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Too early for 2014 NFL Draft talk?

Greetings fellow Arrowhead Addicts! I’d like to take this opportunity to not only introduce myself as a lifelong Chiefs fan but also to introduce myself to everyone who reads Arrowhead Addict.

Being a hip hop artist in Kansas City is nothing short of challenging, you can ask fellow AA writer Reach, if you don’t believe me, but even that scares me less than making this jump to weekly writer of a site that I truly admire. It’s an honor and a privilege to explain my opinions to my fellow fans and I am nothing short of ecstatic to be given the chance. With that said, let’s move on to who I am and what I can contribute.

I am a self-proclaimed draft nut. Not that the other aspects of the game and team don’t excite me, they do and there will be plenty more topics on which I can’t wait to wet my whistle, so to speak, but the draft is what really gets my blood pumping. I check daily for updates on prospects and read every mock draft I can get my hands on. Since this is my first article, I figured I should stick to what I know. Therefore, this article will be in reference to the 2014 NFL Draft.  I think this goes without saying that many things could change in the following 8 months, so please take these observations with a grain of salt.

Now, if I had to guess at this point in time what positions of interest the Chiefs will be looking towards in the 1st round of the 2014 draft, the three position groups that come to mind are offensive tackle, defensive end and wide receiver. Now, I know what some of you are thinking. “Offensive tackle two years in a row after franchise tagging Branden Albert?! No way!”

Right? Well, Albert’s contract was not defined and signed by the July 15th deadline, therefore, I think there is a very strong possibility the Chiefs allow Albert to walk after this season. Neither Scott Pioli nor John Dorsey were able to sign Branden Albert to a long term deal, which leads me to believe that Albert and his agent think that he’s worth  a lot more than either GM was willing to pay.

That being said, there are more than a few offensive tackles coming out in next year’s draft that fit Andy Reid’s prototype for an ideal OT. There is Taylor Lewan. This Michigan tackle is 6 foot 8 and weighs in at 309lbs. Andy Reid loves the long strong tackles. Secondly, this could save the Chiefs an incredible amount of money allowing them to sign veteran players such as Tyson Jackson, Dexter McCluster, Jon Asomoah, Kendrick Lewis, etc. Granted all of these players would have to increase productivity to be considered worth anything close to what Branden Albert is worth, but what about all of them combined? Would you prefer to see them all walk just to keep Albert here?

Another position that I think the Chiefs will be looking at is wide receiver. Donnie Avery is going to get his chance this year to prove whether or not he can hold down the number two spot but honestly, he was released from Indianapolis for a reason and I think that reason is something that can’t be taught. You can’t teach size and you can’t teach focus. Sure, he’s fast as Jimmy John’s but he’s had a lot of drops in his career and with the talent of some of the wide receivers coming out in the draft next year, I believe he’s on his way to becoming something else we truly need on this team and that’s depth.

Two players in this draft with the potential to fill the spot with relative ease are Marquise Lee, who will most likely be drafted with one of the top 8 picks and Sammy Watkins, who we may have a chance at taking given his previous offences for violating the NCAA’s drug policy. Sammy Watkins has benefitted from having one of the most accurate college quarterbacks in the game but if this kid gets any room at all, he can take off and score anytime he touches the ball. If either players are available at our pick and we do in fact, sign Branden Albert, that’s what I believe the Chiefs will do.

And the last area I’d like to focus in on is defensive end. This is another contract motivated area of interest. If Tyson Jackson doesn’t consistently provide the type of play he showed in flashes towards the end of last year, it will be hard to pass up a guy like Stephon Tuitt. Defensive end Stephon Tuitt and Defensive tackle Louis Nix were both absolutely vital to Notre Dame’s defensive success last year and they are rarely spoken of. But trust me; you’ll know who they are by next April. Stephon Tuitt recorded 12 sacks, 47 tackles, 3 forced fumbles, and one pass break up. Not to mention a 77 yard return for a touchdown. Granted, it was against Navy but what it shows is stamina and hustle for the 6’6” 303lb big man.

There will be many much more thorough articles to come regarding upcoming prospects in the 2014 draft and beyond. I can’t wait to introduce you guys to some sleepers I’ve had my eye on but until then, thank you for reading and I look forward to addressing comments and input from my fellow Chiefs fans.

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    You popped your cherry! #rumbleyoungman #rumble

  • clay simester

    We’d have to be pretty awful this year to have that high of a draft pick anywhere close to where Taylor Lewan will be picked. Even if we could, we wouldn’t. Albert is gonna walk after this year, and we just spent the number one overall pick on a left tackle. Fisher will move over to where he was drafted to play, so i don’t see picking another left tackle anywhere in our immediate future.

    As far as using the money saved on Albert to sign Jackson and McCluster, Tyson Jackson has already been paid way more money than he is worth. It should be do-or-die time for him, either start producing, or hit the road. Same with McCluster. Every year we hear about the exciting new ways McCluster will be used, and it still hasn’t happened. McCluster isn’t making all that much so it’s not so bad.

    I would imagine that we’ll be looking for a big DE, maybe a pass-rusher or if we’re in the right spot, i’d love to see a first round WR talent opposite of Bowe

    • Jeff Grasser Jr

      I agree…I don’t think Taylor Lewan would be available at our pick either. I’ll be going through all of the positions from the inside out starting with defense in my next series of articles. Three names you probably know and one sleeper. This was more or less an introductory peice. There are some really good players all througout this upcoming draft. Just a shame this wasn’t the class we got last year.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if we do go OT again in the first round though. That is, if an agreement can’t be made with Albert.

  • tm1946

    We need to see how this year shakes out. If Reid can get the team hitting on all cylinders, may get a surprise about who WANTS to stay on the team and PRODUCE at a higher level. Winners attract winners. Then we can go for need in the draft, not desperate need.

    • Jeff Grasser Jr

      Agreed. These are all based on as of right now though. I’m more interested in prospects than trying to guess what the outcome of our year will be. Thanks for reading the article! There’s more to come!

  • micah stephenson

    What about QB? A.Smith will b on the last yr of his contract , 30 years old and coming off a bad season with the Chiefs. With another high pick for the 2nd yr n a row we need to trade up and get a QB.

    • Jeff Grasser Jr

      Since my QB evaluations are months away, i’ll give you a peek at who I like personally to climb up draft boards and potentially be available at our pick…look up Stephen Morris’s 2013 highlights and tell me he wont make an excellent QB in the NFL…he’s my “Russell Wilson” of 2014

    • Jeff Grasser Jr

      You wont find him on any mocks soon, but when you do, remember who told you so and come back and read more :)