Chiefs vs Jaguars: Grading Kansas City’s Win Over Jacksonville

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The Chiefs defeated the Jaguars 28-2 on the road today with a dominating performance in Jacksonville. Below are my quick grades from Week 1.


It looked like we all thought it would. Quick, efficient, and smart. Jamaal Charles was a focal point, and Alex Smith orchestrated the offense with ease. It wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t have to be. This offense has room for growth. Three touchdowns in three red zone appearances is a good sign.

Grade: B


The defense was more than stout, forcing Blaine Gabbert and the Jacksonville offense into multiple third-and-long situations. They brought pressure all game, from all spots. Dontari Poe lived up to the hype with a dominating performance, and Justin Houston got off to a great start with 3 sacks. The coverage was outstanding, too. Flowers got his first pick of the season, and Gabbert couldn’t get anything going through the air.

Oh, and Tamba had a pick six. Dominating performance.

Grade: A+

Special Teams

So the blocked punt for a safety had many Chiefs fans saying, “here we go again,” but that feeling soon vanished as quickly as it came.  Dave Toub’s boys weren’t exactly what we saw during the preseason (probably because they weren’t returning kicks 9 yards deep), but they weren’t awful.

Grade: C+


The Chiefs kept the penalties to a minimum, which is an obvious sign of good coaching. Andy Reid wasn’t exactly stingy with his time-outs, but it didn’t come back to bite the Chiefs in any way. The biggest plus for the coaches, was the victory.  Getting a win means you’ve done something right.

Grade: A

What do you think, Addicts, am I on? Sound off below.

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  • chief4ever

    Congrats ! We all know it is one game and it is Jacksonville, but these games can let us learn, mature and find more “team” in this new direction. I love it ! Go Chiefs !

    • Suzi Conger

      appreciate your positive insight and agree :)

  • BigGil

    Sounds about right. How ’bout that goalline stand from the second teamers? Nice…

    • KCMikeG

      There are many signs of good things to come. The goal line stand was one. I can remember far too many times in the past where we would have given that TD up.

  • Weston_MO_Moderate

    I may be a moderate, but with my 30 year STH pin on the wall of my cubicle, I’m prepared to be rabid this year. Bring on the Cowgirls, then I’m off to Philly to see Andy Reid’s triumphant return. 3-0?

    • Suzi Conger

      Cool, good for you! CHIEFS!

  • Brian Martasin

    You’re spot on, Obviously next week will be a much better indicator of where we’re at in all facets of the game.

  • Danny W

    The second half offense was bad. I’d give them a C. Other than that couldn’t agree more. Hopefully Charles is going to bounce back.

    • Suzi Conger

      Len Dawson said it well, ‘our OLine (protection) is a concern’ (not the whole offense)…I agree with Len…don’t you? But I think the OLine will get better and better…trust that AReid knows what he’s talking about, yes?

      • Danny W

        No I disagree with Len and you. I think Smith had time but had happy feet. His MO has always been be very safe, and in turn takes sacks and makes safe throws. Sometimes he just needs to let it loose. I don’t think he was pressured all that much today at all. I know from your post’s Smith is pretty much an infallible quarterback to you but the guy is just decent. Not great but decent. He’s gonna have to be a little more decent if we were gonna beat better teams than the Busch league Jags.

        • 7yahweh7

          Do you think Smith might let it rip a little more if his targets stop dropping 6 balls per game? I do.

          • Suzi Conger

            Agree with you 7yw7 ,,,the drops, following playbook and coaches wishes in addition to time allowance/open receivers… it’s gonna happen with some time to ‘gel’.. the game was awsome fun to watch, yes?

          • 7yahweh7

            I can’t watch the games because I don’t think Sunday ticket is a good deal. I listen on chiefs radio and watch the play by play on With that said, YES. I loved the game. I was excited yet disappointed at the same time. All the drops have to stop. I think there were 6 total, not including throw a way’s and 1-2 passes that weren’t on target. Alex usually doesn’t make more than 2 bad passes per game, which is pretty much as good as it gets. Even Manning, Brady, Brees and Rodgers make a few bad passes, so I consider Alex to be as accurate as anybody in the game.
            What erks me is that NONE of the so called “experts” will talk about 6 drops. All they talk about is how “average” Smith’s numbers were. If all those balls had been caught I’m sure he would have had well over 200 yards. Andy will fix those drops, and when he does, we will see Alex getting 2-3 TDs and 250+ yards every week. But… yards, completions and all that mean nothing without a WIN. I don’t care if a guy throws for 500 yards every week. If his record is 4-12, he’s not as good as a guy that throws for 200 yards a week and goes 12-4 is he?

