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Alex Smith: Film Breakdown Of Chiefs QB's Two Touchdowns vs. Jaguars

The Kansas City Chiefs won the first game of the Andy Reid era in spectacular fashion, beating the Jacksonville Jaguars 28-2.

When you talk about the importance of starting off strong with a new coach, this is the type of game that you envision.

Kansas City could not have started any better, and while much credit has to be given to the defense, new quarterback Alex Smith was also impressive in his first official game with the Chiefs.

Smith started off hot, throwing two touchdowns in the first quarter, one to Donnie Avery and the other to Junior Hemingway. He finished the game completing 21-of-34 passes for 173 yards and two touchdowns.

In honor of Smith’s first win with the Chiefs, here’s a film breakdown of his two touchdown passes. Film courtesy of NFL Rewind. Film markings are my own.


Touchdown #1

Smith’s first touchdown happened with 9:09 to go in the first quarter. With the ball at the five yard line, the Chiefs came out in a bunch formation. Smith is looking at deuces on his right and left, with Charles offset to his right. The obvious intention here is to get Jacksonville thinking about something between the hash marks, and then attacking the edges. Tight end Sean McGrath, who’s lined up on the outside, runs a 10 yard out, which occupies both the safety and corner. That allows Avery to run the quick out underneath, wide open: Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 1.04.42 AM

You can see that by the time the defenders realize that Avery is running a quick out, it’s already too late:Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 1.05.45 AM

From there, Avery breaks the tackle and waltzes in for the touchdown:Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 1.05.57 AM

Credit Smith for releasing the ball quickly, but this was a great play-call and Avery really made the touchdown.


Touchdown #2

For those Smith doubters, his second touchdown was a thing of beauty. Once again, Kansas City has the ball near the end zone, this time at right about the three. While a run here would be a great call, notice how Reid puts the ball in his quarterback’s hands and asks him to make a play.

Jamaal Charles motions out to the right to become a wing-back, which essentially leaves Smith with an empty set. He’s got three to the left and two to the right. Charles will leak to the right and Anthony Fasano is going to curl and sit. On the other side, Hemingway is going to run a skinny post, Dwayne Bowe is going to slant underneath it and Avery is going to fake the outside release and then slant inside on the edge:Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 1.08.09 AM

Bowe’s route does a nice job of pulling down the linebacker and opening a window for Hemingway in front of the safety. What really makes this play though is Smith’s eyes. Notice how he’s staring down Fasano’s route:Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 1.08.27 AM

His head quickly snaps back to the skinny post though and Smith finds the window:Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 1.08.33 AM

From here it comes down to making the throw, and Smith makes a picture-perfect pass. It’s a laser to Hemingway, but notice that he puts it high enough for the receiver to go up and make a play on it over the safety:Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 1.09.08 AM

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 1.09.13 AMSmith’s first touchdown may have been a product of scheme and a good play from Avery, but his second came as a direct result of phenomenal quarterback play.

Frankly, there’s a lot to look forward to in regard to the Alex Smith era of Kansas City football.

This was just game one.

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  • berttheclock

    Let me see here. Not very long ago, it would have been try to run up the middle or keep trying to force passes to Bowe. Then, go for a FG.

    • Patrick Allen

      Haley would have thrown the fade to Bowe. He loved to throw the fade to Bowe.

      • PunjabiPete

        Haley would still be scratching his caveman beard while screaming obscenities at ghosts. Then he’d demand Stanzi back and make Alex Smith give him his uniform, because he’s insane. Michael Strahan would be there too, no one knows why.

  • Cory Bence

    Amazing what happens when the chiefs don’t turn the ball over 5 times a game

    • Michael Shaw

      Technically the safety was a turnover, but I think it was a freak mishap. For some reason the up man directly in front of the kicker went left and that allowed the Jags player to come in uninterrupted to block the kick. Bet that don’t happen again!!! And boy was Colquitt royally pissed!!!!!

  • PunjabiPete

    I saw that pass and my son and I exchanged these giddy glances. Then we both went and got some more soda, but the feeling was there. This is something special. The soda had a little bit of ice cream residue in it from floats earlier, and it was delicious. Oh, the game was good too.

    • Kurt Rauch

      Sounds like you and your son might have some sanitary issues to work on; you might want to clean some dishes…haha….just like the Chiefs should clean their slate and get ready for the Cowboys. The Jacksonville game was a nice win against an inferior opponent on the road. There was far more to get excited about than there was to cringe at–a nice change from the memories of recent years past! …looking forward to this home game!!

