Sep 8, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) runs towards the end zone during the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs vs. Jaguars: 5 Keys to Victory Post Game Follow Up


Well Addicts, the wait is over. We’ve now seen four full quarters of Kansas City Chiefs football. There were some ups and downs, but for the most part, it was a very successful outing for the Kansas City Chiefs. As always, here is the follow up to the Five Keys to Victory I posted this morning before the game. My original post is in bold and my follow up is in normal type.

Key #1: Start Fast

We’ve discussed it at length here at AA, but the Chiefs have traditionally not been a team who can make that fast start. Other than a couple of exceptions last year, the Chiefs weren’t able to score on their first drive, much less in the first quarter. This year, the offense must start fast and keep the gas pedal pushed to the floorboard for all 60 minutes.

The Chiefs tried to start fast. The first play from scrimmage was a play action shot down the right side to tight end, Anthony Fasano. The pass was two inches to deep and bounced off of Fasano’s fingers. The Chiefs ended up going three and out following the play which then resulted in a blocked Dustin Colquitt punt, giving the Jaguars the first points of the game. It was a familiar feeling for Chiefs fans and gave everyone a sour feeling in their stomachs.

Key #1: NOT Achieved

Key #2:  Put Pressure on “Footsteps” Gabbert

I said earlier this week in the AA Radio podcast with Andrew Kulha that Gabbert reminds of the famous ficticious quarterback from the movie “The Replacements.” When he’s pressured, he’s inaccurate. The Chiefs have potentially the most prolific pass rush in the league. There’s no reason they can’t rack up the sacks in this game.

I said the Chiefs defense would have to live up to their “attacking” style namesake and live up they did. They got after Blaine Gabbert in a huge way. All in all in the game, the Chiefs defense found the beleaguered Jaguars’ signal caller five times. Justin Houston and Dontari Poe had sacks, Tyson “Not-so-Tin –Man” Jackson had a sack and even Mike Catapano got in on the fun. The pressure finally got to Gabbert and he threw a pick six to Tamba Hali. To say the defense was on fire would be an understatement.

Key #2: Achieved


Key #3: Contain MJD

One thing the Jaguars have in common with the Chiefs is the fact that their featured running back is the most talented man on the field. If the Chiefs hope to open the season with a win, they must stop the wily running back.

The Chiefs defensive line on run stuffing was just as impressive as the pass rush. The team as a whole contained the 2011 NFL rushing champ to 45 yards on 15 carries. The prolific Jaguar rusher couldn’t get anything going because he was constantly met by a swarm of red jerseys.

Key #3: Achieved

Key #4: Special Teams Must Show Something

So often, things that look awesome in preseason turn out to be a bust in the regular season. I hope that isn’t true with the Chiefs special teams unit. There are high expectations of this unit heading into the regular season. Let’s hope they haven’t peaked before they started.

As I said before, the first Chiefs drive in the first quarter ended with a blocked Colquitt punt that rolled out of the endzone for a safety. That’s not special in a good way. However, from there, they made plays where they could. McCluster returned 7 punts with an 11 yard per return average. He had a long run of 36 yards, where he almost broke it. With all the shaking up of the bottom of the roster (traditionally the guys are make their money on special teams) it is expected that they wouldn’t be quite so explosive as they were in the preseason. But, coordinator Dave Toub is a special coach and will find a way to bring them back into prominence, sooner rather than later.

Key #4: NOT Achieved

Key #5: Shake that Monkey

The Chiefs have a huge monkey on their back. They are the team that many picked to go to the playoffs last year, before they went 2-14. Despite that record, some (not as many as last year) are picking them as the team to make the biggest comeback this year. Everyone says the team has more talent than most – on paper. That paper needs to translate to the field.

The Chiefs got their first win of the season. Right now, they have half as many wins after one week as they did the entire 2012 season. While the monkey isn’t dead, it took a serious blow. The Chiefs showed a lot of the talent that has been talked about, but this team still needs work. They didn’t score a single point (on offense) in the second half, and punted six times. That’s not okay. This team could really be good, but they still need to grow and gel in this offense. Smith needs to get more comfortable pulling the trigger on third down. He looked nervous and shaky on those third and longs and he refused to let it fly. Playing teams like the Jaguars they can get away with that. Playing teams like Denver and it’ll be a different story. Overall though, I’m happy with the results on the field today.