            I’ll take wins over lame a$$ Fantasy stats all day long.

          • Suzi Conger

            Totally agree with all you say…. I listen on radio also, really like it cuz we get an unbiased report and then watch also on nfl replay, cbs also has given good reporting, so far. I like the ability to freeze and replay, etc. CHIEFS!!

        • Suzi Conger

          D, you disagree with AReid, JDorsey, JCharles, DBowe, DPederson, CAult, VDavis, ARogers, LDawsen, multi-numerous sport analyzers , just to name a few. Perfect; thank you for admitting the truth. Seems terrific if you and the other two/three negative naysayers submitted your resumes’ for GM or HC position to Clark Hunt; just think we could make the SuperBowl in one year! lol All kidding aside, it’s very sad that only 4-6 ‘bloggers’ continually tear down Chief’s QB; it doesn’t matter if it’s smith, or jones, or whomever; it’s the constant flow of negative pouring out. I have not seen/read yet any positive, none, all negative from …. thank goodness, it’s only less than a small handful of ‘ self imposed experts” who do this.

          I agree with you regarding the first half OL protection and agree with all of the numerous professional analyzers re/ the second half…agree to disagree with you. It’s been fun watchin the games cuz my media has instant replay and I can ‘freeze’ plays; mega easy to see which OL players miss their blocks or are overwhelmed by oppositions D. Hey, Eric has really improved…

          “infallible”… your words, not mine…

          So, you are saying that the OLine performance is fine as is, with no need of improvement… , interesting… and I guess you’re saying that ARogers has ‘happy feet’ too cuz he gets sacked so much….lol

          I’ve come to the conclusion that approx 4 ‘bloggers’ at this site are extremely sexist men…the majority (by far and away) of Chiefs post positive comments about our QB, yet only I have been ‘verbally attacked’

          • kcpauly

            Here’s a sexist verbal attack for you Suzi ” You gonna get your little sally QB, Homo, killed this week you little cowgirl bitches”, how’s that? lol….Oh yeah as far as AS11 is concerned, lets bash this loser, he only went 66.9% comp. rate, 2 TD’s no picks, and a higher QB rating than ,Rogers, & Brady, to name just a few, what a scrub huh?…come on people….Suzi until AS11 walks on water the haters will hate…really is to bad, well I for one say Hell Yeah Alex…thanks for finally bringing an opening day victory for my starved ass…people so soon forget how SHITTY our team has been of late(like 20yrs), well not me I’ll take it and I LOVE it, for you being such a new KC fan at least you can support our team with positive comments, I have been a fan for over 28yrs. and I for one have heard/seen enough negative BS over the years, I am ecstatic for a change on opening weekend, and I grade the team a “W” all else is all else, just a “W” HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to more
            Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Suzi Conger

            Luv it thanx kcpauly….CHIEFS ROCK!!

          • Danny W

            I haven’t heard anyone be sexist to you. I think you’ve been accused of being an Alex Smith groupie, but never a mention of some dumb female. It’s pretty obvious you haven’t been a Chiefs fan for very long is all. You say bloggers have nothing but negative things to say about Chiefs quarterbacks. That’s true and it should be Suzy. In these areas is where you give your tell. We’ve dealt with Matt Cassel, Brady, Quinn, Tyler Palko, Tyler Thigpen, Damon Huard, and Brodie Croyle. High hopes and positive thoughts don’t turn the above mentioned names into something like Aaron Rodgers, who does have a bad line but has the confidence to make any throw on the field. Alex Smith is nothing close to Aaron Rodgers and if you think so your just not being objective. I’ve seen people be delusional about players coaches, and staff before Suzy. It’s the kind of ignorance that doesn’t have a gender barrier. You’ve picked a person to defend good or bad. That may seem altruistic to you but it’s not a nock on the guys character. It’s a knock on his skill at the quarterback position. Again I will reiterate, I don’t think the sky is falling, I don’t think Alex Smith should be scrapped just yet. I do think he can improve. He does need to do it soon however and we shouldn’t wait three seasons from now to find out if he can or not. I do want KC to draft Teddy Bridgewater. If he doesn’t work out then draft someone else high. Quarterback is the most important position on the field. The better you are at the position the better your team will be. Our line did okay. Do they need to improve in the middle? Yes. Did they play horrible football Sunday though. No. He had time to make throws Suzy. I’m personally glad your around. Even if it is just to follow Alex SMith.

