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Knile Davis Will Be A Capable No. 2 RB For Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs already have a star running back in Jamaal Charles, but don’t overlook the rookie out of Arkansas, Knile Davis.

If he stays healthy, Charles will undoubtedly be the Chiefs’ No. 1 back in 2013, but the depth chart behind him was questionable heading into the preseason. Who was going to backup Charles, and would they be able to do a capable job?

Davis answered those questions and more on Friday night in preseason game No. 2 against the San Francisco 49ers.

He only ran the ball ten times for 37 yards, which equates out to 3.7 yards per carry, but it wasn’t the numbers that were impressive. More so, it was the way Davis carried the ball. Davis was patient, he displayed great vision, and he wasn’t afraid to lower his shoulder and pick up the yards the defense afforded him.

Sometimes all a running back can do is lower his pad level, churn his legs and pick up a couple yards. In fact, the good running backs understand that they can’t break a 80-yard run every play, and they live to fight another down.

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That’s the type of patience and understanding that Davis displayed on Friday night. Combine that with a great first down pickup when Andy Reid decided to go for it on fourth down, and three receptions for 31 yards; and it’s obvious that Davis has what it takes to be a capable No. 2 in the NFL.

In fact, here’s what Chiefs’ offensive coordinator Doug Pederson had to say about Davis in a recent interview, which can be found on

“He’s going to be a good back,” Pederson said. “We’ve thrown a bunch at him, and he’s done a good job. He’s blown a few assignments, but that’s sort of natural at this point because we’ve thrown so much at these young guys. But he’s handled it well. This past weekend, to get the reps he’s had is valuable for him. Great experience and he’ll just get better with every snap.

We’ve only seen a small sampling of Davis, but I tend to agree with Pederson. He’s going to be a good back in the NFL, and definitely a capable No. 2 behind Charles.

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  • DTVTechGuy

    Little early to start labeling a rookie with a large entourage of baggage as a #2

    • Jim Harper

      So you would prefer no comment at all? You apparently think a #2 is too high of praise? I agreed with that assessment so I must be way off too? Man, all three of us must be out of it today.

      • DTVTechGuy

        I would prefer you kept your emotion to yourself and stay on topic. Here’s how it’s done…

        Hey Guy… I disagree… Here’s why….

        Instead you respond with sarcasm and some sort of implied offense that I think ” your ” in some way, shape or form wrong… It’s called an opinion.

        I disagree with the opinion of the writer. I stated so and supplied a reason… Try that form of communication, it presents less sensitivity and emotion.


        • Jim Harper

          Now that is funny. All you said was that he was a rookie with a large entourage of baggage. That is hardly supplying a reason for your statement. As a matter of fact you offered nothing to support your position. What kind of baggage? When? Where? And THAT is how it is done.

          • DTVTechGuy

            Lets try this… Since your supporting the position of a legitimate starter in the event JC can’t go… You should be aware of what I mean when I say….


            But since your not, I will elaborate.

            Injury shortened Junior season in high school.

            Injury shortened Senior season in high school.

            Missed the entire 2011 season at Arkansas with an injury.

            After returning the Razorbacks he split time with other players and after entering the draft had a TRUCKLOAD of doubters he was a legitimate NFL prospect. A good showing at the combine boosted his stock enough to get drafted, but in this article, we have the Author indicating… Based purely on training camp and preseason action that the ROOKIE is a legitimate starter in the event our starter, who has an ankle I jury right now, which is similiar to McFadden’s injury that arguably effected an entire season for McFadden… That Kniles Davis has the ability to be an everyday starter.

            Injury prone.

          • DTVTechGuy

            Remember too… There has been alot of players with great combines and great performance in preseason that never amounted to squat in the NFL…..

            So when I say..

            It’s a little early to be giving the kid labels like that when he is injury prone and has yet to take a snap in an NFL game… I think I have plenty of facts to back my opinion. The author has facts to back his opinion as well.

            That’s how it’s done.

            Try again.

          • DTVTechGuy

            I’d like to think the Author is correct, despite the fact I think it’s a ” little early ” to be placing labels on the guy. Having a great RB on the bench, spelling JC when JC needs a sit down would be a great position to be in. Notice I put ” little early ” in quotations for you, as to stress my initial statement. Because that’s all I actually said….

            It’s a little early… And he hasn’t answered any of the doubts that are following him… His durability.

            Now, you may not have taken that away from the initial statement, but you are probably the minority in that case as most die-hard Chiefs fans know why we got KD later in the draft and that he was indeed injury prone throughout his early career… Not just college, but HS as well.

            I hope I’ve elaborated enough for you Jim, in the future I’ll make sure the quality of my responses is higher so that other yourself, and other readers such as yourself, understand my opinion a little bit better. Sorry that I assumed, as a reader and a responder, you had all the facts. That is my mistake.

            Have a wonderful day.

