Chiefs And Cowboys: A Dangerous Intersection

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Sunday’s game is about these teams. The players who are here now. Not some distant memory of days gone by. Yet, there is no denying that their seeds were sown in the same minute of history and every time their roads have crossed it’s created a dangerous intersection.

There’s no denying that the team formerly known as “America’s Team” has been one of the most successful franchises in NFL history appearing in 8 Super Bowls and going to the playoffs 30 times. However, much like the Kansas City Chiefs, the Boys haven’t had a lot of success once they get there, in recent years. The Cowboys, having registered but one playoff victory since 1996, a 2009 Wild Card victory over the Eagles 34-14, are still waiting to break through as an elite team in the league. The Chiefs won two playoff games in January of 1994 and have only appeared in six playoff games since then (1994, 1995, 1997, 2003, 2006, 2010) with zero victories.

While the Cowboys were Super Bowl Champions in 3 out of 4 years in the nineties, they’ve been a bastion of mediocrity since then even with the exception of a few Bill Parcells coached years mixed in. Including lasts week’s “Game One” victory over the New York Giants, since the Cowboys last Super Bowl victory, they are 128-128 in regular season action. Add in their playoff losses since 96 and their record is worse of course.

Since the Kansas City Chiefs nabbed Joe Montana from the 49ers in the early 1990s they haven’t had quite as much “success” as the Cowboys have had. Since Montana left town following the 1994 season the Chiefs have been 140-148 in regular season play. Of course, two 2-14 seasons in the past five years hasn’t helped much either (courtesy of Herman Edwards and Scott Pioli).

An interesting fact pointed out in Lamar Hunt’s biography has Lamar stating years later, that the reason the Chiefs (when they were the Texans) moved out of Dallas instead of the Cowboys was because, “no city would want a bad team” referring to the Cowboys who hadn’t yet experienced success up to that point in time.

From 1960 to 1962 the Cowboys and the Texans (Chiefs) shared the Cotton Bowl as a home field in their leagues. The Cowboys were part of a more established league (NFL) but the Texans were the better team but, part of a struggling, fledgling league (AFL). It’s a bit ironic that both the Cowboys and the Texans were either so bad, or unknown at the time that college teams consistently out drew them at the gate and it was said that many high school teams who played at the Cotton Bowl, outdrew them as well.

In those days it didn’t matter if you were a cowboy or a Texan, neither team was quick on the draw.

Nowadays, Edgar Jones, Brandon Carr, Kyle Orton, and Brian Waters are the turncoats.

Edgar got stuck in a numbers game trade of mid-level players. Carr always wanted to be a Cowboy but now says he would have stayed if Pioli had offered him an extension a year earlier. Yea right. Kyle Orton was a hired gun at the end of 2011 for Romeo Crennel. Had he stayed in K.C., Reid and Dorsey would have likely axed him with the other gaggle of gauche QBs they sent packin’. Brian Waters resurfaces after a year as a monk. Silence may be good for the soul but, we’ll see if it’s good for the skills on the football field. However, I do hear he’s been a pleasant surprise so far.

If there is to be a Brain Waters sighting this weekend in the Chiefs game it will likely be as a character actor in a bit role. Maybe he always wanted to be in a cowboy movie too. I certainly don’t expect the 36 years old Waters to cure what ails the Cowboys offensive line problems after one and a half weeks of practice. If ever.

When both teams came into being in 1960 and the Chiefs (Texans) finally moved to Kansas City in ’63, the attitudes of both cities have been one of disdain for one another. My first hand knowledge of these attitudes may be rare. I grew up outside of Los Angeles cheering for the Fearsome Foursome and had a kid sized man crush on QB Roman Gabriel before there ever was such a thing. My mandate as a Ram fan tadpole, was to hate the Dallas Cowboys, especially since so many of my cousins lived there.

So, first of all, it was from a distance that I learned that Cowboys fans believed they were God’s gift to the universe. Much later in life I learned that this is in the life blood of any true Texan who naturally places football above God or even relationships. So, it goes like this, Football-God-Family-Work. And for those who work as ministers… have families… and live in Texas… it’s really confusing. I say this from first hand knowledge because I used to be married to a minister while living here in the United State of Texas. And, it totally changes the meaning of “blasphemy.” Don’t you curse them Cowboys. And, how many Cowboys football analogies have you ever heard from the pulpit? I’ve heard my unfair share.

After living in Kansas City for 21 years, it’s clear that their team is often thought of as the ugly step-child, since they’re the club that had to “get out of town by sundown.” Funny… when the reality is what Lamar’s biography revealed: the winning team is the only team another city would “want.”

Now that I’ve been living in the Dallas area for the past 16 years, it’s clearer than ever that Cowboys fans believe that winning a Super Bowl is their inalienable right and because of their success in the 70s, 80s and 90s… this team — this year’s team — is just as good as any of those team in the past. You see, you can’t be a Cowboys fan now and not be delusional.