          • 7yahweh7

            Rodgers went to a stable team and has had the same playbook all of his career. He was also able to sit and learn from Favre for three years. Smith went to a crap hole and had to learn a new playbook every year for SIX IN A ROW, no Solid veteran to mentor him (thrown to the dogs day one), 3 different coaches, one of the worst WR units in the NFL and one of the worst pass blocking lines in the NFL. They finished dead last in 2011 in time allowed to throw. Alex has NEVER had the same playbook more than 2 years in a row, and he has NEVER had pro bowl WR’s to throw to. All you doubters need to look at a lot more than just stats. Rodgers wouldn’t have lasted more than 3-4 years in the $HIThole that Alex stood tall in. Get a clue dude.

          • Suzi Conger

            true, well said 7yahweh7

          • Danny W

            I am in no way saying I hate Alex Smith or his play. I simply said he needs to improve. I stated that he holds onto the ball and takes sacks. When in San Fran he took more sacks than anyone. There is nothing wrong with being safe but you have to have the confidence in your receivers to throw in a tight spot on third down especially. Listen I’m glad we finally have someone better than any one the last five years. I’ve got a clue good Sir. I’ve been a student of the game for sixteen years. I’m not an idiot. I didn’t see anything crazy special out of the guy on his first game that is all. He will infact have to improve for us to be able to beat better teams. It’s a simple as that. Do I think he will? Possibly. Can he get us to the super bowl? If he improves.

          • 7yahweh7

            SIX dropped passes in the first game makes it a little difficult to gain confidence, don’t you think? He went through the same thing in SF. Pass dropping machines called WR’s getting paid millions to make him look less than he is.

          • Danny W

            Your hateful attitude isn’t very yahweh like bro. Get a clue.

          • 7yahweh7

            Stating FACTS that you are clearly too ignorant to comprehend does not constitute a hateful attitude.

          • Suzi Conger

            You are plain wrong on several fallacy statements; I plain don’t wish to spend wasted time communicating with you D… I could, if I so chose, ‘blast’ several of your inaccurate statements…. I’ll agree to disagree with you…

          • Danny W

            I personally hope A Smith turns out to be everything his to you for me. I hope I like him that much. I hope and pray he’s a winner.

          • Suzi Conger

            Laced with fallacies… some of your comments are mega-ignorant (uneducated) and demonstrate an inflated, egotistical self-character… GO CHIEFS!

            PS…did you get that resume’ in to Clark Hunt yet? I’m sure he would appreciate knowing that he made the wrong choice in hiring JDorsey and AReid ( both are staunch supporters of our QB…AR’s been coveting AS11 since his Ute college play) :-)

          • Danny W

            Suzi let me start by apologizing. I’m betting were both bigger than exchanging mean and poisonous remarks on the internet to one another but we both got a little sensitive to one another. I mean you no disrespect from the bottom of my heart. I think your emotionally attached to Alex Smith, that’s your right that’s fine. I felt like you blamed all of Smith’s problems on our line and I think BigGil and I factually articulated a fine rebuttal against that. If you want to disagree with he and I and PFF and the game film and five hundred commenters on Arrowheadpride then that’s your right as well. I personally feel like you will defend Alex Smith right or wrong like a mother would her child. I don’t understand those emotions frankly, but I don’t need to, to be civil to you. Please don’t feel like you can’t dialogue with me. I seriously regret it if I offended you. One thing we currently have in common is a super hard core love for a football team. For much different reasons probably, but theres no need in dividing over semantics.

          • Suzi Conger

            One of many fallacies : “you say that bloggers have nothing……..” that’s not what I said… please re-read accurately what I said, and don’t relate incorrect translations of my statement regarding bloggers. TY

          • Danny W

            Here you go Suzy. A solid link with pictures of coaches tape of the game pointing out how well our offensive line did. PFF has us ranked the best pass blocking line and third best run blocking line thus far. When you make things up to prove a point you end up looking really silly.

          • Suzi Conger

            danny….LOL you are looking mighty silly right now (just returning the favor, ha ha just kidding ); go back and RE-read my statement (for comprehension and accuracy’s sake) regarding our OL/Jax game…. I said that our OL was good “1ST HALF”, that I agreed with cbs, nfl, et al the 2nd half: the Jax D ‘caught on’, stalled, and at time blew through our OL..