      • PunjabiPete

        It was on purpose, we had floats then immediately refilled the cups with soda; Didn’t mean to imply we were slobs. Thanks for the tip though, always good to get cleaning tips from internet sports forums.

        I’m sure the Chiefs are ready for the Cowboys; I hope they bring the same intensity and even though the Cowboys are a better opponent than the Jags if we play on defense the same way I think we will see much the same results…

  • Michael Shaw

    Don’t worry Andrew, I am sure someone like Micah will find fault with his performance…

    • micah stephenson

      Just read dannys comment right above yours.

    • micah stephenson

      Yes I’m not happy with the 3rd down conversions or the FB having the longest catch of the day. In the 2nd half Jags d started clamping down on the short passes. Good thing the d gave us a short field most of the game and chiped n 7 pts. I’m very concerned about how smith will look in 3rd and long or down by 2 scores late.

      • Michael Shaw

        I have to agree with Phantomebb above, why give an opponent more tape to look at on you when you are up that much. Does the offense need to gel a little more? ABSOLUTELY! Hell there were spurts where even the mighty Denver looked out of sorts, not many, but a couple plays with Decker. I would rather believe the second half lapse was due to dumbing down the play calls more than our offense just sputtering like the Chargers did last night.

        • micah stephenson

          I agree with the not showing any extra good stuff for next weeks team to scout but they shud still excute the plays that are called better.

          • Michael Shaw

            True, but Alex doesn’t have any control over them dropping balls from good passes and neither does he have control over the line not getting the blocks done for JC to run through. Alex isn’t perfect, but he would have had a much higher QB rating and the offense would have looked a LOT different if there weren’t so many dropped passes. He really only had 2 or 3 that could have been his fault or were poor throws. He is what we needed, an accurate passer that doesn’t turn the ball over a lot. At least, that is what I saw in the first game……………………we do have 15 more to go!! LOL!!

    • micah stephenson

      I guess he is perfect. The boy can do no wrong. Mark him down for the next 3 super bowls and the hof right now. I don’t really care wat he did as long as we won.

      • Michael Shaw

        Not perfect, but he doesn’t deserve to be lumped in the same category as Cassel. He was absolutely horrible and is like Sanchez…………… ok back-up!!!

  • Danny W

    His second half was overly safe. Not terrible or the worst ever, or Matt Cassel esq. Just slightly average to below average when you don’t convert on ten third downs. Ten of them. The entire second half no third down conversions pretty much. I think you could call that inconstant. I’m not saying we should throw in the towel on Smith but that was a pretty poor half. If Jacksonville’s offense wasn’t so bad and our defense wasn’t so good then we probably would have lost with that kind of offensive performance to another team out there. Smith has to improve if were going to beat better teams. Two throws doesn’t a game make.

    • Mortis5150

      That’s like saying if Cassel & Quinn wasn’t so bad last year we would have won more games! Really?

      • Danny W

        If we play a better team than Jacksonville and don’t convert on a third down in the second half we lose nine out of nine games. Really? Yes really.

        • Calchiefsfan

          I get the feeling that Reid went very vanilla in the second half, at least I hope that was the main reason. The whole offense still needs to get in sync. The Chiefs will get better.

          • Danny W

            I’m hoping so. We will see against a pretty good opponent this Sunday.

          • phantomebb

            Did you see all the penalties drops? Also jc was out. Up by 26 you just want to run out the clock not give ppl free tape. The offense wont be a 100% till week 6ish thats how new teams go.

    • Shawn Scott O’Sullivan

      I didn’t get to actually see the game but just looking at the drive chart it seemed like the offense wasn’t feeling pressured to make any plays. This could be good or bad, but you could say that since the game was all but decided by the start of the second half that they never really tried to make anything happen and just did their absolute best to minimize mistakes. Cowboys will be a challenge, let’s see how the team responds next week.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    We’ll see a lot of passing in goal-to-go situations this year. Smith is deadly accurate on short and intermediate throws.

  • oldchiefsfan

    Haters will hate but it sure is nice to have a REAL Quarterback!!

  • oldchiefsfan

    I am looking for video of the Chiefs TDs vs Jacksonville so I can rewatch them but I am having no luck finding them.