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Chiefs' 2013 Predictions: Predicting Every Kansas City Game in 2013

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Predicting the season of the resurgent Kansas City Chiefs is going to be tough. One as a diehard fan, I would love to see my team win every game of the season, but the realist in me knows that it is not the truth. So I will predict the outcome of every Chiefs game of the season. Keep in mind this is opinion and what I feel will be a realistic outcome of the 2013 Chiefs

Sept 8: at Jacksonville Jaguars

24 – 14 Chiefs

This should be an “easy” game for the visiting Chiefs. Smith and Charles will be the highlights of this one as they put up good numbers over the Jags.

Sept 15: vs. Dallas Cowboys

28 – 24 Cowboys

This game can go either way. But Tony Romo and Dez Bryant will hook up often and the Cowboys beat the Chiefs on the home opener.

Sept 19: at Philadelphia Eagles

31 – 28 Eagles

The Chiefs have struggled to keep a mobile quarterback contained, and Michael Vick leading Chip Kelly’s offense will be fast paced and unfortunately the Chiefs will just not be able to keep pace.

Sept 29: vs. New York Giants

35 – 21 Giants

Even though this game is at home the Giants are too much to handle for the Chiefs. Manning and company lead a good offense and their defense loves going after the quarterback.

Oct. 6: at Tennessee Titans

28 – 21 Chiefs

The Titans passing game struggles with third year passer Jake Locker , they do have Chris Johnson, however if they are able to stop the running game, the Chiefs will come away with the victory.

Oct. 13: vs. Oakland Raiders

35 – 14 Chiefs

The Raiders are a team that is going to struggle, on both offense and defense. Look for the Chiefs to attack the struggling Raiders and beat them at home.

Oct. 20: vs. Houston Texans

28 – 16 Houston

The Texans are a balanced team on both sides of the ball. They love to run the play action and if Foster is healthy they will continually give him the ball. They will have to game plan for big defensive stars such as JJ Watt, but they will be too much to handle as the Texans leave Arrowhead with a win.

Oct. 27: vs. Cleveland Browns

24 – 21 Chiefs

The Browns offense is young, but new offensive coordinator Norv Turner is very familiar with the Chiefs. This should be a close game for both teams, but I think the Chiefs pull off a win against the visiting Browns.

Nov. 3: at Buffalo Bills

21 – 17 Chiefs

I gave the edge to the Chiefs in this game, with the Bills playing a rookie quarterback Bob Sutton’s defense will be going after him all day.  If the Chiefs can run the ball during the game and control the tempo they should be able to win at Buffalo.

Nov. 10: BYE WEEK

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Nov. 17: at Denver Broncos

35 – 21 Denver

Denver dismantled the Super Bowl Champion Ravens. I look for them to do the same thing here. Manning is too good, and he is better at home it will be too much and the Chiefs walk away with a loss.

Nov. 24: vs. San Diego Chargers

24 – 21 Chiefs

The Chargers are an interesting team. Rivers, when he is on, is a great QB. If the Chiefs can hold down Rivers and create some turnovers they will win this hard fought game.

Dec. 1: vs. Denver Broncos

28 – 24 Denver

Arrowhead is always a hard place to play and with an improved team look for them to be a little more trouble for Denver. But it is Manning and company, they are just too good.

Dec. 8: at Washington Redskins

35 – 28 Redskins

RGIII and company are an improved team from last year and riding the success they had last year, it also does not help that their coach is Mike Shanahan. Chalk this one up to a loss for the Chiefs

Dec. 15: at Oakland Raiders

31 – 21 Chiefs

Whenever teams go into the black hole it is always tough. Raiders fan are just about as passionate as Chiefs fans are. The Raiders will struggle too much and this game should be a victory for the Chiefs.

Dec. 22: vs. Indianapolis Colts

24 – 21 Chiefs

Two words: Andrew Luck. He is going to be better this year and he will lead this team. However the Chiefs’ are at home and opposing teams know how hard it is to play in the “Sea of Red”

Dec. 29: at San Diego Chargers

28 – 21 Chiefs

The final game of the season at home is always tough, especially when on the verge of a wild-card spot. The Chiefs will play with passion and will be victorious for the last game of the season.


Overall 9-7 Playoff berth, lose in the first round

Now take in mind again that this is all prediction and speculation, and if there is one thing about the NFL I love, is that anything can happen. The Chiefs are a more complete team this year and that will show on the field. They make it into the playoffs but the curse of the post season still hangs over the Chiefs heads as they lose in the first round.

What do you think Addicts? What will the final standings look like come January? Comment below.


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  • ArrowFan

    9 wins will put us in play off contention but maybe not in. I think we could win 8, 9, or 10 if everyone stays healthy.

  • Chief Hokie

    I don’t know if we’ll sweep the chargers, or if we’ll beat the Colts, but overall I think you are pretty accurate.