            As is typical, every example given in your little http://www.arrowheadpride,com film is within the 1ST HALF (even first qrtr, I believe)…. Fallacy, and merely supporting my original statement….it doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to figure out why the Chief’s offense did well in the first half, and stalled in the second (not to mention the six (6) catchable well-executed pass/ DROPS…)

            D, take Willie Nelson’s advice, “Mind Your Own Business and You Won’t Have Time to Be Minding Mine” AKA; ” clean out your own closet before you work on mine”, SC :-)
            GO CHIEFS!

          • BigGil

            Did you really just start a discussion with Danny based off of HIS original post, and then end up telling him to mind his own business after he engaged in discussion? Did that really just happen?

            As for the rest of the discussion, while PFF isn’t the end all/be all in football analysis, they tend to take much harder looks at linemen (both OL and DL) than do most people. If they graded them that highly, odds are they did their job more than well enough that they can’t be solely pegged for the O’s slowing down in the second half. Alex and the receivers have to (and I’m sure do) own up to some of it.

            P.S. I’m fully aware of the irony of entering into (rather than quietly monitoring) a discussion after someone says “Mind your Business”… as I am decidedly not minding my business by doing so. (sheepish grin).

          • Suzi Conger

            BigGil, (sheepish grin) = cute, lol

            Take another look and read again my original post to Dan…very friendly and conversational. Willie Nelson’s quote refers to Dan’s ensuing unfounded ‘jabs’, innuendos, and patronizing comments to me including, but not limited to; “….looking silly…..”, ” ignorant”…etc. When in reality, several of his statements lack accuracy and are fallacies…

            You said the important big “IF” , ( they (PFF) graded them that highly…..”)… sure enough, the grading did not take into account rushes/pressures… recall how often Reid has stressed the importance of pressuring the opposing QB as it causes the QB to pass early, and/or inaccuracy. NFL recorded 2 QB error passes (2nd half) and 6 well-executed-pass drops for AS last Sun.

            For example the same pff report/ranking on SF9ers /GB reveals the following; ck7 under pressure = 2/7, 39 yds, 0 TD, 50.3 QB rating / ck7 with clean pocket (no Pressure) = 25/32, 373, 3 TDs…. an excellent demonstration of what no pressure/rushes will do for a QB, not to mention SF’s elite receivers = 0/ drops .(Bolden/Davis)

            I agree with NFL; it does not rate our OL (at present) even in the top 5 NFL OL’s. I do believe AReid and agree that our OL will get better and better with each game and will be eventually (hopefully) a top 1-5 OL CHIEFS!!

          • BigGil

            You keep bringing up “fallacies” in Danny’s arguments, but don’t explicitly stated what those fallacies are. Please expound.

            Looking at OL stats on, it’s hard not to place KC in the top five for overall effectiveness (considering both pass and run together). The only two teams that look to have done better overall seem to be DET & CAR. Sure, there are a few that fared either very slightly better (by one or two of either sacks allowed or QB hits) but those teams (again with the exception of DET & CAR) also were significantly less effective than KC in run blocking. They look to have done a pretty solid job all around (compared to their peers anyway).

            Citing 6 well-executed-pass drops actually supports the assertion that it wasn’t entirely a failure of the OL that caused the offensive stalls. In those cases it was obviously the WRs/TEs fault for not catching a well executed pass (a pass that could be well executed in no small part by the OL giving AS enough time to make a well executed pass… as much as a result of AS’s ability to make a well executed pass).

            I somewhat agree with Danny (given some of the debates I got into with him last year, I can’t believe I’m saying that) in that a would disagree with the stalls being primarily an OL problem. The OL in general did pretty well consistently (Jeff Allen in particular put in a much better performance than he usually did last year). While I’m sure a few plays can be put on them, a few can be put on the receivers (w-e-p drops), and a few on AS. The entire offense in general can do better, and given more time to gel will, it’s just a matter of when. And while it’s understandable that an offense will take longer to gel than a defense, it’s a little stomach knotting to see our D dominate so well out of the gate and our O not doing quite as well by comparison.

            Time will tell in the long run how well our offense is capable of performing, but until then I, for one, will be harboring a pretty big stomach knot (hell, even this last game I didn’t get over a stomach knot until midway through the fourth quarter, I’m that jaded from the past couple of years).