Key #5: Achieved

That’s it for this week, Addicts. Week 1 is in the books. The Chiefs earned a day off before they start planning for the Dallas Cowboys and their triumphant return to Arrowhead next week! Until then, A

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  • chiefin’ainteasy

    Nice that they only achieved 3 of the 5 keys and absolutely dominated the game. I just hope they do realize its Jax and they aren’t all going to be this easy and be ready to pounce on Dallas next week. If the D plays as they did today throughout the season, just making the playoffs won’t be enough…

  • GDL40

    Agreed …… it was Jacksonville ! If im not mistaken they were 2-14 last season, and their offseason dsnt match up to ours …. loved the D, but it does worry me that the offense started in great field position most of the game and couldnt move the ball …. hope that’s fixed next week so we can take out the Cowboys, but really nothing to get too excited about…….GO CHIEFS !

    • Dfrey87

      You gotta realize after they went up by three scores they went into a really conservative offense. You could see that with the play call and demeanor on the field.

      • GDL40

        Hope that’s all it was

        • Michael Shaw

          It was. Tasker and Beurlin even mentioned it as well.

  • BurtGummer44

    Defense looked good. Offense had one sustained scoring drive. Save for turnovers and a return this could of been a 7-2 ball game. All in all I don’t think we learned too much about this Chiefs team from this game given the competition. I do know the offense has to be better against Dallas.

    • Michael Shaw

      I think they will be. I think they started holding back a bit after they went up 28-2. They shouldn’t have, but they did.

    • Danny W

      Yeah we stall for an entire half and Dallas will make you pay.

      • KCMikeG

        Dallas could barely make the NYG pay after getting six turnovers.

        • Danny W

          Dallas stalled for the second half in their game and New York almost beat them because of it even with all the turnovers. So in the end they are a good example. Either way their a better ball club than Jacksonville. So are the Giants. Those clubs have proven talent and are able to win games at a high level. Jacksonville will likely have the first pick in the draft in 14.

          • KCMikeG

            I agree that they are both better than the Jags and that they could very well be picking #1 again. I wasn’t comparing them to Jax though. My point is that neither one of them were impressive. If the NYG turn the ball over to us SIX times I guarantee you they won’t have a chance to still win the game. There is no denying that it is pathetic that the Boys almost gave up the game when given that many turnovers. Neither of these teams are who they were last year so whatever they proved then gets them nothing on the field this year. They don’t impress me and I can’t wait for Sunday!

  • paul pace

    Job well done Chiefs! Sure there is room for improvement with the offense but I think they will improve with each game. It is a new system and just the nature of offenses which are more complicated to learn than defenses, so it takes a longer time for offenses to gel than defenses to gel. We have a lot of talent on the offense and I think the Chiefs will get it all together soon!

  • berttheclock

    The mention of Catapano brought back a great scene of him roaring around Joeckel and being within split seconds of getting to Gabbert before Houston. I saw, for the first time in a long while, an opponent’s offensive line actually having to double team Chiefs’ players. Mainly it was trying to stop Poe, but, I saw double teams on a couple of other players, as well. Those double teams really started opening holes and lanes to their QB.
    Thanks to the fine folks at D’s Bar in Portland for making it a great Sunday morning.

  • Jason Seibel

    I’ll tell you, watching this Dallas vs. NYG game, I’m very encouraged for the next couple of weeks of Chiefs football.

    • KCMikeG

      Amen to that! Neither of these teams are anything special. Especially at Arrowhead.

  • komac

    I think Jacksonville was the perfect opener
    for the Chiefs. If they had struggled to win or lost, we would know there
    was still work to do. Winning the way they did does not necessarily
    answer all of the questions we have, but it does give the team confidence that
    they can make plays on offense and defense.

    Dallas was not overly impressive last night,
    and I can see Houston, DJ and Tamba putting a lot of pressure on an already
    banged up Romo and forcing him into mistakes.
    One area of concern I do have from watching Dallas though is their
    ball-hawking on defense. At least two of
    NY’s fumbles were as a result of the defenders consciously going for the ball. Andy and the rest of the offensive coaches
    better be preaching ball security this week or it could make for a long
    afternoon for Jamaal, Cyrus and Kniles.

    • KCMikeG

      Romo and Vick are both already hurting from the beatings they took. It is only going to get worse for the both of them when facing our attacking defense the next two weeks. You can never preach holding onto the ball too much.