The Chiefs, as well as the Kansas City faithful, fight another fight. Four of the last five coaches have been miserable hires (Vermeil would be the exception), and so the team and the fans have suffered the “here-we-go-again” syndrome. In other words, they expect to lose and are always surprised when they don’t. It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy of the “Slow-Me” State of mind. When living there… I often detected that the “Show-Me” State slogan meant… Slow-Me because things were often so slow to change there. Attitudes included.

Older fans, such as myself, recall the glory days of Stram and Dawson while so many other fans cling to the words of the older fan. In K.C. it’s all about hope every year and in Dallas it’s all about rude expectation, a quirky entitlement (if you’ve lived in different parts of the country, you’ll understand my meaning).

The dangerous intersection that this game represents is… what losing represents to the loser. The Cowboys may be — in some fantasy driven hallucination — on the verge of going to the Super Bowl. Another reality says they look like they are several good offensive and defensive linemen away from making that happen year in and year out. While their NFC East rivals, the N.Y. Giants, were stocking up on defensive linemen this off season (as they seem to do every off season) the Cowboys were just taking stock. While the Giants seem to have a plan in place for beating a the (Tom) Brady’s of the world — by battering down his OL wall — the Cowboys have neglected the most important positions on the team, the offensive and defensive lines, while mostly focusing on bringing in “ding-a-ling bling-bling” star type players.

Owner Jerry Jones who has been “acting” GM for the Cowboys (should have gotten an Oscar years ago) likes to think he knows football and is still under the impression that his Boys have been winning big games since Jimmy Johnson left town. This is now “the” biggest Texas sized delusion that’s holding the Cowboys back.

What’s holding Kansas City back is their long lineage losing culture. They’ve lost for so long, they may not have enough players to help them “know” or “remember” what it’s like to win on a regular basis. At least they’re bringing in a load of new faces to help cultivate a new mindset. The question is, do they continue to become a self-fulfilling prophesy… IN THEIR OWN MINDS?

Whoever loses this game, for them, it’s dangerous. The loss will confirm a recent past and perhaps rattle the bones of ghosts of decades elapsed.

For the winner, the door is open wide to a season of “what-might-possibly-become.”

Gee, I hope the Chiefs are ready. But, ask any Cowboys fan and they’ll tell you the Boys were born ready.

So, Chiefs Addicts, what are your “attitudes” about this game?

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  • estes77

    I feel the chiefs have the talent and pieces in place to win this game… but, I have been a chiefs fan since Steve Deburg was the quarterback in the early 90s and I have grown very used to seeing the chiefs be flashy and great one week, only to turn around the next week and play like the jags of last week. So my attitude going into tomorrow’s game is very cautious to say the least. I’m hoping and praying for a win but part of me is partially expecting a heartbreaking loss as is usually the case with chiefs teams of the last two decades.

  • estes77

    Now I do understand we have a good coach, GM, and quarterback. But as for me you won’t hear this chiefs fan talking any smack until the chiefs finally prove themselves as a consistent winning team!

    Go Chiefs!

  • ……ChiefsFan……

    I’m cautiously optimistic. I think we may have something really special in this young defense this year. After reading many articles posted by cowboys fans this week, I see exactly what you refer to in this article. I just read a post that claimed Witten is a top three TE in this league. I don’t know about you, but I would say top 7, MAYBE.

    The dilusion runs deep in BIG D. GO CHIEFS!!!

  • Chris Tarrants

    Well my call last week was a chiefs victory at 31-6! I missed it by a hair but so close that I feel entitled to call it again chiefs win 28-14. Cowgirls get a td early from a blown coverage and easy pickings and don’t score again until garbage time late in the fourth quarter. The chiefs play sound foot ball and score a td in every quarter, one rushing for Charles, one rushing for Smith and a td pass to both Fasano and Bowe. You heard it here first. Oh and Laddie make sure that your drinking water tomorrow because I promise at some point to make you laugh so hard you squirt whatever your drinking through your nose!

    • ladner morse

      Thanks for the head’s up Chris. I better go with milk. I’ll be in the company of others and it still seems like the most socially appropriate liquid to have bubbling forth.

      I’m right with ya, Chiefs, 31-17.

      • Joe Myers

        I have them 34-17 I look for reid to turn it up in the second half their hidding something ladner.

        • ladner morse

          No, not hiding really. Just holding back something special for the Eagles.

      • Jason Collins

        I hope you’re right. They had one QTR of good offense last week. I need a little more before I predict a blow out… 28-24

  • steve james

    I agree with that generalization of Cowboy fans attitudes. In general:p
    I think eventually it will die down as it has for most Raiders fans. But it will take a few more years of missing the playoffs to do it. This years Chiefs are just the team to kick them crying down that hill, GO CHIEFS!!!

