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Jon Baldwin Traded For A.J. Jenkins: Chiefs Fans Reminisce On No. 89

The sun is shining brightly and it’s a beautiful day here in Kansas City. In other unrelated news, Jon Baldwin has been traded away.

That’s right folks, Kansas City was able to reach out to the San Francisco 49ers and trade Baldwin for wideout A.J. Jenkins, as reported by Reid Ferron of KCChiefs.com.

Jenkins has a stat line of zeroes so far in the NFL, but he did have a pretty good college career at Illinois. Baldwin, on the other-hand, has been the bane of many Chiefs fan’s existence. And no, we’re not talking about the villain who squared off with Batman.

We reached out on Twitter and asked you addicts to give your memories of Jon Baldwin. Here’s how you’ll remember the Chiefs’ much maligned wide receiver:

This is a good way to start things off, via Trent Thurmon:

Baldin notched 41 receptions for 579 yards and just two touchdowns with Kansas City. Considering the hype he came in with, those are forgettable numbers.

This seems to be a trend:

Speaking of trends:


Ah, now this is a good analogy:

Believe it or not, not everybody is happy with the move:

Remember the fight with Thomas Jones?

Did Jones actually respond to that?! Awesome:

Here’s another one of these:

Poor Alex Smith can’t even catch a break today with some fans:


Another one of these tweets, just because:

And finally, the funniest tweet of the day goes to:

Not on Twitter? Your thoughts didn’t make it into the article? Sound of below, addicts.

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  • Jason Collins

    Great!! They traded a guy with 56 catches a two TDs for a guy who couldn’t break the starting line up with all even when all of the starting 49s WRs were hurt. Yay for 37 snaps played and zero receptions!!!

    • clay simester

      Excuse me while i LOL in your face!

      • Jason Collins

        Hey GED, explain to me why this was a good move. I can’t wait to hear this. Let me guess, Jenkins is like Jackson and Smith knows Jenkins. I will be awaiting your thoughts GED.

        • Michael Tavis

          Because Baldwin was going to get cut and if he was cut that would of been dead money. The Chiefs would of been paying for nothing. We at least broke even on the deal which is the best case scenario.

          • Jason Collins

            Although healthy all season, Jenkins was active for only three of the 49ers 16 regular season games.[8] In his rookie regular season he played in only 37 offensive snaps and was targeted with a pass just once, which he dropped.[

          • Michael Tavis

            I dont think you understand the point here. We are not arguing Jenkins vs Baldwin. Both guys were going to get cut and both guys would of been dead money. With the trade both teams break even on the deal. Nobody expects Jenkins to come in and be our number 2 WR.

          • Michael Shaw

            The way Andy runs his offenses, I am totally expecting Bowe to be our #2 and either Fasano or JC being our #1 WR’s……………………….and Bowe still getting over 1,000 yds and about 10 or more TD’s!!

    • chiefridgy

      It appears as though Baldwyn was gonna be cut from the Chiefs and Jenkins was going to be cut from the Niners. No harm done. Troll on

  • kcpauly

    Seems like the first terrible move by the Dorsey/Reid team, mark my words here Chiefs, Baldwin will be a top 10 WR for the Whiner’s and the deal will end up burning us, happens everytime to us
    Go Chiefs!!!!!!!

    • Montez K.

      we don’t play the Niners…so why should it matter? he was definitely NOT a top 10 WR for us? Good riddance

    • Mark Bustamante

      You are talking about Jon Drops the Ball-dwin right? For a minute there I thought there was another Baldwin like Alex the actor

      • kcpauly

        Ok Terrible was a strong word LOL, I actually have mixed feelings about the whole thing, some being the Homer that I am, was really hoping Baldwin would come around and be a stud, now that is gone is all I mean I don’t want the guy to be a stud and a top WR for the next 5-8yrs or something stupid like that. However in the mean time AR/JD are smarter football people than me and if they didn’t see it then I must trust them, also maybe it will free up some cap and we have a plan to get someone else(Lloyd?) on the other hand SF is also smarter football people than me and they got this kid out of there after only one season, wait and see what happens? will be my take on it
        Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dfrey87

    I like this move Baldwin was garbage, if it was because he didn’t want to play for this team or if it’s just because he can’t play. Either way he was no good to us that was obvious. Plus Jenkins will come with a smaller cap hit if we have to cut him. This move was smart, we either get a 1st round wr that just needed a change of scenery or we use it as a way to cut dead weight without costing a ton of money.

  • Mark Bustamante

    At least in San Fran he can ‘drop’ out of sight and no one will notice.

  • paul pace

    After reding some of the posts it is obvious no matter what the Chiefs do there will always be some people out there that are critical of their decisions. Everyone has a right to their opinion but the fact is Baldwin just didn’t perform up to his potential with the Chiefs. Maybe, a change of environment will be good for him just as it will possibly be good for Jenkins. If both perform well for their new teams then it is a win win situation for everyone.

  • RepOurChiefs

    TJ had to retort!!!! It was only right. lol

  • RepOurChiefs

    He didnt want to be here and those 0/3 targeted hits sealed that. Cant blame the regime for trying to make moves when the old one just wouldve sat on their hands. Good or bad we soon will see but they REACTING and thats respectable!!. #chiefsnation #youaintseennothingyet

  • Jason Collins

    So the logic on arrowhead addict is: you give up 35 rec and 2 Tds for 0 rec and 0 tds and no harm is done. You give up 24 games of experience for 3. It’s not a wash. We traded a guy who will start for the 49ers (yes he will) for a guy who was on their practice squad. Not even third string. Lol.

    • Jarad

      who cares what he will be on another team, he was garbage in kansas city. why is being bad in the league for 2 years better than being bad in the league for 1?

      • Jason Collins

        Shear numbers. How are the chiefs better? They are a worse team. Jenkins was so bad he was put on practice team. He couldn’t play special teams, block or run routes. We are down 35 catches and two tds

        • Jarad

          Baldwin was drafted a year before jenkins also. And Baldwin being a 1st round pick (like jenkins, i know) was given 1st team reps and oopportunity after opportunity. Because they invested so much in him. That hurt KC because he wasnt producing. Now they’re not obligated to “give” anyone those reps. Every WR will earn those. KC didnt lose 35 catches and 2 TDs, they lost a guy who took playing time away from others only because he was drafted high.

  • Jason Collins

    This whole thing started over Baldwin’s inability to catch right. Avery replaces Baldwin, yay!! Oh crap, last year Avery’s drop rate was 17%.. Oh is that bad??? It was the highest in the league by 6% and twice as high as Baldwin.. Hummm

    • chiefridgy

      Not so much inability to catch passes but an inability to run crisp routes and create separation from DBs.

  • Michael Shaw

    Either way, I am glad Baldwin is gone. I didn’t like the pick on 2011 and would have settled for anyone else. We had “decent” receivers then and picking Baldwin made NO sense to me in 2011. I will agree about having crap QB’s didn’t help him much, but at the same time, Bowe has decent numbers since that time and he had the exact same QB’s throwing to him as Baldwin did. Not sure who would have been a better pick for us that year, but I think we would be better off had we gotten Gabe Carimi, Mark Ingram to backup JC, Jimmy Smith, Andy Dalton, some guy named Colin K-something er uther, Akeem Ayers, Kyle Rudolf or better yet, Da’quan Bowers might have helped our d-line sooner than later!!!

  • 44WinMag

    What QBs in 2011 did we pass on to take this WR because we supposedly had already traded for our Franchise QB? Off the top of my head I can think of two: A. Dalton, and C. Kaepernick.

    Go Figure! Isn’t being a Chiefs fan wonderful?