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Chiefs News And Rumors 8/25

Many people need their coffee to get up and going in the morning. Here at Arrowhead Addict, we understand that for a Chiefs fan, coffee is simply not enough.

Here’s all that’s happening around Chiefs Kingdom this morning.

Welcome to The Morning Fix.

Welcome to the morning after a win. Sure, it was a preseason win, so it meant nothing, but it was a win none the less. If the sun seems to be shining a bit brighter this morning, or the air smells extra crisp, now you know why.

The Chiefs beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in epic overtime fashion last night 26-20. Backup quarterback Chase Daniel stepped up and led Kansas City to a touchdown on their first drive of overtime, hitting Rico Richardson in the corner of the end zone to end the game.

Kansas City played a great game overall, with multiple players stepping up. The first offense got back on track, the first defense looked strong, the backups won the game and special teams was great as expected.

Coach Andy Reid had this to say about his team’s performance, per the official Chiefs press release:

“It is a preseason game but the part I like is that they’re all pulling for each other. The one’s pulling for the two’s, the one offense pulling for the two defense and the one defense pulling for the one offense. So, that’s good. That camaraderie is important when you’re building a football team like these guys are building. They believe in each other, they trust each other, they support each other. They’ve done it all through camp. Everything I’ve thrown at them they’ve handled.”

In particular, starting quarterback Alex Smith looked great, completing 17-of-24 passes for 158 yards and a touchdown. He led the Chiefs to a great touchdown drive with under two minutes to go in the first half, and it could be argued that the drive was the defining moment of Kansas City’s preseason. Smith took a big hit from Troy Polamalu, but bounced right back up and drove the field.

Dwayne Bowe talked about his quarterback’s toughness after the game, according to Reid Ferrin of

“That’s what he does,” Bowe said of Smith. ”Just standing in the pocket, making the throws he has to. Also, he makes the checks and locates the mike to help the linemen out. He’s just an all-around quarterback. He’s going to stick in there and get us the ball. Remember, he wants to win too with us.”

And Reid’s thoughts on the starting quarterback?

“I asked Ted for his stats, he was 17-for-24 and a 102.4 quarterback rating, so I’d say that’s a pretty good day. I thought he was accurate and competitive. I thought he managed things well. A lot of those plays we turned over to him and he put on what he thought he saw there. I thought he did a nice job managing that and getting us in and out of good plays.”

Kansas City gets back to work this week preparing for the final game of the preseason. The Green Bay Packers will be heading to town to face the Chiefs at Arrowhead on Thursday night.

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  • chiefridgy

    Great win for morale if nothing else. All phases looked good. GO CHIEFS!!!!!

  • Vaughn Morris

    Glad to see the Chiefs coming together, especially against GOOD teams. Anyone here tried arguing with a raider fan. Ive spent the last 2 days arguing with raiders fans. Man its Exhausting. Heres the transcript. It was a post about how raiders fans want Pryor to start.

    Me . Buck the faiders…..get the broom out

    Dennis McDonald / That’s funny, a Chiefs fan talking shit. when was their one and only Super Bowl? 1970!

    Me/ I don’t live in the past, I look forward to the future. And the future tells me the raiders will eat a big fat shit sandwich this year.

    Steve Barrera / I agree with ur QB statement. The situation we have, our best shot is with Pryor. Maybe another team Flynn would be a safer QB to start. The way we block for Flynn he has no chance at success. I’ve been a Flynn supporter too, but given this small sample size of pre season games, Flynn looks like he’s clearly in over his head.

    Steve Barrera /And last place chiefs fans sure are proud of there….. Wait why are all the Chiefs fans so cocky right now???!!!

    Ryen August Holloway/ Lolol….”big fat shit sandwich,”… Thas funny

    Dennis McDonald /The Chiefs will settle for the corn filled turd nuggets. They’re not going anywhere this year. Oh wait, Chiefs fans are satisfied with “not last”. Pathetic, but I guess they might be happy after all.

    Dwayne Gregory / Golstein The Raiders organization needs to stop operating like a fucking suburban high school team and put money into a legit coach who will tell these players to fucking perform. We been run like the truth will bruise our egos. We our in a fucked city no pla…See More

    Sam Champion Yeah….I agree with Dennis McDonald and Steve Barrera. I was a big time Matt Flynn supporter and also a supporter for Pryor to sit and continue to get better and hone his skills until he is ready to show what he can do. But after watching him these 3 …See More

    Chris Ca Anthony /Still yet to see Flynn play, how’s he looking?

    Ryen August Holloway/ Well said Dwayne.

    Sam Champion At Chris Anthony../.some hot garbage bro.

    Dennis McDonald /Dwayne , that is the reality for this year. One third of the salary cap is dead money. $69MM available next year. This year had to happen ti clear the cap. The roster just lacks talent

    Chris Ca/ Anthony Sam Champion forreal haha

    Chris Ca Anthony On of the biggest problems for the raiders moving forward is no one wants to play in Oakland. So it’s gonna be real hard to attract free agents of quality

    Dennis McDonald @Chris , that may be the case next year, but we will have money to resign our own free agents. Some continuity will make a difference. I think Reggie McKenzie is well prepared for the job of rebuilding the team. All it takes is some positive momentum because we all know money takes precedence over all with free agents. We just have to chose character guys and not over pay. It’s a process.

    Me/The Chiefs are 0 – 0. Until proven otherwise you cant talk smack, because this team is night and day compared to team last year.