    • ladner morse

      It has been 17 years of 8-8 for the Cowboys… so I don;t ever expect their attitude to change. Football in Texas runs deeper than religion.

  • sidibeke

    I think it’s a bigger game for KC. Dallas, by all accounts, is a middle of the pack team. KC is actually favored by the 3pt homefield advantage spread. Losing your home opener to an average team would not bode well working on a short week and going into Philly. One could easily become two losses and a general shaking of confidence.

    • ladner morse

      Yea… I expect the Chiefs to be rockin’ the house! It’s all over before it started for the Cs.

  • sidibeke

    I think it’s a bigger game for KC. Dallas, by all accounts, is a middle of the pack team. KC is actually favored by the 3pt homefield advantage spread. Losing your home opener to an average team would not bode well working on a short week and going into Philly. One could easily become two losses and a general shaking of confidence.

  • Joe Myers

    GREATEST PICE ON THIS WEBSITE EVER !!!!!! . YES this game means that we are ready !!!! I felt it all week long I know it iv been telling the cowboys fans that I’m going to be thier and its sold out and its going to be BOOM ……..MAGIC !!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Myers

    I had to read it twice .

  • Chiefswatch

    Cowboys fans are all over every site completely delusional. I know this can be a tough game for the Chiefs to win, but part of me simply believes it will be a cake walk for the Chiefs. However Cowboys fans even the dorks who write for the Fan Sided equivalent simply can’t see a way the Cowboys could lose. Some have gone as far as to say it will be a Cowboys blowout. Never mind their own beloved Gil Brandt called this for the Chiefs….Anyway I just don’t see our defense letting them score twenty points and I dont see our offense not scoring less than 24 at home. All the makings of a great KC win and the first time all these know nothing pundits (I swear if i hear one more time that Cassel is a quality starter to take over for Christian Ponder….) will have to realize these Chiefs are not a team to be f’d with.

    • Joe Myers

      Pretty much !!!!

    • Joe Myers

      I can’t believe some of the comments . They think we are garbage !!!

  • Joe Myers

    So would you say Dallas has ever had magic like we do at arrowhead . I wouldn’t say so when they where good they where good . But i mean com’on man … the rivers fumble …. trent over payton .. and the phantom field goals on Halloween .. the steelers in over time . They ddo t really have games like that .

    • ladner morse

      The Magic? Not a game I can recall. In fact they have been on the butt end of the magic games for other teams. If someone had written a post on a Dallas curse I would believe them. There have been too too many times in the last 15 years that defeat was grabbed from the jaws of victory in the last moments of Cowboys games……. to even suggest there is magic is to state the inverse reality. It took an ex-Chiefs player Brandon Carr to get them out of another sure loss to the Giants who have dominated Jerry’s World ever since it opened.

      The fans that go to Jerry’s World are there for drinking & dining, the big screen and the atmosphere. Everyone is watching the game on the big screen and the stadium is so huge that it’s lost any possibility of feeling like even the fans in the front rows are having an up close and personal real game experience.

      • Joe Myers

        Honestly that was a tipped pass by the wr so thats funny. But that’s interesting because thier stadium is big but at the same time its not remember punts hitting the roof !! Thier stadium is a reflection of the foot ball culture in Dallas !!!! But I’m off to arrowhead !!! Capp “A”

        • ladner morse

          Let’s make it happen!!!!!!!

          Go Chiefs!!!!!!!

  • Jason Collins

    Hit romo in his face early and score early. If they let up and are inefficient in the last 3 qtrs, like last week, they will lose. Keep the hammer down and keep scoring until the fat lady has sung. If not, 1-1 for my chiefs.

  • Jason Collins

    Oh and be happy they didn’t draft Ge-Noooo and didn’t listen to arrowhead addicts constant blogs about drafting that pud

    • Troy Utt

      NO DOUBT!!! I was so tired of hearing that name I could scream! Not to mention all the backlash many were taking for not being on the Geno-Bus. The Chiefs have the best QB’s available to run Reids system, & IMO the best STABLE of QB’s I can remember them having at a given time… As I believe Bray under Smith & Reids guidance will flourish. He has already shown he has the physical tools, now it’s a matter of can he put it all together?

    • ladner morse

      Okay Jason… “Guilty as Charged.” However… let’s wait a year or two before passing judgement on Geno. I grant you many of us here at AA were convinced Geno could be the answer I’ll also admit that at this point I’m glad it was not Geno and I’m pleased they traded for Alex Smith.

      • Jason Collins

        Lol, does it really take a couple years to know he’s garbage? I guess he’s the Todd Haley as a QB. Hopefully the jets give Ge-nooo three years as well… Oh Pittsburgh, how’s the motivator working out for you? I’m such a D&$k