          • Suzi Conger

            Hey BigGil, I already cited a couple fallacy examples, I also stated that I don’t wish to waste anymore time with this post. You do notice that other bloggers address dan, right? (no need to reply; rhetorical question :) i’m gonna agree to disagree on several issues…

            I have fun blogging on several sites with knowledgeable, positive people that support our team.. ok, here we come Cowboys GO CHIEFS!

          • Danny W

            I know we’ve had some good debates in the past but I appreciate your forgiveness if I’ve personally offended in you in anyway. Thanks for coming up to bat for me as well in this small side debate about our week one line performance. I think our line did just fine in week one really, as does PFF, five hundred people on AP, and plenty others who watched the game not just to watch Smith. I think you and I align pretty well thus far on your comments in that I don’t think anything I said was really all that radical. She really hasn’t stated anything that I’ve said is a “fallacy” though. Still waiting on that one.

          • BigGil

            Can’t really say you’ve offended me. “Frustrated the hell out of me in the past” maybe… but not offended… :-)

            Yeah, I’m coming up short on the “fallacies” thing, too. You disagreed with Dawson and some other commentators/analysts, sure, but those aren’t really fallacies, just difference of opinion. BJ Kissel unfortunately used all 1st quarter examples in the AP article you linked to, sure, but it’s more of a fallacy to assume he did that because examples of good blocking didn’t exist in the second half rather than to assume that, as a (likely) unpaid blogger, it was easier and quicker for him to grab screenshots from the first quarter to analyze than to rewatch the entire game just to get late game examples of things early game examples can indicate just as well (maybe if he was getting paid it’d be worth the effort just to avoid readers thinking the choice of plays to analyze meant that such examples didn’t exist later in the game, but, alas…)

            Those are the two big ones I noticed anyway that could be construed as “fallacies” (though they’re really not) which is why I asked for specific examples. Lo, I was disappointed in Suzi’s response (which really didn’t clarify this).

            Plus, I didn’t first respond until after she first indicated “I’m done with this conversation” and then an hour later (without any other responses from anyone) rehashed the discussion again (with that second comment being the “mind your business” one). It’s disappointing to me whenever someone uses “I’m done with this conversation” as an out. More so when that person used the same excuse earlier in the same discussion before coming back unprovoked.

            Then again I’m a “philosophy”/”critical thinking” kind of guy and relish in these kinds of discussions, and won’t easily let fragile arguments/retorts go…

          • Danny W


    • Suzi Conger

      yea, Schwartz missed his block,, JC paid the price,,,,too bad

    • P Heitman

      I wouldn’t argue with C+/B-. I gave them the benefit of the doubt because of the 3 Red Zone scores, but I wouldn’t disagree with something in the C range. Thanks for reading, Danny.

  • BWrangler

    More than anything, this team now knows that it is permissible for it to go ahead and dominate a game. No need to give it away. I look forward to many more.

  • Montez K.

    I thought we played great….that defense is going to win us alot of games. In the back of my head I keep wondering how things will play out if we are down and trying to put points on the board…but overall—great win for the Chiefs. It’s been a long, long time since I had a good Sunday because the Chiefs whipped someones ass. Felt good. Now, on to the Cowgirls (I live in Dallas so pray I make it until next week) My father and I have field level seats so we will be there for the home opener! Go Chiefs!

  • Scott Reasons

    Id say C on offense…didnt do much of anything in the second half.

    • Dfrey87

      We were up by three scores at half time. We came out very, very conservative. This isn’t college, they don’t just keep the hammer down. It’s a sportsmanship thing, there is nothing to worry about.

      • KCMikeG

        I think Reid showed great foresight in not risking Charles when it was clearly over. I think it was very valuable for Gray and Davis to get more experience. There may have even been a little sportsmanship on Reid’s part by being very conservative in the 2nd half instead of pounding a brand new HC.

  • Scott Reasons

    The Jags crossed the 50 yard line once…

    • Stacy D. Smith

      And that was 8 minutes into the 4th Quarter. That was as dominant a defensive performance as I’ve seen since the Chiefs went into Oakland and won 28-0.

  • Conman23

    Guys, you need to realize that we were leading 21-2 at the half (shortly after leading 28-2). ANY coach is not going to come out guns blazing with a 3 TD lead. Calm your tits guys, this was an AWESOME win!

  • Dfrey87

    Our special teams did a really good job I thought besides the blocked punt we had great field position all game long. At the half we were up by three scores, we came out very conservative. No coach is gonna come out with the hammer down, that’s not sportsmanship. We are fine, when we needed to score points we did. I think our O did exactly what it needed to do. We are primed for a very good season.