    • Chiefswatch


      • Chief Hokie


  • Chiefswatch

    I could only laugh at this man. I don’t think you have kept up on any team this season. Never mind how stupid and irrelevant this article is in the first place with Jacksonville game coming TOMORROW. I swear without Patrick leading the site you all just write whatever pops into your grape and it just gets posted promptly. Two days I was informed that the Chiefs need to game plan for a dude that is on a four game suspension.

    Without seeing the Chiefs week one you cannot by any means be so certain about anything. Dallas most likely will lose at our home opener but I will reserve that prediction to after seeing how we dismantle Jacksonville. It seems like you are describing the Giants of three years ago, if you knew anything about them this year you would not describe them this way. “Too much to handle” I nearly died laughing reading that. And we will lose most games at home? Cant keep pace with the Eagles and their rookie coach using a QB Andy Reid knows? LOL you think we will make the playoffs but not beat a 5 win team in Philly? Lastly you are not getting a playoff birth with nine wins. Ever hear of the AFC North? Fuck this site is really going down hill.

    • Lyle Graversen

      What is your problem man? If all you want is dry information presented with no opinion, go read an ESPN box score after the game is over. This is a blog. Last I checked, the writers for a blog share their opinions. If you don’t want to hear a blogger’s opinion, then don’t read the blog.

      You take shots at Nick for making predictions and then reference how things are different without Patrick running the day to day. Guess what genius, Patrick used to have us do a staff prediction post right before the season where we all predicted how the Chiefs would do. He even had us predict each weekly game. You don’t do a season prediction after a few games are over. The whole point is to put your opinion out there before you see the games to see how close your prediction was. You don’t see anyone in all of the sports media universe doing their season predictions after a few weeks of games. So what in the world are you griping about?

      It’s clear you just like to take shots at people. If you need to do that to feel better about yourself then go to the Star’s website or ESPN article’s comments section where you can mingle with your own kind.

      • Chiefswatch

        I don’t take shots Lyle, I write what is on my mind. If it’s a lame post, it’s a lame post. And I am seeing more and more of them lately. Forgive me if I compare the last couple of years posters to those of today. I mean really? A 16 game prediction based upon little to no knowledge of the NFL? Hell a couple days ago I read the Chiefs need to prepare for Blackmon in a “blog” that took probably about thirty seconds to write and even less to research. Sorry to hurt your and Nick’s little baby feelings….I will be more gentle next time.

        • Lyle Graversen

          I don’t care if you disagree with my opinion (or any other writer), but there is a difference between posting why you think they are wrong and a personal attack. A differing opinion is always welcome. Hell, it makes the blog more interesting for people to read. But personal attacks have never been tolerated at AA. I saw Patrick ban someone just a week or so ago for similar comments. If you like commenting on posts wether you like them or hate them, my advice is either tone it down or find another blog that tolerates that crap.

  • RepOurChiefs

    Sounds like a perfect prediction! Im still going to hold on to my 10-6 because I cant help but to think our chiefs are going to sneak passed one of the better teams with something spectacular. Whether its ST or a Def fumble rec/pick 6. I just cant shake the feeling. #chiefskingdom #youaintseennothingyet

  • Shawn Scott O’Sullivan

    This is garbage, no optimism at all or good sense….
    1.Chiefs 31-3 JAX- Statement game where the new chiefs will show what they’ve got.
    2.Chiefs 35-32 DAL- Tough win, won by Succop in closing minutes.
    3.Chiefs 28-17 PHI- Eagles have a weaker defense this year and the offense will stutter with Vick.
    4.Giants 17-10 KC- Too good of a pass rush when healthy, Cruz and Manning with late game TD.
    5.Chiefs 23-7 TEN- Tennessee is a bad team, JC runs wild in this one.
    6.Chiefs 35-10 OAK-Raiders, nuff said. They might score some in garbage time.
    7.Texans 27-24 KC-Houston’s a good team and so is KC, hard fought win.
    8.Chiefs 28-13 CLE-Browns looked better this preseason, but they are still lacking on defense.
    9.Chiefs 33-14 BUF-Buffalo has a ways to go before being competitive, CJ Spiller does not.
    10. BYE
    11.Chiefs 31-27 DEN-Upset of the year as Peyton struggles against KC’s improved secondary/defense
    12.Chiefs 33-12 SD-SD can’t catch up aas they lose hope of getting over .500
    13.Broncos 37-24 KC-Peyton gets revenge as the Chiefs and Broncos draw even in their 2 games
    14.Chiefs 27-26 WAS-Hard fought, too close to call, game on the line. Succop with the GW.
    15.Chiefs 28-0 OAK-Raiders, once again, Nuff Said.
    16.Colts 42-28 KC-Colts get an explosive win as they charge towards the playoff race
    17.Chiefs 32-17 SD-Chargers just can’t compete
    auto correction based on optimism possibly weighing in on decisions, 10-6
    Chiefs have a really talented team this year and more importantly than that, they have camaraderie.
    Chiefs are going to the playoffs this year, only question is whether they take the division from the Donkeys. I expect them to be a wild card and go 2-1 in the post season this year. losing in the Conference game, possibly to Peyton’s Donkeys(wanna see that). Stop doubting this team, Avery and McClucter are going to help A. Smith and D. Bowe spread the defense out so the others can get open giving this offense some much needed explosiveness. This defense is much better than people realize too, and it’s gonna show when they play QBs like Manning/s, Griffin, Romo, and Vick.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Seriously? Nick predicts a 7 game improvement over last season and you call it “garbage”. Then you go through the games and predict 12-4. Now I’m a huge homer, but that seems like crazy talk to me. Then you correct yourself and say 10-6 which is only one game different than Nick’s prediction that you just called “garbage, no optimism at all or good sense”. So 9-7 is a pile of negative nonsense, but 10-6, that’s a completely different story. Really?