          • Jim Harper

            Guess I hit a nerve. A couple of facts you conveniently leave out. Since you refer to your source as “author” which is in singular form, that you are basing your argument on the opinion of one unnamed person who’s credentials are unknown. As far as KD being drafted “later in the draft” he was KC’s 3rd overall pick. We had no 2nd rounder, but two 3rd rounders and he was the 2nd third round pick. While most agree that they were surprised by this pick I do trust that Dorsey did his homework and felt good about it or he would not have picked him. This is the point at which as fans we should defer to the professionals that they know what they are doing more so than we do. So I am afraid you have not done much to support your position other than to mention one mysterious author. I suspect at this point we should just agree to disagree and by the way, thank you for your wish that I have a wonderful day, and I am.

          • DTVTechGuy

            The author of this article is the mysterious author. Are you actually reading or just waiting your turn to talk.

            Not much to support my position.

            Not one full season in college. Fact.

            Injury shortened junior and senior seasons in High School. Fact,

            Durability questions. Fact.

            On the other hand, all you’ve chosen to do is attempt to break down my position and opinion.

            Agree to disagree?

            You haven’t said one thing or presented one fact.

            You my friend, can have the last word, I won’t respond again.

  • ladner morse

    You can feel the evolution: Barry Word, Christian Okoye, Marcus Allen, Donnell Bennett, Tony Richardson, Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson, Jamaal Charles… and now Knile Davis. However, in 20 years its been JC who has done it with the worst of all Chiefs lines in front of him. I can see a time when KD has a breakout game this coming year. He’s definitely fun to watch. I liked seeing him lower his pads against some DBs. I think he’ll win a lot of those battles. Go Chiefs!!!

    • Daniel Mayfield

      I don’t wanna see a HUGE break out from KD yet! Not while we still have JC! Well, maybe if they can both get over 1,000 yards in 1 season along with Smith getting over 4,000 in passing without to many ints and Bowe being in the top 10 WRs in yds and TDs…..WOW! What a wonderfull season that would be. Well, you think it would be anyway. lol

      • ladner morse

        Yea and an element of KDs game that appears to have changed is his… “dancing in the hole”… he doesn’t seem to do it now. Many college backs make a move (dance) to get through a hole at the line of scrimmage then try to make another move (dance) once they face a DB and all they are left with is a bunch of dancing and very little yardage. Watching tape on KD in college he would often make this a regular practice and the problem for him when using this “technique” is that it would sometimes negate his speed. There was a noticeable difference in this game compared to his college approach. There were times when he looked a bit like Terrell Davis. He would make a cut at the LOS and get as far up field as possible taking on DBs at the angle of his choosing. That allowed him to also use his superior size and strength to win some of those second level battles.

        I can’t wait to see what else he can achieve, especially in tandem with our beloved JC.

        • berttheclock

          Have you read comments about how well Dennis Johnson is looking for the Texans? Remember, he was the short, but, very strong RB who took over for Davis at Arkansas when Davis was hurt. He had a fine career with Arkansas. In addition, he might be better at returning kicks than Davis. He doesn’t have the straight line speed of Davis, but, is very shifty, uses short choppy steps and makes defenders miss. What hurt him in the draft was not being called to the combines. He made up for it with a fine Pro Day and the Texans grabbed him as an UFA.
          I really hope the Chiefs made the better choice.

  • Pealvin

    I believe he is going to be a great insurance policy should something happen to JC! People will stop talking about where the Chiefs took him in the draft at the end of the year. He will be a steal! Also on the other side of the ball, this Nico Johnson guy is the real deal to me. He is everywhere on defense. He looks to be in on every tackle. Kinda like DJ. Lets get better in Pittsburgh fellas!

    • ArrowFan

      I have noticed Nico as well, Jordan hasn’t been playing bad but Nico seems to just have better awareness or positioning or nose for the ball.

      • Pealvin

        That’s what I’ve been saying the first two games. He just seems to be in on everything. He gonna be a Chief for a long time IMO!

  • Chris Tarrants

    Think about another fan base that has had the pleasure to have this many great running backs one right after the other! Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson,Jamall Charles and potentially Davis!!! U don’t want to crown the kid with the tag of great just yet but the ingredients are there and that makes me feel super special and makes me glad to be a chiefs fan

  • Lyle Graversen

    Davis’s problems in college were never about ability. It was about health and holding onto the ball. So far he’s been healthy for KC (knocks on wood) and against a great SF defense held onto the ball. If he continues that trend he’ll be a real asset to the team. In the open field this kid is special, not JC special, but special none the less.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Looking good for 2 RBs! Just takes a little bit of weight off of Smith’s shoulders……if both of them can stay healthy.

  • ArrowFan

    I’m pleased with his performance Friday. Mostly because he didn’t absolutely fail at anything, like untimely fumbles or bad carries. I’m think he has to this point shown good things and right now is the unquestioned #2 choice. On another note I think the rest of the backs have shown nothing at all if anything. Gray looks slow and none of the other RB’s seem to be able to pass block at all.

  • griffongrad

    Davis is a huge upgrade over the two other halfbacks on the Chiefs roster besides himself and Charles. At least when Charles is not on the field the Chiefs will have a credible running threat.