  • Kyle ferguson

    B- on offense did good things with short field but where not able to put a big drive together, NO TURNOVERS! But still are not totally on the same page.
    Idk what more you want the D to do that was as dominating as it should have been. Yes jax offense was terrible but that isn’t our fault, they played hard and did what good teams do vs bad teams, dominate. A+
    Special teams C+ just cus of the blocked punt, had nice punt returns and where only called for one holding penalty, never got to return a kick off the one went out of the end zone
    I’d give coaching a B thought play calling could have been a little better (although way better than our pop Warner calls of last year) had a pretty good game plan but we didn’t put together a long drive used are time outs pretty early in both halfs and the offense looked a little confused at times.

    Overall I’d give us a B and honestly I think we just need more time to develop more chemistry and we’ll be a pretty good year

  • Randy5k

    I enjoyed the late hit on the Jags mascot! What a great game.

  • berttheclock

    Great TEAM win.

  • Suzi Conger

    Thanx Paul; good break-down. As OL QB protection improves (positive thinking, lol), I look forward to Alex having more time for deep passes and open receivers. FUN game WIN!! Most of us are very happy with our Chiefs…

    • berttheclock

      One thing I did like about the selection of passes was the first two TDs went to wide outs not named Bowe. Avery made a great move after catching the ball and Hemingway split defenders. Production from that side will take pressure off Bowe and, as the season progresses, and the play book opens more fully, look for Bowe’s production to increase.

      • Suzi Conger

        yea agree with you bert…it was just plain fun watchin the guyz do well and them having fun :)

    • micah stephenson

      Hey its Suzi Q!!! Wat u think of Alex Smiths 1st game as a Chief?

  • Stacy D. Smith

    After seeing Dallas win tonight, next Sunday will be our first big test.

  • komac

    I know it’s just week 1, but one thing I noticed numerous times throughout the game which hopefully will improve in weeks to come is the speed at which the plays got into Alex. Several times Smith appeared to be rushing to get the ball snapped and there was the one delay of game which almost became back to back delays of game. Hopefully it was just KC trying to milk the clock and it’s not really an issue, but again, it is something I noticed.

  • freshmeat62

    I think your grades are a little high, especially the offense. The D I’ll give an ‘A’ just because they had a shut-out, but in all honesty the secondary didn’t get much of a test. The offense a ‘C’. The Chiefs just don’t have much of a passing game, and frankly, I don’t expect one until after next year’s FAgncy and draft. They just don’t have the talent. What ever success they have this year is going to be done w/ smoke and mirrors.

    Except for the blocked punt and McClusters 1st punt return, I thought SpTeams played OK. Except for his 1st return, which he ran sideways, he made positive yardage by going forward. Unfortunately, well actually fortunately, we didn’t see any kick return. Your ‘C+’ is probably about right.

    • P Heitman

      You know, I was debating whether or not to give the Offense a C or a B. I went with B because of their success in the red zone; something we haven’t seen in a while. The second half wasn’t nearly as good, I’ll be the first to admit it. I think they’re a work in progress. Probably could have split the difference with a C+. Thanks for reading, man!

  • micah stephenson

    Good game. The Chiefs did what they was spose to do to the worst team n the NFL who are missing they starting WR, and TE. This game wasn’t even close or fair. Shorty after halftime I’m thinking these jags are so scrubby, bring on the cowboys so we can see a real game. The D led the Chiefs to victory. While Alex Smith game managed them to a win even tho I thought the boys poor lil arm was gone fall off every time he threw a hard pass. Special teams was hmmm Cus of the blocked kick ima say just ok. Kinda concerns me that the fullback at the longest catch of the day and I still got this funny feeling we don’t want Alex Smith in 3rd in long or behind by 2 scores. I do like Bob Suttons scheme and play calling tho. I think the D is stacked enough to b really really good.

    • 7yahweh7

      Alex had SIX come from behind wins in 2011 (reg. season) with the pass drop leaders of the entire NFL, and 4 of those were on the road. FIVE of those wins were vs. playoff teams and he was down by 20 points @ PHI in the 3rd quarter. Anybody that thinks Alex can’t come from behind needs to actually watch the games.

  • micah stephenson

    Where where the bombs over baghdad D.Bowe said we was gone see when the real season started lol? :) was that deep pass to Fasano it? Lol. That was more like a lil bottle rocket to me. Lol.

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