      For the record, my game by game breakdown would be different than Nick’s, but I’m predicting a 9-7 record as well.

      • Travis Forsyth

        crazy talk? like how saying kc would be a 2-14 team at the beginning of the 2012 season? how about we just wait and see what the heck happens… the way, my prediction is 10-6 and stealing the 6th seed out from under miami and a playoff win over the bengals in the wildcard and a loss to denver in the division round……GO CHIEFS!!!!

      • Chiefswatch

        LOL here you are defending your little brother again. What a fucking joke.

  • Rich Cooper

    I think early games are key. Losing at home needs to end here. To make the playoffs this team cannot continue loosing at home. Chief fans can play a role in this area. Make a bunch of eff’in noise and make apposing teams hate coming to Arrowhead. Home losing trend must die emphatically this year. Arrowhead should be an absolute house of horrors! If so big home wins and 11-5 record with a playoff win is possible

  • KEM

    Rematch of the preseason game in the Super Bowl.

    Chiefs -v- San Fran

    Chiefs get the last laugh

  • C_Rich49

    Think they’ll beat the cowboys and possibly the eagles but could trade those two for two predicted wins down the road 9-7 not bad but possible to get 10 out of this season. Chiefs 27 jags 9 go chiefs

  • Jordan

    I feel like this is a pessimistic look at the season. Anytime there was a “big name” team the chiefs “lost” I think we should be able to steal at least one or two games from a better team

  • Calchiefsfan

    We win one of the games against Dallas or Philly and go 10-6. If we get a break a la special teams we might win both and go an incredible 11-5. Well done Nick.

  • Calchiefsfan

    One other note about this season. Bowe has the best year of his career. Smith will find him often.

    • Kris Tian Lawrence

      A TD a game average over a complete season would be swell.

  • Kris Tian Lawrence

    Winning all or 7 of our home games still leaves a lot of tough venues to visit but I’d think that would be enough to ensure a 10+ win season and a wild card chase…

  • kcsparky

    I would never try to pick a game by game prognostication. This is very different team with a vastly improved coaching staff. I too am life long fan, born in KC but live in WA., and love my boys with all my heart. I feel that they will do much better than the teams fielded in many years. This will be a very exciting season…playoffs…I dearly hope so! But give Reid and his staff more credit. I really think that they will surprise the Broncos. Just as long as we DESTROY the Raiders! The Cowboys & Redskins are in for a very rough time too!

  • Danny W

    I would say this is fair. I would say we will win some games where not supposed to and lose some we shouldn’t either. Hopefully we land at 9-7.

  • richbrad13

    Overall, a fair and possibly dead on assessment.

    However, I have the Chiefs going 10-6, possibly even 11-5, and with the perfect chain of events 12-4 isn’t unheard of (not likely, but every addict deserves a “Kool Aid” fantasy).

    I think we’ll fair better against the NFC East than you do; winning against the Eagles and maybe the Cowboys. Reid knows those teams well and he will want an “I, told you so game” against Philly. Not to mention Romo, is good until he has to carry the team. I think Hali, Houston are going to rattle him.

    Cleveland is my most troubling game, coming on the heels of a hard fought emotional Texans game, it’s not that hard to see a sloppy loss. If Reid maintains a professional locker room environment, it wont be an issue.

    I am certain, we’ll split with the Broncos. I have to admit they are one of the best teams in the AFC, but historically Manning has struggled with the Chiefs.

    The difference we beat Philly, beat Denver once, and sadly I think we lose to the Browns. 10-6

  • Chiefswatch

    Oh what about those Cowboys beating the Chiefs?? How about Thursday is Chip Kelly and his over hyped offense and shitty shitty defense still going to beat us??