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Jamaal Charles Injury Update: Chiefs' Star Suffers Foot Strain

Kansas City Chiefs’ running back Jamaal Charles left practice today with what the Chiefs are deeming to be a foot strain, according to reports.

Reid Ferrin of was the first to update Chiefs kingdom on the good news, per his Twitter account:

Adam Schefter of followed that up, tweeting that the Chiefs are calling Charles’ injury a foot strain:

While it’s never good to hear that your starting running back had to leave practice with a foot strain during preseason camp, this certainly is a step up over the scenarios that one can only imagine Chiefs fans were concocting in their anxious minds as the news broke.

No addicts, Charles did not have to lose his leg, and no, he was not attacked by a rogue bear from the zoo.

It’s just a simple foot strain.

It is worth noting that when the shock and buzz subsided after the initial reports, word came out via Twitter and other media outlets that Charles had indeed walked off the field to the medical tent under his own power and he was simply carted to the facility, which is common practice.

Per usual, we’ll keep you updated if anything changes, but for now, it appears as if everything is going to be okay.


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  • Priest4Prez

    Breathing sigh of relief, grabbing nearest security blanket…proceed to rock ones self to sleep

    • Andrew Kulha

      It’ll be alright.

      • Priest4Prez

        2011 was a rough one; Deja Vu in football is hardly good

        • Talicore

          As opposed to last year?

          • Priest4Prez

            Well, by accounts of injury and all that; but yes last year was like a Vegas marriage gone awry!

  • kcpauly

    I think two drops of pee came out when I saw the first headline
    Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JordanPollock

    Let this be a message that we need an addition in the backfield. There are plenty of veterans out there. Michael Turner, Beanie Wells, and Willis McGahee if we can get them on the cheap. Knile Davis just isn’t doing it for me. I know Draughn has potential but I feel like he is stuck with that third team. We need to improve.

    • Patrick Allen

      Wow. Turner is still available? I’d snatch him up in a heartbeat. He’s a load. Good goal line option.

      • JordanPollock

        Yeah, I totally agree. I don’t feel comfortable with Jamaal taking that beating at the goal line.

    • ArrowFan

      What about Gray is he available?

      • JordanPollock

        Which Gray? We have Cyrus Gray.

        • ArrowFan

          I’m saying as an optional back to JC. But I think he is currently hurt?

          • JordanPollock

            Oh yeah, I’m not 100% sure.

    • KCMikeG

      McGahee had almost a 1,000 yards combined and a 4.4 YPC. Plus I know he would love to make the donkeys pay! The issue is if he can beat out Gray or Draughn.

      • JordanPollock

        I just feel like Reid really isn’t into the old regime’s RB’s other than Jamaal of course. Gray and Draughn are both very capable backs but the question is if they are given an opportunity. Draughn looked decent against the Saints third team.

    • Jim Harper

      I disagree. It was just a foot strain. What is it about Davis that you are uncomfortable with after one preseason game? I suppose you want another tackle too since Fisher hurt his thumb. It is hardly time to panic and bring in another Thomas fiasco.

      • JordanPollock

        Davis has had a terrible camp dropping balls. It came to light in the preseason game. He dropped one and bobbled another. Trust me I was on the KD bandwagon until camp. Adding a veteran running back is not called panicing, it is called insuring my dear friend. A Thomas fiasco? Thomas Jones greatly improved our run game when Charles was hurt. I disagree with them playing him over Jamaal but he did help us. That you can’t deny. Adding an RB would help out tremendously.

        • Jim Harper

          Again I disagree. First off I am not your “dear friend” so I would appreciate you not address me in such a condescending manner. I have spent time at camp and only saw him muff one kickoff. I think you are letting yourself be influenced by the media reports of that being a problem his last year at Arkansas. Every receiver on the team has dropped balls at one time or another so we should then reboot and bring in a veteran receiver? I was never a fan of Thomas Jones. His presence slowed down Jamaal’s development then gets into a fight with Baldwin and puts him on the bench for nearly half the season. As a veteran it was his responsibility to handle that problem like a pro and not get into a fight. So in response I CAN deny Jones helped us when in fact he set us back. Bringing in another running back is not all that simple. This is a complicated offense and any outsider you bring in will be far behind in learning it. It also sends the wrong message to the other backs on the roster. You are good enough to make the team but not good enough to play? Besides all that it is now being reported that Jamaal should be back on the field in a couple of days. That was just reported by ESPN this afternoon.

  • FaAmos

    Thank goodness it sounds so far like its not very serious. Goes to show you Haley had it right having Charles on a snap count and signing Thomas Jones who had more run attempts that year than Charles which I wish KC would do this year and there was a plethora of RB’s on the market during free agency that would have been a nice back up to Charles to take some of the pounding away from JC. Oh and make sure when commenting you check your punctuation because you’ll get punished by someone who thinks their the punctuation police on AA. I thought this was a just a fun way to share your thoughts but hell you can’t even do that with someone who obviously thinks highly of themselves why their alone all day in their moms basement so just warning all so you don’t get an e-mail with someone living in their moms basement that you didn’t use a comma and your sentence was too long. Good god people either read the comment or don’t but I have a college degree from the University of Arkansas and that wasn’t just given to me so I’m pretty sure I know proper English and how to write correctly but just like when your at a bar watching the game with your friends you don’t always use proper English, sometime I say “that was the shit” but I don’t actually mean that was a bowel movement. Just warnin those who like me use their phone and don’t always decide to make sure I place every comma and period as needed, and to the English police man who lives in moms basement, Go F yourself! How is that for proper English.

    • Daniel Nicks

      They’re* the punctuation police.

    • ladner morse

      Sorry… couldn’t read your post… too much of it was spelled correctly.

    • Jim Harper

      Grow up!

    • clay simester

      How is that for proper english? Terrible