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Dwayne Bowe: Fact vs. Fiction

This offseason for Dwayne Bowe was an interesting one. Towards the end of the 2012 season he was not sure if he would still be in Chiefs’ red for the upcoming season, and after a dismal showing on the field, it was a legitimate concern.

2102 saw Bowe come away with just 59 receptions, 801 yards and 3 touchdowns: far from the performance he gave in 2010 with now Minnesota Viking Matt Cassel.

To be fair, the quarterback play last year was abysmal and the lack of consistency from his quarterback might have been a factor why he was not able to produce better numbers.

During the off-season, though, the Chiefs acquired Alex Smith from San Francisco, who is a major upgrade at the quarterback position. However, it was not until the last preseason game we saw that Bowe and Smith start to develop good chemistry.

During the teams offseason activities Bowe created some news by saying he will lead the NFL in receptions. Is this fact or fiction? Let’s examine.


Bowe is a big-time receiver, and now that he has a competent quarterback at the helm leading this offense, he will see more targets and be one of Smith’s favorite weapons to throw to. He’s hard to tackle and he will create more yardage after the catch because he is big and physical.


He will more than likely not lead the NFL in receptions. Andy Reid likes to move the ball around, and with all the offensive weapons the Chiefs have, Reid should accomplish that coal.

So will he be targeted? Of course. But so much as to lead the league in receptions? That is more than likely a pipe dream.

Bowe will be a big weapon for this offense, because without a straight up, solid number two receiver, he will see some major looks from his quarterback. There is a possibility that he will be good on his words this off season, but until he and Smith develop that solid chemistry though, his prediction will be nothing more than bold words and wishful thinking.

Sound off Addicts: do you think Bowe will hold true with his bold prediction about his receptions? Comment below

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  • kcpauly

    I hope so I took him in my Fantasy Football league, so Go Show…
    Go Chiefs!!!!!!

    • loanplus1

      OMG I did too I hope he kills it this year he can be a stud!

  • Chief Hokie

    What did I just read

  • Norman Gunn

    Fitzgerald showed what happens to a receiver with bad QB play. What made things even more weird for the Chiefs is that generally when a team is behind in a game the QB can pad stats because the opposing team’s defense is playing soft. Our 2012 offensive was so horrendous the QB’s couldn’t even get junk yardages. With a bottom five receiving corp (not counting Bowe) he without a doubt will have 120+ targets and will finish with 100+ receptions.

    • DoubleD

      120+ targets with 100+ catches? That’s a 80%+ catch rate! I believe the last WR to achieve that was Austin Collie back in 2010. Do you really believe the combination of Smith to Bowe is going to result in that? That’s pretty optimistic.

  • Chris Tarrants

    There is no reason to think that he won’t, Avery has speed and after he torches the secondary once then they will stop double teaming Bowe and he will be able exploit most corners in the league. He may not lead in yards but he deffinantly can in catches and td’s

  • Spencer

    Issues-Brandon Marshall, Calvin Johnson…why? Both are basically the only competent receivers in either receiving corps (bears to have Alshon Jeffery…who has potential, Lions, Pettegrew-both are decent). Lions (80%) passing team basically, and with Calvin being basically the only reliable target he is going to get a ton of receptions. Marshall, Cutler has far to large of a man crush on him, and thus will give Marshall quite a bit of chances (as well as the opposing teams defenders resulting in multiple interceptions as per usual with Cutler) Total, those two for sure will surpass Bowe IMO, just do to the numbers. Fitz may as well, I doubt Palmers ability to get it to Fitz that often, but you never know, that offense is going to be very reliant on the passing game, and with few receivers of notice Fitz could just get the pure numbers of passes thrown to him to over come Bowe…Walker is there as well, but we shall see…Kinda expect Dallas Clark esc numbers for Walker with Peyton, maybe a little more receptions, in the 80′s maybe. So I doubt he gets into the conversation like usual…

    Anyway, random note just asking in general…Who would you rather have? Mallet, Oswheiler or Bray? They all have very similar skill sets as a QB, or who do you think will have a larger impact on there current team? Personally I see Oswheiler simply because its more likely Peyton leaves before Brady and Smith could be here a long while unless Bray really shows up two years down and smith stays in the Game manager definition.

  • Scott Edward Sternberg

    I can see Bowe having monster numbers…. Here is how he will do it…. Smith under center 3 wide Bowe on the strong side and Avery/Whomever on the weak. Charles Behind Smith. Defense presses. Bowe beats his man, quick slant Smith to Bowe. Anthony seals blocks the OLB and Bowe Runs right past the safety!!!! Can I Get a TOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHHHHDOOOOOWWWWNNNNNN KKAAAAAAANNNNNASSSSSSSAAAAA CITTTYYYY?

  • PunjabiPete

    I’m willing to accept Bowe’s “I’m going to lead in receptions” as what it is: A great wideout excited about playing with an upgraded team. Dez Bryant claims he is going to have 2k yards this season, even though Tony Romo couldn’t throw 2k yards playing catch in his back yard. If Dwayne Bowe had said “I will be a serviceable to slightly above average wide receiver and will haul in a decent amount of catches for a slightly above average number of touchdowns which will hopefully outnumber my drops but you never know”, you’d write a piece flaying him for that. Take it for what it is, man, it’s bluster. Does DB WANT to lead in receptions? Of course! If he doesn’t lead the NFL in receptions but we win a Super Bowl this year does his lack of attaining such an honor invalidate that? Nope.

    • micah stephenson

      Huh? T.Romo passes for over
      4000 yards a season, something Alex Smith can only dream of.

  • DoubleD

    Fact check on the statement “Bowe is a big-time receiver.”
    In 2012, Football Outsider’s ranked him 48th in DYAR, 56th in DVOA. He had 3 TDs and 1 fumble.
    For 2011, he ranked 35th in DYAR, 52nd in DVOA. 5 TDs and 1 fumble.
    For the past three seasons, his catch rate has been below 60%.
    Statistically speaking, I think it’s fair to say that Bowe’s cred even as #1 WR is legitimately questionable.
    Bowe makes great catches every now and then, but is he truly a difference maker? I haven’t seen that level of production out of him in quite some while.
    I agree that Alex Smith gives our offense a much better chance of moving the chains than was the case with Matt Cassel, et al, ad nauseum. Hopefully Smith’s presence will help transform/reform Bowe into better receiver (and please let’s not confuse total yards with the notion of overall WR quality) than what the Chiefs have gotten out of him the past 2 or 3 years.

    • Norman Gunn

      The past two seasons have been two of the worse QB seasons I’ve ever seen, which make those Bowe stats irrelevent.. QB play of course has a hug effect on Bowe. Even in 2010 opposing teams knew that all they needed to due was shut down Bowe and our passing offense would be dead. He will have an above catch rate near 80% because 1) He will be in a passing offense; 2) He will be the best weapon in the offense; 3) He will be playing with the best QB he’s ever had.; 4) His supporting cast will help him be more open for targets.