    Sam Champion Yeah…same for you…the season hasn’t even started yet….smh…(***facepalm***…Chiefs fans…)

    ME /We have 6 probowlers, possibly more this year. Raiders have WHO? Finally have a QB and top 3 runningback plus top five receiver. Raiders have who? We have 2 probowlers at linebacker and one at middle linebacker. Raiders have who? We have a probowler at strong safety and 2 top 10 corners. Raiders have who? NOONE that’s who!

    ME/ And Alex smith sho looked good tonight in that win against the steelers! In Pittsburgh!!!

    Sam Champion Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn….blah….blah….blah….blah……dude….you guys had all that last year…and the year before and the year before that…and we had what??? Nobody right?? That’s what you said right??? And we still swept yaw in wins…yaw only had two wins. TWO. Geeeez…yaw had more probowlers than actual wins (which doesn’t make any sense, actually it does…It’s called horrendous fan voting…but anyways I digress) bro…calm it down…play the season first cuz every year you guys try to hype yourselves up and end up being garbage…just play the year.. if you guys end up great??? Then go ahead talk to your hearts content and I will salute you. But until then…just wait.
    Sam Champion Oh and if I were you…I’d take it easy on claiming Alex Smith…dude is wack. You will find out soon enough.

    me / Do you even know who chiefs QBs were last year. Worst QBs and worst coaching in the league that didn’t know how to utilize talent on the team. Cassel and Quinn accounted for 25 plus turnovers by themselves. That’s why they sucked. The defense was on the field the whole time. The raiders will be the worst team in football. Guaranteed. Worst fans in football too. Nothing but thugs and gangbangers go to those games in Oakland.

    me/Alex smith one of the most highest rated QBs in last two years.

    me/ And are you saying our probowlers arnt worthy of the probowl. Get the Eff out of here with that. U saying Jamaal Charles shouldn’t be in probowl. Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Eric Berry, and dustin Colquitt. Check the stats, watch some tape, do your homework. Cuz just spouting off shit (just like a raiders fan) will get you no where.

    Chris Ca /Anthony Ima raider fan but Brandon flowers is a baller just saying

    Chris Ca/ Anthony Charles needs to stay healthy for kc we will see how smith plays with bowe because bowe has some serious talent, obviously kc has some really good talent on the roster lets see if they can put it all together for a good season, put it this way the broncos own the afc west right now tho

    Sam Champion (-_-)………….really…thugs and gangbangers??? Didn’t know I was either? Anywho…

    QB issues aside didn’t stop anyone from saying you guys were going to be great to start the season last year and the year before that?? Yet with alllllll those players that you mentioned they didn’t help you guys get more than two wins right??? Also…the same things you guys are saying now about Alex Smith are the same things you guys said about Cassel when you guys traded for him…what will be the excuse when you Alex fails??? And it’s easy for Alex Smith to be the highest rated QB when he only throws checkdowns all day…bro…do you even hear yourself think before you type???

    All I’m saying is…just wait till the end of the season before you start saying what happens…cuz the Chiefs always start out with hype…then fail by season’s end. Happens all the time.
    Ryen August Holloway “More probowlers than wins””… Silly Chiefs.

    Dennis McDonald/ Do you get extra wins for Pro Bowlers? This guy sounds like Charger fan. Hey Chiefs, win another Super Bowl and THEN talk some shit. Until then you’re like everyone else who didn’t win the Super Bowl, NOT the Champions.

    Ryen August Holloway /He sounds like “jags fan” from last year … Lol, “jags fan” wuz in the room going baaaaaad talking shit about the playoffs and blah blah blah …. Then what ?.they were shit ….lol .anyway, I watched a fair amount of cheifs games last year and that O LINE was shit… It’s easy to look at the numbers and blame the QBs, but realistically cassell has more cannon than smith and more accuracy (in my opinion.).. If he ain’t got gore or Davis to bail him out within 10-15 yards i think shits gonna be different.. I wish him luck but i don’t believe his skill set is a free pass for the CHEIFS fans to think theyre worlds apart from the raiders …thas silly as fuck….. Unless we talkin 2-3 years ago when yall picked off boler and Palmer 4 times combined… That game was ugly …lol
    Steve Barrera I keep hearing the old coaching staff in KC didn’t know how to coach talent, yet they bring in a coach who failed miserably with “The Dream Team” Eagles, so what’s the logic here????

    me/ Wow. The football knowledge in here is inept. Saying Cassel has more accuracy and more of a cannon than smith is hilarious. And yes the Chiefs are worlds apart from the raiders, especially talent wise.

    me/ Yah I think Andy Reid is an Upgrade over Romeo Crennel don’t you think. Or does that not make sense either. Let me put it factually so you can understand. Andy Reid 130 – 93 and 10 – 9 in the Playoffs. Romeo Crennel 28 – 55, 0-0 in the Playoffs. Do those numbers make sense.

    Chris Ca Anthony /Lol Brian Jones is that jags fan Ryen August Holloway is talkin bout haha

    Chris Ca Anthony Vaughn Morris just wait till the season starts bro you guys have some pieces don’t jynx your squad

    me/ True that. I don’t think the chiefs are going to superbowl even though that would be nice. I don’t even know if they will make playoffs. All I know is that they will better than last year. And I tell you what, I hope the raiders sweep Denver, I will root for the raiders when they play Denver.

    me/ And I hope Charles Woodson has a good year. I like him and I hope he balls.

    • chiefridgy

      I’m not reading all that shit. I care less what faider fans think.

      • Jim Harper

        Yeah, me either. Where did this clown come from?

  • Adrian M. Favor


    • Chris Tarrants

      Glad your excited but stop yelling lol