

    • Jeff Grasser Jr

      They are saying that it was because of the pass interference call on Avery…they seem to have forgotten that the Berry pass interference call was completely bogus and we had an INT on that one…

  • Nemoi

    The TV announcers pissed me off. They were so biased toward Dallas that it made me sick. Did I ever mention that I have two favorite teams? The Chiefs and whoever is playing Dallas. Last night my soul was united.

    • ArrowFan

      I agree. I wish there wasn’t a delay between the TV and the radio or I would just listen to Mitch and watch the TV.